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Vietnamese-Americans help children in homeland

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Vietnamese-Americans help children in homeland

QĐND – Monday, December 13, 2010, 21:11 (GMT+7)

Miss National Asia in the USA, Michelle Nguyen Thuy Trang, and the runner-up of Miss World Vietnamese, Thuy Vy Victoria, will represent Vietnamese-Americans in the USA to do charity in Vietnam.

Specifically, on December 15th, the former will give assistance to the needy in Tra Vinh. Later, on December 17th, the latter will join the former to do several charitable activities for underprivileged children in the homeland.

US $8,000 for these charitable activities was raised by Vietnamese beauties in North California in mid-November in San Jose, California, during an evening to raise funds for poor and sick children in Vietnam.

These beauties wish to establish a non-profit organisation to call for support for the poor in Vietnam every year.

Source: Vnexpress

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Banh Xeo – homeland flavored food

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Out of several well-known Vietnamese traditional foods like Pho (noodles), Cha Gio (mince roll) and Saigon bread; Banh Xeo (sizzling cake) has been chosen to be representative for Vietnamese food in the vote “Ho Chi Minh City – 100 interesting things,” hosted by the city Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. 

Banh Xeo path

No one can remember how long Banh Xeo been presented in Vietnam’s southern region. Maybe, it was from the 1940s, or the previous century. Banh Xeo is the rice pancake folded in half and filled with shrimp, meat and soya bean sprouts. Originally, Banh Xeo was sold as a popular food in markets from rural to urban areas.


                             Southern Banh Xeo

In the early 1980s, the number of restaurants in Saigon sharply diminished, including those selling Banh Xeo. This was due to many difficulties Vietnam suffered from years of war with both France and the United States.

Not until the middle of the decade, restaurants began selling a kind of cake that looked like Banh Xeo. It was made in much smaller pans, just about one fourth of the southern versions. The ingredients included rice flour, tiny shrimps, half fat and half-lean pork, bean sprouts and onions. The cakes were served with vegetables and prepared nuoc mam (fish sauce) mixed with lemon, garlic and chili.

Most of the sellers were from the central region, the cakes thus were called Banh Xeo Mien Trung (central rice pancakes), and it was a favorite food for many Saigon citizens at that time.

Since the 1990s, southern Banh Xeo returned with famous brand names such as Banh Xeo Dinh Cong Trang and Banh Xeo A Phu in Saigon. By 2007, An La Ghien was born with a large scope and professional service style to introduce southern Banh Xeo and other popular Vietnamese foods.

One year later, Muoi Xiem pancakes from the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho were introduced in HCMC.

Attracting sizzling sounds 

The best time to eat Banh Xeo is when they are hot, straight from the pan, while the heat is still evaporating the yellow of the pancakes. Xeo Xeo (sizzling) is the sound of fried rice batter on hot pans.

             Banh Xeo sizzles on the hot pans

While central Banh Xeo is placed in the center of the hot pan and looks a bit thick, the southern pancake covers a big pan with its edge very thin and crispy, containing hardly any oil.

Besides fresh tiny shrimps, half-fat and half lean meat, bean sprouts and onion, the southern Banh Xeo’s stuffing includes steamed green beans.

Up to each season, southern pancake’s stuffing would be diversified with mushrooms, dien dien (Sesbania bispinosa) flowers, and co hu dua (the youngest pith of a coconut tree top).

The specific characteristic of Banh Xeo is that it is eaten with your hand. Customers tear a piece of the pancake off and wrap it in fresh mustard green leaves together with five to six kinds of herbs, which help to reduce the oiliness. People who eat this food say the mellow aromas of the salt, the sweetness, the sourness and the fat sway them to eat more. Banh Xeo is a great dish to enjoy, especially in rainy days.

Source: SGGP

OV grants fire engines to homeland

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OV grants fire engines to homeland

QĐND – Friday, April 02, 2010, 22:6 (GMT+7)

Pham Van Thuy, a Vietnamese national residing in Houston, Texas, the USA has granted 20 fire engines to the Vietnam Fire Police.

The granting ceremony was held in Houston with the participation of Vietnamese Consul General in Houston, Le Dung, and other Vietnamese officials, according to sources.

 Major General, Deputy Chief of the Force Building Department, Dinh Huu Phuong, on behalf of the Police Ministry received the gifts from Pham Van Thuy and his family.

Earlier, 8 fire engines were also donated by the overseas Vietnamese family to police forces in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and Ninh Binh.

Mr. Thuy said he came up with the idea to grant fire engines to his homeland as he saw heavy losses in a fire of a trade center in Ho Chi Minh City in 2007 mainly because Vietnamese fire fighters did not have enough fire fighting and rescue equipment.

Mr. Thuy is the General Director of Houston-based Sunrise Plastic Enterprise that has an affiliate in Binh Duong.   

Source: TP

Translated by Thu Nguyen

Source: QDND

Father of modern cai luong finds rest place in homeland

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The very first historical and cultural memorial erected to late musician Cao Van Lau has been opened for public view in the Mekong province of Bac Lieu on September 30.

Ribbon cutting to inaugurate the memorial on September 30 (Photo: Lao Dong Newspaper)
The moemorial, located on three hectares of Ward 2 of Bac Lieu town cost approximately VND6.3 billion (US$350,000).
The monument includes the tomb of the late artiste and a house featuring his discography, personal items and details about the birth of the immortal song “Da co hoai lang”. The song is about a wife, who hears a far-off battle drum late at night and becomes tormented with missing her husband, who is away at war.
The song is widely accepted as the most important development of modern vong co and cai luong (Southern traditional music)
On the occasion of the inauguration, the Cao Van Lau cai luong troupe paid a visit to the monument and hosted an anniversary of the late artiste with plenty of activities, such as a drum performance, carrying a thurible, offering tea and rice wine to the artiste and some musical performances.
The province also presented the Cao Van Lau Awards to ten musicians and composers who have made great contributions to the development of Southern cai luong.
Cao Van Lau, 1892-1976, is considered the father of modern vong co and cai luong and one of Vietnam’s best musicians. He started composing at the age of 20 after four years tutelage by the popular local musician Le Tai Khi.

After three years of marriage to his wife, there was still no child, Lau was forced to send his wife back to her family in accordance with local customs at the time. This hurt came to inspire Lau to compose his best-known love-song, “Da co hoai lang,” which later had great influence on cai luong and vong co music.

Source: SGGP

Call for Viet Kieu to aid homeland

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MONTREAL — Vice State President Nguyen Thi Doan yesterday urged Vietnamese expatriates in Canada to help boost trade and investment relations between the two countries.

The vice president, who was in Canada to attend the 12th Francophone Summit, told her guests, including Montreal-based entrepreneurs, that the Party and the State always tried to create favourable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to return home and contribute to national construction and development.

Doan praised the overseas Vietnamese community for their contributions to the Viet Nam-Canada co-operative ties as well as socio-economic development in the two countries.

Viet Nam and Canada ties had grown recently but business co-operation had failed to match its potential, Doan said. Vietnamese people, especially entrepreneurs, should help promote trade and investment, and bring Canadian businesses to Viet Nam.

Vietnamese expatriates at the meeting said they wanted to help boost national construction and development and act as a link to enhance friendly ties between the two countries.

Also yesterday, Doan visited the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations and delivered a speech on Viet Nam’s foreign policies and investment and business opportunities in the country.

Earlier in the day, she received former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and representatives from industrial group Bombardier. — VNA/