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Social contributions will help reduce student dropouts in Mekong delta

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Pham Vu Luan, Minister of Education and Training said at a conference in the Mekong delta province of Dong Thap thousands of students have stopped attending school and we need more social contributions to help these students.

Needy students in the province Vinh Long are given free meals, contributed by the teachers (Photo: SGGP))

Addressing the meeting, Luan pointed out the reasons why students are dropping out of school. He said this was due to the students’ poor academic performance and financial problems in the students’ families.

However, it is difficult to remedy this issue. The academic year 2010-2011 has seen a high percentage of students dropping out of school. That is 0.34% of the primary students, 2.28% percent of junior students and 3.53% of senior students leave school.

The Mekong delta province of Soc Trang, An Giang, Dong Thap, Bac Lieu and Long An have the most dropouts; with 9.35% in Soc Trang, 5.6% in Kien Giang and over 3% in Long An and Dong Thap.

Trieu Minh Duc, a schoolteacher of Hoang Dieu High School in Soc Trang, said teachers have visited the students in their homes, encouraging them to return to study. However, many of them now worked in factories in the Southern provinces of Can Tho, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City. The parents have informed the teachers, that the children have decided to work in the factories, rather than return to school. 

Minister Luan said that we need more social contributions and changes in education in the attempt to stop the drop out rate from students. The parents and the community at large should not leave this problem for the teachers to solve.

Minister Luan also said, “The departments of Education and Training and the local government authorites need to have more coordination, so that we can create a better teaching environment for our students, encouraging them to attend school.

The provinces have adopted certain strategies to stop students leaving school early. The department of Education and Training in the province An Giang has implemented a movement called ‘one tutors one’. This means that one good academic student will tutor a student that has a poorer performance at school.

Meanwhile, the department of Education and Training in the province Hau Giang called for the contributions of teachers to assist low-income students and their families. Teachers have contributed VND10, 000 to100, 000 dong each to the fund. The department has collected nearly VND200 million in the aid to help disadvantaged students. With this kind of assistance, many students can now stay on at school.

In addition, the Committee party from Hau Giang province has ordered all agencies, organizations and companies to help sponsor low-income students. Over 300 schools have received support from their benefactors. Over VND5 billion (US$250,000) have been raised for low-income students in the academic year 2010-2011.

The Mekong delta province of Dong Thap has also implemented certain strategies so that schools can keep in close contact with the parents of the students. These strategies include informing parents about the progress of the student while at school. Developing and implementing extra school activities in the attempt to persuade students to stay at school. Informing parents of the negative influences that computer games have on students. Finally, explaining to the parents that some students force and coerced students, into ‘playing truancy’.

Furthermore, the province of Soc Trang has constructed houses for low-income students and their families. In the province of Vinh Long, teachers have provided free meals for students whose homes are far away from the schools.

To conclude, these strategies have been implemented in the attempt to decrease the dropout rate from students. However, it requires more support from many individuals and organisation to maintain.

Source: SGGP

Crowds praise teachers for contributions in education

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NA Chairman hails UK ambassador’s contributions

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NA Chairman hails UK ambassador’s contributions

QĐND – Sunday, October 24, 2010, 20:4 (GMT+7)

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong received outgoing UK Ambassador to Vietnam Mark Kent in Hanoi on October 23.

NA Chairman Trong applauded major contributions of the UK ambassador to boosting the two countries’ relations in the fields of politics, economics, education and tourism as well as the two nations’ legislative ties. He said projects launched by the UK have helped increase the capacity of the Vietnamese National Assembly’s Office and other NA’s agencies.

The Vietnamese top legislator expressed his wishes that cooperative ties between the two legislative bodies would continue developing in the future.

Chairman Trong also expressed his belief that in the new position, the UK ambassador would make more contributions to the friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

For his part, Ambassador Mark Kent said he considers his tenure in Vietnam a milestone in his diplomatic cause, during which he had chances to visit many cities and provinces across the country.

He is pleased with multi-faceted friendship and cooperation between the two countries and wishes that the bilateral ties would further develop in the future.

Source: VNA, photo: VOV


Source: QDND

NA Chairman encourages press contributions

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NA Chairman encourages press contributions

QĐND – Thursday, August 12, 2010, 20:34 (GMT+7)

With its capacity and strength the press must be a leading force in promoting patriotism and solidarity, fully tapping its potential, intellect and creativity to translate the goal of turning Vietnam into a modern and industrial country by 2020.

In his speech delivered at the 9th Congress of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association (VJA) for the 2010-2015 period in Hanoi on August 12, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong affirmed that the Party and the State have always supported and created favourable conditions for press development and for journalists to promote their creativity, social responsibility and civil obligation in serving the country.

