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Maliki to be named Iraq PM to end eight-month impasse

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BAGHDAD, Nov 25, 2010 (AFP) – President Jalal Talabani was to officially name Nuri al-Maliki to a second term as Iraq’s premier on Thursday, giving him 30 days to form a cabinet after an eight-month impasse since a general election.

The move, delayed to give Maliki as much time as possible to negotiate with his rivals, signals an end to the protracted political battle between Iraq’s factions.

AFP file picture shows Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki (L) with President Jalal Talabani

The tussle has seen Iraq shatter the world record for the longest period without a new government after polls.

Talabani is expected to name Maliki, who first took the top job in 2006 at a time of brutal sectarian conflict, as prime minister-designate in a ceremony at the president’s office, a parliamentary official said, on condition of anonymity.

Under Iraq’s constitution, Talabani was allowed 15 days to appoint a prime minister following his re-election by MPs on November 11.

He had earlier been expected to name Maliki as premier last Sunday, immediately after the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, but delayed the decision to give the incumbent more time to negotiate ministerial posts.

The re-selection of Talabani, a Kurd, and Maliki, a Shiite, to their posts and the naming of a Sunni Arab as speaker of parliament came after a power-sharing pact was agreed on November 10.

The accord also established a new statutory body to oversee security as a sop to ex-premier Iyad Allawi, who had held out for months to regain the top job after his Iraqiya bloc narrowly won the most seats in the March 7 poll.

The support of Iraqiya, which garnered most of its seats in Sunni areas of the predominantly Shiite country, is widely seen as vital to preventing a resurgence of inter-confessional violence.

The Sunni minority which dominated Saddam Hussein’s regime was the bedrock of the anti-US insurgency after the 2003 invasion.

Despite being lauded by international leaders including US President Barack Obama, the power-sharing pact has looked fragile ever since.

A day after it was agreed, about 60 Iraqiya MPs walked out of a session of parliament, protesting that it was not being honoured.

The bloc’s MPs had wanted three of its senior members, barred before the election for their alleged ties to Saddam’s banned Baath party, to be reinstated immediately.

Two days later, however, Iraq’s lawmakers appeared to have salvaged the deal after leaders from the country’s three main parties met and agreed to reconcile and address the MPs’ grievances.

Source: SGGP

Eight-month export turnover hits 43.3 billion USD

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Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam ’s export turnover in the first eight months of this year reached 43.3 billion USD, a year-on-year increase of 39 percent, the General Statistics Office (GSO) reported.

Nine products in the “one-billion USD” club have fulfilled their targets, according to the GSO.

Crude oil continued to retain its top place, fetching 7.88 billion USD between January-August. It was followed by garments and textiles with a value of 6 billion USD, up 20 percent from the same period a year ago.

The export of other industrial products also enjoyed high growth rates, with footwear hitting 3.16 billion USD; electronic appliances and computers, 1.66 billion USD; wood furniture, 1.8 billion USD; and rubber, 1.04 billion USD.

Farm produce made a breakthrough in export turnover during the reviewed period. Seafood saw a three-year record rise of 20.8 percent to reach nearly 2.9 billion USD, while rice brought home 2.24 billion USD and coffee, 1.54 billion USD, respective year-on-year increases of 96 percent and 9 percent.

Despite positive export growth, trade deficit remains burden on the country’s trade balance as it climbed up to 16 billion USD, equal to 37 percent of the total export turnover.

The GSO reported that Vietnam ’s eight-month import value was estimated at 59.3 billion USD, up 54 percent from the same period last year. Of the amount, the domestic sector imported more than 40 billion USD worth of products and the foreign-invested sector, 19.2 billion USD, posting year-on-year rise of 65.4 percent and 41.3 percent, respectively.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said it will take comprehensive measures in the year-end months to curb trade deficit alongside with stabilising the domestic market and ensuring the supply-demand balance of essential goods.

Besides efforts to boost exports, the ministry will also work to improve pricing forecast in the context of the world market’s strong fluctuations.-