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WikiLeaks says US grand jury requests supporter Twitter data

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WikiLeaks said Saturday the Twitter accounts of four supporters had been subpoenaed in connection with an espionage investigation into the whistleblowing website led by a secret US grand jury.

WikiLeaks, which began releasing 251,287 US diplomatic cables in November, added it had reason to believe Facebook and Google had also received court orders requesting details on users.

“Today, the existence of a secret US government grand jury espionage investigation into Wikileaks was confirmed for the first time as a subpoena was brought into the public domain,” WikiLeaks said in a statement.

WikiLeaks said legal action taken by micro-blogging website Twitter “revealed that the US State Department has requested the private messages, contact information, IP addresses, and personal details of Julian Assange and three other individuals associated with WikiLeaks, in addition to WikiLeaks’ own account, which has 634,071 followers”.

It did not name the three other people, but Icelandic lawmaker Birgitta Jonsdottir said on her Twitter feed on Saturday US authorities had asked Twitter to submit her account details and personal information.

“Just got this: Twitter has received legal process requesting information regarding your Twitter account in (relation to wikileaks),” the media freedom champion posted overnight.

“The request for my tweet information is from the US department of justice.” “The request for information from twitter is also for my personal information not just tweets,” she said.

Jonsdottir — a close associate of WikiLeaks who in September suggested Julian Assange step aside as the site’s spokesperson because of rape allegations against him — said she discussed the request with Iceland’s justice minister.

“He is looking into the case of demands of DoJ (department of justice) wanting my twitter details,” she posted shortly after 1100 GMT Saturday.

She explained she had 10 days to stop the legal process and stressed the US Department of Justice, not Twitter, was to blame.

WikiLeaks said Saturday it was “opposing the subpoena order and is currently taking action to instruct US lawyers”.

It urged Twitter to protect its users’ private information and stressed that other than Assange, the three people whose accounts had been subpoenaed had never worked for the site.

“Two were instrumental in helping WikiLeaks bring the Collateral Murder video — which showed a US helicopter crew celebrating as they gunned down civilians — into the public domain,” WikiLeaks said.

The April 2010 release of the classified video, which shows a US Apache helicopter strike in Baghdad that killed several people in 2007, helped push WikiLeaks into the global spotlight.

The site has since angered the Pentagon by posting in July 2010 secret documents on the war in Afghanistan, followed in October by a massive leak of so-called “Iraq war logs”.

Its November release of US diplomatic cables has embarrassed governments worldwide and prompted many calls for WikiLeaks to face legal action.

The site has also faced financial pressure when credit card giants Visa and Mastercard said they would stop facilitating donations to the website.

“Having tried to silence WikiLeaks by pressuring Paypal, Visa and Mastercard to cut off funds, the US government is now intruding into the private lives of some of WikiLeaks most high-profile supporters,” WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange said Saturday.

Assange, the 39-year-old Australian who is the public face of WikiLeaks, is currently on bail in Britain facing extradition proceedings to Sweden on charges of sexual assault.


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Can cash-strapped Europe pay for NATO’s grand ambition?

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Grand masters to battle in France

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Grand masters to battle in France

QĐND – Saturday, October 16, 2010, 20:49 (GMT+7)

Two International Grand Masters (IGM) Le Quang Liem and Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son will compete in the Cap D’Agde Rapid Chess tournament in France from October 23-31.

The two top Vietnamese grand masters will test their skills against formidable opponents, including Russian giant Anatoly Karpov, Vasily Ivanchuk from Ukraine, Bu Xiangzhi from China and Judith Polgar from Hungary.

The event will be useful warm up before Liem and Son join the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China next month.

Liem, 19, has been in top form since finishing second at the Sparkassen Chess Meeting that was held in Dortmund, Germany in July. He also won the Moscow Open in February.

Last year, the HCM City-born player broke into the world’s top 20 FIDE rankings, and was the only Vietnamese player to make the list of leading male chess masters.

However, Son and Liem performed poorly at the Chess Olympiad last month.

Son, who became a Grand Master in March 1997 when he was 14 years old, will face China’s Bu Xiangzhi, an arch rival, in the Cap D’Agde tourney.

The match will be held next Friday. After the tournament, the two top players will have a 10-day break before flying to Guangzhou for the Asian Games.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Renovated Mövenpick Hotel Saigon returns with grand opening

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Swiss hotelier Mövenpick on Thursday celebrated the grand opening of its Mövenpick Saigon, the nearest-to-the-airport five-star hotel, following a US$15 million renovation that included all rooms, public space, restaurants and retail outlets.

