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Opening class to treat online game addiction

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VNG asked to cut off violent content from its online game

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The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications September 19 asked Vietnam’s top online game firm VNG to cut out violent content from its online game entitled Biet Doi Than Toc (Sudden Attack). 

An ad for Biet Doi Than Toc (Sudden Attack), a role-playing online game released by VNG Corporation

The department also asked VNG to stop creating valuable assets in its online games to sell to gamers, and selling game cards which gamers buy to credit money to their accounts to buy or rent assets in games.
The department ordered Internet service providers to take technical measures to block violent content in the Sudden Attack game, and report results to the department by September 30.
The city’s district people’s committees were ordered to ask Internet shops to stop offering the game with violent content, and administratively penalize them if they don’t.
Sudden Attack is the second online game after Special Force of FPT Online Company found to contain violence.

Source: SGGP

HCM City urges online game ban

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HCM City urges online game ban

QĐND – Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 21:0 (GMT+7)

The HCM City People’s Committee has asked the Government to ban online game imports and advertisements nationwide in an attempt to crack down on games that contain violent content.

“The committee proposes that online games not be allowed to develop because of their negative influence on youth,” writes committee chairman Le Hoang Quan in a letter sent to the Government.

He also asked the Ministry of Information and Communications to create criteria for a rating system that would be based on the games’ content, including violence, gambling or pornography.

Companies producing the online games that are allowed to be used would have to submit a social impact assessment to the appropriate authority.

In order to divert youth’s attention away from online games, the city also recommends that all adverts related to online games be banned, similar to the ban on tobacco and alcohol adverts.

The city also recommends that gamers not be allowed to play from 11 pm to 6am every day.

Under the proposal, gamers, like mobile phone subscribers, would be required to submit personal information declaration and registration.

They would only be allowed to play three hours a day, which could be managed and controlled through internet service providers.

Quan also suggested that cities with a high proportion of gamers be permitted to independently investigate and make decisions on online game content and services.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Spy row, golf game fuel Thai-Cambodia row

In World on November 13, 2009 at 9:42 am

SIEM REAP, Cambodia, Nov 13, 2009 (AFP) – Cambodian police said Friday they had charged a Thai man with spying on fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, further inflaming a diplomatic crisis between the neighbouring countries.

The spy row blew up as Thaksin played a relaxed round of golf with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, underscoring Bangkok’s powerlessness to make Phnom Penh extradite the billionaire and get him to serve a jail term for graft.

Cambodian soldiers in armoured vehicles are received by a welcome ceremony in Siem Reap province on November 13, 2009, as they withdraw from the Preah Vihear temple near the Cambodian-Thai border. (AFP photo)

Siwarak Chothipong, 31, who works for the Cambodia Air Traffic Service, was arrested and charged Thursday with supplying Thailand with details of Thaksin’s flight schedule, said Cambodian national police spokesman Kirt Chantharith.

“We sent him to the court yesterday and he was charged with releasing information related to the national security of Cambodia,” Kirt Chantharith told AFP.

“He tried to search for information related to the special flight of Thaksin in order to send it out of the country,” Kirt Chantharith added, later specifying that the information was sent to Thailand.

Police were investigating whether more people were involved, he added.

Thailand rejected the “malicious” allegations against its citizen.

“It’s not true. It is a malicious and false claim,” Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya told reporters before boarding a flight with Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to a regional summit in Singapore.

“Thaksin feels he must destroy Thailand and collaborate with Hun Sen.”

Cambodia expelled a top Thai diplomat and Thailand reciprocated on Thursday in a sign of the growing tensions caused by the Cambodian government’s appointment of Thaksin earlier this month as an economic adviser.

Thaksin, who was ousted in a 2006 coup, arrived in Cambodia on Tuesday to take up the role and Hun Sen on Wednesday rejected Bangkok’s formal extradition request for Thaksin.

The countries had already recalled their ambassadors last week.

Thaksin Friday met a group of supporters before playing golf with Hun Sen in the tourist hub of Siem Reap. Hun Sen and Cambodian officials laughed and applauded Thaksin’s shot as he teed off first at the luxury Angkor Golf Resort.

He was later due to meet around 50 MPs from Thailand’s main pro-Thaksin party, Puea Thai, who had crossed the border Friday, Puea Thai lawmaker Pongpan Sunthornrachai said.

Telecommunications mogul Thaksin hit out at the Thai government during a lecture in the capital Phnom Penh on Thursday, accusing Thai rulers of “false patriotism”.

Thaksin has pledged to help impoverished Cambodia understand finance, reduce poverty and lure more foreign investment. Cambodian officials have indicated he would leave the country Friday or Saturday and was not intending to live there.

Abhisit on Thursday ordered a review of two road construction projects with Cambodia that involved loans of more than 1.4 billion baht (42 million dollars) to Phnom Penh, the finance ministry said.

Thailand has already put all talks and cooperation programmes with Cambodia on hold and also tore up an oil and gas exploration deal signed during Thaksin’s time in power.

Tensions were already high between the two countries following a series of clashes over disputed territory near an ancient temple and the row threatens to mar a weekend summit of regional leaders with US President Barack Obama.

Twice-elected Thaksin fled Thailand in August 2008, a month before a court sentenced him to two years in jail in a conflict of interest case. He had returned to Thailand just months earlier for the first time since the coup.

But he has retained enormous influence in Thai politics by stirring up protests against the current government, and analysts said that in Hun Sen he had found a new way to push for a return to power.

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Game festival to hook up with city gamers

In Vietnam Science on September 8, 2009 at 5:12 pm

The year’s biggest gaming festival in Vietnam, Asiasoft Game Festival, hosted by one of the HCM City’s leading game providers, Asiasoft, will open at 3pm on August 1 at the Nguyen Du Stadium, District 3. 

The poster for the festival
Besides presenting new upgrades and special patches, which are only available at the festival, for current online games by Asiasoft, the festival will introduce ‘Hybrid Game.’
The organizers promise to set up computers for gamers to try the new game and receive special gifts. 
Some teenage celebrities, including Elly, Kelly, Sam, and Midu are selected will be guests and will play games with the visitors at the event.
Singers Wanbi Tuan Anh, Dong Nhi, Ngo Kien Huy and Lil’ Knight and some of the city’s rock bands, such as Unlimited, Black Infinity, Prophecy and Shortcut are in charge of warming up the festival with various hits.

Source: SGGP