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1 conjoined twin talking after separation surgery

In World on November 20, 2009 at 8:36 am

 A Bangladeshi toddler separated this week from her conjoined twin sister was talking and behaving normally Thursday after waking from a medically induced coma, the head of the surgery team said.

Trishna is already doing well enough that she could leave intensive care, said Wirginia Maixner, director of neurosurgery at Royal Children’s Hospital.

“She looks brilliant, she is talking, she is being Trishna, she is behaving the way she always has,” Maixner told reporters. “She’s phenomenally good.”

Her sister, Krishna, will be slowly brought out of the coma later Thursday, Maixner said. Krishna will have a longer period of adjustment as the separation brought more changes to her body and brain’s blood circulation.

Krishna, is seen at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne in Australia.

Maixner said they hoped to have an indication Thursday night or early Friday about how Krishna’s brain was responding. MRI scans Wednesday showed no signs of brain injury.

Maixner said there may be minor changes to the girls from where their brains were separated but that overall the brains looked good.

“I can tell you that it’s not until I saw that scan that I had my first breath of relief,” she said, revealing she did a short “chicken dance” when she saw the positive images. “The scans look great. I believe we’ve brought them through safely. I believe that the girls will come out really, really good.”

The twins, who turn 3 next month, had been joined at the top of their heads and shared brain tissue and blood vessels. They were separated Tuesday after 25 hours of delicate surgery, and then underwent an additional six hours of reconstructive work.

Maixner said after the girls have recovered, their next hurdle will be learning to walk.

“There will be a process before the girls start walking and they have gone through so much in the last two years that it will take a bit of time — but they will get there,” she said.

Doctors had earlier said there was a 50-50 chance that one of the girls could suffer brain damage from the complicated separation.

An aid worker first saw Trishna and Krishna in a Bangladeshi orphanage in 2007 when they were only a month old, and arranged for them to be brought to Australia.

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Marathon bid to separate conjoined Bangladeshi twins

In World on November 16, 2009 at 9:16 am

MELBOURNE, Nov 16, 2009 (AFP) – A team of Australian doctors began marathon and risky surgery on Monday to separate a pair of Bangladeshi twins who are joined at the head, giving only a one in four chance of both surviving.

The 16-strong team was on “tenterhooks” over the delicate bid to separate Trishna and Krishna, aged two, which will take about 16 hours, plastic surgeon Tony Holmes told reporters at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.

Plastic surgeon Tony Holmes (C) gives the gathered media an update as a team of Australian doctors begins risky and highly complex operation separate the pair of Bangladeshi twins on Nov. 16 (AFP photo)

“It is a stressful time for any group of surgeons with this sort of case, they only come along really once in a lifetime and I think everybody has been on tenterhooks,” he said.

Doctors had already started cutting through the bone which joins the girls via the top of the head and will then separate the connected section of brain and blood vessels, Holmes added.

“The unknown … is what actually happens when you separate finally the cerebral circulations, because that is a change in haemodynamics (blood movement) so the pressures will be different in each twin,” Holmes said.

“It’s over those few early minutes when the pressures equilibrate in the brain, they’re the things that we’re worried about.

“But the children are prepared as well as could possibly be and we’re cautiously optimistic that everything is going particularly well.”

Krishna was close to death when the twins arrived in Australia in January last year but both are now thriving and have undergone a series of preparatory operations.

The Children First Foundation (CFF) flew the girls to Australia in January 2008 because of poor separation survival rates in their native Bangladesh, where only two children have survived four operations in recent years.

Holmes said the children’s legal guardian, Moira Kelly, looked “relatively distressed” as Trishna and Krishna were wheeled into the operation.

“When the children went into the operating theatre … Moira was there giving them, you know, a farewell kiss and good luck,” he said.

“She was relatively distressed as one would be if it was your child. The kids were fine, OK, they looked as healthy and happy as anything but they were sedated.”

The girls should be apart by 6:00 pm (0700 GMT) and plastic surgeons will then replace the missing bone and skin. The whole procedure is expected to finish at around midnight.

Separating conjoined twins is a notoriously difficult procedure with attempts in Britain and Bangladesh both failing over the past year, although Saudi doctors successfully divided a pair of Egyptian brothers in February.

In one of the best known cases, Singapore doctors in 2003 failed in an attempt to separate adult twins — Iranian law graduates Laleh and Ladan Bijani, 29 — who died from severe blood loss after 52 hours of surgery.

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Surgeons successfully separate conjoined twins

In Vietnam Health on September 22, 2009 at 1:10 pm

Surgeons at the National Hospital of Pediatrics in Hanoi separated five-day-old conjoined twins on Sep. 21.

This photo shows the conjoined twins before seperation surgery (Photo: Dan Tri)

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Liem, director of the hospital, said that they had to conduct the separation operation two days ahead of schedule due to one of the girls’ weakness.

The girls are now in better condition than before surgery, said Dr Liem, but both are put under special care as they have a congenital heart malformation.

The twins are expected to receive heart treatment two weeks following the separation, he added.

The twins, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai and Nguyen Thi Minh Hong, weighing a total 4.7kg, were born on Sept. 16 in northern Bac Ninh province conjoined at the chest. Both shared a single sternum and pericardium (heart sac).

The twins were taken to the hospital three hours after birth. They were suffering from severe respiratory failure and was being assisted by breathing machine.

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Surgery to separate conjoined twins set for today in Ha Noi

In Uncategorized on December 17, 2008 at 11:18 am

by Thu Giang

HA NOI — A 20-strong surgical team will attempt to separate two-week-old conjoined twins a week ahead of schedule at the National Paediatrics Hospital, Ha Noi, today.

Nguyen Van Cu and Nguyen Van Co were born joined at the abdomen in the Quynh Luu District Hospital, central Nghe An Province.

Both have a congenital heart malformation.

It will be the third operation of its type and hospital director Nguyen Thanh Liem said yesterday: “This will be more difficult than the surgery for the other conjoined twins because the boys are weak, premature and light in weight.”

The surgery had been brought forward in an effort to rescue Cu whose great arteries were transposed, he said.

“We will perform heart surgery on Cu in the near future.”

“The arteries in his brother’s heart are also very small and the infant sufferers from gastro intestinal obstruction.”

The director estimated the cost of the surgery and treatment at about VND300 million (US$18,200).

“The twin’s family is poor,” he said.

“We expect to provide the surgery free and then receive support from donors.”

Their father, Nguyen Van Loi, said ultrasound at Quynh Luu Hospital had shown that his wife, Dam Thi Chuyen, was pregnant with twins.

But their conjoining had not identified.

“My family lives from rice growing with an average monthly income of VND400,000,” he said.

“We are dependent on the doctors and donors.”

Both parents and their daughter, 9, are in sound health and the family has no history of hereditary disease.

National Paediatrics Hospital paediatricians previously successfully separated conjoined twins Nghia and Dan and Cuc and An.

More than 10 conjoined twins have undergone surgery in Viet Nam. —