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Toyota to pay $32.4 mln in extra fines over recalls

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 Toyota has agreed to pay 32.4 million dollars in fines over its handling of two auto recalls, bringing total penalties levied on the firm to 48.8 million this year, officials said.

“Toyota will pay the maximum fines allowable under the law — 16.375 million dollars in one case and 16.050 million in the other — in response to the department’s assertion that it failed to comply with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act for reporting safety defects to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement.

The two penalties come on top of Toyota’s record 16.4-million-dollar fine assessed in April to settle claims the automaker hid accelerator pedal defects blamed for dozens of deaths.

Toyota has agreed to pay 32.4 million dollars in fines over its handling of two auto recalls, bringing total penalties levied on the firm to 48.8 million this year, officials said.

Toyota issued a series of mass recalls of around 10 million vehicles worldwide in late 2009 and early 2010 that undermined the company’s once stellar reputation and triggered US congressional investigations.

“Safety is our top priority and we take our responsibility to protect consumers seriously… I am pleased that Toyota agreed to pay the maximum possible penalty and I expect Toyota to work cooperatively in the future to ensure consumers’ safety.” said LaHood.

The 16.375-million-dollar fine was tied to an investigation completed Monday over Toyota’s recall of nearly five million vehicles with accelerator pedals that can become entrapped by floor mats, the Department of Transportation said.

“NHTSA’s investigation led the agency to believe that Toyota had not fulfilled its obligation to report a known safety defect within five days, as is required under the law,” it added.

The 16.05-million-dollar fine stems from an NHTSA probe into whether the automaker properly notified the agency of a safety defect in several Toyota models in 2004 and 2005 that could result in the loss of steering control.

The defect led to a 2004 recall in Japan for Hilux trucks that Toyota initially said did not extend to US models. In 2005, Toyota informed NHTSA that the steering relay rod defect was present in several models sold in the United States and conducted a recall for nearly one million vehicles.

NHTSA said it learned in May of complaints from US consumers and others that Toyota had not disclosed additional information.

“Automakers are required to report any safety defects to NHTSA swiftly, and we expect them to do so,” said NHTSA Administrator David Strickland.

Both fines levied against Toyota are the maximum in civil penalties for each of the two violations stemming from the pedal entrapment and steering relay rod recalls.

In 2008, Toyota ended the 77-year reign of General Motors as the world’s largest automaker but the road has been a bumpy one for the Japanese giant, facing the impact of the economic crisis, recalls and recently a strong yen.

Sales are falling in the United States, with the automaker slipping from second to third place this year behind reviving giants Ford and market leader GM.

Toyota reported a 7.3 percent sales drop in November and its market share could fall by 17 percent to just over 15 percent in 2010, according to IHS Automotive.

To stem the bleeding, the automaker has added an extra four weeks to new vehicle testing, sped up its decision-making process and appointed regional quality control officers.

Analysts say Toyota has become more aggressive in catching possible defects as part of a campaign to improve its consumer image, but warn that continued frequent recalls damage its branding as a quality carmaker.

Only a week ago, Toyota recalled some 94,000 of its 2011 Sienna minivans in the United States to replace a brake bracket that could get stuck.

Source: SGGP

Labor department asks to impose fines on illegal school

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To prevent further wrongdoings of Ho Chi Minh City-based American Vietnamese International School (AVIS), the city labor department asked the local government to impose penalty on the school.

AVIS disappears  but it turns out to be  Van Xuan Training Institute and International Cooperation (Photo; SGGP0

AVIS disappears but it turns into  Van Xuan Training Institute and International Cooperation (Photo; SGGP)

In a report on wrongdoings of AVIS, the city Department of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs (DOLISA) said the school opened a unaccredited three-year college degree and enrolled 300 students for this degree while it was allowed to offer only short-term courses.

DOLISA, the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City and other relevant agencies will discuss penalties on AVIS although the school has taken the initiative to pay back over VND1 billion tuition fee to 75 enrolled students for 2010-2011 academic year.

However, the school has still not paid back to 300 students of the last academic year.

Moreover, after Sai Gon Giai Phong reported its wrongdoings, AVIS disappeared. The school turned into Van Xuan Training Institute and International Cooperation.

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Source: SGGP

Distributor may face fines for exaggerating benefits of product

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Hanoi health inspectors made an unscheduled visit to Tu Chinh Duong, the distributor of Tam Nao Khang, following public concern over that the health supplement merely supports sufferers of cerebrovascular and heart diseases, rather than cures these ailments as the distributor has claimed.

Tam Nao Khang in fact merely supports sufferes of cerebrovascular and heart diseases rather than cure these ailments as Tu Chinh Duong claims

Inspection chief Nguyen Viet Cuong said the inspection team seized some products to test the quality and ordered the distributor not to exaggerate the benefits of Tam Nao Khang, as well as not to issue leaflets falsely advertising the product’s usefulness.

