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Iran says 11 members of Sunni militant group hanged

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TEHRAN, Dec 20, 2010 (AFP) – Iran on Monday hanged 11 members of Sunni militant group Jundallah which claimed last week’s devastating suicide bombing of a Shiite mourning procession, a judiciary official said.

“This morning 11 members of those belonging to (Jundallah), who in recent months were involved in terrorist attacks in the province (Sistan-Baluchestan), fighting with police, and martyring several innocent people have been hanged in Zahedan jail,” Ebrahim Hamidi, head of the provincial justice department, told state news agency IRNA.

Jundallah (Army of God) is a shadowy Sunni militant group which has claimed several deadly attacks in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province, including a December 15 suicide bombing in the city of Chabahar which killed 39 people and wounded dozens.

An Iranian baker displays loaves of bread at a bakery in central Tehran on December 19, 2010 as the Iranian government began to implement its controversial plan of scrapping subsidies on energy and food products as part of the reforms which had been in the pipeline for several years. AFP

Source: SGGP

Danish artist joins Vietnamese group

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Ngoc Dai and his group Dai Lam Linh will perform with Danish saxophonist Lotta Anker in a concert of contemporary music in Hanoi on Dec. 10.

                       Musician Ngoc Dai

The concert will also include singers Thanh Lam, Linh Dung, and Ha Linh, the Thai Ha ca tru (ceremonial singing) troupe, and a 12-member string band from the Vietnam Academy of Music.

The programme would aim to combine traditional and modern, Eastern and Western music, Dai said.

“The artists will perform as they tell stories in their own ways,” said Dai.

“For instance, the song “Regret” will be performed three times, experimentally by Linh Dung and Thanh Lam, in a pop style by Ha Linh, and in Lotta Anker’s version.

“I met Lotta last year and I like her very much,” he added. “She listens my music too and I wanted to collaborate with her.”

Anker arrived in Vietnam last week and has been rehearsing with Dai’s band and material.

Dai debuted his first symphony in 1979 before he had even graduated from the Vietnam National Academy of Music. He has written about 500 songs in various genres and released four CDs. His 2002 concert Solar Eclipse I was a shock to the Vietnam music scene and was recognised as a landmark of innovation and originality.

For this Dec. 10’s concert, the stage will be designed by artist Dang Huy Quyen in a black-and-white motif echoing the yin and yang.

The concert, funded by the Danish Culture Exchange and Development Foundation, will take place at the 8pm at the Kim Ma Theatre, 71 Kim Ma Street.

Source: SGGP

Korean group presents scholarship to Vietnamese students

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Jazz group prove their Chopin chops

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Forest stewards group receives certification

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Iranian woman to be hanged Wednesday: rights group

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‘Thang Co’ a typical dish of the H’mong ethnic minority group in northern Vietnam

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‘Thang Co’ a typical dish of the H’mong ethnic minority group in northern Vietnam

QĐND – Monday, August 30, 2010, 20:44 (GMT+7)

Visitors are always impressed by the big Thang Co pan and bean soup bowls at colorful market days of Bac Ha Town. It is really interesting to taste a bowl of Thang Co with big pieces of horse meat and drink wine made from corn to experience cuisine of the H’mong ethnic minority in these remote areas.

Market days are always crowded and people hardly can pass by Thang Co shops without tasting it. Thang Co in H’mong language means a big pot of water. In the past, Thang Co used to be cooked with horse meat. At present, Thang Co is cooked with other kinds of meat such as buffalo, pork and goat. Thang Co’s recipes in the past were a little different to the current one.

Like Thang Co, most of dishes of H’mong minority people are always simply made, and, though Thang Co has been one of the most special dishes of the H’mong culture, the preparing process is quite simple. After a horse is butchered and washed, its internal organs are removed. The horse meat is chopped into small pieces. Then, these pieces are mixed with special spices and put into a big pan. After being fried in it’s own fat, water is added and the meat is stewed for hours.

Thang co is always ready when people complete their trading. Sitting on low chairs, H’mong men usually enjoy Thang Co with liquor distilled from fermented corn, while their wives are waiting for them at a distance.

At the end of a market day, drunken men stumble or sleep on horse backs while their wives walk behind them. That is a custom of local residents and it is rare to see all of the family eating Thang Co together.

H’mong people go to market not only to buy goods, eat Thang Co and drink corn liquor but also to meet and talk with their friends and socialize, and this is an important element of their culture.

