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Young fashion designers to take part in Hong Kong Fashion Week

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Nguyen Thi Diem My and Ha Nhat Tien, the two winners of the Aquafina Pure Fashion 2010 contest, will be Vietnam’ representatives at the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2011.

        Young Fashion designer Nguyen Thi Diem My (L)

These two young fashion designers have improved their designs in accordance with international fashion trends. They hope to present a new look of Vietnamese fashion and young designers’ ability.

The annual Aquafina Pure Fashion design competition, launched by PepsiCo, aims to discover young talented fashion designers in Vietnam.

Hong Kong Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter will take place from January 10-17 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. It is hoped that this convention will present to the world the latest trends of the fashion industry, and promote a wealth of business opportunities.

Visitors will have a chance to enjoy the latest collections from famous brand names such as Vivienne Westwood, MANGO, Fontani, Lacompel Di Landi Andrea, Moda Immagine, Moiselle and Rabeanco.

This is second largest fashion fair in the world and it is expected to gather over 1,700 suppliers of garments, accessories and fashion-related products.

Source: SGGP

Vietnamese paintings to be auctioned in Hong Kong

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Host country and Hong Kong win “Best actress” prizes at Vietnam int’l film fest

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Nhat Kim Anh of Vietnam and Fiona Sit from Hong Kong (China) won the “Best actress” titles at the Vietnam International Film Festival 2010 ended in Hanoi on October 21.

Actress Nhat Kim Anh (L) and the representative of Hong Kong actress Fiona Sit receive the Best Actress Awards.

Nhat Kim Anh plays Cam in “The Fate of a Songstress in Thang Long” and Hong Kong actress takes a role of the film “Breakup club”.

The movie “Sand castle” of Singapore scooped important prizes including “Best feature film”, Netpac (a prize of the Network of the Promotion of Asian Cinema) and “Best director” for Boo Junfeng.

Malaysian actor Ah Niu got the “Best actor” title for the film “Ice Kacang and Puppy love”.

“Best documentary” and “Best short film” awards belonged to the film “Always beside you” directed by Nguyen Thi Kim Hai.

A special prize of the Technicolor (Thailand), a printing products and services company, was given to the film script “Rebellious hot boy and story of a smiling chap, a harlot and a duck” by Vietnamese director Vu Ngoc Dang and actor Luong Manh Hai.

The most favorite French movie in the Country in Focus section which showcases pictures from a chosen country every year was “Le Petit Nicolas”.

According to director Phillip Noyce, head of the jury, all submissions were good and high-quality films.  He satisfied with the result of the film fest.

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Source: SGGP

Megar typhoon heads to Hong Kong

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Megar typhoon heads to Hong Kong

QĐND – Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 21:50 (GMT+7)

The storm eye was still in the East Sea this morning, October 20. However, forecasters said that it will change direction to Hong Kong.

At 4am this morning, the storm was around 550km from Vietnam’s Hoang Sa archipelago. It is moving at the speed of 10km per hour to the west-north west and north west.

In the next two days, it will change direction to the north. By 7am, October 22, Megi will be around 280km from Hong Kong. One day later, it will be in Hong Kong sea. The radius of the dangerous area will be around 200km.

In the East Sea, the storm is expected to cause heavy rain with winds speeds reaching more than 180 km per hour at its centre. Fishermen have been advised not to go out to sea.

As the strongest storm in the Pacific in the last 20 years, Megi killed at least ten people in the Philippines when it hit this country last night.

In Vietnam, the strongest typhoon in the last 10 years was Xangsane in 2006, which killed over 60 people and damaged more than 200,000 houses, 800 boats, causing the total loss of at least 10 trillion dong.

Source: VietnamNet

Source: QDND

Hong Kong movie stars join film festival in Vietnam

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Hong Kong famous actors Nick Cheung and Daniel Yin-Cho Wu arrived in Vietnam for the Vietnam international film festival 2010 in Hanoi and promoting their latest films “The stool pigeon” and “Triple Tap”. The movie stars had a press meet on October 18.

Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung in a press on October 18. (Photo: Sggp)

“Vietnam has an impetus for the development of the movie industry. The 1st international film festival 2010 is a turning-point and beginning of the Vietnamese cinema,” said the actor Nick Cheung.

“I have just known Vietnam through books, newspapers and films. I want to come to the country to visit ancient houses and historical sites. I hope I will make a tour to all these places in the future,” he added.

The actorl also said that he will cooperate with Vietnamese filmmakers with pleasure if he has a chance.

Meanwhile Daniel Yin-Cho Wu expressed that he want to make a film in Vietnam with his friend, Vietnamese American actor and director Dustin Nguyen.

Wu traveled to the coastal city of Nha Trang in 2005.

Movie star Daniel Wu (C) meets his Vietnamese fans in Hanoi on October 18. (Photo: Vnexpress)

Daniel Yin-Cho Wu was born in Berkeley, California, in 1974 and raised in Orinda, California. Wu attended the Head-Royce School in Oakland, California and later majored in architecture at the University of Oregon. After graduating, he traveled to Hong Kong in 1997 and began modeling. Since his film debut in 1998, he has been featured in over 40 films.

The actor and his long term model girlfriend Lisa S got married in April in South Africa.

Born in 1967, Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung Ka-fai was a Royal Hong Kong Police officer for five years and changed his career as an actor with Asia Television Limited (ATV). After a few years Cheung moved over to rival Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). He is married to actress Esther Kwan and has a daughter.

He won the “Best Actor” title for the film “Beast Stalker” at the 46th Golden Horse Awards in 2009.

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Source: SGGP

United offers $125 roundtrip fare for HCM City-Hong Kong

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United Airlines is providing a low fare of US$125 for a roundtrip from Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong for maximum stay of four days, with year-round travel.

The fare does not include taxes, fees and surcharges. The American carrier says the total price, therefore, is US$188. The booking class is L.

The airline operates daily direct flights between Vietnam and the US via Hong Kong. The service was launched in December 2004, making United the first American carrier to fly to Vietnam since 1975.

Till the end of 2009, United had transported more than 700,000 passengers in the route. The carrier said it had recorded average yearly growth of 20% in passenger traffic to Vietnam over the past five years.

In June 2009, Delta Air Lines became the second US airline to fly to HCM City with flights operated by its wholly subsidiary Northwest Airlines. However, the service was discontinued in March this year.

In related news, United is working on a merger with Continental Airlines, another American carrier, to create the world’s biggest airline. The proposed merger has received the go ahead from the US Justice Department and is waiting for the US Transportation Department approval.

It is expected that the entire event would be wrapped up by early this October, according to industry sources.  

Source: SGGP

‘Bodyguards and Assassins’ sweeps Hong Kong film awards

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An epic drama about a group of volunteers who risked their lives to protect modern China’s founding father Sun Yat-sen from imperial assassins blitzed the Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday.

Bodyguards and Assassins” scooped seven gongs, including best film, best director, best supporting actor, best cinematography, and best action choreography.

“Lots of films have been made about Chinese revolutions, but in this film we wanted to touch the audience’s heart by zeroing in on the relationships between the revolutionaries,” director Teddy Chen told reporters after grabbing the award.

Actor Nicholas Tse of Hong Kong holds the Best Supporting Actor trophy for his role in ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’ at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Singer-cum-actor Nicholas Tse, who starred as a rickshaw puller and one of Sun’s “bodyguards” during his visit to Hong Kong to discuss plans with his fellow revolutionaries to overthrow the Qing Dynasty in the 1900s, was crowned best supporting actor.

Echoes of the Rainbow“, a low-budget drama on Hong Kong in the 1960s, emerged as the second biggest winner at the annual awards, after receiving the Crystal Bear prize at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The film snatched four awards, including best screen play and best actor.

Director Alex Law said he was grateful for the many unexpected surprises the film had brought him.

“My starting point was to make a film to remember my elder brother,” he said.

