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11th National Party Congress preparation session held in Hanoi

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11th National Party Congress preparation session held in Hanoi

QĐND – Tuesday, January 11, 2011, 21:36 (GMT+7)

A preparation session for the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam was held in Hanoi on January 11.

Delegates elected a Presidium of 24 members. A secretariat of five was elected headed by Ngo Van Du, member of the Party’s Central Committee secretariat, Head of the Central Committee’s Office. Nguyen Van Chi, Politburo member, Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Inspection was also elected head of a 12-member committee for the verification of delegates’ qualifications.

At the session, the agenda for the Congress got a 100 percent approval. Accordingly, the Congress will discuss and adopt a political platform for the transitional period to socialism in Vietnam (revised and supplemented in 2011) and the nation’s socio-economic development strategy for the 2011-2020 period. The Congress will also hear the political report of the Party’s Central Committee (10th tenure) to review the implementation of the mission in the last five years and draw up a direction for the next five years. In addition, it will propose a supplement of the Party’s regulations and elect a Central Committee for the next term.

On behalf of the Presidium, Ho Duc Viet, Politburo member, Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Organisation and Personnel, introduced the election regulations.

According to the committee for the verification of delegates’ qualifications, the Congress, themed “Continuing the Party’s leadership and fighting capacity, upholding national strength, comprehensively spurring the renovation, and laying the foundations for Vietnam to become a modern industrial country by 2020” will be attended by 1.377 delegates, representing 3.6 million Party members nationwide.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

National gold exchange to be set up

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Vietnam’s National Financial Supervisory Commission said it has asked the government to open an official gold exchange in 2011 to decrease the dependence of Vietnam’s economy on US dollars and restore order to the market of this precious metal.  Government officials will discuss a concrete plan for the setting up of the national exchange next week, said Le Xuan Nghia, vice chairperson of the commission.


He said in other countries, gold is kept in reserve centers, under the management of the central Bank. In Vietnam, the ratio of gold controlled by the ordinary people is very high. He added that the state bank should help to mobilize the capital in gold in the population, by acting as the largest controller of gold and the final buyer and seller in the gold market. “The establishment of the Gold Exchange will help investors trade in gold methodically under the risk control of the State. The exchange is also a place where managing agencies can supervise, regulate and intervene in the market,” said NFMC Vice Chairman Le Xuan Nghia.


Under the project, the State Bank of Vietnam will establish a joint stock company to monitor and manage the operation of the exchange and build a technical infrastructure system to manage gold trading activities. Investors will buy and sell gold under the form of certificates.  The exchange will operate like a stock exchange in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Gold will be traded in the form of certificates.


The launch of the exchange will allow investors to invest in gold officially, and at the same time, help authorities manage the market, Nghia said. He also informed that the government should apply the mechanism of issuing bonds in gold, allowing commercial banks to carry out services of refunding and rediscounting gold. Besides, commercial banks can be permitted to reserve gold as a foreign currency.


Vietnam closed all 20 gold exchanges in the country from March. The central bank said the closure was necessary to eliminate risks posed to the national financial system. After the shutdown, however, some illegal trading floors for gold ‘popped up’. This was because many investors still wanted to trade gold using accounts despite the huge risks involved.


Many experts proposed that this project would help stabilize, manage and develop the gold market better, as well as promote the role of the capital source in economic development.

Before, the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) proposes this project to the Prime Minister, a national gold exchange Department should be set up.  The Gold Exchange, which will be a state funded organization, will ensure the equity in the market and avoid any unnecessary price increases that may damage our economy, said Nguyen Manh, Head of BIDV’s Capital and Capital Business Department.



Source: SGGP

National Sports Festival wraps up

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National Sports Festival wraps up

QĐND – Saturday, January 01, 2011, 21:7 (GMT+7)

The sixth National Games wrapped up at the Tien Son Sports Palace in the coastal city of Danang on December 31.

The organising board presented VND2 million to each athlete who set a national record.

According to the board’s statistics, 102 athletes set national records at the festival.

The games were participated by 66 sports delegations comprising nearly 8,700 athletes competing in 12 sport disciplines and sub-categories.

At the closing ceremony, the organising board handed over the sports festival’s flag to Nam Dinh which will host the event in 2014.

Source: VOV



Source: QDND

National Assembly elections scheduled for May 22

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National Assembly elections scheduled for May 22

QĐND – Friday, January 07, 2011, 21:29 (GMT+7)

The election of the 13th National Assembly and for People’s Councils at all levels for the 2011-16 term will be held on May 22 of this year.

