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German language taught in first grade class

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Opening class to treat online game addiction

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Schools not permitted to offer two class sessions a day except parents’ requirement

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Institute of Mathematics receives second class Independence Order

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Institute of Mathematics receives second class Independence Order

QĐND – Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 20:45 (GMT+7)

The Institute of Mathematics held a ceremony in Hanoi on October 12 to mark the 40th anniversary of its establishment and receive the second class Independence Order from the State President.

Addressing the ceremony, Minister of Education and Training Pham Vu Luan highlighted achievements made by the institute in recent times. He affirmed that mathematics has played an important role in the development of science and technology and has had a direct impact on socio-economic development, especially in this era of an intellectual economy.

Mr Luan also expressed hope that the Institute will hold many activities in the future to contribute to the establishment of a higher institute of mathematics. He emphasized that the Institute should train an excellent national team to prepare for the International Mathematics Olympics as well as create policies to attract talents young scientists to devote their brainpower to mathematics.

The institute of mathematics was one of the first agencies to train PHD holders beginning in 1980 and has been training masters since 1995. From 2000 until now, the Institute has trained more than 70 PHDs and 250 masters in mathematics.

Many scientists at the Institute have become leading national experts while others have been awarded international prizes including Professor Hoang Tuy, Ha Huy Khoai, Nguyen Khoa Son, and Ngo Viet Trung. Most notably, Professor Ngo Bao Chau has recently awarded the Fields Medal – the world’s most prestigious prize for mathematicians under the age of 40.

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Source: QDND

British Council combines English class with traffic safety lessons

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The British Council and the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation will bring traffic safety education to forty of their English summer school students in Ho Chi Minh City on June 14.

The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation gives helmets  to pupils of the Tran Hung Dao Primary School in HCMC. The foundation  often provide training and helmet to Vietnamese young people to prevent injuries in heads (Photo: Nguoi Lao Dong)

Students from age 12 to 15 participated this morning, with a second group of students aged 8 to 11 scheduled to receive a similar program on June 28.

Activities included a helmet use and road safety behaviour presented by the AIP Foundation staff, a question and answer session with traffic signs, and activities for students to communicate their new skills.

Students demonstrated to the group the safety importance of helmets, seatbelts, zebra crossings and rumble strips through skits and interactive sessions with AIP Foundation staff.

It was an opportunity to combine learning English and road safety – two skills that are essential for young people in Vietnam.

“Traffic safety education is essential to keeping Vietnam’s youth safe and smart, and ensures that they will be a responsible generation of road users,” said Alison Ball, Director of the British Council HCMC.

Source: SGGP

Ramana hotel designs cooking class for children

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Kind soul runs class for mentally challenged kids

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Kind soul runs class for mentally challenged kids

QĐND – Sunday, May 02, 2010, 21:32 (GMT+7)

It is eight in the morning and some 30 children with learning difficulties are in Nguyen Thi Quynh Nga’s house, trying to learn the basics of the Vietnamese language.

Outside the class — in Vinh Long City in the Mekong Delta – stand the parents of some of the children, watching their children make progress. Some have tears in their eyes when they hear their children say “father” and “mother” with great effort.

Tam, the mother of a girl named Thuy Nguyen, weeps with joy when her child crosses her arms and says her first ever complete sentence after returning home from class.

Nguyen’s last child, who is mentally challenged, can talk to her mother in a respectful manner since joining the class and help her with housework.

Nga’s class, a decade old, has helped many children integrate into their community.

Most of their parents just wish their children can communicate with others and do some basic tasks for themselves, Nga explains.

Learning the language is just a secondary task while the primary objective is to help the students become confident about integrating into the community, communicate with other people, and be aware of their surroundings and independent.

She organizes it like a real classroom with regular tests and exams — there is a monitor, a deputy monitor, and group leaders who report to her every morning on attendance.

Children getting good grades are given flowers and candies and there are parties every month for children’s birthdays.

Sweet outcome

The children usually take a month of painstaking effort to learn, memorize, spell, and write a word.

Nga holds their hand to help them write the letters and says words again and again for them to repeat after her.

Her efforts have borne fruit — many of the students can write their parents’ names or say words properly.

Though the children are still not like their normal counterparts, their gradual improvement in doing simple math, communication, and doing simple tasks has brought great pleasure to their parents.

In 1992 Nga became a teacher at Chu Van An primary school in Vinh Long and found that many children with mental and physical disabilities had to stay away from school.

She began her class for such children seven years later but had to call on families to persuade people to send their children there. There were 15 students in the beginning.

There are now around 30 children but Nga has refused financial assistance from the local government and depends on the goodwill of donors.

Nga also runs a free class for poor people.

She says teaching these unfortunate people makes her life fulfilling and meaningful.

Source: vietnewsonline

Source: QDND

Quy Nhon receives ‘National First Class City’ title

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Quy Nhon City in the south-central province of Binh Dinh will hold a ceremony March 31 to announce Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s decision to recognize Quy Nhon as a National First Class City.

          Nguyen Tat Thanh boulevard in Quy Nhon City.

The event will also mark the 35th anniversary of Binh Dinh’s provincial independence.

Quy Nhon has recently become a key economic area in the south-central region with the establishment of the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone in 2005 and Thi Nai Port in 2006. Living conditions in the area have also greatly improved, said Mr. Dinh Ba Loc, former deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.

Binh Dinh is focusing on attracting more investment capital for the Nhon Hoi Industrial Park, which now has 28 projects with total capital of more than VND24 trillion (US$120 million). There are five are foreign investment projects worth a total of $364.7 million.

According to head of the Management Board of Binh Dinh Economic Zone, Man Ngoc Ly, Nhon Hoi Economic Zone will be developed into a general multi-field economic zone with its own operation regulations.

It will comprise a non-tariff zone, industrial zone, seaport service zone, and tourist and new urban areas operating under a special incentive mechanism to help Binh Dinh become a key economic region of central Vietnam.

Nhon Hoi Economic Zone will create jobs for thousands of people and change the province’s economic structure into one of industrialization and modernization.

The province will also focus on extending its export market and enhancing technology and advanced management skills to contribute to the local budget and improve people’s living standards.

Chairman of the Quy Nhon City People’s Committee, Thai Ngoc Bich, said the city is focusing on building Quy Nhon into a modern, civilized and green city.

The local government will carry out projects of Bui Thi Xuan, Phu Tai and Long My industrial parks, while roads linking the city to new urban areas will be built, he added.

In 1986, Quy Nhon Town was enlarged and recognized as a city of Binh Dinh Province. It received the title of “National Second-Class City” in 1998.

This year’s honor is seen as a step towards further development of the city in becoming a major economic area in the south-central region.

Source: SGGP