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Vietnamese and Canadian rock singers to perform in Hanoi

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Canadian colonel gets life for sex attacks, murders

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A Canadian judge imposed two life jail sentences on a top air force colonel, branding him a “sick and dangerous man” for a spree of murders, sexual assaults and burglaries.

Colonel Russell Williams, who once piloted a plane for the British royal family, broke down and sobbed as the two consecutive life terms were announced after he admitted killing two young women and coldly videotaping their murders.

Police arrested Williams in February for the disappearance and death of 27-year-old Jessica Lloyd, who was last heard from in January.

He was later charged with the November 2009 murder of Marie-France Comeau, a female corporal under his command at the Trenton military base.

A Canadian fighter jet inside a hangar.

Williams was also charged with two home invasions in which women were confined and sexually assaulted, and 82 counts of burglary and attempted breaking-and-entering in the Ontario cities of Ottawa, Belleville and Tweed.

A stash of women’s undergarments taken by police from his Ottawa residence was linked to the burglaries near his home and job.

Hundreds of photographs and videos of the sexual assaults and murders were also found on his home computer.

Throughout the week, the court heard horrific evidence and Williams’s chilling confession to police of how he repeatedly raped Lloyd and Comeau over several hours before strangling one and taping the other’s mouth and nostrils closed to watch her suffocate.

Williams, 47, had commanded Canada’s busiest air force base, the 437 Squadron in Trenton, east of Toronto, for more than a year prior to his arrest.

He had only met Comeau once prior to her death. She was working as a flight attendant on a military flight. But as her boss, he knew her schedule and that she lived alone.

On the night of November 23, 2009, he left his office at the military base, broke into her home through a basement window and attacked her. They struggled. He beat her nearly unconscious with a flashlight, tied her up and covered all of the windows in the house.

She pleaded with him: “I don’t want to die. Leave me alone. I don’t want to die.”

Afterwards, Williams washed her bed sheets and drove directly to Ottawa for a meeting with military brass.

He would later send a signed letter of condolence on behalf of the Canadian Forces to Comeau’s father, a 45-year veteran of the military.

Williams took an interest in his second victim, Lloyd, after spotting her once on a treadmill through a window as he was driving by her house.

Over a 24-hour period, he kept her confined and took more than 900 lurid photographs of her while raping her.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Scott described Williams as a “sick and dangerous man” as he handed down the most severe sentence available under Canadian law.

Williams will not be eligible for parole for 25 years.

“Russell Williams will forever be remembered as a sadosexual serial killer, (and)… Canada’s bright shining lie,” he said. “The depths of the depravity shown by Russell Williams have no equal.”

The disgraced colonel apologized for the pain and suffering he caused, for “violating people’s intimate privacy” and betraying his family, friends and military colleagues.

Most of the break-ins occurred at night, and at least once while he wore his military uniform.

“Your Honour, I stand before you ashamed of the crimes I’ve committed,” he said. “I deeply regret what I’ve done, and the harm I’ve caused with these despicable crimes.”

Outside the courtroom, prosecutor Lee Burgess described Williams as “one of the worst offenders in Canadian history.”

“As long as he dies in jail, I’m happy,” said Andy Lloyd, the brother of one of Williams’ victims.

Before overseeing the repatriation of dead soldiers from Afghanistan, Haiti relief flights and Arctic search and rescue from the Trenton military base, Williams was in charge of Canada’s secretive Camp Mirage in Dubai.

The married pilot also flew the jet used to ferry Canada’s prime minister as well as the British royal family on a visit.

“I guess we still don’t understand the why, and this is something that troubles Canadians at large as it troubles those who have known this individual,” said Chief of the Air Staff Lieutenant-General Andre Deschamps.

“How could we have known? What could we have done differently? I’m not sure we’ll ever get answers to that,” he said.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada’s military has been “very badly wounded and betrayed” by this “horrific series of events.”

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Canadian opera star to perform ‘Phantom’ with local artist

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Renowned Canadian opera singer Genevieve Charest spoke to the press November 28 in Ho Chi Minh City about her upcoming performance of The Phantom of the Opera with local singer Duc Tuan.

Duc Tuan and Genevieve Charest will perform The Phantom of the Opera November 29 in HCM City

The top opera singer has traveled the world performing in several musicals including Les Miserables, Don Juan and The Phantom of the Opera. Her voiced is described as haunting and beautiful, with audiences eagerly awaiting her duet with Tuan.

This is Charest’s first trip to Vietnam, though she said she wasn’t nervous as she had previously traveled to Korea and Japan to release albums.

During the press conference, Charest presented the song “I dream a dream” in French. The famous song is performed in the opera Les Miserables, in which Charest played one of the characters.

The vivacious singer trained as a soprano vocalist, but later crossed over into classical music. On her latest album, Charest returns to opera with the song Nessun Dorma in Turandot, proving her forte as an artist.

Charest has released three albums including H2O, L’ete du Labrador, and Tant Rever, receiving several nominations and prizes for her body of work. She credits her manager, Raymond du Berger, with helping to solidify her place as a top performer on the opera scene. Du Berger has also accompanied Charest on her trip to Vietnam.

Duc Tuan, who released the album “Music of the night” in July, will perform with Charest November 29 at HCM City’s Opera House.

In addition to singing with Tuan in the The Phantom of the Opera, Charest said she will wear a traditional Vietnamese gown known as an ao dai.

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