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State Vice President welcomes Lao students

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State Vice President welcomes Lao students

QĐND – Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 20:54 (GMT+7)

State Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan on November 22 received a delegation of 19 former Lao students who had studied and undertaken research in Vietnam.

The Vice State President applauded the visit, which took place on the occasion of Vietnam Teachers’ Day (November 20), saying that it revealed the former Lao students’ deep sentiments towards their Vietnamese teachers.

Mrs. Doan thanked the Lao Party, State and people for their valuable support for Vietnam during the struggle for national independence in the past as well as the current national construction and defence.

She said she was pleased with the fact that the former Lao students are now holding important positions in various fields in their country.

The former Lao students’ successes are significant gifts for Vietnamese teachers, she said, adding that they also act as a bridge for strengthening the Vietnam-Lao special friendship and comprehensive cooperation.

On behalf of the former students, Somkot Mangnomek, Party Committee Secretary and Mayor of Xieng Khouang province, expressed thanks to the Vietnamese Party, State and people for training thousands of Lao students, a remarkable human resource for the development of the Lao country.

The former Lao students said they were moved to return to Vietnam, which is considered their second homeland, by their unforgettable memories of Vietnamese teachers and friends.

They affirmed that whatever positions they hold, they would always look towards Vietnam, wherever they had lived and studied, and would try their best to foster the special friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Laos.

On the occasion, State Vice President Doan presented the Friendship Order offered by State President Nguyen Minh Triet to Somkot Mangnomek for his important contributions to consolidating and developing Vietnam-Laos ties.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Five dead in Lao Cai mountain landslide

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At least five illicit gold miners have been found dead after being buried in a mountain landslide, prompted by heavy rains, in the northwestern province of Lao Cai August 5.

According to the Van Ban District People’s Committee, after a few days of torrential rains, thousands of tons of mountain soil and stone fell down on Sa Phin gold mine in Nam Xay Commune. About five to six miners were buried while they were taking shelter from the rain in a tent.

Five dead bodies of the men have been found, while local residents and authorities said that it was impossible to determine the number of people buried under the soil.

Earlier, on July 29 and August 3, two people were also reported to have been killed by flashfloods and landslides in the area.

Source: SGGP

Flash floods hit Lao Cai province

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Flash floods hit Lao Cai province

QĐND – Tuesday, August 03, 2010, 21:15 (GMT+7)

Flash floods hit the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai on August 2, killing one and injuring at least four others.

The floods, caused by torrential rains throughout the north-western region, swept away six houses, destroyed a school, and submerged more than 20 hectares of crops in Cua Cai and Na An hamlets, Muong Vi commune, Bat Xat district.

The Director of the Lao Cai provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Ma Quang Trung, who is also deputy head of the Lao Cai provincial board for flood and storm prevention and control, said the flash floods occurred during the daytime so people had time to react and minimise property and human losses.

After the disaster, the Lao Cai provincial board for flood and storm prevention and control and the Bat Xat district People’s Committee sent a delegation to Muong Vi commune to provide disaster relief, inspect the situation, and help local people restore their community. The only dead victim’s family was given VND3 million, while each of the injured victims received VND1 million, and each family who lost their house, VND10 million.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Unitel provides free Internet service to Lao schools

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Unitel provides free Internet service to Lao schools

QĐND – Thursday, July 15, 2010, 20:44 (GMT+7)

Unitel Vietnam signed a memorandum of understanding with the Laos Ministry of Education in Vientiane on July 14 to provide free internet service to 1,295 Lao schools in five years as from July 2010.  

By accessing the Internet, Lao students will gain useful knowledge, increase their awareness, connect to the world, and enhance the quality of their education.

Unitel Vietnam, a joint venture between the Unitel Vietnam Group and a Lao telecommunications company, has become the leading telecommunications supplier in Laos with about 1,200 broadcast stations, 11,000km of cable, and over 1 million subscribers.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Lao Cai residents relocated to safer areas

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Lao Cai residents relocated to safer areas

QĐND – Monday, June 28, 2010, 22:6 (GMT+7)

The landslide-prone northwestern province of Lao Cai has finished moving about 100 households out of high-risk areas, as it was forecast to receive heavy rainfall over the next four days.

Half of the relocated households are in Sapa District and 30 are in Bat Xat District, according to the provincial Steering Committee for Flood Prevention and Control.

The heavy rains are likely to trigger landslides, particularly in places that don’t have a solid geological foundation.

The committee said Lao Cai Province had to step up prevention work, as the southern provinces in China next to the province had already suffered from severe flooding – a 500-year record – since last Friday.

In the meantime, monitoring activities should be fully brought into play from the grassroots level to minimise economic losses in advance.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Lao Airlines to open new route to HCM City

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Lao Airlines to open new route to HCM City

QĐND – Wednesday, June 09, 2010, 17:27 (GMT+7)

Lao Airlines plans to open a new air-route from Pakse International Airport in the southern province of Champassack to HCMC this October, said Lao Airlines’ marketing manager.

