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Baby sister arrested for child maltreatment

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Nguyen Thi Phung pictured at her house on Nov. 23, 2010 (Photo: VNExpress)

Thuan An District People’s Procuracy on November 25 approved a decision to urgently arrest baby sister Nguyen Thi Phung, 52, for torturing a three-year-old girl in the district of the southern province of Binh Duong.

Phung, questioned by authorities one day earlier, admitted that she maltreated three-year-old Ho Thi Thuy Ngan at her baby sitting house on November 20.

An unidentified person recorded this scene and then posted the clip on the Internet.

Ngan’s family have had the Binh Duong Legal Assistance Center to protect their little girl’s right.

In the clip, Phung stepped on Ngan to bath her and grabbed the child’s hair to continuously slap in her face and mouth with water.

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Source: SGGP

Doctors save child stabbed in heart, lung

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The Ho Chi Minh City Children Hospital No.1 August 16 announced a success in saving a child who was stabbed in the heart and lung.

The kid in intensive room in the Children Hospital No.1 after the surgery (Photo: SGGP)

The 11 year old child Le Cong Truc in the Mekong delta province of Long An’s district Tan Thanh was taken to the emergency room of the district hospital with an iron stick through his body. Doctors soon cut a wooden part of the  stick and transferred him to the city Children Hospital No.1.

The 20cm iron stick with the outside part moved after the beat of his heart. It has stabbed through right pleura of the lung and right ventricle. When doctors in the  hospital carried out a cardiac surgery, removing the iron stick, the kid’s heart sometimes stopped beating because he lost so much blood.

The child patient had recovered after five days in intensive care. The boy was stabbed when he and other children in the neighborhood hunted mouse in fields, his friends thrust him by chance.

Source: SGGP

Outcry as Malaysian state allows child marriages

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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4, 2010 (AFP) – A Malaysian state’s decision to allow child marriages caused an outcry Wednesday, with rights groups condemning new rules that allow Muslim girls below 16 years to wed.

The decision by the Islamic religious council in southern Malacca state has been billed as an attempt to curb premarital sex and baby dumping, after a string of cases of newborns being abandoned.

“Child marriage amounts to paedophilia. We should not condone child marriages,” said Ivy Josiah, executive director of leading activist group Women’s Aid Organisation.

Malacca chief minister Mohamad Ali Rustam reportedly said that marriages for Muslims below the current minimum age of 16 years for females and 18 for males would be allowed with the permission of parents and religious courts.

Ali Rustam, who is the chairman of the influential state Islamic council, said the plan would reduce the number of cases of babies born out of wedlock and cut incidents of adultery.

“It is a practical move in preventing cases of unwed teenage mothers and other social problems,” he was was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times newspaper Wednesday.

The report said that in the first six months of the year 174 Muslim women gave birth outside wedlock in the state. All were below 20 years old.

In Malaysia, Muslims make up about 60 per cent of the 28 million population and are subject to religious Sharia law which operates in parallel with the civil legal system.

Josiah said that Malaysia recognises those aged under 18 years as children, and that allowing them to marry early would deprive them of an education and the right to choose a partner.

“It is a knee-jerk reaction. It is really a regressive move. It is turning back the clock. This man (the chief minister) should resign,” she said.

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the minister for women, family and community development, said that underage marriage was “morally and socially unacceptable”.

“Placing the heavy burden and responsibility of parenthood on children can deprive them of their rights to a full and harmonious development,” she said.

Source: SGGP

Child artists bring joy to wounded and sick soldiers

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Child artists bring joy to wounded and sick soldiers

QĐND – Friday, July 23, 2010, 20:42 (GMT+7)

PANO – 41 child artists from Hanoi Children’s Palace have recently visited wounded and sick soldiers in the Thuan Thanh War-Invalids Treatment and ConvalesceCenter in BacNinhProvince and Liem Can Seriously Wounded and Sick Soldiers Treatment and ConvalesceCenter in Ha Nam Province.

The young guests sung a number of songs praising the country, the sacrifice of soldiers in the war for national independence and salvation as well as childhood.

Their performance brought the war invalids back to their student-age, and partly relieved their physical pains and brightened their spiritual life.

Along with songs, the young artists also presented pictures painted by themselves to those who had devoted their youth for the country.

The visit is part of numerous significant activities towards the 63rd commemoration of War-Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27th, and was a good opportunity for the younger generation to know more about the sacrifice of soldiers as well as to express their gratitude to them.

