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Fifth flood hit central region within one month

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Fifth flood hit central region within one month

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October exports rise against previous month

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VN-Index closes month in bullish sentiment

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Movements of VN-Index on October 29. (Photo:’s benchmark VN-Index finished in green on October 29 as new regulations which tighten gold borrowing and lending activities positively affected investor confidence.

The shares of 266 companies and five mutual funds listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange emerged 0.57 percent, or 2.56 points, to 452.63 points.

Trading volume significantly improved over the previous session. Around 33.4 million shares changed hands at a value of more than VND1trillion.

Of the index, 124 stocks gained, 81 retreated, while 66 remained unchanged.

Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Bank or Sacombank (STB) stayed on the position of most active share by volume the third day with 2.11 million shares changing hands.

PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (DPM) came next with more than 1 million shares traded, followed by Ocean Group Joint Stock Company (OGC) with 837,150 shares.

Lix Detergent Joint Stock Company (LIX) rebounded from a previous loss of 4.76 percent, jumping the daily maximum allowed limit of 5 percent to VND63,000.

Vietnam Golf Tourism Joint Stock Company (VNG) climbed 4.93 percent to VND14,900.

National Seed Joint Stock Company (NSC) went up 4.65 percent to trade at VND36,000 from VND34,400 the previous day.

Construction company Cotec Investment and Land-house Development Joint Stock Company (CLG) ripped 4.97 percent to VND32,500.

Hoang Quan Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate Corporation (HQC) plunged for three consecutive days, sinking 4.89 percent to VND29,200.

Cu Chi Commercial And Industrial Developing Investment Joint Stock Company (CCI) pared 4.8 percent to VND21,800.

Meanwhile, the smaller on the north also performed well as the Hanoi’s HNX-Index shot up 1.35 points, or 1.21 percent, to 112.86. Trading volume remained low as just 17.5 million shares worth VND350.56 billion changed hands.

Source: SGGP

Hanoi’s promotion month to be launched

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Hanoi’s promotion month to be launched

QĐND – Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 21:25 (GMT+7)

Various kinds of goods can be purchased at cheap prices during the Hanoi’s promotion month in November.

So far, 259 businesses have applied for the upcoming program with at least 15% discount for many products sold in 1,100 promotion places around Hanoi.

According to Doan Quoc Khanh, Director of the Hanoi – Cho Lon (HC) Company, the Hanoi’s promotion month should draw experiences from previous programs such that businesses should sell good products and create benefits for customers.

The event’s organising panel has also recommended that customers should learn about the program through shopping handbooks which are provided free at many public places.

Source: Dan Viet

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Action Month for the Poor 2010 launched

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Action Month for the Poor 2010 launched

QĐND – Monday, October 18, 2010, 21:18 (GMT+7)

PANO – The Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee has launched the “Day for the Poor” Campaign, as part of the Action Month for the Poor to mark the day Uncle Ho proclaimed an appeal for help to the poor (October 17th, 1946).

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Huynh Dam, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, on behalf of the Committee, expressed his deep gratitude to organizations, individuals, benefactors, overseas Vietnamese and international friends for their good deeds and support for the campaign over the past years.

It is the tenth year the “Day for the Poor” has been launched by the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee.

Translated by Vu Hung

Source: QDND

VN-Index closes month on light note

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Movements of VN-Index on September 30. (Photo: shares of 259 companies and five mutual funds listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange toiled to finish in green on September 30 thanked to support from blue-chip stocks.

The Vietnam’s benchmark VN-Index rallied 0.35 percent, or 1.58 points, to 454.52 points.

Trading volume slightly improved over the previous session. Around 40.6 million shares changed hands at a value of VND1.2 trillion.

Of the index, 68 stocks increased, 139 slipped, while 58 were unchanged.

Ocean Group Joint Stock Company (OGC) was the most active share by volume with 1.82 million shares changing hands.

