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Indian police raid homes of Delhi Games chief

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 Indian police on Friday raided the homes of the chief organiser of the New Delhi Commonwealth Games, Suresh Kalmadi, as part of a probe into graft allegations that surrounded the event.

A spokesperson from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said police had conducted searches at Kalmadi’s residences in the capital and the western town of Pune, and at the home of his personal secretary Manoj Bhore.

Commonwealth Games chief organiser Suresh Kalmadi speaks at the event’s closing ceremony at Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi in October, 2010

The Games, which were held in Delhi in October, were hit by claims of massive financial irregularities as the budget ballooned to an estimated six billion dollars.

The CBI spokesperson said a top police official had written to the government earlier this month requesting Kalmadi’s removal from the chairmanship of the Games organising committee on the grounds that he was obstructing the investigation.

Kalmadi, who took much of the international criticism about unfinished facilities and poor planning, quit as secretary to India’s ruling Congress party in November.

The CBI raided the homes of other top committee officials in November and arrested the sacked treasurer, M. Jayachandran, the third official to be accused of forgery and cheating over the awarding of Games-related contracts.

Police have charged two other former Games officials over alleged corruption.

Companies contracted to provide sports surfaces, training equipment and landscaping for the Games were also raided by tax inspectors in October.

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) national watchdog has received complaints alleging up to 1.8 billion dollars of Games money was misappropriated.

A CVC report into the Games has confirmed the use of poor-quality materials and massive cost overruns on construction projects.

A defiant Kalmadi brushed off corruption allegations, telling reporters in November: “I have not done anything wrong, even in a single thing. I welcome the investigations and will answer all queries.”

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh set up a panel after the Games concluded to investigate graft claims and two other government bodies are also running separate probes.

Source: SGGP

64 killed in Delhi building collapse

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51 killed in Delhi building collapse

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UN atomic agency probing Delhi radioactive waste scandal

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The UN atomic watchdog said Saturday it is seeking more information about reports of a radioactive waste scandal at the University of Delhi, with one person already dead from radiation poisoning.

India’s atomic energy regulator the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) is currently investigating a claim that Delhi University buried radioactive material on its campus 20 years ago.

Local police also blame the university for dumping an irradiation machine containing radioactive cobalt-60 which ended up in scrapyard in New Delhi, where it killed a 35-year-old worker and put seven others in hospital.

International Atomic Energy Agency spokesman Marc Vridricaire said the watchdog had become aware “of the possibility of a serious radiation emergency at Mayapuri in New Delhi” via media reports on April 9.

It had also seen media reports this week “of a fatality caused by exposure to radiation in Indian scrap metal yards.”

As a result, the IAEA’s Incident and Emergency Centre “has contacted India’s Department of Atomic Energy to request information” and offer help, Vridricaire said.

The Indian Department of Atomic Energy had “confirmed the initial event,” and the AERB had notified the IAEA that “multiple Cobalt-60 sources” had been located and secured, the spokesman continued.

Cobalt-60 is categorised as a radioactive source “that can cause permanent injury to a person handling the material even for a short time without appropriate safety measures and protection.”

The IAEA’s Incident and Emergency Centre was “continuing to seek further information on this event,” Vridicaire said.

“And the IAEA stands ready to assist Indian authorities upon request.”

The incidents at Delhi University have highlighted the lax enforcement of waste disposal laws in India and raised fears of further contamination from the university, the city’s biggest institute with 300,000 students spread over two sites.

Ramesh Chandra, a professor in the chemistry department, told the Times of India on Friday that his counterparts in the physics faculty had buried 20 kilograms of low-grade radioactive waste in a pit on campus 20 years ago.

“Instead of handing over the hazardous material… for proper disposal, they just buried it,” he said. “Though it’s been 20 years the buried isotopes of substances like uranium could still be active.”

Singh said the regulator was looking into waste management by the university and would scrutinise the new allegations by Chandra.

“We will verify the professor’s claims. If toxic waste is found, then we will take strict action against the university,” Singh said.

Delhi University declined to comment on the issue when contacted by AFP.

The gamma irradiation machine found in the Delhi scrapyard earlier this month was imported by the university in 1980, but had not been used since 1985. It was sold to scrap dealers at auction in February.


Source: SGGP