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At least 135 dead from disease outbreak in Haiti

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 An outbreak of severe diarrhea has killed at least 135 people in rural central Haiti and sickened hundreds more who overwhelmed a crowded hospital Thursday seeking treatment. Health workers suspected the disease is cholera, but were awaiting tests.

Hundreds of patients lay on blankets in a parking lot outside St. Nicholas hospital in the port city of St. Marc with IVs in their arms for rehydration. As rain began to fall in the afternoon, nurses rushed to carry them inside.

Doctors were testing for cholera, typhoid and other illnesses in the Caribbean nation’s deadliest outbreak since a January earthquake that killed as many as 300,000 people.

People receive serum at the St. Nicholas hospital in Saint Marc, Haiti, Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010.

Catherine Huck, deputy country director for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said the Caribbean nation’s health ministry had recorded 135 deaths and more than 1,000 infected people.

“What we know is that people have diarrhea, and they are vomiting, and (they) can go quickly if they are not seen in time,” Huck said. She said doctors were still awaiting lab results to pinpoint the disease.

The president of the Haitian Medical Association, Claude Surena, said the cause appeared to be cholera, but added that had not been confirmed by the government.

“The concern is that it could go from one place to another place, and it could affect more people or move from one region to another one,” he said.

Cholera is a waterborne bacterial infection spread through contaminated water. It causes severe diarrhea and vomiting that can lead to dehydration and death within hours. Treatment involves administering a salt and sugar-based rehydration serum.

The sick come from across the rural Artibonite region, which did not experience significant damage in the Jan. 12 quake but has absorbed thousands of refugees from the devastated capital 45 miles (70 kilometers) south of St. Marc.

Some patients said they drank water from a public canal, while others said they bought purified water. All complained of symptoms including fever, vomiting and severe diarrhea.

“I ran to the bathroom four times last night vomiting,” said 70-year-old Belismene Jean Baptiste.

Trucks loaded with medical supplies including rehydration salts were to be sent from Port-au-Prince to the hospital, said Jessica DuPlessis, an OCHA spokeswoman. Doctors at the hospital said they also needed more personnel to handle the flood of patients.

Elyneth Tranckil was among dozens of relatives standing outside the hospital gate as new patients arrived near death.

“Police have blocked the entry to the hospital, so I can’t get in to see my wife,” Tranckil said.

Aid groups were mobilizing to ship medicine, water filtration units and other relief supplies to the Artibonite region.

“We have been afraid of this since the earthquake,” said Robin Mahfood, president of Food for the Poor, which was preparing to airlift donations of antibiotics, oral dehydration salts and other supplies.

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince issued an advisory urging people to drink only bottled or boiled water and eat only food that has been thoroughly cooked.

Source: SGGP

Health authorities control dog import to slow cholera outbreak

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A dog meat shop in Hanoi. (Photo: SGGP)The Ministry of Health has asked local authorities to closer control the importation of dogs to prevent cholera from entering Vietnam, after imported dog meat had tested positive for vibrio cholerae in Hanoi’s Ha Dong District 

The Ministry of Health proposed that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development test imported dogs at border gates to prevent cholera from entering Vietnam.

Cholera infested dog meat discovered in northern provinces was mostly imported from Laos and Thailand via the Thanh Hoa Province border, which has long been considered a hot spot for cholera transmission.

The 12 provinces and cities that have recorded the most cholera cases believe victims acquired the disease from their consumption of unsanitary foods, including dog meat, uncooked vegetables, blood pudding, ice and street food.

Source: SGGP

Fresh bird flu outbreak hits Bac Kan

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The Department of Health has confirmed two more cases of bird flu in patients from the northern province of Bac Kan’s Cho Moi District, a health official reported April 15.

People should not contact with ill poultry to prevent contract bird flu ( Photo: WHO)

The two people were taken to hospital in the province in serious condition, said Dr. Nguyen Huy Nga of the Preventive Health and Environment Department.

The patients are from the same village where several other cases of avian influenza were reported earlier, causing concern that the area has become a hotspot for the illness and that human-to-human transmission could potentially occur.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tran Nhu Duong, deputy director of the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, said the institute recently appointed two groups to conduct an epidemiological investigation of the village.

The groups found that the two latest cases became infected after  coming into contact with infected poultry, adding there was no evidence to suggest the patients had contracted the flu from other infected individuals.

Bird flu has claimed two lives in Vietnam so far this year.