A majority of members of the National Assembly Standing Committee approved the date at a session of the NA Standing Committee in Hanoi on Jan. 6.

As planned, the NA Standing Committee will promulgate a resolution of the date for the national polls on January 21.

The NA Standing Committee also agreed on the establishment of an election council, which will comprise 21 people including the NA chairman who will be the council president. It will also include deputy chairmen from the Office of the President, the Government Office, the National Assembly, committees, organisations and central associations.

NA Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong, who chaired the session, asked relevant offices to implement tasks necessary to ensuring the process runs as scheduled.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

The 6th National Technological Creation contest for teenagers

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The 6th National Technological Creation contest for teenagers

QĐND – Thursday, December 16, 2010, 21:5 (GMT+7)

On December 14th, Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creations (VIFOTEC) held a ceremony to present prizes to winners of their 6th contest for youths and teenagers.

There was 1 special prize, 4 first, 9 second, 20 third and 40 consolation prizes, out of 321 entries.

The special prize went to Nguyen Văn Binh,17 from Hiep Hoa II High School in Bac Giang, for his “Versatile Robot for Agriculture”.

Apart from VIFOTEC, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) also handed over prizes to Nguyen Van Hoa and Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu, students from Thuan My Primary School in Chau Thanh District, Long An Province, for their ideas. Quynh Nhu had “Green idea-Ao Dai made of peas”.

Source: HNM

Translated by Tran Hoai

Source: QDND

Experts eye ways to protect national park

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Experts eye ways to protect national park

QĐND – Wednesday, December 01, 2010, 21:25 (GMT+7)

Tourism promotion and environmental protection in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park were discussed on Nov. 30 in a seminar between Vietnamese and German representatives.

The seminar is part of a communication project funded by the German Development Cooperation to protect the park.

“Environment protection and tourism development cannot contradict each other. We support Vietnam through new communication initiatives that will be joined by the local community to protect the environment,” said Constanze Esenwein, a representative from the German Embassy.

The participants discussed their attempts to promote environmental protection in the community.

The project will focus on delivering brochures, organising exhibitions and screening documentaries to help the community learn about environmental protection.

Tourists will be responsible for protecting the diversity of fauna and flora in the park, said Constanze.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is located to the north of the Truong Son mountain range in the central province of Quang Binh, one of the world’s two largest limestone regions.

The over 200,000ha park includes beautiful formations, grottoes and caves, and boasts lush forests covering 95 percent of the land.

According to initial statistics, the tropical forest in the park houses 140 families, 427 branches, and 751 species of plants, of which 36 are endangered and listed in the Vietnam Red Book.

The forest is also home to 381 species of four-legged invertebrates. Sixty-six species are listed in the Viet Nam Red Book and 23 others in the World Red Book.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

National Assembly to strengthen its supervisory ability

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National Assembly and the 12th Standing Committee held a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City on December 6. It was decided to collect opinions and to review their work during the year.

Mr. Tran Dinh Dan, director of the Office of the National Assembly said, “Legislative work of the 12th Standing Committee of the National Assembly is still limit. The decree-law is not feasible and the National Assembly’s supervision has not been met the people’s expectation and life requirement”.

He also went on to say, “The National Assembly needs its own acting mechanism for members and needs to strengthen their supervisory ability. Likewise, the Government should not fix the age limit of elected members of the National Assembly, but to focus more on its own prestige”.

In conclusion, it was decided that the Party leadership should be changed to create more advantages for the National Assembly and to implement its own authority and responsibility.

Source: SGGP

National film festival on traffic safety ends

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Five films won the golden medals at the 2010 National film festival on traffic safety which closed at the Ho Chi Minh Musuem in Hanoi on November 24.

The opening ceremony of the 2010 National Film Festival on traffic safety is organized in Hanoi on November 22.The pirtures included of “The pain is still there”, “If…”, “Two pains”, “The reality and solution”, and “Ucompleted joy” by the traffic safety departments of the northern province of Bac Ninh, the southern province of Dong Nai, the Secutiry Televison of the notherrn province of Quang Ninh, Ha Giang Province and the central highland province of Buon Ma Thuot.

The organizing board also awarded 10 silver medals and 15 bronze medals to wininng works.

Launched in April, this year’s 8th event themed “Dangers for traffic participants with alcohol use”, drawn 124 movies from 52 cities and provinces throughout the country in five categories: reportage, documentary, science and education, short film, and music.

The film festival was organixed by the National Committee for Traffic Safetyand the Overland – Railroad Traffic Police Department.

