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Fans to rush to Malaysia

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Fans to rush to Malaysia

QĐND – Friday, December 10, 2010, 20:54 (GMT+7)

Hundreds of Vietnamese football fans are planning to fly to Malaysia to encourage their national team at the first leg of the semi-final of the ASEAN Football Cup 2010 (AFF Suzuki Cup 2010) to be held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium, in Kuala Lumpur.

Vietravel, a large travel agency in Vietnam, has hired two aircraft from Vietnam Airlines to bring these fans to Malaysia for the event. The one day tour to Malaysia costs 8.9 million VND from Ho Chi Minh City and 9.9 million VND from Hanoi.

On this occasion, the travel agency also sells three or four day tours to Malaysia. All tourists will be provided with bands, flags and T-shirts to encourage Vietnam’s team.

The Hanoi Redtour Travel Agency has also introduced tours to Malaysia to visit the country and watch the semi-final. Each tour will last four days and cost US$469.

The number of passengers taking tours to watch the football match in Malaysia keeps increasing, according to travel agencies.

Source: Vnexpress

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Serbia fans clash with Italian police after cancelled match

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Fourteen people were hospitalised early Wednesday after Serbian fans clashed with Italian police following the two countries’ cancelled Euro 2012 qualifying match in Genoa, northern Italy.

In violence before, during, and after the match, some Serbian fans targeted not just Italian fans and local police but their own team’s goalkeeper.

Serbian supporters burn an Albanian flag at Luigi Ferraris stadium in Genoa on October 12, 2010

The most seriously injured in the violence early Wednesday was a member of Italy’s paramilitary caribinieri, who was rushed to hospital after an explosive device detonated in his face. A Serbian fan also suffered facial injuries.

The match was abandoned Tuesday night just six minutes in, after Italy’s goalkeeper was hit by a flare, which Serbian fans were throwing onto the pitch and at Italian supporters.

After the game, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Italian police kept Serbian fans hemmed into a gated parking area, intending to release them in small groups to waiting buses.

The clashes started when some of the fans managed to break out and police in riot gear moved to try to get them under control

“It’s scandalous,” said Serbian FA president Tomislav Karadzic after the match.

“Those who organised these incidents are in Belgrade,” he added.

“It’s an attack against the state and the state must resolve this problem.”

Wednesday morning’s violence was just the latest incident in a series of clashes that started the previous day.

On Tuesday, before the match, Italian police moved in when Serbian fans attacked one of their vehicles.

There was more trouble when the Serbia players left their team hotel, as Serbian fans attacked first-choice goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic, who was hit by a flare thrown on to the team bus.

Although not seriously hurt, he was taken to hospital for checks. Once at the Marassi stadium, he stayed inside the Italians’ changing rooms and refused to play.

Before the kick-off, Serbian fans threw flares and firecrackers at Italy supporters — and onto the pitch — while three fans climbed onto a security screen and for a while refused to get down.

The start was delayed by 35 minutes, and police, firemen, and stewards were still trying to bring order to the area surrounding the away fans as players came out onto the pitch.

Riot police were eventually called in and stationed themselves between the Italian and Serbian supporters while the players were sent back to the changing rooms.

When the players came back out to keep warm, members of the Serbian team went over to the away stand to try to calm the fans down, which appeared to work.

But there was trouble again soon after Scottish referee Craig Thomson blew for kick off. Six minutes in, a flare appeared to hit Italy goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano and Thomson halted the match.

Officials took almost an hour to formally call off the game following protracted talks between football officials and the referee.

“Before the game the Serbian goalkeeper (Stojkovic) was in our dressing room and wasn’t just afraid to play he was also afraid for his return home,” Italy coach Cesare Prandelli told reporters afterwards.

Stojkovic used to play for Red Star Belgrade but now plays for rivals Partizan Belgrade, which has angered hardcore Red Star fans.

The fans who caused the trouble at the match were linked to these two teams, ANSA news agency reported, citing witnesses at the scene.

“The Serbian players felt these fans were doing everything they could to stop the match being played,” Prandelli added.