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Journalists’ club for the protection of the rights of the child debuts

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Journalists’ club for the protection of the rights of the child debuts

QĐND – Thursday, July 15, 2010, 20:43 (GMT+7)

A journalists’ club for the protection of the rights of the child made its debut in Hanoi on July 15.

The club belongs to the Vietnam Association for Protection of the Rights of the Child (VAPRC) and operates under the regulations of the VAPRC, the Vietnam Journalists’ Association (VJA), and Vietnamese law.

Club members include students, journalists, and others connected with news media and communications, as well as members of VAPRC and VJA.

The VAPRC president, Tran Thi Thanh Thanh, says the club will help to promulgate, educate and encourage the public to get involved in child protection initiatives and identify unresolved social issues related to child protection. This is a new direction in the ongoing campaign to protect Vietnamese children.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

“Red card for child labour” to be held in Hanoi

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“Red card for child labour” to be held in Hanoi

QĐND – Monday, June 07, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Two activities, namely Red card for child labour and One gold-One target: Removing child labour will be organise at the Quan Ngua Sport Complex in Hanoi on June 12 to mark the World Day Against the Child Labour.

The event is co-orgasnised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Vietnam Sports Association, the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) office in Vietnam, the Save the Children Organisation and AECID, the official Spanish Agency for international development cooperation and for humanitarian assistance.

The highlight of the event will be the friendship football match between the children and the Vietnamese national squad. Coaches Mai Duc Chung and Henrique Calisto will the referees of the match with Diem Quynh and sport dancer Khanh Thi acting as MCs along with Michael Hoy, 2nd Secretary of the Australian Embassy.

As part of the event, the opening ceremony of the 2010 National Youth Sport Dance Festival will also take place with the participation of more than 2,000 children.

The World Day Against Child Labour in Vietnam will serve as a bridge to link the nation’s activities to various activities around the world to solve the child labour issue and call for urgent action. It will be organised along with the World Cup in South Africa. To promote the Red card for child labour and One gold –one target: Removing child labour movements, attendances at the stadiums in the World Cup will raise cards with the words Red card for child labour.

At the meeting on June 7, Pham Van Tuan, Deputy Head of the General Department of Sport and Physical Training and Dang Hoa Nam, Deputy Head of the Department of Child Care and Protection under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs praised the meaning of the activities and stressed that they will provide the Vietnamese children with a chance to relax and join with the community to remove the child labour.

Deputy Head Tuan hailed the great contributions of the press to covering child abuse cases in recent times and considered it a useful tool in raising public awareness of the issue.

Rie Kjeldgaard, Director of the ILO office in Vietnam, committed that her organisation will work with Vietnam to eliminate child labour in the country and emphasised the government should give highest priority to the children so they can have a chance to learn and develop their skills.

There are about 215 million labour children in the world today and more than half of them have to work in a dangerous and toxic environment.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Golf charity benefits child heart patients

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Child survivor of Libyan crash flies home

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The nine-year-old Dutch boy who was the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Libyan capital left for home on Saturday, three days after the disaster that killed his parents, brother and 100 others.

Nine-year old Dutch boy Ruben van Assouw (C) is transferred onboard a plane heading towards the Netherlands at Mitiga airport in Tripoli May 15, 2010

Ruben van Assouw was accompanied on the flight from Matiga military airfield in the Libyan capital by his uncle, aunt and the Libyan doctor who had been treating him.

“He’s a very special patient. He is talking and in good health. I will stay (in the Netherlands) for as long as necessary,” Dr Siddiq ben Dilla told AFP before the Cessna Citation Libyan air ambulance took off.

“I hope the trip goes well.”

The Dutch foreign ministry refused to disclose the aircraft’s destination, but the Dutch federation of tour operators said it would land at Eindhoven military airport.

It took off shortly after 12 noon (0900 GMT) for the roughly three-hour flight.

Earlier, police prevented photographers from approaching as Ruben was taken by stretcher, covered in a blue blanket and with a black cap on his head and scarf covering his face, to the ambulance for the journey to the airport.

Dilla said flowers and presents given to the boy had been taken away from Al-Khadra hospital in Tripoli in a Dutch embassy vehicle.

The boy’s aunt and uncle said on Friday that Ruben now knows that his mother, father and 11-year-old brother died in Wednesday’s crash at Tripoli airport that killed a total of 103 people and whose cause remains unknown.

The Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330 flight from Johannesburg in South Africa disintegrated on landing.

“We have explained to Ruben exactly what happened. He knows that his parents and his brother are dead,” they said in a statement read to media in Tripoli.

It said Ruben was doing well under the circumstances and had seen the flowers and messages of support sent to him.

“The time ahead will be a difficult period for us,” the statement said. “We hope that the media will respect our privacy.”

Earlier Ruben himself told a Dutch newspaper he could remember nothing about the crash.

“My name is Ruben and I am from Holland,” Telegraaf newspaper reported on a telephone conversation with him. “I am fine, but my legs hurt a lot,” the boy told a reporter on the mobile phone of one of his doctors.

“I am in a hospital,” Ruben said. “I don’t know how I got here, I don’t know anything more. I really want to go home.”

The Dutch newspaper Brabants Dagblad said Ruben had been on safari in South Africa with his mother Trudy, 41, father Patrick, 40, and brother Enzo.

The boy’s grandmother, An van de Sande, said in a report on Thursday that the holiday had been to celebrate the couple’s “copper” wedding anniversary.

A Libyan official said on Saturday that an “elderly” security agent died of shock on the day of the disaster when he saw the bodies at the crash site.

“He was a diabetic. He ran towards the scene but at the sight of the bodies his blood sugar levels soared and he died on the spot,” the official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Investigators have said no technical problems were reported by the pilot before the jet crashed on Wednesday.

“The pilot did not report any problems. Until the very last moment things were normal between the pilot and the control tower,” Neji Dhaou, the head of the Libyan commission of inquiry, said on Friday.

Paying tribute to the captain, Yussef Beshir Assaidi, Afriqiyah Airways called him widely experienced and “among the company’s best” pilots.

Officials said 70 Dutch citizens were among the 103 people killed, although Afriqiyah Airways said there were 67 Dutch on board, including Ruben.

The airline said Flight 771 was also carrying 13 South Africans, 13 Libyans including the 11 crew, as well as four Belgians, two Austrians, one Briton, a French citizen, a German and a Zimbabwean.


Source: SGGP

Fine arts and music program to raise money for AO child victims

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A fine arts and music program for Agent Orange child victims featuring French and Vietnamese artists will take place at the Art House, 31A Van Mieu in Hanoi, on May 7.

                         Painter Tran Nhat Thang

Group of artists performing on the stage include French jazz guitarist Marc Behin and percussionist Veronique Carlier from Paris; Vietnamese French guitarist and singer Ho Hai Quang from the Reunion Island.

Marc Behin is the founder of the Jazz Bond Association, Paris, a non-governmental organization that provides musical training and workshops for children in France and Viet Nam. Veronique Carlier is a member of the Jazz Bond Association.

Ho Hai Quang is the president of Orange-Dioxine Association La Reunion, a non-governmental musical organization that helps Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange.

Vietnamese artists including abstract painter Tran Nhat Thang, sculptor Bui Thi Thanh Hang, oil painter Le Thi Minh Tam and body painter Phuong Vu Manh will also participate in the event.

As a special treatment, AO children victims also join in the art show.

All of the proceeds from the sales of the paintings will be donated to the Agent Orange Victims’ Fund, in order to give musical and artistic training courses to the children.

The show aims to calm the sufferings of AO children victims and mark the Dien Bien Phu Victory on May 7.

Source: SGGP

Hospitals to keep close eyes on recalled child medications

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The Vietnam Drug Administration has ordered hospitals to strictly monitor the use and affects of several children’s and infant medications following a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recall of over 40 over-the-counter drugs.

Three of the Children’s Tylenol products that are being recalled in the 2010 Tylenol and liquid related product recall.

Liquid medicines like the Tylenol, Tylenol Plus, Motrin, and Zyrtec brand names were recalled in the US and Vietnam must now monitor the application of these drugs, the administration said.

This recall is not due to any adverse reaction to the medications. The FDA simply noted that the medications did not meet its quality standards.

Some of the products included in the recall may contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than is specified; others may contain inactive ingredients that may not meet internal testing requirements; and others may contain tiny particles, according to the FDA.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Health is following FDA announcements on the issue closely to ensure patients’ rights.

Most of the Tylenol and Zyrtec liquid children’s products in Vietnam are made in Thailand, and imported and distributed by PhytoPharma. The drugs are sold without a doctor’s prescription.

Source: SGGP