Recently, people in newly built residential quarters in Hanoi have received leaflets about Tam Nao Khang, advertising it as a China’s traditional medicine to treat many heart diseases and prevent cerebrovascular accidents. The leaflet even describes a Chinese man regaining his health after taking the product for one year, after being gravely ill before that.

The shop on 33 Nguyen Trai in Hanoi, Tu Chinh Duong, displays the nutritional product at the cost of VND3.6 million per 300-tablet package. The shop assistant still claims that sick persons would feel better after using for less than two months.

Health inspectors promised to impose penalties on the shop, as exaggerating a product’s usefulness violates the law.

Source: SGGP

Higher fines imposed on public misconduct

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Higher fines imposed on public misconduct

QĐND – Monday, July 26, 2010, 21:37 (GMT+7)

The Government has released Decree No75/2010/ND-CP on the punishment of administrative violations in public areas.

Under the new decree, lawbreakers will be fined up to 40 million VND (2,100 USD) and between 10 million VND and 20 million VND (500-1,000 USD) if they are found guilty of repeating the offense.

Violations that receive fines from 1 million VND to 10 million VND (50-500 USD) include: excessive noise-making; painting and advertising on public works without a licence; and activities like burning votive papers during national festivals and at historic and cultural relics.

People who are inebriated in the workplace or in public places such as hotels, restaurants and traffic vehicles will be fined from 500,000 VND to 1 million VND (25-50 USD).

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

HCM City to impose heavier fines on traffic infringements

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HCM City to impose heavier fines on traffic infringements

QĐND – Sunday, May 09, 2010, 22:2 (GMT+7)

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transportation has submitted to the city People’s Committee three plans to set higher traffic fines against traffic law infringements under a new decree that will take effect May 20.

The Government’s Decree 34 allows the city and Hanoi to apply fines 40-200% higher than the normal fines effective in the whole country.

The department’s plans aim to identify which streets are in inner-city areas and which are outside.

Plan 1 covers 19 districts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan, Thu Duc, Go Vap, Tan Binh, Binh Tan and Tan Phu.

Plan 2 expands Plan 1 by adding to it National Highway 1A; East-West expressway; Nguyen Van Linh, Pham Hung, Huynh Tan Phat and Nguyen Huu Tho streets; road 9A; the HCMC-Trung Luong expressway’s section in Binh Chanh District; and a part of National Highway in Cu Chi and Hoc Mon Districts.

Plan 3 includes Beltway I and the roads connected with it, and the National Highway’s section running from Nguyen Van Linh street to the Thu Duc crossroads.

The plan puts aside districts 2, 7, 9, Binh Tan, and Thu Duc, where the traffic situation is relatively complicated.

Feedbacks from agencies concerned about the three plans are different.

The city Justice Department prefers Plan 2, saying it is easy to implement. The city Traffic Safety Board wants Plan 1, as the plan covers all the inner-city districts. Meanwhile, the Police Department are in favor of Plan 3, since they want heavier fines to be applied firstly for Beltway I and routes connected with it.

In a report to the city authorities, the Transportation Department said it prefers Plan 3.

The city People’s Committee will select one of the three plans by May 10, tens days before the decree takes effect.

Under the new regulations, fines imposed on traffic rule violators will be much higher, even tenfold, than the current levels.

For instance, a fine for car drivers jumping the lights will be VND600,000-800,000 compared with the current VND200,000-400,000. 

Motorbike drivers who do not bring along with them a driver’s license or a vehicle registration certificate will be fined VND60,000-80,000, an increase of 50 percent from the current rates.

Pedestrians also face a fine of VND60,000, a rise of VND20,000, if they walk on roadways. 

Those who illegally occupy roadways or sidewalks for their business will face a penalty of VND500,000, ten times higher than the current rate.

The Decree also allows HCMC and Hanoi to levy fines that are 40-200 percent higher than the normal rates.

Source: SGGP

Source: QDND

Traffic fines increase by up to 200 pct in 2-tier plan

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Traffic fines increase by up to 200 pct in 2-tier plan

QĐND – Friday, April 16, 2010, 22:13 (GMT+7)

HCM City will distinguish between its urban and rural areas for deciding the amount of fines motorists have to pay for violating road rules under a recent Government decree that has increased the fines.

The decree, which takes effort on May 20, allows HCM City and Hanoi to increase the fines by 40 to 200 percent from current rates, but requires them to distinguish between urban and rural roads.

A 36-month pilot programme in the two cities will see much higher fines imposed in urban areas for the same offences. Authorities in the two cities are, however, divided over the issue with many saying making the differentiation is hard.

Nguyen Xuan Tan, deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Transport, said it would be difficult to exactly differentiate between urban and rural areas.

Tran Chi Dung, director of HCM City’s Department of Planning and Architecture, said Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, Nha Be and Can Gio districts are considered rural.

But a District 12 People’s Committee leader disagreed saying the demarcation is not clear.

