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Party official lauds writers’ contributions

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Party official lauds writers’ contributions

QĐND – Saturday, August 07, 2010, 22:5 (GMT+7)

The Party and State always acknowledge and praise the great contributions made by revolutionary literature and the Vietnam Writers’ Association (VWA), said a senior Party official.

Truong Tan Sang, Politburo member and permanent member of the Central Party Committee’s Secretariat, delivered this statement at the 8 th congress of VWA in Hanoi on August 6, which saw the attendance of 923 members from across the country.

During the past 80 years, generations of Vietnamese writers have built a strong attachment and sacrificed their flesh and blood to the nation’s great revolution, and many writers have laid down their lives in battlefields, Sang said.

Since its inception 60 years ago, VWA has gathered a large number of members and many of them have closely followed the cause of renewal and helped to form the revolutionary literature, with a lot of valuable masterpieces, he said.

The official expressed his hope that, with a line-up of whole-hearted and responsible writers, Vietnam ’s literature would see good works of highly moral and artistic value and meet the demands of readers.

The Party and State respect the study and creation trends and always create favourable conditions for writers to penetrate the normal life, Sang stressed.

Regarding its major directions and tasks during the 2010-2015 term, VWA emphasised the need to enhance the voice of writers in the nation’s important issues and their role in building a humane society.

It will also focus on improving the quality of creation, criticism and members, strengthening the capacity of its media and publishing agencies and expanding cultural exchanges and cooperation with foreign partners.

The congress elected a 15-member executive committee, with poet Huu Thing re-elected as president.

Source: VNA

Photo: Dan Tri

Source: QDND

Russia lauds nuclear pact — but reserves right to withdraw

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The US-Russia nuclear arms pact to be signed this week enhances trust between the Cold War foes but Moscow may quit the pact if US missile defence plans go too far, a top Russian official said Tuesday.

US President Barack Obama(R) and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting in Copenhagen in 2009. (AFP Photo)

The nuclear arms treaty to be signed by US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday “reflects a new level of trust between Moscow and Washington,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Speaking to journalists in Moscow, Lavrov said the new disarmament treaty, which succeeds the 1991 US-Soviet START agreement, corresponds perfectly to the national interests of both the United States and Russia.

The previous pact, he said, contained much that was favorable to the United States and of a “discriminatory character” toward Russia — a situation which will be wholly avoided in the new treaty, Lavrov said.

He stressed that the agreement to be signed this week in Prague explicitly acknowledges a direct link between offensive nuclear weapons and missile defences.

But he also admitted that the pact placed no restrictions on either side developing and deploying new missile defences, warning however that US moves to do so could provide grounds for Russia to quit the treaty unilaterally.

“Russia will have the right to abandon the START treaty if a quantitative and qualitative buildup of the US strategic anti-missile potential begins to significantly affect the efficiency of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces,” Lavrov told reporters.

Lavrov spoke to reporters amid US media reports that Obama plans on Tuesday to unveil a radical overhaul of the US nuclear arms strategy, placing explicit new limits on the use of such weapons.

In an interview with The New York Times, a senior US administration official said the new strategy would stress non-nuclear deterrence but would also make exceptions for “outliers like Iran and North Korea.”

US commentators have described the new US-Russia nuclear pact as a key step toward an eventual total elimination of nuclear arms, a generations-old disarmament goal that has been revived by the Obama administration.

Asked to comment on how Russia felt about a nuclear-free world, Lavrov was circumspect.

“To talk seriously about practical steps towards a world without nuclear weapons, attention should be drawn to a whole range of factors that could potentially upset global strategic stability,” he said.

Chief among those factors, according to Lavrov, is the deployment of weapons in space, an area that previous US administrations have acknowledged work in and that Lavrov said Russia and China were hoping to make off-limits.

Work toward a nuclear-free world would also depend on greater scrutiny and regulation of non-nuclear weapons deployed by air, land and sea with huge destructive power.

The new US-Russia treaty limits each side to a ceiling of 1,550 deployed nuclear warheads, a reduction of around 30 percent by comparison with the 1991 START treaty.

Critics however say counting gimmicks and the current state of the US and Russian nuclear stockpiles make the new pact more a symbolic document than a real nuclear weapons-reduction tool.


Source: SGGP

PM lauds progress in Quang Ninh

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HA NOI — Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung led a delegation of Government officials to the northern province of Quang Ninh on Saturday and praised local efforts to overcome the effects of natural disasters, high inflation and other difficulties during 2008.

Dung pointed to the dynamism and creativity of local leaders in promoting the economic growth and said the province had made great progress in all fields, contributing greatly to national achievements.

Provincial GDP has grown 13.2 per cent during the year, while industrial growth has reached a rate of 14.2 per cent. Per-capita income had reached US$1,206 while the poverty rate fallen to 5 per cent, Dung noted.

While Quang Ninh Province is the nation’s leading coal-producing region, Dung urged the province to step up the fight against negative influences of mining on the lives of the local population. He also lauded its efforts to combat coal smuggling and emphasised the role of the Viet Nam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) in properly managing the local coal industry.

Dung set a goal for the province to produce 35-36 million tonnes of coal in the coming year and provide employment for about 100,000 workers. He directed Vinacomin to work closely with the provincial Party committee and authorities to more effectively use natural resources, while improving workers’ lives and protecting the environment.

The Prime Minister warned that the global economic downturn was sure to make 2009 more difficult than the current year, with some of the biggest impacts expected on aspects of the economy that were strong points of Quang Ninh Province, including exports, foreign investment and tourism.

Quang Ninh had natural advantage, in both industry and tourism to maintain growth, Dung said, and he urged provincial authorities to take specific actions to help enterprises promote productivity and exports, particularly in the electricity, cement and engineering sectors.

Dung also called for further simplification of administrative procedures and stepped- up investment promotion efforts on much-need projects, particulary to improve social welfare for impoverished Ba Che District.

He also addressed the inquiries on greater investment in infrastructure for the province, urging the provincial leadership to allocate sufficient budgetary resources to such major projects as the expansion of National Highway 18, the Ha Long–Mong Cai Highway, and the Van Don and Mong Cai economic zones. —

Front lauds charity work of Caodaiists

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HA NOI — The Viet Nam Fatherland Front Central Committee yesterday praised the efforts by Caodaiists for their solidarity and contribution to charitable activities.

Nguyen Van Vinh, a member of the VFFCC, made the remarks at a meeting with dignitaries and representatives from the HCM City-based representative board of the Cao Dai Church in southern Tay Ninh Province, who are on a current visit to Ha Noi.

Thuong Minh Thanh, head of the representative board, said Cao Dai followers had actively supported and taken part in movements and activities in localities.

He expressed his pleasure to visit the VFFCC on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the establishment of the United National Front of Viet Nam, the predecessor of the VFF, and affirmed that the organisation was a common house for every religion, profession and sector.

The Cao Dai sect raised nearly VND2 billion (US$121,000) for charitable activities last year. —