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Disadvantaged students offered chances for integration

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Disadvantaged students offered chances for integration

QĐND – Monday, June 28, 2010, 22:7 (GMT+7)

A seminar on integration education model for disadvantaged secondary students was held in Hanoi on June 28.

This is the first pilot model being implemented in Vietnam’s northern Ninh Binh province and central Quang Nam province in order to increase chances and conditions for disabled and disadvantaged students to enjoy education at junior secondary schools.

The project focuses on raising capacity for teachers, education managers and community, preparing conditions for disabled children to integrate, and providing special support for them.

Over 4,000 pupils at nine targeted schools have benefited from the project, while 760 staffs and teachers have been trained to improve their skills.

The pilot implementation of the model is a premise to create favourable conditions for disabled students to pursuit higher education.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

WTO ready to help Vietnam with global economic integration

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WTO ready to help Vietnam with global economic integration

QĐND – Monday, June 07, 2010, 20:55 (GMT+7)

Three years after its entry to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Vietnam has made drastic changes in economic development. The country has coped with the global financial economic downturn better than other regional countries.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung received WTO Director General Pascal Lamy on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia in HCMCity on June 7.

Mr Dung thanked Director Lamy for supporting Vietnam during the negotiation process for its admission to the world’s biggest trade body and expressed his hope that Mr Lamy would continue to help Vietnam with full involvement in the WTO’s agreements, technical consultancies and human resources development.

Vietnam and ASEAN countries want the Doha round of world trade talks to end soon with practical and balanced results for the benefit of underdeveloped and developing countries. The early termination of the Doha round will be a step forwards for developing free trade in a more equal manner, said Mr Dung.

For his part, Mr Lamy praised the achievements Vietnam has recorded after three years in the WTO, particularly in economic restructuring to raise competitive capacity as a result of sharp increases in foreign investment capital and export turnover.

Vietnam’s success in coping with the global economic downturn demonstrated its efforts to build an open economy. The WTO is willing to help Vietnam to build a roadmap with specific periods for more integration into the global economy, provision of technical assistance and accepting Vietnamese trainees who want to work for the WTO, Mr Lamy said.

Sharing his views with PM Dung at the early ending of the Doha round, the WTO Director said the successful Doha round will have double impact and play a role as the world economy’s stimulus package to accelerate the process of reforming the global financial structure.

He also expressed the hope that as ASEAN Chair this year, Vietnam will have an important voice at the G20 Conference to be held in Canada in the near future, helping the Doha round to end on schedule.

The same day, PM Dung also received some leaders from major international economic groups.

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Source: QDND

ASEAN contest boosts students’ integration knowledge

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ASEAN contest boosts students’ integration knowledge

QĐND – Saturday, May 29, 2010, 20:50 (GMT+7)

Ho Chi Minh City on May 28 kicked off a contest on knowledge about ASEAN among municipal students under the theme of “Integration and Development.”

The event has drawn 193 student teams from 20 municipal universities and colleges to show off their knowledge of diplomatic relations and economics, cultural and educational cooperation within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The contest will also include questions about Vietnamese culture and history, especially sites of cultural interests and the Thang Long – Hanoi millennium anniversary.

The final of the three-round contest will coincide with the ASEAN festival on June 25, where nine of the ten member countries, have registered to showcase their cultural, educational and musical products and paintings. Only Brunei, which has not yet opened representative office in HCM City, will not participate.

Organisers from the municipal League of Friendship Associations said the contest aims to improve students’ knowledge on ASEAN in celebration of the 15th anniversary of Vietnam joining the group and its ASEAN presidency this year.

Source: VNA/VOVNews

Source: QDND

Walk around Sword Lake for autism integration

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Walk around Sword Lake for autism integration

QĐND – Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 21:2 (GMT+7)

Hanoi Autistics’ Family Club and channel O2TV will join hands in holding a meeting and a walk with the aim of assisting autistics with community integration on April 11th in Hanoi.

More than 400 families of children with autism and volunteers together with well-known artist Duc Hai will participate in a parade around the Sword Lake with a slogan “Together support children with autism to integrate into the community”.

The parade will help raise awareness of autism and to call for more supports for autism-affected children.

Autism has been known in Vietnam for nearly a decade. There will be unprecedented consequence of autism, which is growing, if the community does not know exactly what autism is.

No conclusive reasons for or treatment to autism have been found to date.

However, it is understanding and sympathy that can help people with autism integrate into the community.

The sooner children with autism are identified and treated, the more hopes for an independent life and a stable job they will have.

Source: Vietnam+

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Nation urged to capitalise on ASEAN integration

In Vietnam Economy on November 25, 2009 at 10:44 am

Vietnam needs to rely on its internal economic strength and less on foreign investment to capitalise on its integration into ASEAN, former vice president of Vietnam Truong My Hoa told a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City on Nov. 24.

Ms. Hoa told the seminar on ASEAN-regional economic integration that Vietnam has strived to develop investment, bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the ASEAN free trade area to benefit both Vietnam and the association.

“ Vietnam has a special interest in boosting ASEAN-American economic cooperation. It is a strategic part in the development of ASEAN market aimed at opening more prospects for the future,” she said.

Vietnam has particular interest in cooperation in scientific research, education and training with the ASEAN community, achieving remarkable results in these areas in cooperation with Singapore and Thailand .

Tran Dai Hung, deputy chairman of the Vietnam Lawyers Association, said the Vietnamese Government displayed its internal strength through its effective policies to protect the market economy and improve competitiveness of businesses.

The policies included the stimulus packages, a comprehensive administration, public works planning, administration reform and anti corruption efforts.

Vietnam ’s role as chair of ASEAN next year will be to quickly respond to turbulence from the global economy, minimizing any wide-spread damage to the economy and to production and businesses in particular, Mr. Hung said.

The regional economic integration seminar was held by the Vietnam Lawyers Association, Hanoi-based Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the International Business and Law Academy.

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Integration offers challenges, potential

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HCM City (VNA) – Lawyers will have to broaden their knowledge and professional ethics to keep their career development on pace with Vietnam ’s integration into the world economy.

“ Vietnam ’s lawyers can now approach a new and potential service market thanks to the country’s accession into the global economy, to strong foreign investment flow and to diversified business forms,” said Ngo Thanh Tung, chairman of the law firm VILAF – Hong Duc during a two-day conference of the Presidents of Law Association in Asia (POLA) that ended on August 23.

According to him, Vietnam ’s legal system has been improving as it brings itself in line with international regulations and practices in response to WTO membership. Along with increasing transparency, the reforms have created a more favourable working environment.

Moreover, customers increasingly require new services like business contract negotiations, help with business establishment procedures and exploitation of new business opportunities.

New laws dealing with the environment or stocks demand lawyers expand their expertise to those fields, not just to legal issues.

Tung also stressed the importance of ethics in providing services to clients.

The legal environment, here and overseas, is in constant flux so lawyers must constantly be informed to best serve their clients, said Tran Anh Tuan, Vice President of the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association.

Tuan cited four issues essential for lawyers: documents establishing the guidelines and legal frameworks for the economic integration promoted by international organisations like the UN or WTO, the latest international trade practices and procedures, information on the economic, legal, political and socio-cultural characteristics of the countries where their cases are, and IT skills.

More than 80 delegates from international law organisations participated in the 19 th annual POLA conference.
Participants came from 15 countries and territories, including China , Hong Kong , Japan , the Republic of Korea , Singapore and New Zealand , and international institutions.

Organised by the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, the two-day conference was the first of its kind to take place in Vietnam.-