It was followed by transportation company Thuan Thao Corporation (GTT) with 855,850 shares. The company announced that it would issue 14,501,000 additional shares to its current shareholders at a ratio of 2:1, and at a price of VND10,000 per chare.

Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Bank or Sacombank (STB) tagged along with 816,970 shares traded.

From September 10 to September 23, Dang Van Thanh, chairman of Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Bank or Sacombank (STB) bought 2 million shares, raising his holdings to 28,020,039 shares, accounting for 4.18 percent of the company’s chartered capital.

Bao Minh Insurance Corporation (BMI) rebounded from a previous loss of 3.03 percent, jumping the daily maximum allowed limit of 5 percent to VND16,800.

Long Giang Investment and Urban Development Joint Stock Company (LGL) climbed 4.9 percent to VND25,700.

Bao Viet Holdings (BVH) bobbed 4.72 percent to trade at VND55,500 from VND53,000 the previous day.

Construction company De Tam Joint Stock Company (DTA) ripped 5 percent to VND19,000.

Thien Nam Trading Import Export Corporation (TNA) plunged 4.97 percent to VND32,500.

South Logistics Joint Stock Company (STG) sliced 4.96 percent to VND34,500.

Meanwhile, the Hanoi’s HNX-Index subtracted 0.12 points, or 0.09 percent, to 127.29. Trading volume fell by 25 percent over the previous day as just 26.3 million shares worth VND630.6 billion changed hands.

The UPCoM-Index of the market of unlisted shares deleted 0.92 points to 45.72 points. Trading volume was at 246,400 shares traded, approximately VND3.86 billion.

Source: SGGP

Muslims start fasting month of Ramadan

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Muslims in much of the Middle East begin the fasting month of Ramadan Wednesday during an especially gruelling time of the year, with sweltering heat and extremely long daylight hours.

Religious authorities in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, announced the sighting of the crescent moon on Tuesday evening, fixing the start of the ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar on the following day.

Officials in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, Qatar, Syria, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Algeria and Tunisia also announced a Wednesday start to the month.

The same was true for Sunni Muslims in Iraq, but the larger Shiite community will not begin until Thursday, as is the case with Oman.

Indonesian women pray during the first night of Ramadan in Jakarta.

Muslims observe Ramadan by abstaining from food, drink and sex from dawn until sunset.

Pregnant and menstruating women, the sick, travellers and prepubescent children are exempt from the fast, which is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Ramadan will begin amid scorching temperatures in the Middle East and elsewhere, with the first six months of 2010 being the warmest ever recorded.

Egypt, the largest Arab country whose 80 million population is mostly Muslim, will switch to winter time for the month, moving the clock back by an hour.

The same will be true in the Palestinian territories.

In Dubai, a cleric told workmen they are religiously allowed to break their fast if the heat got the better of them.

Most fasting Muslims go about their business as usual, if skimping an hour or two from work. Sleeping well into the day, although not technically a fast breaker, is considering cheating by some clerics.

Pieties increase, with additional optional prayers in the evening. Often, so does the evening and nighttime revelry for those able to peel themselves away from the special Ramadan television series in the evenings.

The month is marked by family visits and invitations to sumptuous iftars — the meals that break the fast.

Festivities can last into the early morning, to the consternation of traditional clerics who stress the ascetic nature of the month, in which Muslims believe God revealed the Koran to the Prophet Mohammed.

Egypt, which depends on tourism, is offering rich Arab holidaymakers fireworks, concerts, folkloric shows and displays by whirling dervishes.

But given the family-centred traditions of the month, enticing people to leave their countries is a tough sell.

Egypt’s bars and pubs either close during the month or switch to abstemious menus, with the exception of hotel bars, which serve alcohol only to non-Egyptians to conform with the Islamic ban on alcohol.

Dubai, one of the most popular Middle East cities for party-goers, closes its night clubs or bans dancing in them.

