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Vietnam Catholic Church’s jubilee year 2010 ends

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A ceremony to close the Catholic Church of Vietnam Jubilee year 2010 has been hosted in the central province of Quang Tri.

The ceremony, is taking place from January 4-6, and has been co-organized with the La Vang Pilgrims’ 29th congress at the La Vang Parish, in Hai Lang District.

This is a large event for the Catholic Church of Vietnam and will attract a lot of priests, bishops and nuns nationally.

In addition, the ceremony also has representatives from other catholic churches worldwide, uncluding France, the US, Philippines, Malaysia, Italy, Korea, Thailand and Canada.

Several activities will be hosted in the three-day ceremony.

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National film festival on traffic safety ends

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Five films won the golden medals at the 2010 National film festival on traffic safety which closed at the Ho Chi Minh Musuem in Hanoi on November 24.

The opening ceremony of the 2010 National Film Festival on traffic safety is organized in Hanoi on November 22.The pirtures included of “The pain is still there”, “If…”, “Two pains”, “The reality and solution”, and “Ucompleted joy” by the traffic safety departments of the northern province of Bac Ninh, the southern province of Dong Nai, the Secutiry Televison of the notherrn province of Quang Ninh, Ha Giang Province and the central highland province of Buon Ma Thuot.

The organizing board also awarded 10 silver medals and 15 bronze medals to wininng works.

Launched in April, this year’s 8th event themed “Dangers for traffic participants with alcohol use”, drawn 124 movies from 52 cities and provinces throughout the country in five categories: reportage, documentary, science and education, short film, and music.

The film festival was organixed by the National Committee for Traffic Safetyand the Overland – Railroad Traffic Police Department.

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International Primary School Football Tournament ends

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British flight ban ends, London’s Heathrow reopens

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LONDON, April 21, 2010 (AFP) – British air travellers were spared a further day of travel misery Wednesday as aviation authorities ended a five-day airspace shutdown caused by an Icelandic volcano ash cloud.

A British Airways flight arrived at London’s Heathrow airport shortly before 10:00 pm (2100 GMT) Tuesday from Vancouver, the first to touch down at Europe’s busiest air hub since authorities closed down the country’s airspace last week.

First passengers react as they arrive with first flight from Vancouver at London’s Heathrow airport, as it was reopened on April 20, 2010 after a five-day airspace shutdown. AFP photo

“It’s good to be back,” said Neil Rodgers, the first passenger through the doors at the airport’s Terminal Five.

“As we were coming into land I was quite concerned as we were coming through the cloud,” he added.

The reopening of Heathrow came after the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced that restrictions on airspace in Britain would gradually be eased from 2100 GMT.

Transport Minister Andrew Adonis said all British airports could reopen and he expected them to remain open.

“The CAA has now established a wider area in which it is safe to fly, consistent with the framework agreed (Monday) by the EU transport ministers,” he said.

The decision to lift the ban came as tensions mounted between airlines and the authorities, with BA showing its anger by sending flights to land at Heathrow despite restrictions still being in place.

Other countries hit by the ash cloud shutdown — including Belgium, France and Germany — had already eased restrictions earlier in the day.

A spokesman for the airline said it thought the flight ban was “wrong” and added: “We think it is safe to land, we would not be putting passengers lives in jeopardy.”

This prompted a warning from the CAA that airlines breaching regulations could face legal action.

“If anybody breaks the rules of the air, they could face investigation and possible prosecution,” said a spokeswoman.

One of BA’s long-haul flights was diverted to Brussels, but others made it to Heathrow as the ban was lifted.

The end of restrictions will be a relief to the many Britons stranded abroad by the ash cloud, which closed down British airspace entirely at midday (1100 GMT) Thursday.

Many were left facing arduous journeys by bus, train, taxi and ferry to get home. Restrictions had already been lifted early Tuesday in Scotland and northern England.

The Irish Aviation Authority also announced a phased lifting of flight restrictions from 2100 GMT but cautioned that this was subject to the ash cloud not moving over Ireland during the night.