In related news, Dr. Nga said four provinces have recently reported cases of cholera. He expressed concern that a large outbreak of the disease could soon occur as the prolonged sweltering weather that Vietnam is experiencing is conducive to development of the cholera bacteria, which causes acute diarrhea and can be fatal if left untreated.

The hot weather has also reduced water levels in lakes and rivers in southern provinces, forcing people to resort to using dirty water sources where the Vibrio cholera bacterium thrives.

In addition, food is more prone to spoilage in hot weather, which can create favorable conditions for cholera to develop.

Health officials advise people to practice good personal hygiene and keep food preparation areas clean. Food should be cooked well and water should be boiled before drinking. People should also wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating or handling food.

Source: SGGP

Bird flu outbreak reported in eastern India

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Hanoi (VNA) – The H5N1 bird flu has spread to Indian eastern state West Bengal since its outbreak in neighboring state Assam last month, news reports said on December 16.

The West Bengal government has said strains of the deadly avian flu virus were detected by the national High Security Animal Disease Laboratory in blood samples collected from two dead poultry birds in Malda district.

The same day, a ban on the inflow of poultry from West Bengal was imposed by other states following the confirmation of the disease.

The northeastern Indian state of Assam sounded a health alert after over 300 poultry birds died of the bird flu virus late last month. More than 250,000 poultry have been culled in the past two weeks in Assam , according to news agencies. –

Dengue outbreak follows flooding

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HA NOI — Hospitals in Ha Noi have treated more than 500 dengue-fever cases and 500 cases of eye infections during the past two weeks, causing alarm over outbreaks of water-borne diseases following recent floods in the capital.

Hospitals report that the number of patients, mainly young people, is two times higher than the same period last year. Many of these recent cases are serious, said Bui Nguyen Kiem, the head of Saint Paul Hospital’s Internal Medicine Department No 2, which treats seven dengue-fever cases every day.

Kiem said many of the patients did not use mosquito nets at night and delayed their visit to the hospital instead of checking in as soon as they had fever symptoms.

“The initial symptoms of this fever are similar to other kinds of fevers, so many people were only taken to the hospital when their fevers became serious and difficult to treat,” said Kiem.

One patient says he thought he had contracted a ‘normal’ fever.

“My temperature was high and I felt cold for several days,” said 26 year-old Vu Kim Anh from Giai Phong Street. “I stayed at home because I thought it was a normal fever.

“Then, when I passed out one day, my parents took me to the hospital.”

Eye infections have also risen, as the recent floods in Ha Noi have polluted some water sources, said doctor Le Xuan Cung from the National Eye Hospital.

Eye infections are easy to treat, but only when detected early. “If the infection isn’t treated in a timely way, the condition can become quite serious,” said Cung.

Doctors recommend people use mosquito nets when they go to sleep and keep their living environment dry and clean to eradicate all conditions which could promote the disease vectors to reproduce and develop.

People should also use eye drop medicine to prevent eye infections. —

Thailand reports new bird flu outbreak

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Hanoi (VNA) – Another bird-flu outbreak has been confirmed in Thailand ‘s northern province of Uthai Thani. Sakchai Sriboonsue, director-general of the Livestock

Department, said on November 13 that lab tests confirmed that fowls, which died earlier in the province, had contracted the avian flu virus.

On November 9, the department also confirmed an outbreak of bird flu had been detected in Sukhothai province.

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry declared nine northern provinces under a special watch for the deadly avian influenza on November 13. The country has also decided to suspend the export of frozen chicken and inform the World Organasation for Animal Health of the outbreaks of bird flu.

Since the first bird flu outbreak in 2004, 17 people have died of the disease in Thailand. –

Thailand detects new bird flu outbreak

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Bangkok (VNA) – Thailand has detected a fresh outbreak of avian influenza among free-range chickens in the northern province of Sukhothai, Livestock Development Department chief Sakchai Sribponsue said.

Lab tests had confirmed that a dead chicken from a family farm had died of an infection with H5N1, the virus subtype causing bird flu, he added.

The Thai authorities declared the flu-outbreak zone and took necessary measures to control the spread of the disease, according to local media.

It was the third confirmed outbreak of bird flu detected in Thailand this year.

Thailand’s chicken industry was hard-hit by the aviation influenza pandemic that affected much of Asia in 2004 and 2005.

At the peak of the epidemic in 2004, some 25 Thais were infected by the virus, 17 of whom died.-