Source: SGGP

‘National tragedy’ as 29 perish in N.Z. mine disaster

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GREYMOUTH, New Zealand, Nov 24, 2010 (AFP) – All 29 men missing in a New Zealand coal mine have died after a powerful second blast tore through the pit, authorities said Wednesday, plunging the country into mourning.

Police said there was now no chance of finding anyone alive, confirming the country’s worst mining accident in nearly a century. Prime Minister John Key called it a “national tragedy” and said flags would fly at half-mast.

“Where this morning we held on to hope, we must now make way for sorrow,” Key said. “Today, all New Zealanders grieve for these men. We are a nation in mourning.”

Police Superintendent Gary Knowles, who led stuttering rescue efforts, said he was at the mountainside Pike River mine when the sickening second explosion hit at 2:37 pm (0137 GMT), five days after Friday’s initial blast.

“There was another explosion at the mine. It was extremely severe,” he said.

“Based on expert evidence I have been given… it is our belief that no one has survived and everyone has perished.”

Pike River Coal chief executive Peter Whittall (R) reacts during a press conference on the rescue operations for the 29 coal miners trapped underground after an explosion at the Pike River Coal mine on November 24, 2010. AFP

The news prompted anguish and anger among relatives, who had suffered an agonising wait for a rescue that never came as toxic gases stopped emergency teams from entering the mine in New Zealand’s South Island.

In the grief-stricken town of Greymouth, home to many of the miners, builder Mike Curtis said locals were united in believing that rescuers should have gone in “straight away — all the old-timers knew that”.

The victims of the blasts ranged from a 17-year-old on his first shift to a 62-year-old veteran, and include two Australians, two Britons and a South African.

District mayor Tony Kokshoorn said the incident was the “darkest hour” of New Zealand’s rugged West Coast region, a centre of the country’s burgeoning mining industry based on exports to Asia.

The mine is a new facility that sent its first shipment of hard coking coal for making steel to India only this year.

“It’s unbelievable. It doesn’t get worse than this,” Kokshoorn said, adding that devastated relatives were questioning why a rescue was not attempted sooner.

“They just sobbed openly, just fell to the floor. There were people just shouting out, anger,” he said.

“The cause (of the second explosion) was the build-up over the last five days of the gases again and they noticed this morning. A lethal mixture ignited the entire mine.”

Stop-start rescue efforts had earlier inched forward when a bore hole into the mine finally broke through, but found only a toxic cocktail of dangerous gases with little oxygen.

A remote-controlled robot — the second such device after a first one broke down — also travelled about a kilometre (two-thirds of mile) into the mine and found the helmet of one of the only two survivors, its headlight still on.

But rescue efforts were dramatically ended when the second blast ripped through the gas-filled network of tunnels.

Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee said efforts would be made to recover the bodies of those killed. He said a series of inquiries aimed at finding out the cause of the disaster and preventing any repeat would be carried out.

New Zealand lost 19 miners in 1967 but the last accident on this scale was in 1914, when 43 died in a gas explosion at a mine in Huntly on the North Island.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who is also the head of state of New Zealand, a former British colony, said she was “deeply saddened” by the deaths.

“My heart goes out to the families and friends of these 29 brave miners and to all who have been touched by this national disaster,” she said in a message to Key released by Buckingham Palace.

“I send my thanks and deep appreciation to everyone who has worked so hard to attempt a rescue and also to those who will have a part to play in the task of healing the pain that is being felt throughout New Zealand and around the world.”

Julia Gillard, prime minister of Australia, which sent experts and equipment for the rescue effort, said: “Our hearts go out to them and on behalf of the Australian people I give the condolences of this nation.”

An emotional Peter Whittall, chief executive of Pike River Coal, said he personally broke the news to the miners’ relatives.

“They had looked to me for hope and to keep them informed of what was going on,” he said. “This takes us to the point where I’m unlikely to see my workmates again and unlikely to seen them walk out of that mine.”

Whittall said emergency crews would remain at the mine, monitoring for when gas levels drop to a level that allows the grim task of retrieving the bodies.

“We want our boys back,” he said.

Source: SGGP

124 films at national film festival on traffic safety

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124 films at national film festival on traffic safety

QĐND – Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 20:33 (GMT+7)

PANO – The National film festival on traffic safety, entitled “Dangers for traffic participants with alcohol use”, organised by National Committee on Traffic Safety, officially opened in Hanoi on November 22nd. 

The three-day festival will screen 124 films with different genres, including reportage, documentary, science and education.

The festival aims to diversify propaganda methods, share experiences as well as solutions to urgent traffic problems.

Awarded films will be copied and saved as documentations to serve for propaganda activities at grassroots level.

Translated by Tran Hoai

Source: QDND