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Vietnam’s path to socialism discussed in Argentina

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Training young maths talents discussed in online chat

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How to discover and nurture young mathematic talents is the theme of an online chat held Wednesday by Sai Gon Giai Phong, which was attended by education officials and school principles in Ho Chi Minh City.

A view of the online exchange titled “Discovering and nurturing young mathematics talents” organized by SGGP on Wednesday (Photo: SGGP)

Mathematic talent development is a long process, which must be conducted from primary schools and require continual training and nurture at higher grades, said Dr. Tran Nam Dung, lecturer from the HCMC University of Natural Sciences when opening the chat.

To know if having aptitude for mathematics, students should participate in mathematical competitions, do exams in reference books, and contact with experienced teachers for help, according to Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, vice principle of the High School for the Gifted.

The city’s education always pays attention to discover and nurture gifted students since primary grade. However, the training work still lacks of inheritance among schools, said Nguyen Hoai Chuong, deputy director of the Education and Training Department.

To train and encourage gifted students, HCMC schools usually gather them in special classes instructed by best teachers, exempt them from tuition fees and give scholarships.

The Government has built an Institute of Mathematics, costing thousands of billions of dong, which is expected to muster leading mathematicians in the world.

However, the number of Vietnamese mathematicians with research work of international stature is still limited, Mr. Chuong said. He hoped that the Government in future will have more effective policies to develop Vietnam’s mathematics.

Teacher Tran Duc Huyen from Le Hong Phong High School shared that right after discovering mathematics talents, his school granted them scholarships to study until they complete university.

The school also organizes scientific clubs to promote students’ passion to study and do scientific researches.

Source: SGGP

Vietnamese classic movies released on DVD discussed by films’ stars

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Phuong Nam Films released dozens of Vietnamese classic movies on DVD in late April 2010. In connection, veteran actors who starred in these movies spoke to audiences about their careers and their memories of participating in these classic movies.

Singer Hong Hanh (R), People’s Artists The Anh (the 2nd, R) and Tra Giang (the 2nd, L) speak about their careers and memories of participating in classic movies to audiences.  (photo: Sggp)

The famous pictures distributed on DVD include: “Chung Mot Dong Song” (Sharing a River), “Con Chim Vanh Khuyen” (Zosterops), “Bai Ca Ra Tran” (The Song of the Battlefield), “Noi Gio” (Wind Rises), “Moi Tinh Dau” (First Love), “Lang Vu Dai Ngay Ay” (Vu Dai Village in the Old Time), “Chi Dau” (Mrs. Dau), “Biet Dong Sai Gon” (Saigon Special Taskforce), “Vi Tuyen 17 Ngay va Dem” (17th Parallel Days and Nights), “Chi Tu Hau” (Mrs. Tu Hau), “Dem Hoi Long Tri” (A Night of Long Tri Festival) and more.

Film lovers will have a chance to enjoy famous films of the 1960s and 1980s with well-known actors and actresses of the time, including, Phi Nga, Manh Linh, Huy Cong, To Uyen, Thuy Van, Tra Giang, Tran Phuong, Lam Toi, The Anh, Bui Cuong, Mai Chau, Nhu Quynh, Phuong Thanh, Vu Dinh Than, Tran Quang, Thuong Tin, Ha Xuyen and others.

At the talk, singer Hong Hanh said that is was a great honor for her to meet with Tra Giang and The Anh, stars of “Moi Tinh Dau” (First Love). In the film, her father, musician Nguyen Huu Thiet, played the part of a bourgeoisie.

Actress Tra Giang told about her roles based on real people that stirred her heart.

The Anh said that hard training was the key to his success. “Acting is a creative career. An actor must have cultural and career knowledge to grasp the character’s internal life.

Actors and audiences wondered whether the Vietnamese movie industry would produce valuable films like these classic works in future.

Source: SGGP

Price control for pharmaceuticals discussed at meeting

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Uncle Ho’s heritage on Party building discussed

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Uncle Ho’s heritage on Party building discussed

QĐND – Saturday, May 15, 2010, 21:20 (GMT+7)

The Academy of Politics and Public Administration Zone III held a scientific workshop on President Ho Chi Minh’s heritage on Party building in the central city of Da Nang on May 14.

Addressing the event, which marked the 120 th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, the academy’s director Nguyen Hong Son said, “Uncle Ho left us a huge legacy and an invaluable heritage, including the Ho Chi Minh Thoughts, the Ho Chi Minh Era and the Ho Chi Minh Moral Example”.

The most valuable amongst those is his heritage on theory of the national democratic revolution and the socialist revolution in Vietnam as well as building a strong and pure Party and a State of the people, by the people and for the people, he said.

Uncle Ho’s first recommendation in his testament is about the Party and the unity and oneness of mind within the Party; the wide practice of democracy and the regular and strict implementation of self-criticism and criticism. The Party must be kept really pure, worthy being a leader and faithful servant of the people.

