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Michael Jackson doctor to face manslaughter trial

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2011 at 7:06 am

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – A judge ordered Michael Jackson’s personal doctor to stand trial on involuntary manslaughter charges for allegedly killing the singer with an overdose of powerful sedatives.

Conrad Murray denied the charges, saying he was just treating the pop icon for insomnia when he died in June 2009.

AFP file – File picture shows Conrad Murray

Murray also had his license to practice medicine in California suspended.

The doctor will be arraigned on January 25, the Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled after six days of pre-trial hearings in which evidence was presented that Murray tried to cover up evidence of drugs he gave the star immediately before his death.

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Putin calls embattled doctor in show of support

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Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called an embattled doctor who is under pressure after his complaints of “window-dressing” unleashed a torrent of criticism, his spokesman said on Saturday.

The powerful Russian prime minister called cardiologist Ivan Khrenov on his mobile phone late Friday in a show of support, his spokesman told AFP.

“So are they putting the squeeze on you?” the premier asked the doctor in remarks confirmed by his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov.

“Well, you do not worry, we will not leave you in the lurch. Call us if anything,” Putin told the doctor.

Khrenov, a young cardiologist from the central Russian town of Ivanovo, has become a reluctant national celebrity after he complained about “window dressing” at local hospitals during Putin’s recent visit.

He told Putin during a live call-in show this week that officials had told doctors to lie about their salaries. He also said medical equipment had been temporarily brought to a regional hospital from elsewhere.

Officials vehemently denied the accusations, with Ivanovo region governor Mikhail Men saying equipment like a CT scan could not have been removed from other hospitals simply because it is too big.

The General Prosecutor’s Office said on Friday the doctor’s report was being verified and local prosecutors said they planned to call in Khrenov for questioning.

Putin has expressed bewilderment at the report and said it had to be thoroughly checked.

Anecdotal evidence regularly emerges in Russia that local officials thoroughly prepare for Putin’s visits and often take it to extremes in order to please the top boss.

His marathon call-in show was seen as a reaffirmation of his status as the true Russian number one, even after handing the presidency to his protege Dmitry Medvedev in 2008.

Speculation is buzzing that he may be planning to return as head of state in 2012 elections.


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Local blood-sucking assassin bugs don’t transmit disease: Doctor

In Uncategorized on July 7, 2010 at 8:13 am

The head of the Central Institute for Malaria – Parasitology – Entomology has said blood-sucking assassin bugs have been in Vietnam for years and are not of the same species of insect known to transmit Chagas disease in the Americas.

A blood-sucking assassin bug sent to the Central Institute for Malaria – Parasitology – Entomology from Hanoi

In response to public concerns about the recent appearance of the bugs, and reports of several bite victims, Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung said only a few people in Hanoi and other localities are bitten by the blood-suckers each year and there have been no reports that the insects in Vietnam transmit the disease.
But he admitted that the only local research to have been carried out on the bugs was for agricultural purposes.
Mr. Hung said the blood-sucking assassin bugs collected by his institution and the Institute for Ecology and Biological Resources were specified as Triatoma rubrofassiata.
Triatoma rubrofassiata are not like the Triatoma dimidiate (which is found in central America) and Triatoma infestans (found in South America), both of which can transmit Chagas disease, he said.
Researches has showed that Triatoma rubrofassiata bugs in Vietnam don’t cause the disease, and only leave bites that are painful or uncomfortable for a short period of time.
A woman in Da Nang City and two family members suffered bites from the insects over the last two months.  The woman felt tired and sleepy, and her face swelled. Sensing a connection to the bug bites, the woman captured several of them and sent them to the Institute for Ecology and Biological Resources.
At the same time, a man in Hanoi reported bites by a strange kind of bug and symptoms similar to the woman in Da Nang. 

Source: SGGP

Stomach problems linked to unhealthy, modern lifestyles: doctor

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2010 at 12:42 pm

A health seminar on stomach conditions opened in Ho Chi Minh City on June 24, with doctors extolling the virtues of healthy eating and living, and arguing that unhealthy emotional and mental habits were to blame for many of our gastrointestinal ailments.

Many people participate in the seminar  about  unhealthy emotional and mental habits  are blame for gastro-intestinal ailments on June 24

The seminar marked the half-way milestone of a comprehensive publicity campaign launched by  United Pharma Vietnam’s Kremil-S, a brand of peptic ulcer medicine, spread awareness about stomach health among the public and pharmacists in order to help them recognize early symptoms of stomach diseases and know what should be done to prevent and treat the illnesses.

‘Stomach Conditions Associated with Today’s Lifestyles’ was jointly held by United Pharma Vietnam (UPI) and Ho Chi Minh City University Medical Center (UMC) at Kim Do Hotel in District 1.

Doctors from UMC have been providing expert consultancy to the project, which has launched severa mutli-media programs, including the ‘Your Doctor’ radio talk show (aired on Binh Duong Radio every Tuesday and Saturday at 2pm) and a series of syndicated ‘Health Guru’ articles in newspapers.