He cited the instance of National Road 22 (from An Suong fly-over to Ba Diem intersection), pointing out that one side it is in District 12 and the other, in Hoc Mon district, making it difficult for the traffic police to decide on the amount.

The city Department of Transport plans to soon hold a meeting with the concerned agencies to discuss the issue but it has yet to decide the date.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Air travelers to face fines up to VND1mil for using electronics

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Aircraft passengers who are found using electronic appliances including cell phones and laptops without permission could soon face penalties of VND500,000 to VND1 million (US$53).

The Ministry of Transport has proposed the Government approve fines of up to VND1 million for passengers caught using electronic devices on flights

The fines were announced as part of a new draft on penalties for infractions related to the aviation sector, which the Ministry of Transport has submitted to the Government.

The Ministry of Justice, meanwhile, proposed that first-time offenders receive lighter penalties.

However, the Ministry of Transport said that all passengers are reminded not to use electronic appliances aboard aircraft to ensure safety.

Thus, anyone caught violating regulations should be strictly punished, the ministry said.

Source: SGGP

City pharmaceutical companies receive fines for violations

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Several pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies have recently been fined for violating laws, Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Market Management has said.

An inspector is checking drugs at Minh Phuc Pharmaceutical Company’s warehouse

The department has been investigating pharmaceutical enterprises in the city for the past three months and says it found some drugstores of the My Chau pharmaceutical chain and Minh Phuc Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company selling expired medicines and drugs without Vietnamese labels.

The department has fined Minh Phuc VND17.5 million and revoked the business registration certificate of one of My Chau’s drugstores at 73 Thuan Kieu Street in District 5.

The city market management department also penalized the Dong Phuong Pharmaceutical Company VND20 million for similar offenses and withdrew its business registration papers.

The Saigon Pharmaceutical Company, meanwhile, was fined VND12.5 million when market management officials discovered the enterprise didn’t keep written records after inspecting the company’s warehouse in an industrial area of HCMC’s Hoc Mon District.

Source: SGGP

Hanoi issues bigger fines for solid waste violations

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Hanoi issues bigger fines for solid waste violations

QĐND – Thursday, March 04, 2010, 20:13 (GMT+7)

The Hanoi People’s Committee has introduced fines of up to 15 million VND (789 USD) for people caught illegally discharging solid and domestic waste.

It is the first time the city has issued administrative punishments for activities that pollute the environment.

Under the new rules, people who illegally transport solid waste could face fines of up to 10-15 million VND (526-789 USD), those caught littering city streets with solid waste could be fined 5-10 million VND (263-526 USD), and those caught discharging domestic waste could be fined between 100,000-300,000 VND (5.2-15.7 USD).

In addition to fines, violators would also be required to rectify the effects that their waste disposal caused on the environment. Activities that obstruct waste management would also be liable to punishment in accordance with environment protection laws.

The new rules are only the first step to classify and control waste to ensure the development of an effective recycling system that minimises the amount of waste buried in landfills, said Nguyen Van Khoi from the Hanoi People’s Committee.

Nguyen Thi Thanh, a worker of the city’s Urban Environmental Hygiene Company, said that the fines are strict enough to discourage people from discharging waste in the public places.

However Thanh said she wondered whether the city’s Transport and Public Works Department would allocate enough officers to enforce the regulations.

Statistics released by the ministry show the average amount of garbage discharged daily by each household amounts to between 0.6kg in rural areas and about 1kg in urban areas in Hanoi – rates that are steadily increasing.

Each day, more than 3,500 tonnes of rubbish are discharged in Hanoi.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Stiffer fines sought to curb 12,000 road fatalities a year

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Stiffer fines sought to curb 12,000 road fatalities a year

QĐND – Sunday, October 18, 2009, 20:41 (GMT+7)

In a bid to curb the chronic road accidents in the capital, the Ha Noi People’s Committee has requested permission from the Government to raise fine levels for traffic violations.

Nguyen Duc Nhanh, director of the Ha Noi Police, said major cities faced unique traffic problems and should be allowed to impose harsher penalties on reckless drivers.

Nguyen Duy Ngoc, the head of the city’s Road and Railway Traffic Department, said that in September alone, the city witnessed nearly 45,000 traffic violations, mostly involving running red lights, drunk driving, illegal parking and failure to wear a crash helmet.

He also said motorists when apprehended often assaulted policemen.

Under the traffic law, running a red light or failing to wear a helmet risks a fine of between VND100,000 and VND200,000 (US$5.5-11).

According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, each year 12,000 people die in traffic accidents nationally, of which 4,000 are children.

Traffic accidents are the main cause of death or brain trauma in young people.

Ngoc also said that the police should be given the authority to impound the vehicles of those who have been issued court summonses for 30 days and that the authorities should be given the right to inform their employers.

In July, the Ministry of Transport requested authority to raise punishment levels for traffic violations in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City to twice the national level. However, the proposal was rejected on the grounds that it discriminated against those who lived in urban areas.

Source: VietNamNet/Viet Nam News

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