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Australia to crack down on ‘arrogant’ banks

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Alcohol more harmful than heroin, crack cocaine: study

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China holds door open a crack to U.S. on yuan

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Scientists crack gene code of common cancers

In World on December 17, 2009 at 2:10 pm

Two common forms of cancer have been genetically mapped for the first time, British scientists announced, in a major breakthrough in understanding the diseases.

The maps have exposed the DNA mutations that lead to skin and lung cancers, in a discovery scientists said could transform the way these diseases are diagnosed and treated in coming years.

All cancers are caused by damage to genes — mutations in DNA — that can be triggered by environmental factors such as tobacco smoke, harmful chemicals or ultraviolet radiation, and causes cells to grow out of control.

This undated illustration shows the DNA double helix.

Scientists from Britain’s Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and their collaborators have mapped this genetic damage from the tumours of two patients suffering from lung cancer and malignant melanoma, a deadly skin cancer.

“This is a fundamental moment in cancer research. From here on in we will think about cancers in a very different way,” said Professor Mike Stratton who led the institute’s cancer genome project.

“Today for the first time, in two individual cancers, a melanoma and a lung cancer, we have provided the complete list of abnormalities in DNA in each of those two cancers,” he told the BBC.

“We now see uncovered all the forces that have generated that cancer and we now see all the genes that are responsible for driving those two cancers.”

The scientists’ research, published in the journal Nature, also gained deeper insights into the way the body tries to repair the damage caused by the cancers and stop the disease spreading.

Stratton said the research could in future change the way cancers are treated — by using genetic maps to find the defects that caused them.

“Now that we have these comprehensive complete catalogues of mutations on individual cancers, we will be able to see how each cancer developed, what were the exposures, what were the environmental factors and that’s going to be key for our understanding generally of how cancers develop,” he said.

“And for our individual patients, we will see all the genes that are abnormal and are driving each cancer and that’s really critical, because that will tell us which drugs are likely to have an effect on that particular cancer and which are not.”

Peter Campbell, a cancer-genomics expert involved in the research, said the number of mutations discovered — 33,345 for melanoma — and 22,910 for lung cancer — was remarkable.

“It is amazing what you can see in these genomes,” he said on the website of the journal Nature.

The research shows most mutations could be traced to the effects of chemicals in tobacco smoke (in the lung tumour) or ultraviolet light (in the melanoma tumour), supporting the idea that they are largely preventable.

“Every pack of cigarettes is like a game of Russian roulette,” he said.

“Most of those mutations will land where nothing happens in the genome and won’t do major damage, but every once in a while they’ll hit a cancer gene.”

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Vietnamese fashion tries to crack domestic market

In Vietnam Economy on September 8, 2009 at 5:06 pm

Many garment businesses over the past few years have only focused on exporting clothes and forgot the potential domestic market of 86 million of people. Some companies have decided to crack the market, including Viet Tien.

A Viet Tien shop in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

In the last five to ten years, the country has seen many new fashion labels which sit in consumers’ minds, like Ninomax, PT 2000, Blue Exchange, Viethy and Forci. However, most of them are just for the medium priced market for young fashion.

High and low ends of the market are currently flooded by Chinese goods and foreign high fashion businesses.

In spite of economic difficulties, the growth rate of domestic fashion consumption has been 25 percent up year on year.

This is a good sign for domestic businesses to develop in their own country. However, they have met a lot of difficulties.

First is materials, Vietnam has seriously lacked materials for domestic fashion commodities, as well as export items. The next problem is high expenditure for premises.

Experience from building the Viet Tien label

Being different from other export businesses, Viet Tien has focused on the domestic market besides exporting items like European style clothing, khaki trousers and shirts for men.

Viet Tien has aimed at men working in offices with high incomes. These product lines have had a steady stand in Vietnam.

The company is now the leading fashion house in Vietnam. Its products have been sold in 63 provinces and cities with over 1,000 shops and dealers.

Domestic growth of the company is 30 percent a year. In 2008, its domestic revenue reached VND450 billion (US$25 million). It is expected that this will rise to between VND600 to 700 billion this year.

Domestic consumption has played an important role in the company’s business and accounts for 40 percent of its total revenue.

The company hopes that by the end of this year, it will present a new fashion line for men with medium wages.

Viet Tien has also worked with other businesses to develop more brands, Vee Sendy for the youth, and T-up, a top-end male fashion line.

In 2008, the company bought the trademarks for two high fashion labels from Italy and the US, San Sciaro and Mahattan, to produce and sell in Vietnam.

Source: SGGP