The CAA said the “immense challenge” of the ash cloud travel chaos had been overcome by gathering top aviation experts from around the world to study the phenomenon.

This led to new guidelines being issued on flying planes through the ash.

“The major barrier to resuming flight has been understanding tolerance levels of aircraft to ash,” said the authority.

“Manufacturers have now agreed increased tolerance levels in low ash density areas.”

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Sorensen ends 30-year Irish Slam drought

In Vietnam Sports on January 19, 2010 at 2:40 pm

MELBOURNE, Jan 19, 2010 (AFP) – Qualifier Louk Sorensen became the first Irishman to compete in Grand Slam singles for 30 years on Tuesday, winning his opening round match at the Australian Open.

Sorensen, 25, defeated Taiwan’s Lu Yen-Hsun, 6-4, 3-6, 6-2, 6-1 on an outside court.

Tennis runs in the family with his father, Sean, the last Irishman to play in a Grand Slam singles at the 1980 Wimbledon. His dad lost to Australian tennis legend Rod Laver in the first round at Wimbledon in 1977.

“I’m feeling great, it’s the biggest achievement of my career so far, but let’s see how it goes in the next round,” Sorensen said.

The diminutive Irishman now takes on American serving giant John Isner.

“Anything that happens now and I win will be a bonus,” he said.

Sorensen, ranked 284 in the world, booked his place in the main draw when he downed New Zealander Daniel King-Turner in two sets during qualifying last Saturday.

He said the qualifying matches had given him an advantage playing Lu first up.

“I am used to the courts and the surface now and if you get through qualifying it’s an advantage, but now after the first round everyone’s got their playing rhythm sorted out,” he said.

Sorensen lives and is coached in Stuttgart, Germany, and only goes to Ireland to visit his parents in Dublin.

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DPRK ends peace initiative toward RoK: analysts

In World on January 16, 2010 at 3:07 pm

A rare statement by Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) top decision-making body may herald a deep freeze in inter-Korean ties and a further delay in resuming nuclear disarmament talks, analysts said Saturday.

South Korean trucks carrying relief goods drive past a heavily fortified checkpoint near the inter-Korean border in Paju, north of Seoul, 2007.

The DPRK threatened Friday to break off all dialogue with Republic of Korea (RoK) unless Seoul apologises for allegedly drawing up a contingency plan to handle regime collapse in the communist state.

The powerful National Defence Commission (NDC), which is headed by leader Kim Jong-Il, denounced the alleged plan as a “crime,” vowing to stage a “holy war” against those responsible for it, blaming Seoul’s presidential Blue House.

Unconfirmed RoK news reports say officials have a blueprint to administer the North in the event of regime collapse, a coup or a popular uprising there.

The NDC said the “Emergency Ruling Plan” is aimed at bringing down the North’s socialist regime and was worked out by RoK’s authorities to complement a joint US-RoK military operation to overthrow the regime.

Unless Seoul apologises, it will be “thoroughly excluded from any dialogue and negotiations aimed at improving inter-Korean ties and securing peace and stability,” it said.

The NDC statement perplexed RoK’s authorities, coming only hours after Pyongyang’s Red Cross authorities said they would accept food aid, which the North had shunned for two years as political tensions with the South rose.

“We find it deeply regretful that DPRK took a threatening stance toward us, based on some unconfirmed media reports,” Unification Ministry spokesman Chun Hae-Sung said.

The ministry’s deputy spokeswoman Lee Jong-Joo downplayed the NDC statement, saying DPRK has “routinely protested” against contingency plans.

It was unclear from the NDC statement whether the North would participate in planned talks on Tuesday on revitalising a joint industrial estate, which would be a first inter-Korean contact this year.

The talks would serve as the first test to see “whether the latest warning would accompany real action,” according to Lee.

But analysts said the statement by the North’s most powerful body in effect reversed earlier peace offers made since last August when Pyongyang sent an envoy to mourn the death of former RoK’s President Kim Dae-Jung.

