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Central Highland cuisine festival held in Kon Tum

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Central Highland cuisine festival held in Kon Tum

QĐND – Thursday, November 25, 2010, 20:56 (GMT+7)

PANO – A cuisine contest with the participation of 9 teams of Central Highland ethnic minorities was held during the ongoing Culture and Sport Festival of Kon Tum Ethnic Minority Groups 2010 in Kon Tum City.

At the competition, the teams introduced their traditional and unique dishes, which they often cook in their traditional festivals, like rice harvesting and buffalo baiting.

The uniqueness of their traditional dishes rests on the ingredients, including herbs and spices, which come only from the Central Highland mountains and forests.

According to local officials, the traditional cuisines of Central Highland ethnic minorities could be a potential for local tourism development.

Translated by Thu Nguyen  

Source: QDND

Highland education organisation honoured

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Highland education organisation honoured

QĐND – Monday, March 29, 2010, 21:24 (GMT+7)

The Highland Education Development Organisation (HEDO) and its Director were presented high distinctions at a ceremony in Hanoi on March 28 to mark the organisation’s 20th anniversary.

HEDO, a domestic non-governmental organisation, received the Labour Order, third class, while Director Trinh Ngoc Trinh was awarded the Labour Order, second class, by the State President for their outstanding contributions to developing education and improving health for people in Vietnam over the past 20 years.

Speaking at the ceremony, Trinh said that HEDO has carried out over 200 programmes and projects, benefiting people in mountainous areas of 43 cities and provinces across the country.

Those projects have helped build centres for illiteracy and provide equipment for vocational training centres and scholarships for students and teachers in mountainous areas to study in major education centres in the country and abroad.

Besides, HEDO has supported farmers in those areas in applying science and technology to production.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Coffee prices in the Central Highland region increase again

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Coffee prices in the Central Highland region increase again

QĐND – Saturday, March 27, 2010, 21:6 (GMT+7)

Coffee prices in the Central Highland region on March 26 rose by VND600-800 per kilogram compared to one week ago.

In Dak Lak and Dak Nong provinces, the price of coffee only reached VND24,300 per kilogram, up VND1,000 per kilogram against last week. According to the forecasts of many coffee export businesses, the prices will continue to rise in the next 2 months.

In London, the price of coffee on the world market on March 26 increased by US$55 per tonne to US$1,342 per tonne.

According to experts, the cause of the sharp rise in coffee prices is the proposal by the Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association that the Government buy 200,000 tonnes of coffee for reserves this year.

Buying for reserves has a great influence on the balance of supply and demand on the world’s coffee transaction floors because Vietnam is one of leading countries exporting coffee Robusta.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Jubilant atmosphere covers highland city

In Vietnam Culture on November 13, 2009 at 9:45 am

Pleiku City was brightened with a colorful firework in a bustling opening ceremony titled “Resounding gong and Central Highlands’ vitality” of the 2009 International Gong Festival on November 12.

Ethnic dancers in Central Highlands perform in the opening ceremony of the 2009 International Gong Festival.

On stage were images described the highlands cultural character such as gong performance, young ethnic minority people in their traditional costumes, nha rong, (a traditional stilt house of the ethnic groups of the Highlands), ruou can (Can wine- a popular wine drunk out of a jar through pipes in central highland region), imposing falls, high mountain and thick forest.

More than 3,000 people included artists and visitors together with the country’s leaders likely Ha Thi Khiet, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party cum head of Communist Party of Vietnam Committee for Mass Mobilization; the head of the delegation and chairman of the National Assembly’s Council for Ethnic Minorities , Ksor Phuoc; Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh; representatives of the UNESCO, and local and  international organizations joined in the event.

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Heavy rains flood Central, Highland provinces

In Vietnam Weather on September 10, 2009 at 8:08 am

Heavy rainstorms have caused rivers to swell to dangerous levels, with flood warnings in the central provinces from Thua Thien-Hue to Quang Ngai and Highlands provinces.  Weather forecasters said rivers would continue to rise, with more severe warning levels expected. Such flooding could seriously affect the two regions, with many residents unable to find food.

Traffic on a section of  Vong Che Bridge in Quang Nam has slowed to a crawl due to the erosion (Photo: Tuoi tre)

Torrential rains have destroyed thousand of rice fields in the central provinces, causing damage worth billions of dong, the Flood and Storm Prevention Center in the central region said. Thousands of people face starvation, it warned.

In the central city of Da Nang, an estimated VND40 billion of damage was caused by flooding.

The chairman of Quang Nam’s Nong Son District People’s Committee, Huynh Khanh Toan, said water levels in Thu Bon River have risen quickly. Subsequently, traffic on some roads in communes Que Ninh, Phuoc Son had slowed to a crawl.

Bridges Khe Rinh, Khe Phoc, Khe Le and Ba Su were submerged under floodwaters of up to one meter.

Police, soldiers and youths were encouraged to help people and young students evacuate from isolated areas to safer shelters. The armed forces prevented people from crossing deep areas of flooding.

Heavy rains have submerged 938 hectares of rice fields in Thua Thien – Hue Province and 731 hectares of breeding aquatic animals, as well as destroying dams in Cay Da and Hoi Chua, Phong Dien District, and Xom Khoai in Phong Xuan District.

There have been dangerous landslides on some sections along rivers O Lau, Bo, Huong, Truoi, Ta Rinh, as well as roads 14B, Highway 49 A, and Ho Chi Minh Road.

The Highland provinces of Lam Dong and Gia Lai were also inundated with floodwater, destroying rice vegetable fields.

In addition, Mekong Delta provinces have faced difficulties in harvesting rice due to continual rains.

Moreover, prices of unhusked rice are also down. For instance, in the district of Long Phu in the Mekong delta province of Soc Trang, rice fetched VND2,500 – 2,700 a kilogram. With such prices, farmers have complained they will make big losses.

Source: SGGP