“Ho Chi Minh City is the second fastest growing city in the developing world, and that means business men and women are arriving here in droves, pretty much 24/7,” said Knuth Kiefer, General Manager Vietnam for Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts.

Andreas Mattmüller (C), Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts chief operating officer, Middle East and Asia, speaks at Thursday’s press conference for the Mövenpick Hotel Saigon grand opening, while the group’s President and CEO Jean Gabriel Peres (R) and Knuth Kiefer look on (Photo: Tuong Thuy)

Kiefer added,“The Mövenpick Hotel Saigon isn’t merely positioned at the heart of all this change, all this progress, all this energy. We are part of it.

“With these upgrades, we have kept pace in terms of amenity and technology while providing business and leisure travelers a respite from city life that is at once hip, serene and accommodating.”

He added, “Our guest rooms were designed to incorporate modern touches with ultimate comfort and conveniences for our guests.”

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts President and CEO Jean Gabriel Peres also took part in the grand opening ceremony.

The Mövenpick Saigon is located on Nguyen Van Troi Street in Phu Nhuan District, within 10 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Cay Da Café at the Mövenpick Saigon

The renovation started in March this year, adding 27 new rooms and bringing the total to 278.

Kiefer presided over the 2008 renovation of Mövenpick’s sister property, the Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi, in the Vietnamese capital.

Andreas Mattmüller, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts chief operating officer in the Middle East and Asia, said at a press conference for the grand opening that his group was eyeing Nha Trang, Da Lat, Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An to expand its presence in the country.

Completely closed on March 8 this year, the Mövenpick Saigon used the time to add key personnel and for staff education, with core training in hospitality essentials. The soft opening was on August 1.

Kiefer said, “In the five months leading up to the opening of the hotel, we have organized over 160 training classes for our employees in order to meet the expectations of our customers and to be in line with the modern new look of the hotel.”

The Mövenpick hotels here in Vietnam [in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City each] want to be known for the most attentive and personalized approach towards our customers and to provide true value for our guests,” he added.

Source: SGGP

Ao dai to be honoured at Hanoi’s grand anniversary

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Ao dai to be honoured at Hanoi’s grand anniversary

QĐND – Friday, September 24, 2010, 21:19 (GMT+7)

A magnificent ao dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress) exhibition will take place in Hanoi on the evening of Oct. 1, kicking off the festival of the grand millennial anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

Collections of ao dai from northern, central and southern regions of Vietnam will be performed by both professional and amateur models.

The 45-minute performance, which will be broadcast live on television, will be followed by a 15-minute light and fireworks displays.

As part of activities to mark the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi, the People’s Committee of the northern province of Bac Ninh and the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha will inaugurate the great Buddha statute on the Phat Tich mountain peak on Sept. 25.

The statue, which 27m in height and weighs 3,000 tonnes, is one of the biggest stone statues in Southeast Asia .

The provincial library of Thanh Hoa province on Sept. 23 announced a collection of Sino-Vietnamese written documents introducing people who have a close connection to the history of Thang Long-Hanoi.

The library inaugurated a reading room that offers 500 books on Thang Long-Hanoi.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

A thousand years of Vietnamese culture to shine in Grand Celebration

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An art party in honor of the 1,000th anniversary of Hanoi will be not only for artists, but will also attract all sorts of people from districts throughout the capital.

One of the must-see places when you visit Hanoi is the Temple of Literature called Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam. It is a farmous historical and cultural site in the capital.

The Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Hanoi and the Vietnam Dancer’s Association have organized more than 30 dances over the past three years. They hope that these dances of simple movements will attract all of people to participate in street festivals during the event.

According to Dr. Luu Tran Tieu, President of the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association, Giong Saint Festival has been submitted to UNESCO for recognition as a world cultural heritage site; Thang Long Imperial Citadel received the honor last week. 

Director of the city’s Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Pham Quang Long, said that the department is preparing art programs for the 10-day Great Celebration.

A live television show titled, Dem huyen ao Ho Guom (The fanciful night of Sword Lake), organized in Hanoi and nine other cities and provinces throughout the country, as well 16 foreign cities where many Vietnamese reside, will be broadcast on Vietnam TV on the evening of October 10.

At 6 AM on October 10, all bells and drums in pagodas, churches and schools will sound the beginning of the great day. There will be a solemn ceremony, a national parade and a cultural festival at My Dinh National Stadium that day.

The Grand Celebration of the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi will set a record for the greatest number of artists to join any single event in Vietnamese history.