“The North believes the plan puts into a concrete form the scenario for reunification through absorption by the South,” Kim Yeon-Chul of the private Hankyoreh Peace Institute told AFP on Saturday.

“This statement marks an end” to DPRK’s peace initiatives taken following its second nuclear test in May last year, he said.

“The North will probably boycott all inter-Korean talks and relations will become worse. This will also have a negative impact on the six-party talks” on disarming DPRK, he added.

The North abandoned the six-party nuclear disarmament talks last April.

Pyongyang wants talks on a peace treaty with the United States and demands that sanctions be lifted before it returns to the six-party forum, grouping the two Koreas, China, the United States, Japan and Russia.

The US State Department has rejected an end to sanctions at this stage.

Yang Moo-Jin, a professor at the University of DPRK Studies in Seoul, said the rare NDC statement should be taken seriously as it carries “the very intent of Kim Jong-Il and it stands above all others.”

“Non-governmental contact between the two Koreas and international efforts led by China and the United States are required to calm the situation,” Yang said.


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Japan ends refuelling mission for Afghanistan war

In World on January 15, 2010 at 9:20 am

Japan on Friday ended a naval refuelling mission that has supported the US-led military effort in Afghanistan since 2001 as the centre-left government flexes its muscle in its ties with Washington.

Japan’s naval forces refuel a Japanese destroyer (left) in the Indian Ocean to support coalition ships assisting in the US-led war in Afghanistan on January 14.

The move fulfils a pledge by Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s government which ousted the long-ruling conservatives four months ago pledging a less subservient relationship with the United States.

It comes days before Washington and Tokyo mark the 50th anniversary of signing their security alliance, which has been strained by a row over the relocation of a US military base on the southern island of Okinawa.

Defence Minister Toshimi Kitazawa ordered the two naval ships and their 340 personnel to return home after eight years of helping supply oil and water to vessels used by international forces that are engaged in Afghanistan.

“The defence minister issued an order … today to the fleet commander to end refuelling activity in the Indian Ocean at 12:00 p.m. (1500 GMT) on January 15 and to send the troops home,” a ministry statement said.

With the end of the refuelling mission, Hatoyama has pledged that Japan would instead step up humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Tokyo has offered five billion dollars over the next five years to help rebuild the war-torn nation.

Hatoyama, whose coalition includes the strongly pacifist Social Democrats, has stressed Japan would not deploy troops to Afghanistan.

Under its post-war pacifist constitution, Japan is barred from sending armed forces overseas for combat, although Tokyo has deployed soldiers abroad for peacekeeping and military support missions in Iraq and elsewhere.

Japan’s ties with the United States, its closest security ally, have been strained by the row over the base in Okinawa, an island where more than half of the 47,000 US troops in Japan are stationed.

Both countries agreed in 2006 that the locally unpopular Futenma Marine Corps Air Station would be moved from a crowded urban area to a quieter coastal region by 2010, but Hatoyama’s government is now reviewing the deal.

Many local residents on the island, which was the scene of some of the bloodiest battles of World War II, have opposed the heavy US troops presence and complained of aircraft noise, pollution and crimes committed by US troops.

Hatoyama has said his government would decide by May where to relocate the base as it is considering alternative sites, with various options including moving it off Okinawa altogether, to Washington’s chagrin.

This week US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressed her Japanese counterpart Katsuya Okada to stick by the original deal on moving the base, but got no commitment from Tokyo during the Hawaii meeting.

She reiterated the US view that the 2006 base deal known as the realignment road map is “the way forward” for the long-time allies.

The US-Japan security treaty, signed on January 19, 1960, has been the bedrock of the post-war alliance, under which pacifist Japan relies on a massive US military presence to guarantee its security.

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Tiger ends month of misery as an Invisible Man

In Vietnam Sports on December 28, 2009 at 7:45 am

(File) Tiger Woods talks to the press after his practice round on August 11, 2009 at the 91st PGA Championship at the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota. (AFP photo)

PALM BEACH, Florida, Dec 27, 2009 (AFP) – One month after his one-car crash touched off a sensational sex scandal that drew the world’s attention, Tiger Woods has become an Invisible Man even as his world has collapsed around him.

