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Documentary films screened

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Documentary films screened

QĐND – Thursday, December 16, 2010, 21:2 (GMT+7)

PANO – Two documentary films, “Luy thep Vinh Linh” and “Con lại voi thoi gian” were screened for free on December 15th at the Central Documentary and Scientific Film Studio, Hanoi, to mark the 66th founding anniversary of Vietnam People’s Army on December 22nd.

Awarded a gold medal at the International Film Festival in 1971 in Moscow and Golden Lotus at Vietnam Film Festival in 1973, the film “Luy thep Vinh Linh”, directed by People’s Artist Ngoc Quynh, features the daily life and the struggle of people in Vinh Linh in the resistance war against American invaders.

“Con lai voi thoi gian”, directed by Meritorious Artist Le Hong Chuong, tells the fate of the Northern soldiers heading to the South and sacrificing their lives, leaving their diaries and letters. This documentary film won the best documentary film prize at Asia-Pacific Film Festival in 2006, Golden Kite by Cinema Association in 2005 and Silver Lotus at Vietnam Film Festival in 2007.

Translated by Tran Hoai
Photo: CPV

Source: QDND

Vietnamese documentary wins a prize in Italy

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VietDocs-Vietnam Green Documentary Awards to be launched

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VietDocs-Vietnam Green Documentary Awards to be launched

QĐND – Thursday, October 28, 2010, 20:45 (GMT+7)

PANO – Young filmmakers in Vietnam are encouraged to shoot short documentaries about environmental issues for a contest at the VietDocs 2011-Vietnam Green Documentary Awards in November.

According to the Goethe Institute in Hanoi, the competition, jointly organised by the German Development Service (DED), InWent, Vietnam National Institute for Documentary and Scientific Films and Channel VTV6, aims to encourage and support younger generation of filmmakers to produce documentaries reflecting environmental problems and impacts of climate change on people’s daily life.

The competition, “Climate Change-Changing My Life”, will see the nationwide participation of young filmmakers and students in the age-group 18-30. Each competitor will submit, at most, a two A4-page topic of climate change and its consequences and local effects.

The topics will be sent to the competition website and be made available to members of the jury. 20 best topics will be selected for the second round and be developed into scripts for short films.

During the competition, applicants will have an opportunity to take part in workshops with a team of German directors to learn more about various stages of short documentary filmmaking and to develop their script and plan the production.

The 20 films, less than 15 minutes each, will be showed at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi, and submitted to the jury in May 2011.

10 films for the final will be screened at the “European Documentary Film Festival” in Hanoi in June 2011.

The award ceremony for three best films will take place during the “European Documentary Film Festival”. Spectators will be invited to vote for which film they find the most well-crafted and interesting.

Along with a US $1,000 reward, the first prize winner will receive an additional budget of US $3,500, at most, to produce a 25-30 minute documentary on the subject, which will be introduced at the Southeast Asia Science Film Festival SEADocs 2012.

Mai Huong

Source: QDND

International documentary film week coming to Hanoi

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A week of international documentary film featuring pictures from Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Vietnam will be held in Hanoi on June 21-25.

A scene from Belgium documentary “The change of a station”

The event will present to the public ten documentaries on various subjects including architecture, spiritual life, culture, cultural heritage and women.

This is the second time the Central Documentary and Scientific Film Studio and the embassies of France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany and the Wallonie-Brussels delegation in Vietnam have organized the cinematic event. The first was in 2009.

One European and one Vietnamese documentary on the same topic will be screened for free each night at Vietnam’s Center for Documentary and Scientific Films, 465 Hoang Hoa Tham Street.

– June 21: Belgian-Vietnamese films on architecture
– June 22: Italian-Vietnamese films on spirituality
– June 23: German-Vietnamese films on multiculturalism
– June 24: Swedish-Vietnamese films on cultural heritage
– June 25: French-Vietnamese films on women

Source: SGGP

Documentary explores 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi

In Vietnam Culture on January 22, 2010 at 10:48 am

A documentary film titled “1,000 Years of Thang Long Remembrance” about the millennial anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi will be broadcast on Ho Chi Minh City Television.

A scene of the documentary film is shot in Hanoi (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

The film consists of 140 segments including personal and historical accounts, and cultural and fine arts themes. Thirty-six streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter district will also be explored in the movie.

The documentary will be screened on HTV7 channel at 22:40 and on HTV9 channel at 23:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday a week from January 21st.

“1,000 Years of Thang Long Remembrance” was co-produced by Ho Chi Minh City Television’s TFS Studio and BHD media, entertainment and communications company.


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Agent Orange documentary screened in France

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Paris (VNA) – A documentary focusing on the use of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam has been screened as part of an international film festival in Paris, France.

The documentary is an entry in the 26 th international environmental film festival, currently taking place in Paris.

The film, produced by Sakata Masako and Bill Megalos and entitled “Agent Orange: personal requiem” is based on the experiences of Japanese director Masako’s husband Greg Davis, who was an American war veteran and journalist who died four years ago of liver cancer – a consequence of exposure to Agent Orange while serving in the war in Vietnam.

Masako visited Vietnam and met with victims of the killer chemical substance. She witnessed the negative impacts of Agent Orange/dioxin on people’s health as well as the long-term effects of the toxic chemical, which are still evident more than 30 years after the end of the war.

According to the director, the film expresses the international community’s condemnation of the US administration’s attitude and the irresponsibility of companies involved in the production and supply of the toxic chemical.

Throughout the film, the director emphasises the courage shown by the Agent Orange victims and their families in spite of the difficulties they face, thanks to their will, and the love and sharing that surrounds them.

The 26 th international film festival, which took place in Paris from November 19-25, attracted 87 films from 37 countries.-