The new route will meet the growing development of Vietnam-Lao trade relations.

The Pakse International Airport currently has a 1,700 metre-runway, which is able to receive the 72-seat-ATR turboprop and the 60-seat-MA turboprop. Apart from its domestic routes, Laos Airlines also operates flights from Pakse to Bangkok.

After being upgraded in September 2010, the airport will have a new 2,400 metre long-runway, large enough to take Boeing 737’s and Airbus 320’s.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Lao NA delegation welcomed in Hanoi

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Lao NA delegation welcomed in Hanoi

QĐND – Thursday, May 06, 2010, 21:34 (GMT+7)

The Vice Chairwoman of the National Assembly, Tong Thi Phong, received a visiting delegation from the Lao National Assembly Office, led by its Deputy Chief, Khampheng Vilaphan, in Hanoi on May 5.

After being informed of the project to build the Lao National Assembly Office Headquarters with assistance from the Vietnam NA, Ms Phong highlighted the significance of the work, saying it symbolizes the special solidarity between the two parliaments and between the two countries. 

She expressed her wish that the two countries’ NA Offices would strengthen coordination and supervision in order to complete the project on schedule with safety and high quality. 

In the coming time, the two offices should also increase visits by delegations as well as the exchange of information and experiences on administration and consultancy skills, she added. 

For his part, Deputy Chief of the Lao NA Office Khampheng Vilaphan vowed to do his utmost to foster and promote the special solidarity and friendship as well as comprehensive cooperation between the two nations. 

He expressed his wish to learn from experiences of the Vietnamese NA in enacting legislation and supervision as well as making decisions on important issues of the country.

Source: VNA/VOV

Source: QDND

Lao Cai wildfire extinguished after one week

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Rescue forces have stamped out the last flames of a forest fire that broke out a week earlier at a height of 2,400 meters on the western side of Hoang Lien Mountain in the northern province of Lao Cai.

A fire in Lao Cai Province’s Hoang Lien National Park has burnt 1,700 hectares of the park. (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

The fire that broke out in the Hoang Lien National Park was finally extinguished on Monday, February 15, but not before at least 1,700 hectares were destroyed.

The destroyed area – 1,000 hectares in Ban Ho and Ta Van villages and 700ha in the area between Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces – were mainly alang grass and replanted forests, local authorities said.

The area of primary forests destroyed was small, said the forest fire control steering committee of the neighboring Lai Chau province.

The Lao Cai Province People’s Committee has asked the central government for funds to address the fire’s consequences, formulate better forest protection plans and implement all measures to prevent and fight fires at the Hoang Lien National Park.

The committee has ordered a temporary halt to visits by tourists to the National Park because more dry weather has been forecast for the area.

As of now, the situation is under control and all troops have been withdrawn except for 100 soldiers from the Military Zone 2 deployed to keep watch.

The forest fire is being investigated to establish how it broke out, local authorities said.

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Diary of female wartime doctor published in Lao

In Vietnam Culture on December 27, 2009 at 12:27 pm

The cover of Lao version of Nhat ky Dang Thuy Tram. (Photo: SGGP)

Vietnamese publisher Van Hoc unveiled a Lao version of Nhat ky Dang Thuy Tram (The Diary of Doctor Dang Thuy Tram) in association with the Publishing Department on December 25 in Hanoi.

The book was translated by Dinh Van Hung over the course of three years as part of a cooperation program between the governments of Vietnam and Laos.

The translation has been praised for its similarity in both writing style and content to the original version.

The publisher will give 1,000 copies of the translated version to Laos’s governmental offices on December 28 in Vientiane.

On the occasion, representatives from each country will also launch a contest in which entrants will study the solidarity between Vietnam and Laos in wartime.

Dang Thuy Tram was a female Vietnamese military doctor who worked as a battlefield surgeon for North Vietnam during the war with the US. She was killed at the age of 27 by US forces while defending her hospital in Quang Ngai Province of south-central Vietnam. Her wartime diaries, which chronicle the last three years of her life, attracted international attention following their publication in 2005.

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Sweden grants 28 mln USD for Lao development

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Vientiane (VNA) – The Swedish government has pledged to grant an aid package of 28 million USD to help Laos carry out projects to improve socio-economic development during the 2009-2011 period.

An agreement to this effect was signed in Vientiane on November 19 by the Lao Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Bounthavy Sisouphanthong and the Swedish Ambassador to Laos Lennart Linner.

The sum will be invested in projects and programmes to broaden farmers’ access to social services and markets, improve standards of teaching, preserve natural resources, and establish a national system of research.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Lao Deputy Minister Bounthavy said that the sum will be sourced from the Swedish Development Authority (SIDA) and that, over the past three decades, Swedish support has contributed significantly to improving the rate of Laos’ socio-economic development, particularly in its efforts to reduce poverty.-