In the early morning hours of November 27, Woods struck a tree and fire hydrant when he lost control of his car, and was rushed to a hospital with facial cuts and bruises. He hailed his wife Elin as a hero who rescued him by smashing the vehicle’s back windows with golf clubs.

But where was he going at such an hour? What made him lose control of the vehicle? Why smash the windows farthest from Woods? Did a tabloid report days earlier about an affair spark a marital spat?

Answers to those questions remain unconfirmed, despite reports from celebrity website and a reckless driving traffic citation against Woods.

However the golf superstar’s own admissions of infidelity, “transgressions” and “personal sins” give credence to lurid claims by at least 14 women who say they had affairs with Woods.

In one of the most stunning falls from grace ever seen, Woods’s squeaky-clean marketing juggernaut image was destroyed.

An audiotape of a phone call one of the mistresses released with a voice sounding like Woods was followed hours later by a Woods statement vaguely confessing to wrongdoings.

The 14-time major champion, who skipped his own charity event saying that his accident injuries kept him from attending, later announced he was taking an indefinite leave from his pro golf career.

While Woods went undercover, sponsors began pulling his once-omnipresent image from advertisements.

Watchmaker Tag Heuer and razor-blade giant Gillette quit using his image during his hiatus. Telecommunications giant AT&T was reevaluating Woods as a spokesman. Technology, management and outsourcing consultancy Accenture dropped its deal altogether.

Nike however issued unqualified support in Woods’s darkest hour.

Reports followed at dizzying speed, the latest being Elin having hired a Hollywood celebrity divorce lawyer and taken her children with Woods — 10-month-old son Charlie and two-year-old daughter Sam — to an island home she bought in Sweden.

Clearly, Woods had hopes for a better first Christmas for his son.

Woods was said to be hitting golf balls alone at night to cope with the firestorm. Other reports said he had rekindled a relationship with Rachel Uchitel, the New York show club hostess who was the first mistress revealed.

Uchitel was visiting the same Australian hotel as Woods when he was playing an event Down Under, and claimed she was visiting her parents over the holidays when she showed up in Palm Beach, Florida, close to where Woods has his 20 million-dollar luxury yacht “Privacy” docked.

Bikini-clad beach photos of Uchitel were making the internet rounds over the holiday weekend.

As the scandal unfolded, Woods became a punch line for comedians, with even Disney working a line about the score of alleged Woods affairs into a show at Disneyland.

As 2010 loomed, so did a US PGA Tour season without Woods, whose absence cuts attendance at tournaments and television viewership by 50 percent, adding stress to a sponsor list already weakened by the struggling economy.

A scandal that began with unanswered questions now has one major mystery — when, if ever, will Woods return to his quest to break the record 18 major titles won by Jack Nicklaus?

Nearly everyone with a connection to the matter expects a whirlwind of media attention and huge global interest when Woods plays in his next event, just as they understand why Woods might need a break to cope with the revelations of a life far different than model family-man he portrayed.

Reminding people why they were fascinated with him in the first place could be the road back for Woods, but long months await the superstar once known for his uncanny ability to focus on his game under the most tense pressure.

This time, he’s in the game of his life.

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Cadaver hunt in Philippines massacre ends: police

In World on November 28, 2009 at 3:19 pm

Police have ended a grisly search for corpses and mass graves from an election-linked massacre in the southern Philippines, with the known death toll standing at 57, officials said Saturday.

The authorities dismissed several news reports that quoted a police official saying he had counted 64 bodies from the slaughter just off a farming road in the province of Maguindanao on Mindanao island.

“We ended the search yesterday,” Senior Superintendent Bienvenido Latag, the police chief of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, told reporters by telephone.

“We have 57 bodies in our official list. Of course we are still checking and if there are reports of more bodies we will verify those. But so far, the information that we have is that the total has not changed.”

A general view of the shallow grave where the bodies of victims of massacre were found in Ampatuan town, Maguindanao province.