To date, 30 foreign art troupes from Italy, France, the US, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, the UK, Korea, China, Rumania, Russia and more have registered to take part in various activities such as fine arts performances, food fairs, exhibitions, trade promotion activities and others.

Apart from local people, many foreign individuals and organizations have provided material and spiritual support for the Grand Celebration.

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Grand ceremony prays for fallen war combatants

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Grand ceremony prays for fallen war combatants

QĐND – Saturday, July 17, 2010, 20:50 (GMT+7)

A grand ceremony was held in the southern province of Tay Ninh on July 17 to pray for the peace of souls of those fallen in the former battle fields in Vietnam’s southwestern border area and Cambodia.

Addressing the event, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan affirmed that the Party, the State and the people always keep in mind the sacrifices and devotion the fallen combatants, war invalids and disabled soldiers have made for the nation.

The State and people are obliged to take care of the fallen combatants’ resting places as a way of paying tribute to them, the government leader said.

He emphasised that the Vietnamese and Cambodian government have over recent years paid special attention to repatriating remains of those Vietnamese soldiers fallen in Cambodia and will continue to do this in the coming time.

The ceremony was co-organised by the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha’s Central Committee, and the Tay Ninh provincial People’s Committee at the Hill 82 Martyrs’ Cemetery, a resting place of more than 10,000 fallen combatants nationwide.

It was also attended by representatives of government ministries and agencies and the Cambodian provinces of Kampongcham, Svayrieng and Svayveng, overseas Vietnamese students, monks and nuns, and families of the martyrs.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Oil floats ashore at the Grand Isle East State Park on Grand Isle, Louisiana.

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US President Barack Obama dumped George W. Bush’s “war on terror” doctrine Thursday when he unveiled a national security strategy that calls for using America’s still “unmatched” power less overtly.

Obama also put new constraints on the former president’s concept of pre-emptive war and cited national security implications of economic meltdowns, global warming, cyberwarfare, nuclear proliferation, and ethnic conflict.

The strategy turns the page on Bush-era dreams of remaking the global order with American might and recognizes the increasing global engagement of Russia and the emergence of rising powers like China and India.

“To succeed, we must face the world as it is,” the document states.

In putting the first public face to the document, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confidently asserted American power but said it would be used more wisely and less directly than before.

“We are no less powerful,” the chief US diplomat told foreign policy experts at the Brookings Institution think tank, adding that US military and economic power remained “unmatched.”

But the United States is “shifting from mostly direct exercise and application of power to a more sophisticated and difficult mix of indirect power and influence,” Clinton said.

She cited powers ranging from its democratic values to technological innovation.

And she said the United States would harness its “comparative advantage” to “convene and connect broader coalitions of actors.”

Indeed, the new doctrine illustrates an evolution of Obama’s pro-engagement policies after 16 months in power, a period that brought the idealism of his election campaign into conflict with the harsh realities of geopolitics.

Clinton acknowledged that traditional “slow, patient diplomacy” was more difficult today than in the past.

But she said the United States — which she lists among a few nations having “the luxury” of viewing their national interests broadly — works to persuade other countries to focus less narrowly.

She cited Israel as an example, about how it needed to make peace with the Palestinians or end up running the risk of ruling over a non-Jewish majority in the future.

Echoing the document’s points on what she calls “smart power,” Clinton committed to using the sweeping range of foreign policy tools, including diplomacy, economic renewal, development aid, military might and education.

The doctrine calls for tough engagement “without illusion” with US foes like Iran and North Korea, but warns they face deepening isolation if they continue to spurn US advances and fail to throw open their nuclear programs.

The 52-page strategy also preserves the US right to launch unilateral military action, but does so in more restrictive terms than those used by the former Bush administration.

It also seeks to widen the scope of US foreign policy, which became dominated by a doctrinaire “war on terror” following the September 11 attacks in 2001, and led to the war in Iraq, after the invasion of Afghanistan.

“We will always seek to delegitimize the use of terrorism and to isolate those who carry it out,” said the document, the product of intense internal deliberations during the 16 months of the Obama administration.

“Yet this is not a global war against a tactic — terrorism — or a religion — Islam.

“We are at war with a specific network, Al-Qaeda, and its terrorist affiliates who support efforts to attack the United States, our allies, and partners.”

In his final national security strategy in 2006, Bush targeted terrorism as a concept more specifically, declaring boldly “the war on terror is not over.”

In a broader framework, the document sets out a platform for robust engagement, the maintenance of the US military edge and wide social diplomacy and development assistance.

