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Lawmakers urged to play greater role in climate change issue

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Lawmakers urged to play greater role in climate change issue

QĐND – Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 21:6 (GMT+7)

 The role of legislators needs to be promoted in policy and legal planning, negotiation and the supervision of conventions, treaties, international commitments on sustainable development and climate change.

This was agreed among the delegates who attended a seminar on the role of the Asian-Pacific Parliamentary Francophone Assembly (APF) in the environmental field and climate change, which was organised by the APF, the International Francophone Organisation (OIF) and Vietnam’s National Assembly in Hanoi on December 15.

On addressing the opening ceremony, Nguyen Van Son, the chairman of Vietnam’s NA’s Committee for External Affairs, said that the event is meaningful in the context of the 16 th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 16) that has just finished in Cancun, Mexico.

“The seminar stresses the responsibilities of Francophone member countries in the face of common global challenges in Asia-the Pacific region”, said Son.

At the event, delegates from APF member countries such as Laos and the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu as well as experts from the Institute for Energy and Environment of Francophone Countries (IEPF), representatives of Vietnam’s ministries, along with scientists agreed that environmental protection is always an essential factor in sustainable socio-economic development.

In reality, in a global economy, climate change poses challenges to many countries around the world, especially poor and developing countries, of whom many are members of the Francophone bloc.

The delegates were also briefed on Vietnam’s progress in the implementation of solutions on climate change as well as the NA’s role in sustainable development.

According to Jean Luc Lala, the Secretary General of Administration for the APF, the crucial point is to find a balance between the economic benefits and environmental protection, so all concerned parties must take own responsibility after signing conventions and international treaties in this area.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Sunshine Policy failed to change North Korea: report

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Save the world from climate change — by computer

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Change direction of tropical depression may cause downpours in central region

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Netherlands to help Mekong Delta cope with climate change

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Climate change campaign launched

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Long-term strategy to cope with climate change

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Super Typhoon Megi can change direction

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After hitting Vietnam’s East Sea, the super Typhoon Megi has grown stronger as it approached the Philippines’ Luzon Island, said the National Hydrometeorological Forecast Center.

      Storm Megi direction forecast

The eye of storm was located at 16.7 degrees north latitude and 118.1 degrees east longitude and around 620km to the east of Vietnam’s Hoang Sa Archipelago (Paracel Islands) with gusts from 183-221 kph at noon October 19.

The storm was forecast to move west-northwest with wind speeds of 10-15 kph in the next 24 hours and become stronger even over the next few days.

The storm eye is around 400km to the Hoang Sa Archipelago with gust of over 200kph on October 20 and will move between west-northwest and northwest with wind speed about 10 kph on 21.

Forecasters said waves off the east of East Sea could be great from 12- 14 meters.

According to the weather bureaus throughout the world, the super storm is forecast to head to China.

However, Megi, the strongest storm in the last 20 years in the Eastern East Sea and Pacific region, is a complicated typhoon. It can not give exact forecast of the super typhoon’s course.

In related news, 16 shipwrecked fishermen were rescued from their boat No.0106-Hoa Hai in the Hoang Sa Archipelago region by the Brunei’ naval ship in the evening of October 19. Sinking boat’s captain Nguyen Ngoc Sinh called his family to say they were safe on the same day.

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Source: SGGP

No final decision on change of management: BP

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LONDON, July 26, 2010 (AFP) – BP said Monday no final decision has been reached on a change of management, after reports claimed chief executive Tony Hayward would resign in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.

This still image from a live BP video feed shows a submersible(not seen) checking the integrity of the well head on July 25, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. AFP

The British energy giant said it noted “the press speculation over the weekend regarding potential changes to management” as well as the charge for the costs of the spill.

“BP confirms that no final decision has been made on these matters,” the company statement said.

It added that the board was meeting Monday evening ahead of the release of second quarter results on Tuesday.

“Any decisions will be announced as appropriate,” it said.

Source: SGGP

Democrats put US climate change legislation plans on hold

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WASHINGTON, July 22, 2010 (AFP) – Democratic lawmakers scrapped plans Thursday to introduce climate change legislation, recognizing they do not have enough votes and preparing instead an energy bill addressing the BP oil spill.

“Unfortunately, at this time, not one Republican wants to join us in achieving this goal” of adopting a comprehensive climate bill, said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. “That isn’t just disappointing. It’s dangerous.”

President Barack Obama has made climate change legislation a key priority, and told Americans during an Oval Office address in June that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was a sign of the urgent need for energy alternatives.

He called the disaster “the most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now” and urged Americans to “seize control of our own destiny.”

But Republicans have balked at sweeping energy reform, arguing that policies like “cap-and-trade,” intended to limit harmful emissions, will cost American businesses and hobble US innovation.

In the face of unified opposition, and lacking the 60-vote supermajority needed to pass legislation without Republican votes, Reid and Democratic Senator John Kerry said they would focus on a narrower bill for now.

“To be clear: we are not putting forth this bill in place of a comprehensive bill,” Reid said.

“But we will not pass up the opportunity to hold BP accountable, lessen our dependence on oil, create good paying American jobs and protect the environment.”

Kerry said he would continue to work with Independent Senator Joe Lieberman toward comprehensive legislation that targets carbon emissions “so that we can send signals to the marketplace and change the direction and create jobs for America and improve our security.”

The less ambitious legislation being developed would directly address the catastrophic oil spill triggered by an explosion aboard the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20.

It would seek to ensure that BP assumes all the costs of cleaning up spilled oil, propose measures to prevent similar environmental disasters and help create more “green jobs” in clean energy production.

The measures had originally been intended to be included in a broader climate and energy bill, and, unlike cap-and-trade, enjoy Republican support, Reid insisted. The House of Representatives passed a bill that included a cap-and-trade system in June 2009.

Talks on a climate bill could be revived this fall, ahead of crucial mid-term elections in November, lawmakers said.

“We will continue to work with the senators to craft important comprehensive legislation,” White House Director of Energy Policy Carol Browner said after meeting with Senate Democrats.

Kerry, a key player in climate negotiations, said he was “absolutely confident” a comprehensive measure could be passed swiftly, and would not suffer the same fate as comprehensive health care reform, enacted earlier this year after decades of bitter political bickering.

Environmentalists, though, said more needed to be done.

“The failure to price carbon leaves a giant hole in US energy and climate policy, and the long-term cost to the United States will be enormous,” said Rafe Pomerance, founder of Clean Air-Cool Planet.

Union of Concerned Scientists president Kevin Knobloch said the Senate has an “absolute responsibility to act on climate change this year.”

Source: SGGP