President Ho Chi Minh also paid a special attention to building revolutionary morals for officials and Party members, Son added.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Community-based ecotourism management discussed

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Community-based ecotourism management discussed

QĐND – Thursday, May 13, 2010, 22:46 (GMT+7)

Delegates from nations in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) are discussing community-based ecotourism planning and management at a workshop in the ancient city of Hue, Thua Thien-Hue province.

The workshop from May 12-18 is part of a sustainable development programme among GMS nations – Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam – to reach unanimous definitions in this field.

The workshop, sponsored by the Vietnamese Government and the Mekong Institute of Thailand, also includes field trips to community-based ecotourism sites in Vietnam , Laos and Thailand, helping map out an action programme on this kind of tourism among the GMS nations.

A series of reports dealing with the definition of community-based ecotourism management and planning, relations with poverty reduction and bio-diversity protection and an overview of eco-tourism in the sub-region were presented at the workshop.

Earlier, in last October, representatives from the Hue tourism vocational training school, Thailand’s Mekong Institute and tourist experts from GMS countries conducted field trips to ecotourism sites in Vietnam , Laos and Thailand.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

New ways discussed to handle domestic violence

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New ways discussed to handle domestic violence

QĐND – Saturday, April 03, 2010, 21:27 (GMT+7)

A training workshop on preventing domestic violence opened in Hanoi on April 2 for staff of the Centre for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender – Families – Women and Adolescents (CSAGA), who will disseminate the knowledge across the country.

The five-day workshop is part of a Swedish-sponsored project on encouraging men to participate in the prevention of domestic violence in Vietnam.

Addressing the first working day, Elsa Hastad, Deputy Head of Development Cooperation and Coordinator for Democracy and Human Rights of the Swedish Embassy, praised Vietnam’s legal mechanism in the area, which was marked by the adoption of the Law on Domestic Violence in 2007.

“The Vietnamese legislation is quite far developed,” Hastad said. “Although it is quite new, about two years now, it actually criminalises physical abuse and psychological abuse, which was not in place before and that is quite a good piece of legislation.”

However, she said legislation is not enough to root out domestic violence. To do so, she emphasised, there must be a concerted effort among agencies from multiple branches of government, from the legislative to the executive.

More needs to be done to improve public awareness, especially among children, through, for example, incorporating the teaching of gender equality into school curricula at the kindergarten or primary levels, she added.

During the next four days, trainees will learn methods used in Sweden and other countries to engage boys and men in advocating gender equality and preventing domestic violence, as well as learning consulting skills for dealing with men who have committed domestic violence.

Instead of taking a conventional approach, which often looks at women as victims and the men who are perpetrators as criminals, the workshop considers men who resort to violence as those in need of help.

According to lecturer Vidar Vetterfalk, a psychologist working for “Men for Equality” – a Swedish non-government organisation–when faced with family conflict, men tend to react with anger and fear that everything is spinning out of their control. This situation is compounded by the fact that men grow up with “deep-rooted values and attitudes” towards women that were passed from generation to generation.

Therefore, he added, they need help and communication so they don’t take recourse to violence as a solution.

Through exchanges of practical experience and knowledge from other countries, trainees are expected to develop their own solutions that fit into the Vietnamese context and provide the best strategies to put a stop to domestic violence in Vietnam.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Preservation of gong culture discussed

In Vietnam Culture on November 15, 2009 at 2:36 pm

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held a seminar November 14, “Changes in socio-economic conditions and the preservation of gong culture in Vietnam and Southeast Asia,” in the Highland city of Pleiku as part of the ongoing International Gong Festival 2009.

(File) Performers in traditional costumes participate at an ox-killing festival (Photo: SGGP)

Many international and domestic social scientists spoke about the social role of gongs and gong culture in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia, focusing on economic and social effects, as well as preservation and development of human values of the culture.

The presentations also mentioned measures to preserve and build on these cultural values. Participants stressed that keeping space for the gong could protect and preserve the special culture.

Master Linh Nga Niek Dam said ethnic minorities all have sets of gongs because the musical instruments are the soul of a group.

Gongs are regarded as the axis of the culture of rice, architecture, traditions, oral literature and food. It therefore needs to be protected with proper policies and public awareness to preserve the specific culture raised, he added. Otherwise, a group of ethnic people should be trained to keep the culture.

Vietnamese Prof. To Ngoc Thanh said teaching how to play gongs from generation to generation is very important; therefore society should pay attention to nurturing artisans as ‘human treasures.’

Furthermore, schools should teach gong culture and folk traditions and cultures in curricula in a bid to cultivate young generations to have an understanding and sense of protecting the special musical instruments, Prof. Thanh said.

Artisans are currently performing gongs sets, statue sculpting and slaughtering an oxen throughout Pleiku, such as at Dong Xanh Cultural Park, Dien Hong Park, Ve Nguon Entertainment Zone.

In addition to performances of M’nong, Cham and H’roi artisans, Burmese players contributed with 70 musical instruments of the Mon people and Indonesian performers with ten instruments.

A photographic exhibition, “Space for the Highland’s gong culture,” was also opened in the province’s museum the same day.

VTV 2 will broadcast the closing festival ceremony on November 15.

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