Dr. Bui Huu Hoang, Ph.D, Head of UMC’s Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, spoke at the seminar to sheds some light on key aspects of stomach problems known to be linked to modern unhealthy lifestyles. He also analyzed the potential risks and complications involved and discussed preventive measures and treatments.

Dr. Hoang said some 50% of over-50-year-old ulcer patients in developed countries are infected with Helicobater pylori bacteria (HP). The global contraction rate rises by 10% a year. HP is the cause of up to 80% of confirmed ulcer cases in developed world while the figure among Vietnamese adults has reached over 70%, said Dr. Hoang.

“One of the key targeted groups of the project is pharmacist audience as these people work closely with patients and are supposed to give out a great deal of advice on OTC medication. So once they are well outfitted with important knowledge, they will be able to help their customers reduce contraction risks and stay fit in peptic terms” said Ms. Thieu Thi Vy Vy, UPI’s Marketing Head of Illness Channel.

The doctor listed a number of factors that contribut to stomach problems: stress, eating disorders, smoking, alcoholic consumption.

But Hoang also said stomach problems had to do with our mental and emotional health as well. He said the best way to keep stomach issues at bay was to lead an optimistic life, full of small but healthy everyday practices. He also said concerned people should stay away from unclean eateries.

One of the main causes of peptic ulcers is hyperadicity, in which the stomach contains an abnormally high amount of acids, resulting in mucosal damage and ulcerations, said Dr. Hoang. Unhealthy lifestyles and conditions such as obesity, smoking, diets containing too much spicy, oily, or sour food, the abuse of alcoholic drinks and coffee, are often responsible for this, according to the doctor..

To learn more about stomach afflictions, send an emais to or call the toll-free hotline – 1900 57 15 18 (extension 5). Experts on the line can give advice as to how to prevent and treat many stomach ailments.

Source: SGGP

Doctor: Over 73 percent of cancer patients dead

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The fatal toll among cancer patients in Vietnam has increased to 73.5 percent, Associate Professor Dr Mai Trong Khoa, deputy director of Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital said June 19.

Cancer patients are treated at a hospital in Hanoi (File photo: VTC)

The disease treatment has found more difficult and taken more time as patients usually late discover that they are infected with the disease, when it has come to metastasis phase, he said.

Dr. Khoa added that the number of cases infected with cancers in the world has also increased, especially in developing countries.

In developed countries, patients are usually soon discovered. As a result, the death toll is lower, about 50-65 percent, he said.

At present Bach Mai Hospital is treating a 71 year old woman named Nguyen Thi Tuan Kh., one amid rare cases of people contaminated with two types of cancers.

Dr. Khoa said that in the world, the ratio of people with two cancers is accounted for just 0.1 percent of cancer patients.

Source: SGGP

400 Vietnamese infected with tuberculosis daily: doctor

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2010 at 8:48 am

Tuberculosis patients treated in the National Tuberculosis Hospital

Vietnam has more 400 tuberculosis patients and 55 die from the disease a day, a health official said.

Dinh Ngoc Sy, director of the National Tuberculosis Hospital, said the country stands at 12 among 22 nations that have highest number of patients with the disease.

Around 1.67 per cent of the population is at risk of infecting the disease. Recent studies by the hospital have revealed that more young people are now suffering from the disease, said Dr. Sy, adding that unhealthy lifestyle of young generation or young men get HIV virus.

Source: SGGP

Doctor treats injured fisherman over radio

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Doctor treats injured fisherman over radio

QĐND – Friday, April 02, 2010, 22:8 (GMT+7)

A fisherman 100 nautical miles from shore received medical advice over the radio yesterday to stop him from bleeding to death.

The man was fishing 95 nautical mile from Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province’s Con Son Island when he cut off his finger and started bleeding profusely.

He called the provincial coastguard which connected him for first aid advice via phone to doctors from HCM City Public Health Association. He was able to stop the blood loss and return to land for treatment.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Local doctor makes breakthrough in rare mushroom cultivation

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Dr. Ngo Anh from the Hue University March 31 announced he had successfully grown a rare and valuable type of mushroom in a lab using tissue growth technology.

Dr. Ngo Anh, the first to cultivate black reishi mushrooms in a lab setting, stands next to his prized fungi (Photo: SGGP)

Black reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma Subresinosum), highly valued for their medicinal properties, have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

The fungi are used to make remedies to treat a host of diseases including urinary disorders and liver and cardiovascular diseases.

They are also said to be useful in treating fatigue, diabetes, insomnia, stomach ulcers, and for pain relief and detoxification.

Dr. Anh said it takes from four to six months to grow and harvest the black reishi mushrooms. Using 1 kilogram of dry sawdust to grow the fungi, an average output of 50 grams of the mushrooms can be expected, he said.

Source: SGGP

Diary of female wartime doctor published in Lao

In Vietnam Culture on December 27, 2009 at 12:27 pm

The cover of Lao version of Nhat ky Dang Thuy Tram. (Photo: SGGP)

Vietnamese publisher Van Hoc unveiled a Lao version of Nhat ky Dang Thuy Tram (The Diary of Doctor Dang Thuy Tram) in association with the Publishing Department on December 25 in Hanoi.