– From Lao Cai city, tourists can travel by coach 60 km north to Bac Ha District. The district’s old name was Pac Ha. This means “a hundred bundles of grass”; later on people called it as Bac Ha.

– Bac Ha fair, one of the biggest in Northern Vietnam takes place on Sundays. The fair is famous for agricultural products, farming tools and cattle. In spring time, visitors will have opportunities to see the most special cultural identities in the fair.

– Besides the fair, Bac Ha is also famous for its tourist sites such as Pho Hamlet with liquor distilled from fermented corn, Ta Van Chu Hamlet for brocades, Lung Phin buffalo market, Hoang A Tuong house which was built between 1919 to 1921.

Reported by Phan Binh

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Vinashin committee works on restructuring group

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Vinashin committee works on restructuring group

QĐND – Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 21:12 (GMT+7)

Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung has reiterated the need to consolidate the Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group (Vinashin)’s operations to help the group stabilise and develop into the key component of the country’s shipbuilding industry. 

Mr. Hung, who is also head of the steering committee for the restructuring of Vinashin Group, made the statement at a working session in Hanoi on August 17. 

The steering committee should make accurate assessments of the operational capacity of Vinashin’s holding company, subsidiary companies, joint ventures and investment projects as well as the group’s debts to find out the best solutions for restructuring, he said. 

In an instruction signed on August 16, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung required that any development plan for Vinashin should focus on three main operations, which are shipbuilding and repair, support industries for shipbuilding and training a skilled workforce in this field. 

He asked the Ministry of Transport to present a plan on restructuring the group to him within the fourth quarter of this year. 

The PM assigned the Ministry of Finance to be responsible for dealing with the group’s debts and devising schemes to ensure capital sources for production. 

He requested Vinashin to assess the operational capacity of the holding company, subsidiary companies, joint ventures and investment projects and its finance, asset deficiency and debts. 

He also asked the group to focus its resources on implementing its production plan and existing shipbuilding contracts, devise a scheme on loan repayment to credit organisations and review the group’s investment projects in the mentioned-above fields and sell or equitise the remaining fields within the law.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Afghan war kills 1,325 civilians this year: rights group

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More than 1,300 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan so far this year, mostly by Taliban insurgents, a leading Afghan rights group said Sunday.

Taliban militants were responsible for about 68 percent of the 1,325 deaths while Afghan and NATO troops were to blame for 23 percent, Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission said.

Violent but “unknown factors” killed the rest, it said.

The new toll shows a five percent increase over the same period last year, the group said, citing a nationwide count of civilian casualties by its regional offices, senior commissioner Nader Nadery told reporters.

Most of the casualties caused by the insurgents were killed by improvised explosive devices, the Taliban’s weapon of choice which is also responsible for most military deaths in Afghanistan.

Nadery said fewer people had died in NATO-led airstrikes but more had been killed in rocket attacks targeting insurgents, but he did not give figures.

Civilian casualties have become a critical issue in the nearly nine-year Afghan war and reducing the number of such incidents is seen as crucial to a US-led counter-insurgency strategy designed to end the conflict.


Source: SGGP

World famous group IL Divo to perform in Miss Vietnam Global 2010

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The world famous operatic pop vocal group IL Divo will arrive in Vietnam to perform on the final night of the Miss Vietnam Global 2010 beauty pageant on August 21 at Vinpearl Land Resort in Nha Trang.

Il Divo (“divine male performer” in Italian) is a multinational musical band comprised of four male singers: Spanish baritone Carlos Marín, Swiss tenor Urs Bühler, American tenor David Miller and French pop singer Sébastien Izambard.

The group is produced by manager, executive and reality TV star Simon Cowell.

With a sound basic of classical music and sweet, luxurious voices that harmonize elegantly, the band has become popular throughout the world for their romantic songs performed in English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Their first single album, titled Il Divo and released in 2004, contains a Spanish version of Toni Braxton’s hit “Unbreak My Heart” (Regresa a Mí), which reached the top slot on both and, and was a number-one hit on the UK charts.

Il Divo was named the Most Multinational UK Group with a No.1 Album in the 2006 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records

The group performed the 2006 FIFA World Cup official song, “The Time of Our Lives,” with R&B singer Toni Braxton.

The finale of Miss Vietnam Global 2010 will be aired live on VTV3 and VTV4 channels.

Source: SGGP