Source: SGGP

Thirsty World Cup fans boosting beer sales: brewers

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PARIS, June 20, 2010 (AFP) – Millions of extra pints in England, stores emptied in South Korea and sales up in Japan — beer consumption has soared during the World Cup after falling globally in recent years.

Denmark fans enjoy a beer before the Group E first round 2010 World Cup football match Denmark versus Cameroon on June 19, 2010 at Loftus Verfeld stadium in Tshwane/Pretoria. AFP

“We hope that Kirin’s sales will increase more than four percent during this World Cup,” said Shinya Izumi, a spokesman for the Japanese brewery which makes the beer of the same name.

“We became even more hopeful after Japan beat Cameroon on Monday. Orders from retailers have been boosted thanks to the victory.”

Japanese brewers hope this year’s World Cup in South Africa will reverse a previous downturn, after seeing sales fall by four percent since the last World Cup in Germany in 2006.

In China, the world’s biggest market for beer, the amber nectar has been flowing freely since the beginning of the tournament, especially in large cities.

In the central town of Zhuzhou, the country’s biggest brewer Tsingtao said that sales had almost doubled. Tsingtao said it had sold around 42,000 bottles a day, against 24,000 bottles before the tournament.

During South Korea’s June 17 game against Argentina, shops from the GS25 chain sold 345,000 bottles or cans of beer in South Korea — a 123 percent increase on the previous week.

And on June 12, the eve of the opening of the competition, Bokwang Family Mart, another chain of South Korean stores, said that sales of beer had doubled with 45,000 bottles or cans sold.

In England, one of Europe’s main beer-drinking nations, the pubs have been full throughout the tournament, according to the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA).

During the England-USA match on June 12 nine million pints of beer were served, bringing in revenue of around 42 million euros, the BBPA said.

Britain’s second-placed supermarket chain Asda expected a 37 percent rise in beer sales during the competition.

“The World Cup is a springboard for beer to post its best results in a decade,” said a study by Euromonitor International.

German brewers said that the national team’s fortunes would boost their own. Thirty years ago the average German drank 150 litres of beer per year, whereas now the figure has dropped to 100 litres.

In South Africa, the host country, brewer SABMiller, owner of the Miller Lite, Peroni and Grolsh brands, has built up reserves to avoid its stock selling out.

“There will be plenty of beer,” said SABMiller marketing manager Alastair Hewitt, whose group is expecting to sell 10 million litres during the five weeks of the World Cup.

“Dedicated telephone numbers will be set up whereby customers can dial in should they require emergency supplies,” he said.

In France, where the consumption of beer is moderate compared to other European countries, Gerard Laloi, president of the association of brewers, said that “more than the World Cup it is the weather that influences beer consumption.”

“If the weather is good, consumption increases by 10 to 15 percent, if not it is slack.”

However Drinkaware, an independent British charity, gave a sober warning of the dangers of overindulging in alcohol during the World Cup.

“If you are in the pub watching the footy, you are unlikely to be thinking about the cumulative impact a few drinks with your mates might be having,” it said in a statement.

It said that binge drinking was a “risk factor in developing heart disease” while regularly drinking even two pints a day could cause health conditions including liver damage, strokes, depression and reduction in male fertility.

Source: SGGP

From TV show to reality: Celebrities to save “dance” for fans

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In a break from competition, the stars of “Buoc nhay hoan vu” (Universal Steps) meet with their fans face to face for the first time.

Poster for the Universal Steps’ fan meeting on June 5 at Tan Binh District Event Hall (Photo: Cat Tien Sa)The stars, for the first time, will meet their fans in a relaxed atmosphere, free of the intensity of competition, at the Tan Binh District Event Hall, on the morning of June 5.  The meeting will be extraordinary because there will not be any boundaries between fans, stars and the stars’ judges, as they celebrate their shared love for the spirit of dancing.

A list of participants, including singers Ngo Thanh Van, Siu Black and Doan Trang, Miss International Beauty 2009 Vu Thi Hoang Diep, comedian Minh Beo, their foreign dance partners and dance-sport artist Khanh Thi have confirmed they will be in attendance for the June 5 meeting.