The book was translated by Dinh Van Hung over the course of three years as part of a cooperation program between the governments of Vietnam and Laos.

The translation has been praised for its similarity in both writing style and content to the original version.

The publisher will give 1,000 copies of the translated version to Laos’s governmental offices on December 28 in Vientiane.

On the occasion, representatives from each country will also launch a contest in which entrants will study the solidarity between Vietnam and Laos in wartime.

Dang Thuy Tram was a female Vietnamese military doctor who worked as a battlefield surgeon for North Vietnam during the war with the US. She was killed at the age of 27 by US forces while defending her hospital in Quang Ngai Province of south-central Vietnam. Her wartime diaries, which chronicle the last three years of her life, attracted international attention following their publication in 2005.

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US grieves after Muslim doctor kills 13 on army base

In World on November 7, 2009 at 5:15 pm

 US President Barack Obama led his nation in mourning Saturday as shocked Americans struggled to understand why a Muslim army doctor unleashed a massacre at a US military base, killing 13.

Alleged shooter Major Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, a psychiatrist and specialist in combat stress who had been about to deploy to Afghanistan against his wishes, also wounded 30 people in Thursday’s deadly rampage.

Speculation swirled at Fort Hood, Texas Friday as to whether the alleged shooter Hasan had snapped under the pressure of his job counseling thousands of war-weary troops, or was motivated by deeper convictions.Related article: Jihadist or stressed soldier?

Obama cautioned against making hasty assumptions as an investigation was launched.

“We don’t know all of the answers yet. I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all of the facts,” he said Friday.

US Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. (C) holds a candle during a vigil for those killed and wounded at Fort Hood, Texas.

He ordered flags to fly at half-staff at the White House and federal buildings, as troops here and around the world held a minute’s silence to mourn the dead.

Obama would also attend a memorial service due to be held in the coming days, the White House said.

The bodies of those killed were taken to the same mortuary at Dover Air Base in Delaware that handles fallen soldiers from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Pentagon said Friday.

Hasan was moved meanwhile from a civilian to a military hospital, in part for security reasons, Fort Hood deputy commander Colonel John Rossi told reporters.

Army chief of staff General George Casey said the attack was “a kick in the gut, not only for the Fort Hood community but for the entire army.”

Hasan was shot and seriously wounded by a female civilian police officer who was being hailed as a heroine for ending his deadly rampage. He remained on a ventilator in a civilian hospital Friday.

Witnesses reportedly heard him shout “Allahu Akbar!” (God is greatest) as he opened fire in a troop processing center with a semiautomatic weapon and a handgun.

Rossi said investigators believe Hasan fired more than 100 rounds during the incident, and that that accounted for the high number of casualties.

Although “Allahu Akbar” is a Muslim prayer, it has come to be associated with Islamic militants as they carry out attacks or suicide bombings.

A surveillance video aired by CNN showed the major buying breakfast wearing traditional Muslim garb at a base store just hours before the shooting.

But The New York Times reported that on Wednesday and Thursday, Hasan seemed in a hurry to give all of his belongings, including a copy of the Koran, to a neighbor.

“I’m not going to need them,” he told the neighbor, Patricia Villa, according to The Times.

The newspaper also reported that an early search of Hasan’s computer did not indicate any direct exchanges with known terrorists.

But earlier this year, the Times report said, the Federal Bureau of Investigation became aware Internet postings by a man calling himself Nidal Hasan that favorably discussed suicide bombings.

However, the investigators were not able to determine yet whether the writer and Major Hasan were the same person, the paper noted.

The bloodshed dealt a new blow to US forces already under severe strain from repeated combat tours and plagued by a rise in suicides and depression.Related article: Shooting a blow for army

Fort Hood, by area the world’s largest US military base, has borne the brunt of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Troops based here have suffered the highest number of casualties and have undertaken multiple tours of duty.

Amid the sorrow, the shooting raised delicate questions about Muslim soldiers serving in the US Army, as some Muslim groups feared a huge backlash.

Casey, the army chief of staff, said after a visit to the base that he, too, feared that possibility.

“One of the reasons I told our leaders to keep their people informed and not rush to judgment or speculate until the investigation comes out, I do worry slightly about a potential backlash and we have to be all concerned about that,” he said.

Hasan was born in the United States to Palestinian parents who had moved from a small town near Jerusalem.

His cousin Nader Hasan, writing on behalf of the family as Hasan’s parents are dead, said they were stunned by Thursday’s events and stressed they all considered themselves Americans.

“Our family loves America. We are proud of our country, and saddened by today’s tragedy,” Nader Hasan said in the message posted on The Washington Post website.

Nidal Hasan’s aunt, Noel Hasan, told the daily her nephew had been subjected to harassment about his faith since the September 11, 2001 attacks and had repeatedly sought to be discharged.

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