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Outstanding groups and individuals for AO victims to be honoured

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Outstanding groups and individuals for AO victims to be honoured

QĐND – Tuesday, January 11, 2011, 21:36 (GMT+7)

PANO – 99 outstanding groups and individuals from movements and campaigns in support of more than 3 million Vietnamese Agent Orange (AO) victims will be honoured at the program, “Gratitude to Golden Hearts to AO Victims”, to be on air at 08.00pm, on January 24th, 2011, on Vietnam Television’s S9 studio.

Among the honoured selected by the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA) and its branches in cities and provinces nationwide, are General Vo Nguyen Giap and the late Professor Tran Van Giau.

Addressing a recent press conference in Hanoi, Senior – General Nguyen Van Rinh, Chairman of the VAVA, said the program will be a great encouragement to millions of AO victims and their families as well as organisations and individuals at home and abroad to continue their support to the victims.

According to Colonel Le Cuong, a member of the organizing board, it was not easy to select outstanding figures as thousands of local and foreign groups and individuals have been actively engaged in movements and campaigns supporting Vietnamese AO victims.

The program will be broadcast live on VTV and VTC channels, local TV channels of HCMC, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Lao Cai provinces. The event is jointly organised by the VAVA, the Southeast Asian Research Association of Vietnam (SEARAV), the People’s Police Newspaper, the ASEAN magazine, and the ASEAN C&C Company.

Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Vietnamese Talent Awards honors outstanding scientists

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1,300 outstanding people to attend emulation congress

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1,300 outstanding people to attend emulation congress

QĐND – Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 20:41 (GMT+7)

1,300 people have been selected as delegates to attend the 8th National Patriotic Emulation Congress, which will take place from November 29th-30th, according to the organising board.

The delegates are people who have been creative at work or made large contributions to national development and society over the past five years.

The organising board unveiled on October 26th that 30 per cent of the delegates work in economic sectors, 20 per cent belong to defence and security and the remainder are related to education and training, health care and other sectors.

Especially, examples in fight against corruption and outstanding youths in movements will be honored at the congress.

Source: TT

Translated by Thu Nguyen

Source: QDND

1,000 outstanding farmers honoured

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1,000 outstanding farmers honoured

QĐND – Saturday, August 14, 2010, 20:52 (GMT+7)

Around 1,000 outstanding farmers were honoured for their achievements in production activities on August 14 by the Hanoi Farmers Association.

They excelled in the rural modernization programme and in building a strong Farmers Association.

They were also honoured for their patriotism for the country, diligence, intelligence and creativity. They improved their own households and helped many others escape poverty, raise incomes, and maintain social order in localities.

Most notably, Mr Nguyen Van Trung, a farmer with disabilities in Phu Nghia commune, Chuong My district has overcome his difficulties to become a manager of a rattan and bamboo export enterprise which generates more than 100 jobs for local people.

According to the Hanoi Farmers Association, over the past five years, grassroots-level emulation movements have contributed to establishing many highly efficient agricultural areas that spur the local economy and reduce the number of poor households.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

City honors 174 outstanding students

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Cheers erupted at the Thong Nhat Palace (Reunification Palace) in Ho Chi Minh City on July 15, honoring 174 exceptional students from the 2009-2010 academic year.

Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Hua Ngoc Thuan gives certificates of merits to prominent students ( Photo: SGGP)

The city has 4,070 “city-level” good students, including 2,161 junior high school pupils and 1,909 seniors in high school.

Specifically, 106 learners did well in the national contests; three twelve graders achieved high marks in the high school final examination and 24 primary and junior school pupils won prizes in the national-level contest titled “ Solving mathematical puzzles on the internet.”

Each student has showed their self-confidence through their accomplishments and knowledge. Despite coming from different backgrounds, they are share the determination to excel in their studies.

Eleventh grader Tran Anh Minh Tho, of the Le Hong Phong high school for gifted students began learning French in her first class inspired by her grandfather, the only French-speaking member of her average income family.

Since then, she has developed the habit of striking up conversations with foreigners anywhere, anytime; accordingly, she is as fluent in French as she is in her mother tongue. However, she does not neglect other subjects.

The eleventh grader wishes to become a successful businesswoman. She does not value studying abroad highly, feeling that self-studying and the practical applications of knowledge are much more important.

Meanwhile, fifth grader Pham Tien Dung of the primary school Hong Ha in district Binh Thanh, who won a bronze medal in the mathematical puzzle solving computer contest became confused to during the presentation of awards. Unlike other kids who play games on internet, the boy spends much time on the computer solving math equations.

Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Hua Ngoc Thuan spoke highly of students whose achievements are so excellent, saying he expected them – precious treasures of the city – to continue their shining academic example.

Source: SGGP

Outstanding military individuals and units honoured

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Outstanding military individuals and units honoured

QĐND – Thursday, July 01, 2010, 21:23 (GMT+7)

PANO – The 8th ‘Determine – to – Win’ Congress of the Army opened in Hanoi on June 29th with the participation of more than 600 outstanding individuals and units of the army who have distinguished themselves in the emulation movement.

Leaders of the State, the Government and the National Assembly, the Defence Ministry and representatives from units in the whole army were also present at the event.

Addressing the Congress, General Le Van Dung, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Director of the Vietnam People’s Army General Political Department, reviewed the ‘Determine – to – Win’ emulation movement in the past five years and praised individuals and teams for their outstanding achievements in the campaign.

