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Nguyen Hue Flower Street readies for Tet

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Nguyen Hue Flower Street readies for the annual Tet festival in Ho Chi Minh City from January 31 – February 6 (December 28 – January 4 on the lunar calendar).

The annual flower show will take place on Nguyen Hue Boulevard. (Photo:KK)

The much awaited annual flower show has been divided into various segments this year with exotic names like Vietnamese Spirit, southern Tet holiday, New advance, Peaceful Spring, Time of the season and Humane garden.

The main boulevards like Nguyen Hue, Le Loi, Dong Khoi, and Le Duan will be specially decorated with thousands of colorful lights from January 26 to February 14. Offices and shops located on these streets will decorate the front of their buildings.

A series of music performances, dragon and kylin dances will be organized at hotels like Caravelle, Rex, Majestic, Grand, Continental, Kim Do, Oscar, Bong Sen and Palace from January 31 to February 6.

Firework displays will be held at seven locations around the city and telecast live on Ho Chi Minh City Television on New Year’s Eve.

The areas near to CARIC Company, a French Shipyard & Ship repairing Company in District 2, the construction area of the political and administrative center of District 7, Go Vap District’s Cultural Park, Nga Ba Giong Memorial area of Heroic Martyrs in Hoc Mon District, Ben Duoc Temple of Heroic Martyrs in Cu Chi District, Ethnic Culture historical park in District 9 and Dam Sen Cultural Park in District 11 and Can Gio District have been marked as locations for spectacular fireworks display.

A street book festival titled “Dream” featuring readings and discussions will also be held on Mac Thi Buoi Street in District 1 from January 31 to February 6.

Another festival, the Banh Tet (cylindrical glutinous rice cake) festival will take place on January 26 – 31 (December 23 – 28 on the lunar calendar).

The organizers include Saigon tourist Travel Service Company, Dam Sen Cultural Park and the HCM City Department of Labor. War Invalids and Social Affairs department will hand over 10,000 cakes to disadvantaged children from shelters and open houses in the city on January 31.

Source: SGGP

Another aquatic protection area established in Hue

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Beauty Tran Thi Hue becomes PEPFAR’s goodwill ambassador

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600 students in Hue launch environmental protection campaigns

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600 students in Hue launch environmental protection campaigns

QĐND – Monday, October 11, 2010, 21:48 (GMT+7)

PANO – Students from high schools and universities in Hue City on October 10th launched an environmental protection programme, an event toward the 1,000th Anniversary of Thang Long–Ha Noi.

Alongside Vietnamese people in localities across the country celebrating the Great Anniversary, more than 600 students in the ancient capital city started the 2 campaigns: “Go Green” and “Fasting for the environment”, which were seen as practical activities to observe the 1,000th birthday of Thang Long–Hanoi and to echo the “Global Action Against Climate Change” Day.

While the “Go Green” campaign is aimed at mobilising people to take practical action to reduce pollution and preserve the environment, “Fasting for environment” is to encourage people to reduce their consumption, especially animal meat, in their daily meals, which, according to them, should be everybody’s necessary and wise choice to demonstrate positive behaviour towards the environment.

Translated by Thu Nguyen 

Source: QDND

Hue Festival 2010 creates emotional attachment

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Thousands of colorful lanterns released on the Perfume River and a fireworks display put on by French pyrotechnic artist Pierre Alain Hubert, brightened Hue, as part of closing ceremonies for the Hue Festival 2010, on June 13.

A dance and singing performance titled “The river and nostalgia” by the Hue Opera Troupe (Photo:Sggp)

A song and dance titled, “The river and nostalgia,” performed by the Hue Opera Troupe, made deep impressions on local and international visitors alike, who formed emotional attachments to the ancient capital during the festival.

Deputy Chairman of Thua Thien-Hue Province, Ngo Hoa, head of the Hue Festival 2010 organization board, said that it was the most successful festival in recent years. The quality of art troupes improved and attracted many people. The Hue festival 2010 had a giant stage backed by multi-colored artworks for the local and foreign performances.

More than 120,000 people visited Hue during the nine-day event, 25 percent more than in 2008. Among them were over 28,000 international tourists from 92 countries and territories around the world.

The Vietnam Record Book has recognized 9 new records set during the eventful nine-day Hue festival 2010.

1. 90-minute reenactment of the “Navy Maneuver under the Dynasty of Nguyen Phuc Lan Lord,” with the participation of 1,200 artists and 70 fighting boats.
2. The “Land Reclamation Itinerary” was performed on the largest stage ever in front of the Flag Tower (Ky Dai).
3. “The Breath of Water” was the first play to take place upon a water stage
4. The biggest paper collage made by one person, titled Den hen lai len (It is time for returning).
5. A festival street showcased the most pictures in one street.
6. The “Night of the Orient” performance included traditional costumes from the greatest number of Asian countries.
7. The display of a thousand kites on the Trang Tien bridge.
8. Chinese characters Long (Dragon) were hand-written with calligraphy in more ways than ever before.
9. The Hue Royal Vestige Preservation Center became the agency to hold the most traditional Hue royal festival programs.