Consumption of alcohol in the United Arab Emirates is officially allowed only for non-Muslims. But in practice, anyone can drink at licensed hotels and clubs. During Ramadan, hotels close off their bars from public view.

“There are tourists and non-Muslims in the country and they can go to closed bars in which they can be served alcohol” during Ramadan, director of Dubai government’s inspection and tourism permit section, Mohammed Khalifa, told AFP.

“It is not permitted to hold entertainment activities, celebrations or parties at any time throughout the holy month of Ramadan,” the government said in a circular.

Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, will take the opportunity to crack down on Internet pornography.

Quoting a poem at a press conference on Tuesday, Communications Minister Tifatul Sembiring called on Muslims to “keep hearts clean in the holy month,” and said that he would target websites and media that carried sexual content.

Despite the fasting, some clerics complain that people end up piling on the pounds during the month, as they over-indulge to compensate for the fasting. The consumption contributes to price hikes.

In Mauritania, the government announced “urgent measures” against the increase.

The global rise in food prices, coupled with the Ramadan spike, also means that less can afford a traditional theme of the month — charity.

Long iftar tables set with free stews and bread that were commonplace in Cairo have been noticeably decreasing over the past two years, with many hosts saying they can’t afford it anymore.

Source: SGGP

VN-Index experiences steepest decline in one month

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Vietnam’s benchmark VN-Index declined the most in one month on August 9, as investors panicked when the index sank below 480 points.


Movements of VN-Index on August 6. (Photo:

The shares of 253 companies and five mutual funds listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange opened the week at 472.74 points, losing 2.09 percent, or 10.08 points, the steepest decrease since May 21.

Among the index members, only 16 stocks gained, while 224 dropped, and 18 remained unchanged.

However, trading volume on the city bourse improved as bottom-catching demand increased. Around 43.43 million shares changed hands at a value of VND1.19 trillion.

HCMC-based Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation (REE) was the most active stock in volume with 1.67 million shares changing hands.

Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading Joint Stock Company (TCM) tagged along with 1.66 million shares, followed by Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Bank (STB) with 1.19 million shares.

Hoang Long Group (HLG), Petrovietnam Finance Joint Stock Corporation (PVF), and Mientrung Petroleum Construction Joint Stock Company (PXM) all tumbled the daily maximum allowed limit of 5 percent to VND24,700, VND20,900, and VND17,100 respectively.

From June 1 to August 1, Nguyen Thanh Phong, member of the Board of Directors of Hoang Long Group (HLG), registered to buy 80,000 shares for investment. However, he was not able to buy them as prices were not as expected. His holdings are currently at 20,000 shares.

Among a few gainers, Ha Tien Transport Joint Stock Company (HTV) surged 4.92 percent to VND34,100.

Vien Dong Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (DVD) climbed 4.27 percent to VND112,000. The company announced its post-tax profits in the first six months reached VND101.85 billion, up 183.8 percent year-on-year, which meet 70 percent of this year’s goal.

Binh Chanh Construction Investment Shareholding Company (BCI) added up 3.85 percent to VND45,900.

The Hanoi’s HNX-Index also sharply dropped, erasing 2.9 percent, or 4.24 points, to close at 141.9. Trading volume increased by 26 percent over the previous trading session, up to 35.76 million shares, worth VND934.26 billion.

The UPCoM-Index slipped 1.96 points to 48.49 points. Trading volume was at 344,300 shares, valued VND5.74 billion, as of 11 am local time.


Source: SGGP

June deadliest month of Afghan war for NATO

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June has become the deadliest month of the Afghan war for the NATO-led international military force.

US soldiers at an airfield in Kandahar in May 2010.

An Associated Press count based on announcements by the alliance and national commands shows 76 international service members have died this month. The total includes 46 Americans.

The previous deadliest month for the multinational force was July 2009, when 75 troops were killed. For the U.S. contingent, the deadliest month was October 2009, when 59 service members were killed.

Source: SGGP