Chairman Trong, who is a Party politburo member, said that as for the people, the press needs to exert efforts to raise people’s cultural standards, create a high degree of consensus in society and encourage greater national solidarity.

The press must also encourage people from all walks of life to participate in the implementation of the country’s renewal process, accelerating industrialisation and modernisation for a strong country with rich people and an equal, democratic and civilised society.

He praised and thanked the great contributions made by the press and the VJA to national construction and defence.

Apart from reviewing operations and praising achievements and contributions, pointing out weaknesses and discussing measures to enhance the role and position of the association in the upcoming tenure, the VJA’s 9th Congress, which saw the attendance of nearly 18,000 members nationwide, passed the revised VJA regulations in line with the operation of the press and the association for the 2010-2015 period.

Journalist Dinh The Huynh, Editor-in-Chief of Nhan Dan newspaper, re-elected as chairman

The congress also adopted its resolution, focusing on continued implementation of the Party Central Committee’s Resolution on ideology, theory and press, enhancement of measures and new methods in training and raising revolutionary skills and socio-political awareness, and improvement of professional skills among members.

The VJA’s resolution also focuses on effective involvement in press management, protection of rights and legal benefits for members, acceleration of cultural and sporting activities and the expansion of external activities and international cooperation for the association.

The congress elected a 51-member executive board, with journalist Dinh The Huynh, Editor-in-Chief of Nhan Dan newspaper, re-elected as chairman.

Four vice chairmen are Ta Ngoc Tan, Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Magazine, Pham Quoc Toan, vice chairman of the 8th congress of VJA, Ha Minh Hue, Deputy General Director of the Vietnam News Agency, and Ma Dieu Cuong, Deputy General Director of Ho Chi Minh Television.

As of December, 2009 there were 706 print press agencies (178 newspapers and 528 magazines), a national news agency, two national radio and television stations, 64 local radio and television stations, 37 online newspapers and 160 media websites.

Source: VNA/Vietnam+

Source: QDND

Party official lauds writers’ contributions

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Party official lauds writers’ contributions

QĐND – Saturday, August 07, 2010, 22:5 (GMT+7)

The Party and State always acknowledge and praise the great contributions made by revolutionary literature and the Vietnam Writers’ Association (VWA), said a senior Party official.

Truong Tan Sang, Politburo member and permanent member of the Central Party Committee’s Secretariat, delivered this statement at the 8 th congress of VWA in Hanoi on August 6, which saw the attendance of 923 members from across the country.

During the past 80 years, generations of Vietnamese writers have built a strong attachment and sacrificed their flesh and blood to the nation’s great revolution, and many writers have laid down their lives in battlefields, Sang said.

Since its inception 60 years ago, VWA has gathered a large number of members and many of them have closely followed the cause of renewal and helped to form the revolutionary literature, with a lot of valuable masterpieces, he said.

The official expressed his hope that, with a line-up of whole-hearted and responsible writers, Vietnam ’s literature would see good works of highly moral and artistic value and meet the demands of readers.

The Party and State respect the study and creation trends and always create favourable conditions for writers to penetrate the normal life, Sang stressed.

Regarding its major directions and tasks during the 2010-2015 term, VWA emphasised the need to enhance the voice of writers in the nation’s important issues and their role in building a humane society.

It will also focus on improving the quality of creation, criticism and members, strengthening the capacity of its media and publishing agencies and expanding cultural exchanges and cooperation with foreign partners.

The congress elected a 15-member executive committee, with poet Huu Thing re-elected as president.

Source: VNA

Photo: Dan Tri

Source: QDND

Women make huge contributions to poverty alleviation

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Women make huge contributions to poverty alleviation

QĐND – Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 20:58 (GMT+7)

PANO – The Vietnam Women’s Union has organised the second Patriotic Emulation Congress and reviewed the 3-year campaign “Study and Follow President Ho Chi Minh’s Exemplary Morality”.

Speaking at the event, Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan highly appreciated the achievements of Vietnamese women through the Patriotic Emulation Movement and the campaign “Study and Follow President Ho Chi Minh’s exemplary Morality”.

She also introduced several measures to improve the quality of the emulation tasks in the future. Accordingly, cadres of the emulation tasks need to enhance their abilities to help each other to carry out the two campaigns.

Over the past five years, women nationwide have launched various activities to alleviate poverty and to encourage family business. As a result, 735,334 households removed themselves from below the poverty line.

In addition, they also saved more than VND 40 billion and 360,673 tonnes of rice to help poor women and children nationwide.

On this occasion, 6 outstanding teams and individuals from military units took part in the event.