“Our long-term security will not come from our ability to instill fear in other peoples but through our capacity to speak to their hopes,” Obama said in a message introducing the new strategy.

The strategy lists a set of comprehensive threats facing the United States, beginning with the most grave — the threat of weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons.

For the first time, the new strategy makes combating homegrown extremists, “radicalized” on US soil, a key plank of security policy.

“Our best defenses against this threat are well informed and equipped families, local communities, and institutions,” the document said.

“The federal government will invest in intelligence to understand this threat and expand community engagement and development programs to empower local communities.”

National Security Adviser General James Jones said the new strategy marks two firsts, by highlighting the importance of cybersecurity and elevating the role of the G-20 in international economic cooperation.

Source: SGGP

Grand requiem for fallen soldiers held in Dien Bien

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Grand requiem for fallen soldiers held in Dien Bien

QĐND – Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 21:7 (GMT+7)

A grand requiem for Vietnamese soldiers who devoted their lives for the nation was held on May 12 at the A1 cemetery in the northwestern province of Dien Bien involving Buddhists, Vietnamese veterans, local people and overseas Vietnamese.

Addressing the requiem, Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Thanh Son, who is also Head of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese, stressed that “to be able to live the current free, peaceful and happy life, no one among us are allowed to forget losses and sacrifices of elders.”

Cao Van San, member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and President of the Vietnamese People’s Association in the Thai province of Sakon Nakhon, on behalf of the participating overseas Vietnamese, affirmed the expatriates’ deep respect paid to martyrs.

The requiem not only helps the participating expatriates clearly understand the country’s glorious history during the resistant war against the French, but also manifests the policy on freedom of religions and belief of the Vietnamese Party and State, said Nguyen Pham Dien from Australia, who are among 30 overseas Vietnamese from nine countries to attend the event.

The ceremony was held by the Foreign Ministry’s State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, and the Dien Bien People’s Committee to coincide with the 56th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu victory over the French colonialists (May 7).

At the ceremony, the overseas Vietnamese delegation presented more than 240 million VND to the provincial fund for the poor and study promotion fund.

The State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese took the opportunity to present five insignias and 14 certificates of merit to collectives and individuals in recognition of their contributions to work relating to overseas Vietnamese.

Earlier on May 10-11, the overseas Vietnamese delegation visited several historic relics and presented gifts to the SOS village for disadvantaged children in Dien Bien province.

The 56-day-and-night Dien Bien Phu Campaign in 1954 help put an end to the colonial rule in Vietnam.

There are about 3,970 graves of fallen soldiers at the A1, Doc Lap and Him Lam Cemeteries in Dien Bien province.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Viet Nam meet Malaysia in Grand Royal Cup

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Hard challenge: U22 team captain Mai Xuan Hop (right) vies with a Hai Phong Cement player in a friendly match last week. Hop will lead his team to compete in the Grand Royal Challenge in Myanmar. — VNS Photo Quang Thang

HA NOI — The Viet Nam Olympic team are set to meet Malaysia in their Grand Royal Challenge opener in Myanmar today.

This is the second consecutive match between the two teams this year. Viet Nam hoisted the Merdeka Cup in triumph after a penalty shoot-out win over Malaysia last month.

Coach Chung instructed his players to take advantage of all chances to shoot from outside the box in the match.

“Malaysia will come at us with a strong defence as a result of their loss in the Merdeka Cup final. We will play a defensive game and long range shoots are our favourite method to overpower Malaysia,” Chung was quoted as saying on the Viet Nam Football Federation website.

The coach has another reason to be confident for the tournament opener – three key players have recovered from injuries and will be ready to play.

Although top striker Phan Thanh Binh was called up by the national senior team last Wednesday and will miss the game against Malaysia, Chung believes that captain Mai Xuan Hop will do his best in today’s match along with strikers Nguyen Quy Suu, Hoang Danh Ngoc and Cong Huy.

Malaysian coach Satiananthan was impressed by Vietnamese goalie Bui Tan Truong and midfielder Hop in the Merdeka Cup final last month.

Truong, 22, blocked Malaysian Norhafiz Zamani Misbah’s shot-on-goal during the penalties shoot-out in the final.

The Vietnamese team is in group B with Malaysia and the South Korean Hyundai team. Myanmar, Indonesia and Bangladesh make up group A.

Last Friday, the team had a goalless draw to V-League’s Hai Phong Cement, who are trained by former national coach Austrian Alfred Riedl. —