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Firework closes Hanoi’s millennium anniversary

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The celebrations of Hanoi millennium anniversary went out last night, October 10, with special art and firework shows entitled “Thang Long-Hanoi: City of Soaring Dragon” at My Dinh National Stadium.

A spcial art performance reviews important historical events. (Photo: Sggp)

Thousands of actors, actresses, singers, dancers, athletes and students took part in the art performance described major milestones in the history of the country and its capital including King Ly Cong Uan’s royal proclamation on moving the old capital at Hoa Lư to Thang Long, the present capital, in 1010; national hero and great poet Nguyen Trai’s famous literature work called “Binh Ngo Dai Cao” (Proclamation of Victory over the Ngo invaders); scholar and warrior Truong Han Sieu’s “Bach Dang Giang Phu” (Dissertation in rhythmic prose on Bach Dang River); talented general Ly Thuong Kiet’s the famous poem “Nam Quoc Son Ha” (Mountains and Rivers of the Southern country); and the Declaration of Independence of Vietnam by President Ho Chi Minh.

A firework display lights up the capital in the grand finale on October 10. (Photo: Vnexpress)

The display also reviewed Hanoi’s historical and architectural works such as Thap Rua (Turtle tower) in Ho Guonm (Sword Lake), Khue Van Cac (Pavilion of the Constellation of Literature), etc and legendary sacred objects including Golden Buffalo, Golden Turtle and White Horse.

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Source: SGGP

Hanoi’s response to plastic packet-free Sunday

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Hanoi’s response to plastic packet-free Sunday

QĐND – Monday, August 09, 2010, 21:37 (GMT+7)

People from all the 29 precincts and districts of Vietnam ’s capital city poured into the streets on August 8 in response to the “Hanoi-Sunday free from plastic packets” programme. 

The main event was held at West Lake Water Park, along with a large number of environmentally-friendly activities across Hanoi.

Groups of paddlers cycled around main streets with posters for environmental protection, and promotion girls and boys distributed environmentally-friendly packets at markets. As many as 60,000 paper and cloth packets, which are easily disintegrated in the environment, will be distributed free to shoppers on this occasion.  

The Director of the Hanoi Environmental Protection Fund, Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh, said the freshly-concluded pilot programme has shown encouraging results. Leaders in the retail industry such as the Hanoi Trade Corporation and Metro supermarket target assistance towards establishing a habit of using environmentally-friendly packets instead of plastic packets among customers. 

Metro giant even prints a slogan “Joining hands in environmental protection” on the surface of their packets.  

Ms. Thanh emphasized the need to step up information campaigns encouraging people to stop using plastic packets which are harmful to the environment.  

Statistics released by the Hanoi Supermarket Association showed that a housewife uses at least 12 plastic packets a day, putting a huge quantity of such environmental enemy out of control.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Hanoi’s Van Lake gets chemical clean

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A project to clear Van Lake in Hanoi’s Temple of Literature is currently taking place with results expected this weekend.

The project is seen as a timely move since after many years of neglect, Van Lake resembles a stagnant pond with various kinds of algae seriously polluting the lake. It was this grim situation which prompted scientists to find ways to clean the water, said Nguyen Phu Tuan, the leader of the four-member team of scientists at the Hoa Lac High Technology Industrial Zone.

After two years of researching and developing a solution, a purifying substance, named LTH 100, was created from agricultural waste; it also met environmentally friendly standards. This has been certified by the Viet Nam Institute of Science and Technology, said Tuan.

The scientists applied for an invention certificate from the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Intellectual Property Department two months ago. A litre of LTH 100 can purify 60-80 cu.m of water. Van Lake, measuring 14,000 cu.m of water, will thus need 400 litres of the substance, according to Tuan.

Before clearing Van Lake, the scientists successfully purified two ponds in the Temple of Literature . They sprayed LTH 100 onto the ponds and saw that after only one day the water had cleared, the algae had died but the fish were still alive.

The team of scientists themselves paid for the expenditure, which cost 60 million VND (3,750 USD). If they had used foreign technology, the procedure could have cost more than 400 million VND (25,000 USD).-