“Never would I imagine that it could be such a box-office success. It even helped protect a street from demolition,” he said.

Law was referring to the Hong Kong government‘s decision to halt a plan to bulldoze the historic Wing Lee Street — where his film was set — following the publicity generated by the Berlin award.

Simon Yam, who played the father of a struggling shoemaking family in “Echoes”, won the best actor honour.

Aarif Lee, who played Yam’s son in the film, grabbed the best newcomer award.

Films such as “Echoes” and “The Way We are”, a gritty, low-budget docudrama set in one of the city’s most poverty-stricken districts, marked audiences’ growing appetite for films with a distinctive local flavour in recent years.

The trend was a big departure from moviemakers’ traditional attempts to tap into the large mainland Chinese market by focusing on producing big-budget historical epics and imperial dramas.

The best actress award went to Wai Yin-hung, who admitted suffering from depression and trying to kill herself when her career went downhill.

“I fell from heaven to hell. And finally I have this award. I promise you I will do my very best in every movie I work on,” she said in tears.

Michelle Ye bagged the best supporting actress award for her role in “Accident”, a film about a professional hitman who trapped his victims in well-crafted “accidents”.

“Departures”, a Japanese drama about an unemployed cellist who was forced to take a job in the funeral business, was crowned the best Asian film. The drama also won the best foreign language film in last year’s Oscars.

Source: SGGP

United Airlines launches summer fares for Hong Kong, America

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United Airlines is providing promotional summer fares for flights between Vietnam and the US, as well as to Hong Kong.

Passengers at the United Airlines booking office in Ho Chi Minh City

The discounted fares for Los Angeles and San Francisco start at US$770, with travel until June 14.

The American carrier is selling a round trip between Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong starting at US$138, with travel from April 1 till June 10 this year.

The summer promotion is applied for max stay of four days, and the booking class is L.

United’s regular fares for a round trip between HCM City and Hong Kong are also available, starting at US$188. 

The airline operates daily direct flights between Vietnam and the US via Hong Kong. The service was launched in December 2004, making United the first American carrier to fly to Vietnam since 1975.

In related news, Northwest Airlines, a wholly subsidiary of American carrier Delta Air Lines, will discontinue flights to HCM City via Tokyo, effective from March 27, 2010.

Delta became the second US airline to fly to HCM City in June 2009, five years after United. Once Delta stops its service, United will be again the only American carrier flying to Vietnam.

Till the end of 2009, United had transported more than 700,000 passengers in the route. The carrier said it had recorded average yearly growth of 20% in passenger traffic to Vietnam over the past five years.

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Hong Kong gold closes at new record high

In World on November 16, 2009 at 9:18 am

HONG KONG, Nov 16, 2009 (AFP) – Hong Kong gold closed at a new record high on Monday at 1,131.00-1,132.00 US dollars an ounce, up from Friday’s close of 1,106.00-1,107.00 US dollars.

It opened at 1,123.00 -1,124.00 dollars.

The latest closing price surpassed a high of 1,123.38 dollars per ounce reached in London Thursday, as the precious metal continues its steady advance buoyed by a mix of positive underlying fundamentals.

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First charter flight linking Hong Kong – Da Nang

In Vietnam Travel on September 18, 2009 at 4:16 pm

A new direct service linking Hong Kong with the Central coastal city of Da Nang will be offered by Vietnam Tourism (Vitours) from September 30.

                        Da Nang Airport

The charter flight, which takes one hour and 45 minutes, is operated by the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines (VNA).

The first direct flight will carry 150 professional and semi-professional athletes from several countries.

They are traveling to Vietnam for a 100-kilometer ultra-marathon on the mountain slopes in Tay Giang District, Quang Nam Province, from September 30 to October 4, Cao Tri Dung, deputy general director of Vitours said.

Vitours is also offering a US$100 discount on five day and four night package tours from Da Nang to Hong Kong, taking in such places as Disneyland, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Macau, added Mr. Dung.


Source: SGGP