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Source: SGGP

Hue Festival 2012 to be held in July

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The next Hue Festival, slated for 2012, will be bumped back a month to July instead of June like in previous years, announced event organizers at a press conference on June 14.

A dancing performance in the opening ceremony of Hue Festival 2010  (Photo: SGGP)

The festival has been moved to ensure the festival does not coincide with events for “National Tourism Year 2012,” scheduled for June in the historic former imperial capital of Hue, explained the organization board.

Organizers also said July would not be a rainy month, ensuring good weather for the event.

The Hue Festival 2010 just ended on June 13.

That chairman of that festival, Ngo Hoa, who is also Deputy Chairman of the Thua Thien-Hue Province People’s Committee, said it was the most successful festival in recent years. He said it met all the criteria for a great event by impressing visitors with spectacular displays of both tradition and modernity.

The quality of performances has improved over precious years, said Hoa, who also noted that more visitors had been drawn to the event.

The Hue festival 2010 featured a giant stage that showcased local and foreign artists backed by a vast set.

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Source: SGGP

First science festival kicks off in Hue

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First science festival kicks off in Hue

QĐND – Thursday, June 10, 2010, 21:1 (GMT+7)

PANO – Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in conjunction with the Embassy of Italy, the University of Sassari (Italy), the University of Queensland (Australia), and other organisations such as FAO, WHO, on June 8th, opened the Hue Science Festival 2010.

The five-day festival, held for the first time in Vietnam, under the theme “Medicine for Community Health”, drew the participation of medical professors, academicians and experts, who have presented various projects on cancer prevention and treatment, infection and other common diseases in Vietnam.

Translated by Vu Hung

Source: QDND

Additional website opens for Hue festival 2010

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Apart from the official website, another site about Hue Festival 2010 has opened to provide visitors with all the information they need about the weeklong party.

The site,, about Hue Festival 2010 has just been launched on June 7.

The site,, commenced running on June 7.

According to the site’s administrators of the Hue University of Science, the webpage provides the locations, dates and times of more than 70 performances and 100 cultural activities associated with the festival, while also directing visitors to ticket offices, hotels, ATMs and more.

Visitors can also access the website for information about popular tourist attractions in Hue.

Source: SGGP

New resort opens in Hue

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New resort opens in Hue

QĐND – Monday, June 07, 2010, 20:58 (GMT+7)

Abalone Resort & Spa in Tam Giang Lagoon in HueCity has been put into operation for the Hue Festival.

The high quality resort with a total investment of VND75 billion includes 77 rooms and departments with mineral water spas, salon & spa systems, outdoor pools, bars and conference rooms.

Another 37 villas along the coast will be completed within two coming years, at the second period of the project.

Located 2km away from the Thuan An Beach, there are free buses from the resort to the center of HueCity. In addition, it takes visitors only 20 minutes to travel from the resort to the PhuBaiAirport.

Once completed, the resort will be a good destination for tourists when they visit HueCity.

Source: Tien Phong

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Second day of the Hue festival highlights rural markets

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The second day of the Hue Festival June 6, visitors moved from the noisy center city of Hue to the Huong Thuy District 20 kilometers away, to take part in rural market on festival days, an activity that has attracted a huge number of visitors this year.

Visitors enjoy a traditional game at the rural market festival days. (Photo:SGGP)

The event, a part of activities heralding the 2010 Hue Festival, was held at Thanh Toan village, Thuy Thanh commune, Huong Thuy District to preserve the specific cultural traits of the Vietnam’s countryside.

At the opening ceremony, thousands of visitors gathered at the festival for the chance to become farmers for a day.

The festival displays featuring simple and natural banian trees, river wharf and market-day, create a space of village culture.

Highlights from the festival include an exhibition on farm tools and a section reflecting daily life in the countryside and the tile-roofed Bridge Village, built in 1776.

At the festival days, visitors can see objects on display such as ploughs, sickles, hoes, rice-hulling mills and pictures of wet rice civilizations.

Visitors also enjoy traditional food in Hue such as nam cake, loc cake and rice spaghetti with fish with music performances.

On the same day, the organization opened a program “Huyen thoai song Huong” (Legend of Huong River).

The program portrays the dinghy culture of the Nguyen dynasty with 20 dragon boats.

Visitors travel along the Huong River, from Truong Tien to Bach Ho bridges. The boat cruises gently past several scenic areas of Hue, while feasting on traditional cuisine, accompanied by music.

A program entitled “The Breath of Water” that takes place on a 1,500 square-meter floating stage on Tinh Tam Lake opened June 6.

The play tells a romantic love story about the separation and reunion of boys and girls in the dynastic era. Young talents like Linh Nga, Quynh Lien and Xuan Chien will play the leading roles.

The 75-minute “The Breath of Water” highlighted traditional musical arts that are recognized by UNESCO as part of intangible cultural world heritage – nha nhac (Hue royal court music), ca tru (ceremonial music) and quan ho Bac Ninh (Bac Ninh love duets).

Source: SGGP