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Ha Tinh recognizes more historical, cultural sites

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The Ha Tinh Province People’s Committee has recognized another 17 historical and cultural relic sites.

Cho Cui Temple in the central province of Ha Tinh

The 17 new sites include Lieu Hanh Temple, Cho Cui Temple, Yen Ninh village communal house, and other temples and houses of worships in the central province.

Ha Tinh now has a total of 240 provincial and 71 national relic sites.

It is anticipated that Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung will recognize the Nguyen Du relic site as especially significant vestige this year. Nguyen Du was a a great poet of Vietnam.

Source: SGGP

Vietnamese cultural space opens in Cuba

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A Vietnamese Cultural Space was inaugurated in Havana’s Asian House on December 2 on the 50 th anniversary of Vietnamese-Cuban diplomatic ties.

                    Dong Son bronze drum

Present at the opening ceremony were members of the Communist Party of Cuba’s Central Committee, including the Director of Havana’s Historical Office Eusebio Leal, President of the Cuba-Vietnam Friendship Association Yolanda Ferrer, the former Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Raul Valdes Vivo and former Deputy Foreign Minister Hector Rodriiguez Llompart, who on behalf of the Cuban Government signed the agreement to establish diplomatic ties with Vietnam.

Several ASEAN ambassadors in Havana also attended the event.

The Vietnam Cultural Space has hundreds of farming tools, weapons, pottery, fine arts and handicraft products, ethnic costumes and pictures featuring the different cultures in regions across Vietnam on display.

At the heart of the display are two sculptures of President Fidel Castro and Ho Chi Minh, made from stone by Vietnamese craftsmen.

On addressing the event, Vietnam’s Ambassador to Cuba Vu Chi Cong recalled the 50 years of bilateral relations and expressed his thanks to the Cuban Party, State, Government and people for their valuable support to Vietnam during its wars of resistance as well as in its present national drive for construction.

He said he hoped that future generations would maintain and develop the special friendship between the two countries, adding that a Dong Son bronze drum exhibited there was the first to be displayed in Latin America.

The Vietnam Cultural Space is a gift from the Vietnamese Government to Cuba in accordance with an agreement signed at the 27 th session of the Inter-governmental Commission.

Source: SGGP

Cultural activities to celebrate the Christmas Seasons

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Many of the city’s entertainment venues are busy these days, offering exciting activities and entertainment programs for locals and tourists centered on the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

A play is performed by the Ho Chi Minh City Drama Theater.

Dam Sen Cultural Park hopes to lure visitors with its musical performances, comedies and puppetries during this Christmas holiday. The highlight of this period will be a concert entitled “Gala Xmas 2010” featuring the famous pop star Dam Vinh Hung, bringing some Christmas joy to music lovers.

In addition, a special art performance themed “Colors of the winter” will be held at the Ho Chi Minh City Labor Culture Palace on December 25.

Additionally, The Idecaf Theater will present a children’s dance and music performance entitled “Fairy stories”. It is the drama of the adventures of the Monkey God in the classic Chinese novel “The journey to the West”. It is at the Ben Thanh Theater from December 17 to January 2.

Another play to be performed will be held at the Ho Chi Minh City Drama Theater. It will be on the relationship between family members and the issues it can entail. These are some of the choices this Christmas season.

Source: SGGP

Cultural Heritage Day opens in Hanoi

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Saint Giong Festival recognized as UNESCO’s world cultural heritage

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First Panama cultural week held in Vietnam

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1st Panama cultural week in Hanoi

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Visitors can enjoy live shamisen music at Fukuoka cultural event

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Visitors can listen to live shamisen music played by two young girls at a four day-long cultural event introducing the culture of southern Japan in Hanoi from August 10-13.

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony will be performed at the Fukuoka cltural event 

The Hanoi People’s Committee will cooperate with Fukuoka prefecture of Japan to organize Fukuoka Cultural Days at the Daewoo Hotel in Hanoi, which aims to introduce the culture of southern Japan to the Vietnamese people and celebrate the forthcoming 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

Various activities will take place during the event, including exhibitions, cultural exchanges, fashion shows, , the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, origami (paper folding), and music and dance performances.

Two girls from Yame, a Japanese city famous for its green tea, will play the shamisen, a traditional Japanese musical instrument that dates back to the 16th century dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos.

