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UN rights envoy warns N.Korea further isolating itself

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SEOUL, Nov 26, 2010 (AFP) – The UN human rights envoy for North Korea warned Friday that the country is isolating itself at a time when it badly needs humanitarian aid.

Marzuki Darusman was on his first mission to South Korea since taking the post this year but, like his predecessor, was denied entry to the country formally known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

“The DPRK should not find itself in isolation at a juncture when it needs the support and cooperation of the international community the most, both to address the human rights situation and the humanitarian needs,” he said.

Darusman was speaking days after the volatile regime fired a deadly barrage of shells and rockets at a South Korean island near the disputed sea border, claiming it had acted in retaliation to a military exercise being staged there.

A North Korean soldier on a naval vessel on the banks of the Yalu River some 70 kms north of the North Korean border town of Siniuju which lies across the river from Dandong in northeast China’s Liaoning province on November 26, 2010. AFP

The UN envoy noted that, after devastating floods hit the North in August, South Korea had offered 5,000 tons of rice and 250,000 bags of cement in humanitarian aid for victims in the impoverished country.

All such aid shipments have been frozen since the North launched its strike on the island of Yeonpyeong, which killed two marines and two civilians and wounding 18 other people.

It was the first shelling of civilians since the 1950-53 Korean War.

Darusman said that despite the outbreak of hostilities, “it is important to continue to provide such humanitarian assistance”, while ensuring that all aid distribution “reaches the neediest population”.

Source: SGGP

Vietnam builds Cam Ranh port by itself

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Vietnam builds Cam Ranh port by itself

QĐND – Saturday, October 30, 2010, 21:22 (GMT+7)

PANO – “Vietnam has decided to build Cam Ranh port by its own resources,” said Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in a press conference in Hanoi on October 30th.

The press conference was held after the 17th ASEAN Summit and Related Summits concluded successfully in Hanoi.

Answering the People’s Army Newspaper Online question about the construction of the Cam Ranh port, the prime minister said that Vietnam planned to build a service complex in this port to supply resources for the Vietnamese Navy.

The prime minister also said that Vietnam, is willing to provide services, like other countries in the world, for naval ships from every country, including submarines, when they request.

Vietnam will also consider to sign contracts with Russian businesses which meet the technical demands on providing consultancy for constructing the port.

Ngoc Hung – Bao Trung

Source: QDND

Vietnam to pitch itself as a shopping destination

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Vietnam to pitch itself as a shopping destination

QĐND – Sunday, April 18, 2010, 21:32 (GMT+7)

The latest national tourism promotion campaign will have a strong focus on shopping in order to entice more spending by local and foreign tourists, officials say.

This year’s “Vietnam -Your Destination” campaign plans to offer more shopping tour options to visitors, establishing more shopping centers at tourism sites, said Vu The Binh, head of the Travel Department under the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT).

Thailand and Malaysia have succeeded in developing shopping tourism with big sales programs, making great contributions to on-site exports and enabling reduced tour prices as sellers pay commissions to travel agents.

Up to 51 percent of spending by visitors to Thailand is on shopping, while the percentage in Vietnam is only 10-14 percent, Binh said.

To develop shopping-based tourism in the country, the VNAT will launch the “Impressive Vietnam Grand Sale 2010” program in the three major cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang in August and September, he added.

Under the program, visitors will be offered discounts of 10-50 percent when shopping at some tourism sites in the cities. They will also get VAT (value-added-tax) refunds, discount cards and/or shopping coupons at some supermarkets, souvenir shops, hotels, and tourism sites.

Some lottery programs will also be held at shopping centers for tourists, while shopping streets, handicraft streets and food streets will be set up in the three cities.

The VNAT will work with the departments of industry and trade in the cities to make lists of the program’s participants and products in order to produce promotional leaflets.

Do Xuan Ha, deputy head of the Trade Promotion Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said shopping brochures with contact details of shops offering discounts will be distributed among visitors soon.

Since it is being implemented for the first time this year, the program selects only prestigious trade centers and big shops for participation. Participants who sell fake or low quality products will be heavily fined, Ha said.

However, deputy head of the VNAT, Nguyen Quang Phuong, admitted that Vietnamese goods are not attractive and diversified enough for visitors. “The problem originates from the production stage. We are trying to deal with it, but it needs more time.”

Nguyen Cong Hoan, vice director of the travel agent Hanoi Redtour, said: “We should attract visitors not only with low-priced tours, but take measures to encourage them to spend as much money as possible in our country,” he said. He noted that Vietnamese tourists spend just $250-300 to buy a tour to Thailand, but splurge an additional $500-700 on buying products and services in the neighboring country.

Source: TN

Source: QDND