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Ha Long bay tours on Emeraude Classic Cruises

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Ha Long bay tours on Emeraude Classic Cruises

QĐND – Thursday, December 16, 2010, 21:5 (GMT+7)

Ha Long Bay in the northern province of Quang Ninh, one of the most famous tourist sites in Vietnam and in the world, has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign visitors.

A new tour with 3 days and 2 nights to discover the beauty of the bay on Emeraude Classic Cruises has been launched by Slow Pony Adventures Company. Formerly the tour used to last two days and one night.

Besides enjoying wine and the picturesque beauty of the bay on board the cruise, visitors can join various activities such as climbing mountains, rowing kayaks, walking or exploring beautiful grottoes and others.

Launched in 2003, Emeraude Classic Cruise with 12 Superior cabins, 22 Deluxe and 3 Suite cabins can carry 74 passengers.

Source: HNM

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Vietnamese classic movies released on DVD discussed by films’ stars

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Phuong Nam Films released dozens of Vietnamese classic movies on DVD in late April 2010. In connection, veteran actors who starred in these movies spoke to audiences about their careers and their memories of participating in these classic movies.

Singer Hong Hanh (R), People’s Artists The Anh (the 2nd, R) and Tra Giang (the 2nd, L) speak about their careers and memories of participating in classic movies to audiences.  (photo: Sggp)

The famous pictures distributed on DVD include: “Chung Mot Dong Song” (Sharing a River), “Con Chim Vanh Khuyen” (Zosterops), “Bai Ca Ra Tran” (The Song of the Battlefield), “Noi Gio” (Wind Rises), “Moi Tinh Dau” (First Love), “Lang Vu Dai Ngay Ay” (Vu Dai Village in the Old Time), “Chi Dau” (Mrs. Dau), “Biet Dong Sai Gon” (Saigon Special Taskforce), “Vi Tuyen 17 Ngay va Dem” (17th Parallel Days and Nights), “Chi Tu Hau” (Mrs. Tu Hau), “Dem Hoi Long Tri” (A Night of Long Tri Festival) and more.

Film lovers will have a chance to enjoy famous films of the 1960s and 1980s with well-known actors and actresses of the time, including, Phi Nga, Manh Linh, Huy Cong, To Uyen, Thuy Van, Tra Giang, Tran Phuong, Lam Toi, The Anh, Bui Cuong, Mai Chau, Nhu Quynh, Phuong Thanh, Vu Dinh Than, Tran Quang, Thuong Tin, Ha Xuyen and others.

At the talk, singer Hong Hanh said that is was a great honor for her to meet with Tra Giang and The Anh, stars of “Moi Tinh Dau” (First Love). In the film, her father, musician Nguyen Huu Thiet, played the part of a bourgeoisie.

Actress Tra Giang told about her roles based on real people that stirred her heart.

The Anh said that hard training was the key to his success. “Acting is a creative career. An actor must have cultural and career knowledge to grasp the character’s internal life.

Actors and audiences wondered whether the Vietnamese movie industry would produce valuable films like these classic works in future.

Source: SGGP

Grammy-winner to freshen up city’s classic appetite

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Love it tender, love it free, so this weekend you can be doubly satisfied by the best in chamber music presented by the Grammy winning  Southwest Chamber Music ensemble at HCMC Music Conservatory at 8pm, on Sunday March 21. 

The US Southwest Chamber Music will perform this Sunday at HCMC Music Conservatory, 112 Nguyen Du St, District 1, 8pm (Photo: HCMC Music Conservatory)
Southwest Chamber Music, one of the most active chamber music ensembles in the United States are in Vietnam this month as part of a six week cultural exchange program.

At the HCMC performance, they will play tunes by world renowned artistes like Copland, Debussy, Messaien, Schoenberg and Stravinsky and premiere works by new artistes, like Vu Nhat Tan, Nguyen Thien Dao and Ton That Tiet from Vietnam; and Alexandra Du Bois and Kurt Rohde from the U.S.

The HCMC tour, a part of the Ascending Dragon Music Festival & Cultural Exchange, aims to strengthen the relationship between Vietnam and the U.S and promote their new cultural exchange policies. 

Ascending Dragon Music Festival and Cultural Exchange is a six week cultural exchange bringing 19 Americans to Vietnam in March, and 19 Vietnamese to the U.S. in April-May, each for three weeks.

As a two-time GRAMMY Award-winner, Southwest Chamber Music has one of the most impressive recorded discographies of any American chamber ensemble.

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