Young residents can take part in the exciting sosaku dance with 32 high schoolgirls, who have won first prize in cultural events in Japan. Anyone who loves manga comic strips has the chance to have famous artists Shiitake and Tao draw their portraits right before their eyes.

A Fukuoka-style collection will take the stage August 13, for Vietnamese fashion lovers. In addition, people can try on the yukata, a Japanese summer kimono worn by both men and women.

Gourmets will have chance to taste good fruits and cakes of Fukuoka, especially Taiyaki, a Japanese fish-shaped cake.

Japan’s most famous modern flower arranger, Shogo Kariyazaki, will create artistic works from Vietnamese flowers in the display corner of the event.
Entrance is gratis.

Source: SGGP

VN-Denmark workshop to search for improving keys to local cultural industry

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The Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism once again will join hands to host a workshop within the Danish supported project, “Dialogue amongst cultural decision and opinion makers,” during two consecutive days, beginning May 13, at the Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel

The third workshop jointly held by Denmark and Vietnam will be launched on May 13 and remain open till the next day, featuring topics related to cultural industries (Photo: Embassy of Denmark)Participants in the workshop are leaders from the Ministry, representatives from cultural institutions, arts associations, media, NGOs, cultural researchers, lecturers and local artists.
This year’s workshop titled, “Cultural Industry: its role in the economy and a suitable policy framework for its development in Viet Nam,” aims to create a forum for dialogue, discussion and the sharing of experiences on policies to support cultural industries amongst policy makers, managers and researchers from Vietnam and Denmark, within the context of globalization.  The workshop is expected to provide a reference for Vietnamese policy makers to develop supportive policies and mechanisms to promote cultural arts.
The first day is scheduled to kick off with two presentations by Danish expert Mr. Jens Nielsen. The first is titled “Cultural Industry: its role in the economy and policies for its development,” which he divides into three parts (the world in general, Europe, and Denmark specifically). The second presentation focuses on “Experiences and practical lessons of Denmark in building up policy for the development of cultural industry”.
The opinions of two Vietnamese keynote speakers, Dr. Nguyen Van Tinh and Dr. Luong Hong Quang, are sure to enhance the workshop.  The two noteworthy minds are scheduled to lead respective discussions regarding “Creative industry in Vietnam: current situation and suitable policy for its development,” and the “Role of creative industry in economic development in Vietnam”.
The second day will feature case studies for the creative industries of Vietnam and will be led by BHD Co. and VinaGame Software Co. Their presentation will be followed by discussion sessions focusing on possible solutions and suitable policies for the development of cultural industries in Vietnam.
The inaugural workshop was organized in 2007 with the theme “Cultural identity and diversity” where a Danish specialist was invited to present a research paper entitled “cultural policy and development trends”, together with two other presentations from Vietnam. The second workshop, with its the theme “Models for art funding,” took two years to develop. Once again a Danish expert was invited to give a presentation on the subject based on experiences accrued Denmark.
The current project, “Vietnam – Denmark Development Cooperation in Culture”, based on the strategy set out in the Danish Strategy for Development Cooperation 2006-2010 with Vietnam. The strategy seeks to promote creativity and people’s access and participation in the arts, as well as diversity within Vietnamese society.  The development objective of Development Cooperation in Culture is: “People in Vietnam have access to and participates in arts that are culturally diverse”.

Source: SGGP

Buddhist Cultural Week to spread the good word

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Buddhist Cultural Week aims to spread awareness of the country’s largest religion with a series of exhibitions and seminars on literature, history and culture at the Lieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center in central Vietnam.

Lieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center, Le Loi street, Central province of Thua Thien- Hue.

Many notable scholars, researchers and cultural activists from Vietnam and abroad will speak at the event in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue May 16-22.

Scholars including Cao Huy Thuan, Tran Dinh Son, Thai Kim Lan and Ho Tan Phan will talk on subjects Buddhist philosophy and practice.

The cultural week also aims to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi.

The Thang Long antique exhibition will feature over 100 exhibits on the Ly and Le dynasties. The artifacts on display were collected by antique collector Tran Dinh Son.

Seminars on art, architecture and education will also be a part of the event.

Source: SGGP