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Contributions of the Elderly highlighted

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Contributions of the Elderly highlighted

QĐND – Sunday, June 06, 2010, 21:0 (GMT+7)

Along with preserving and learning from the life experiences of the elderly, the Party, State and social community always pay special attention to ancestors.

Vanguard role

Vietnam now has approximately 8.6 million elderly people who have devoted their lives to the cause of national liberation and unification.

During the war, elderly people played a vanguard role in revolutionary organisations, protecting revolutionary cadres and encouraging their offspring to join the army to fight for national liberation.

In the Doi Moi (Renewal) process, they continue to set a shining example and make significant contributions to every area of social life.

Throughout the country, we can see elderly people engaged in production, boosting economic development and developing Party organisations. Elderly people are actually good examples for the younger generations to follow and they are a spiritual mainstay in the family and social community.

Through their life experiences, elderly people have the advantage over other social classes to encourage their offspring, families and local people to take part in campaigns to create a lifestyle established by the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) and the Vietnam Elderly People’s Association (EPA). Elderly people take the lead in promoting a civilised lifestyle at weddings, funerals and festivals, and combating social evils to preserve and develop the national cultural identity. They have also played an active role in promoting education as a contribution to creating an educated society at the grassroots level.

At the 2008 National Conference for the Elderly, more than 225,000 elderly people were honoured for developing the household economy at communal, district and provincial levels. This year, more than 300,000 have been honoured for their contributions.

According to the EPA, 64 percent of members of associations promoting education are elderly people, 72 percent of cadres in learning promotion associations are elderly, and more than 80,000 elderly people are involved in the management and teaching at community-based centres. 

HCM City has opened 233 classes to train 4,000 elderly people in computer skills to help them raise their level of knowledge.

In recent years, elderly people’s economic development movements have been launched across the country, and their achievements have enhanced their leading role in poverty reduction and socio-economic development.

According to a report by the National Assembly Committee for Social Affairs, 70 percent of elderly people rely on their children and relatives or earn their own living which indicates that running their own business can eliminate hunger and reduce poverty for the elderly. According to statistics from the EPA, the number of elderly people, who run their own business successfully, is quite high. 

The Party and State always care about the elderly

Taking care of elderly people is one of the most important tasks of the Party and State. The Party confirms that the elderly are valuable social force in the nation. After the Vietnam Association of the Elderly was established in 1995, the CPV Central Committee’s Secretariat declared that looking after the material and spiritual lives of the elderly was the responsibility of the Party and State.

The Ordinance on Elderly People also states that it’s the responsibility of families and the whole community and shows the good nature, moral standards and traditions of the Vietnamese people.

Emulation movements to look after the elderly are deployed widely throughout society. In 2009, domestic and foreign benefactors supported the rebuilding of nearly 72,000 houses and offered 600,000 warm clothes to poor elderly people.

At the end of last year, total funds for the elderly sourced central and local budgets were VND5 billion and VND469 billion, respectively. Tens of thousands of poor elderly people nationwide were assisted with this money.

The National Assembly has recently adopted the Elderly Law, which will come into effect on July 1. Speaking at the second patriotic emulation congress held in Hanoi recently, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung assigned the EPA to organise the research, inform EPA members of the Law’s contents and propose guidelines and measures to local authorities to put the Law into effect quickly. It should also ensure the elderly enjoy enough rights and create favourable conditions for them to uphold their roles for their descendants and the community.

Over the years, policies and guidelines for taking care of the elderly have become more concretized and meet their needs more effectively. Survey by the EPA shows 80 percent of elderly people live with their children which it meets their material and spiritual needs. As a result, every year 75-90 percent of families are recognised as “cultural families”.   

Source: VOV




Source: QDND

Ho Chi Minh’s great contributions remembered

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Ho Chi Minh’s great contributions remembered

QĐND – Thursday, May 20, 2010, 20:58 (GMT+7)

A series of activities were held abroad on May 19 to celebrate the 120th birth anniversary of Vietnam’s beloved President Ho Chi Minh.

In China, an exhibition was held in Wen Miao-Guozijian, Beijing , displaying 200 photos, objects and articles featuring President Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary activities in China.

The exhibition, inaugurated by Vice State President Nguyen Thi Doan during her working visit to China, was jointly organised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Vietnamese Embassy in China and the Chinese Culture Ministry.

Present at the function, Chinese Deputy Culture Minister Zhao Shaohua stressed that the eminent leader of the Vietnamese people was also the best friend of the Chinese people.

“The images on display telling President Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary activities in China are very valuable, reflecting truthfully the development process of the China-Vietnam relations,” Zhao said.