Stars will share their experiences from training for every competition and promise to reveal their secret “unforgettable” moments from the show, such as Siu Black’s tears on her third night of competition and the intense emotions Van felt when her best friend Johny Tri Nguyen picked her up when she fell. In return, fans can ask their favorite artists any questions in the hopes of receiving friendly feedback.

The opportunity to see the stars sing, dance and act live on stage, will further enhance the experience for fans who attend the event, which is free-of-charge.

One day later, the stars will visit the HCMC Center for Training Disabled People and Orphans (Hoc Mon District), which is sure to be emotional as well.  Not only bringing gifts, the stars will visit the needy people with their hearts and empathies on display.  The stars have long anticipated the chance to play with children from the center and have expressed their eagerness to hear their heart wrenching stories.

The “Buoc nhay hoan vu” is the Vietnamese version of the famous U.S’s TV show “Dancing with the stars”.

Source: SGGP

Some Palin Facebook fans unhappy with endorsement

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 Ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has outraged some of her fans with an endorsement of former Hewlett-Packard executive Carly Fiorina in the GOP’s U.S. Senate primary in California.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate made the endorsement on her Facebook page, saying Fiorina’s experience running a major corporation is sorely lacking in Washington.

In this April 14, 2010 file photo, Sarah Palin flashes a thumbs up towards her husband Todd as she begins to address a crowd during a stop of the Tea Party Express on Boston Common in Boston.

In the Thursday posting, Palin called Fiorina a “Commonsense Conservative” who has the potential to beat “liberal” Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer in November.

Fiorina — an adviser on the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008 — got the endorsement over former congressman Tom Campbell, who is leading in most polls, and Chuck DeVore, a favorite of tea party supporters. But it’s essentially a two-person race in a close match between Campbell and Fiorina, with DeVore far behind in the polls.

More than 7,400 Palin fans clicked the “like” button on the Facebook endorsement, but the snub of DeVore prompted the Facebook outcry.

There is no “dislike” button on Facebook. But scores of the nearly 1,800 comments from Palin’s 1.5 million-plus Facebook supporters — many among the tea party faithful — took the time to plead in Facebook comments for Palin to change her endorsement.

Some called Palin just another typical politician who was losing supporters, while others said they backed her choice and still admired her. Both sentiments also were posted on Palin’s Facebook Wall.

Palin later posted an addendum, noting that “some reaction right out of the chute calls for more information.”

She listed reasons for her support, including the endorsement of Fiorina by National Right to Life and the California Pro-Life Council.

“She is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-military and pro-strict border security and against amnesty,” Palin wrote. “Carly is also a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Like me, she is a member of the (National Rifle Association), has a 100 percent NRA rating, and she and her husband are gun owners.”

In a debate taped Thursday to be broadcast Sunday, Campbell was the only one of the three GOP candidates to say the ability to buy a gun should be suspended if a citizen’s name is placed on the airline “no-fly” list.

Fiorina and DeVore said the list is not dependable for making assessments about Second Amendment rights.

Jason Recher, a spokesman for Palin, said Friday that Palin respects the differing opinions but is sticking by her choice.

“The governor is never one to go with the flow,” Recher said. “She is a very independent person, and she shakes things up in establishments — including grassroots establishments — all the time.”

Dawn Wildman, whose San Diego-based Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition has about 2,000 members, said she has been fielding calls and emails from tea partiers who feel betrayed by Palin’s endorsement.

“My first thought when I heard about the endorsement was, wow, I guess she doesn’t plan to run in 2012,” Wildman said.

Wildman said there was consensus among her fellow activists when it came to supporting DeVore.

“I think most of us see Palin as a company girl now, meaning the GOP,” Wildman said. “For her to endorse Fiorina wasn’t terribly shocking. I think what’s more interesting is that Palin tries to suggest she aligns herself with the tea party movement but is clearly out of touch with what the tea party movement is saying in California.”

In Fairbanks, Alaska, tea partier Rita Heidkamp said she has no personal position on the California endorsement. But it’s Palin’s choice to make, and no one else’s, said Heidkamp, whose group — the Fairbanks 912 Project — organized a local tea party tax day rally.

“She should endorse whoever she thinks is the best candidate,” Heidkamp said. “That’s her right and her responsibility.”

Source: SGGP