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Vietnam has just exploited 5% of 3G network’s capacity

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Not to panic as stink bugs just bite mice: scientist

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Head of Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development (IESD) Pham Binh Quyen, an insect expert, told inhabitants not to so much worry as the blood-sucking stink bugs like biting rats only.

Blood-sucking assassin bugs  recently found in a fresh  1,000-strong hatch in Hanoi

Blood-sucking stink bugs  recently found in a fresh 1,000-strong hatch in Hanoi.

People seemly fall to panic as the media currently reports that outbreaks of blood-sucking insects occurred in residential quarters in Hanoi and Da Nang and 1,000 strong hatches of the insect had recently been discovered.

In the world, there are three kinds of blood-sucking stink bugs including Triatoma, Rhodinius, and Panstrongylus.  Rhodinius has seen most in Vietnam while a few of Triatoma and Panstrongylus exist in the Southeast Asian nation.

There is a disorder in its living condition, the bugs appear in residential blocks but in fact they live in mountainous and midland regions.

In nature, they are useful insects, helping to kill harmful worms, said the expert.

Scientists have disclosed they found parasites in bugs’ blood and they can be transmitted by the bugs, however diseases caused by the parasites only attack livestock, said the expert.

Stink bugs are not known to bite humans, he added.

Source: SGGP

Euro rescue package ‘just buys time’: Merkel

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses a press conference at the Chancellery in Berlin on May 10. AFP photo

BERLIN (AFP) – A trillion-dollar package to shore up ailing eurozone economies merely buys time until the deficits of certain members of the 16-member zone are cleaned up, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday.

Speaking at a conference of the Confederation of German Trade Unions, Merkel said that recent speculation against the euro “is only possible because of huge differences in the economic strengths and debt levels of member states.”

With the rescue package, “we have done nothing more than to buy time until we have brought order to these competitive differences and to the budget deficits of individual euro countries,” she said.

The giant fund of loan guarantees, for which Germany will have to make available up to around 150 billion euros (186 billion dollars), was agreed in emergency talks in Brussels last Sunday.

Dubbed “shock and awe”, the package briefly cheered markets and offered some respite to the plunging euro, but doubts quickly resurfaced about the ability of governments to push through crippling cuts to conquer their deficits.

Speaking a day after the joint agreement between the European Union and the International Monetary Fund was clinched, Merkel said it served to “strengthen and protect the common currency.”

The wider package followed a 110-billion-euro bailout deal for debt-wracked Greece, which was hugely unpopular in Germany and contributed to a shattering defeat for Merkel last Sunday in a key regional election.

“What happened in Greece, that is to say the year-on-year falsification of statistics, is completely unacceptable,” Merkel said.

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Vedan responsible for just 65 percent of river damage: company rep

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The amount of pollution that Vedan (Vietnam) Enterprise Corp. Ltd. contributed to the Thi Vai River in the southern province of Dong Nai accounted for just 65 percent of the total damage to the area, a company representative said March 16.

A section of the polluted Thi Vai River in Dong Nai Province. MSG maker Vedan Vietnam has continually denied responsibility for causing all of the pollution. (Photo: SGGP)

Vedan’s researchers had analyzed data and come up with the figure, the representative said.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Environment and Resources under Vietnam National University-HCMC reported that the Taiwanese-invested company more likely caused around 90 percent of the pollution, which stretched 10 kilometers along the Thi Vai River Valley.

The institute also said that several other areas have been negatively impacted by the water pollution including HCMC, Dong Nai and Ba Ria-Vung Tau provinces.

After having its percentage-of-damage figure refuted by the institute, Vedan proposed to take the mean of the institute’s projected figure and its own, to come up with a new figure of 77 percent.

This number would then be used to determine the amount of compensation owed by Vedan to residents affected by the pollution.

However, the institute has refused to accept the proposal.

Nguyen Van Phuoc, head of the institute, said that the figure announced by Vedan was unsubstantiated.

The institute has now transferred the issue to the Vietnam Environment Administration to make a final decision.

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Iran needs ‘just solution’ to nuclear row: Brazil

In World on November 25, 2009 at 4:13 am

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Monday urged his visiting Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to find a “just solution” with the West to Tehran‘s contested nuclear program.

Lula, speaking in a joint media conference with Ahmadinejad, reiterated that Brazil backed Iran’s declared quest for “peaceful nuclear energy in full respect of international accords.”

He appealed to Ahmadinejad to “continue contacts with interested countries for a just and balanced solution on the nuclear issue in Iran.”

Ahmadinejad, for his part, voiced support for Brazil’s bid to one day become a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Brazil is to take one of the non-permanent seats — those without the power of veto — in 2010 and 2011.

“We support a reformed UN Security Council and for Brazil to have a permanent seat,” he said.

He argued the council “has failed over the past 60 years because of the veto power of a small number of countries, a source of insecurity for several countries in the world.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The United States and Europe are leading an international campaign against Iran’s nuclear program, amid suspicions the Islamic state is trying to build a nuclear arsenal under cover of a pursuit of atomic energy.

Iran on Monday reinforced its rejection of a UN-brokered deal that would call for Russia and France to enrich its uranium, with a senior official saying no nuclear reactor fuel would leave Iran.

Lula has repeatedly backed Tehran’s nuclear program, and said he opposed international sanctions on Iran.

Ahmadinejad’s visit to Brazil was the key leg of a five-nation tour to sympathetic Latin American and African seen backing Tehran’s vision of a new world order in which the United States is not dominant.

The itinerary began in Gambia, and after Brazil was to continue with Bolivia, Venezuela and Senegal.

Lula, a moderate leftist wary of US influence in the world, has reached out to Iran as part of a broader strategy to implicate Brazil in seeking peace in the Middle East.

In his weekly radio broadcast on Monday, he said: “You can’t move forward by isolating Iran. If Iran is an important player in all this discord, it’s important that someone sits down with Iran, talks with Iran and tries to establish a point of balance, so that we can return to a degree of normality in the Middle East.”

Days before receiving Ahmadinejad, Lula made a point of welcoming visits by Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

On Monday, he announced he would travel to Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories in March next year.

The Iranian president was accompanied by a 300-strong delegation, half of which were Iranian businessmen working towards Tehran’s goal of lifting bilateral trade with Brazil from one billion dollars today to 15 billion dollars in the future.

Several protests over his visit have taken place, notably one on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro, where 1,000 members of Jewish, anti-racist and gay rights groups rallied against Ahmadinejad’s tirades.

Sao Paulo’s governor, Jose Serra, who is seen as the leading potential candidate in presidential elections in October next year that will select Lula’s successor, called Ahmadinejad’s visit “undesirable.”

“Democracy and human rights are indivisible and have to be defended in every part of the world,” he wrote in an opinion piece published in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper.

After his 24-hour Brazilian leg, Ahmadinejad was to depart for Bolivia for talks with his counterpart Evo Morales, then on to Venezuela to see his “friend” Hugo Chavez. Both Morales and Chavez are strongly critical of the United States.

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