He hoped the exhibition will contribute to further strengthening cultural exchange and comprehensive cooperation and ushering in a new chapter in the friendship and neighbourliness between the two countries in the future.

A grand ceremony to mark President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday was held in Laos in the presence of General Secretary of the Laos People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) and President Choummaly Sayasone.

Addressing the event, Vice State President Bounnhang Volachit highlighted President Ho Chi Minh’s great contributions to the revolution for national liberation of the three Indochinese countries in general and Laos in particular.

He stressed that the unique traditional friendship and special solidarity between Laos and Vietnam, fostered by President Ho Chi Minh and LPRP General Secretary Kaysone Phomvihane, has become a priceless asset of both Lao and Vietnamese nations.

“The ties have a power that cannot be broken by any enemies,” Volachit emphasised, noting that Laos will do its utmost together with Vietnam to preserve and foster that ties forever.

In Cambodia, the Vietnamese Association hosted a celebration, which was attended by Vietnamese Ambassador Ngo Anh Dung.

During the event, 11 collectives, individuals and businesses of Vietnamese people residing in Cambodia were presented with certificates of merit of the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry and the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs.

Coinciding with President Ho Chi Minh’s 120th birthday, a talks entitled “President Ho Chi Minh, a fighter for national liberation and for peace” was co-organised in Paris by the Vietnam Culture Centre in France, the France-Vietnam Friendship Association and the Vietnamese Association in France.

In his lengthy presentation summing up President Ho Chi Minh’s national salvation cause, historian Alain Russio concluded “Ho Chi Minh is an exceptional figure of history, an exceptional communist and a politician with noble sense of internationalisation.”

The talks heard memories about President Ho Chi Minh told by Raymond Aubrac who used to host President Ho Chi Minh during his visit to France in 1946 and Raymonde Dien, who lied on the railway to stop a train transporting weaponry to Vietnam in February, 1950.

In London, the UK, Vietnamese Ambassador Tran Quang Hoan, representatives of the Vietnamese community, and British friends of Vietnam laid a wreath in tribute to President Ho Chi Minh at New Zealand House in the heart of London, which used to be the Calerton Hotel, where President Ho Chi Minh worked for a living when he came to the city in the first years of the 20 th century.

Reviewing the President’s immense services to the nation, Ambassador Hoan called on the entire staff of Vietnamese representative offices, overseas Vietnamese and students in the UK to follow the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh and make the homeland more prosperous as he wished.

Earlier on May 18, the Vietnamese Embassy in Canada held celebrations of the beloved President’s birthday in Ottawa and Toronto.

At the function in Ottawa , which saw the attendance of Senator Bryon Wilfert and a large number of Canadian scholars and professors, Ambassador Le Sy Vuong affirmed that the life and revolutionary cause of President Ho Chi Minh will forever be a bright example for Vietnamese younger generations to follow.

On the occasion, a book “Ho Chi Minh – the heart and talent of a patriot” by Dr. Nguyen Dai Trang, an overseas Vietnamese professor in Toronto university, made its first appearance.

The book, published in both Vietnamese and English, was complied from various sources of materials in Vietnam and Trang’s own research over the past 15 years.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Deputy PM hails young entrepreneurs’ contributions

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– Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung has hailed young entrepreneurs as the main force in the country’s international economic integration process.

At a dialogue with businessmen as part of the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (VYEO) congress that opened on Dec. 13, the deputy PM also stressed that the Government would accelerate administrative reform to facilitate the operation of businesses, including small- and medium-sized and young enterprises.

He said the government has recently lowered bank loan interest rates for four times to help enterprises cut their production costs.

During the event, young entrepreneurs spoke of their difficulties in taking bank loans, the State’s support for overseas investment and measures to increase their businesses’ competitive edge.
The VYEO has so far developed a network of its chapters in 52 provinces and cities, with a membership of more than 7,000, which generate an annual revenue of over 20 billion USD and more than 1.2 million jobs.-

Contributions to community development to be honoured

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Outstanding businesses and individuals, which actively participate in charitable activities for community development will be honoured and presented Golden Cups.

The awardees will be selected by managers, scientists and journalists from various sectors and an award ceremony is scheduled for Mid-March 2009.

The fourth Golden Cup for Community Development will be presented to enterprises and individuals which are successful in the socio-economic and scientific areas and actively participate in community development, such as building schools in isolated areas, reducing poverty and assisting disabled and disadvantaged people.

The first Golden Cup for Talented Director will be awarded to directors, who are excellent in business and make significant contributions to production and scientific research, as well as donations to community development in the period of international integration.

The Cups are sponsored by several businesses and social establishments, including the Radio Voice of Vietnam, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs, the Southeast Asia Scientific Research Association and the Cooperative Alliance. –