Chief Superintendent Josefino Cataluna, the police chief of central Mindanao, also confirmed the toll.

The last 11 were pulled out from two adjacent mass graves on Wednesday, including five who were entombed along with three vehicles, police said.

The government has charged a local official in the area, Andal Ampatuan Jnr, with ordering and taking part in the killings. He surrendered to police Thursday and has been flown to Manila where he was detained.

On Friday Ampatuan Jnr was indicted of ordering his private militia of more than 100 gunmen to open fire on the group, which included relatives of rival Muslim politician, Esmael Mangudadatu, some journalists and passing motorists who had no known quarrel with the gunmen.

Ampatuan Jnr is a mayor in the southern Philippines who until this week was an ally of President Gloria Arroyo and a member of her ruling coalition.

Eight other members of the powerful Ampatuan clan have been invited for police questioning after witnesses also linked them to the killings.

The relatives and the journalists had been travelling to an election office to nominate Mangudadatu to run against Ampatuan Jnr for the post of provincial governor in next year’s elections.

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Ferguson annoyed at ref as United’s home run ends

In Vietnam Sports on November 27, 2009 at 2:24 am

MANCHESTER, England, Nov 26, 2009 (AFP) – Sir Alex Ferguson claimed his side were denied a ‘stonewall’ penalty by French referee Stephane Lannoy after Manchester United’s long unbeaten home record in Europe was ended by Besiktas.

Ferguson was annoyed that Lannoy waved away strong appeals after substitute Patrice Evra was fouled by Ibrahim Kas in the closing stages of Besiktas’s 1-0 win at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

Manchester United’s Anderson (R) and Besiktas midfielder Fabian Ernst compete for the ball as Besiktas win 0-1 in their UEFA Champions League Group B football match at Old Trafford in Manchester on November 25, 2009. (AFP photo)

The United manager, who has found himself in trouble domestically for criticising match officials this season, is running out of patience after claiming it was the second successive game in Europe that United have been denied a penalty.

“That’s two games in a row we’ve been denied a stonewall penalty in Europe,” said Ferguson.

“It’s not in the spirit of the game, but what can you do? “If you can’t give these kicks then the game is in trouble.”

Asked whether he still stood by his view, which he aired earlier this season, that the standard of refereeing in Europe is better than in England, he replied: “I’m not going into that. No comment.”

Ferguson refused to criticise his young players afterwards as a United side made up of youth and experience suffered an unexpected setback which leaves them with work to do to secure top spot in Group B.

They must avoid defeat in their final game in Germany against Wolfsburg on December 8, but Ferguson refused to divulge what sort of side he will field for that fixture.

England striker Wayne Rooney was given a rare night off against Besiktas while the likes of Michael Owen, Michael Carrick, Paul Scholes and Darren Fletcher started on the bench.

The tactic backfired as Besiktas’s experience proved enough to secure a victory that will give United’s Champions League rivals encouragement.

Yet Ferguson declined to lay the blame at the feet of his youngsters. Danny Welbeck, who turns 19 on Thursday, started his first Champions League game for the club alongside 19-year-old Federico Macheda in attack.

“You need a bit of composute in the last third, but the young players were a bit anxious. It’s understandable,” added Ferguson.

“It’s not the biggest fault in the world.

“You have to be fair in terms of assessing the players we’re playing in these games at the moment.

“The fact we play them tells you how much we value them. The one thing we can give them is experience.”

Ferguson also refused to criticise keeper Ben Foster. The England international was beaten by a long-range effort by Rodrigo Tello which took a deflection.

“It was proably going a foot to his right hand side. It was a wicked deflection,” said Ferguson.

“I think he would have (saved it if it had not taken a deflection).”

Besiktas coach Mustafa Denizli saluted his players for an historic victory for Turkish football.

“To come to Manchester United and play at Old Trafford, we know it’s very difficult to win games here,” said Denizli.

“We’re obviously very pleased with the result. The whole world knows what a big team United is.

“The players did their duties and everyone did the job that was asked of them.”

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