Over these past five years, results of the ‘Determine-to-Win’ emulation movement have contributed to the consolidation and development of the army. Many outstanding individuals and units of the army have set bright examples for others to follow.

Speaking at the event, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong stressed that emulation tasks play an important role in the army’s activities. He highly appreciated these achievements of outstanding individuals and teams in the movement, which have contributed to the national construction and defence.

On behalf of the Defense Ministry, General Phung Quang Thanh thanked directions from the Party, the Government and the National Assembly. He emphasised that the Ministry of Defence will continue to carry out the emulation movement better in coming years.

On this occasion, 44 units and individuals were presented with the titles of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces and Labour Hero in the Renovation Process. Many other titles were presented to outstanding army units.

Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Outstanding teachers devote their lives to their craft

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Thoroughly dedicated to their profession, great teachers do not resist the hard work and sweat that is required to improve their methods in order to help their students achieve the results they desire.  Nor do they shy away from getting to know their students, which helps them teach something just as important, how to overcome the many difficulties that life presents.

With that in mind, Sai Gon Giai Phong Newspaper introduces two outstanding teachers who have improved teaching methods in their Ho Chi Minh City schools.

Creating friendly environment

Bui The Hung, an English teacher at Truong Cong Dinh junior high school in Binh Thanh District, leaves deep impressions in the hearts of his students.

To help students particularly interested in studying English, Hung takes the initiative to improve the way students study English, a methodology that aims to help students heighten their communication skills not only in English, but in general.

Working as the head teacher, he emphasizes love, compassion and solidarity that helps build unity within the educational environment.

Hung organizes music performances to create a jubilant camaraderie between teachers and students, contributing to an environment that is mutually beneficial to students.

Hung, totally in love with his job, is always close to the students and by comprehending their feelings and expectations, finds ways to help them study better.

Thanks to his efforts, the graduation rate of his high school classes is between 98 – 100 percent each year.

A teacher helps handicapped children overcome difficulties

Le Thi Dung, headmaster of the Binh Minh Special School in Tan Phu District, has worked wonders at her school that provides education and care for mentally handicapped children, as well as those who are blind, deaf or suffer from cerebral palsy and other challenges.


Handicapped children play during recess at the Binh Minh Special School. (Photo:SGGP)

She has hired an excellent teaching staff and created good teaching methods for handicapped children.

Visiting the school, which is also a boarding house, observers witness the handicapped children thrive in the loving environment Dung provides.  The staff cares for the students like secondary mothers.

From meals to study period, Dung’s program enables each child with the skills necessary to overcome their perceived defects and achieve self-confidence.

In love with her job, Dung always studies new teaching methods suitable to care for handicapped children effectively.

Dung also creates opportunities for teachers to improve their skills by instructing teacher-training courses.

To date, the school has attained many achievements including the implementation of digital lesson plans. Four teachers have been recognized by the city as having achieved the status–“outstanding teacher.”

In addition, 25 of her initiatives related to teaching handicapped children have won district-level honors.

The school’s students won prizes at the Paragames contest and earned several gold, silver and bronze medals at the National Booce event.

Handicapped children won three first prizes and three second prizes at the drawing contest.

Due to Dung’s efforts, the number of handicapped children registered to study in the school increases sharply each year.

As of now, the school has nearly 200 students.

The school plans to open two more branches with total investment capital of more than VND7 billion (US$370,000), dedicated to fostering the achievements and well-being of handicapped children.

Source: SGGP

Outstanding achievers failing to be honored: conference

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Deputy Minister of Interior Tran Thi Ha has called for more efforts to nurture and honor citizens who have made outstanding contributions to the country.

Chairwoman of the HCMC People’s Council Pham Phuong Thao speaks at a March 16 meeting on renovating the city’s emulation and reward system (Photo: SGGP)

Known in Vietnam as “Emulation and Reward,” individuals or organizations who achieve outstanding results in a particular field are to be honored for their efforts.

But according to Ms. Ha, most agencies focus too heavily on offering rewards for high-achievers rather than on cultivating a climate in which people are motivated to succeed based on other factors.

Moreover, due to overwhelming bureaucracy, those deserving of recognition are often passed over, she said.

Ms. Ha, who is also Chairwoman of the Central Emulation and Rewards Council, made the statement during a meeting themed “Renovating emulation and reward policies for more practical results,” held in Ho Chi Minh City March 16 by the HCMC Emulation and Rewards Board in conjunction with Sai Gon Giai Phong.

Pham Phuong Thao, chairwoman of the city People’s Council; Nguyen Thi Nhu Thuy, head of the city Emulation and Rewards Board; and Tran The Tuyen, Editor-in-Chief of SGGP, also attended the conference.

Bogged down in bureaucracy

Many delegates at the meeting voiced concern about the impractical requirements related to the emulation and rewards system.

Doan Kim Triet from the HCMC Union of Scientific and Technical Associations said: “Since 2001, I have thrice proposed that the ‘Labor Medal, Third Class’ be conferred on an outstanding city-based researcher.”

In 2008, Triet said he proposed that a 60-year-old researcher be honored for his achievements. However, he says he was told that it was “impossible” to confer such an award since the agency that employed the researcher had provided no report on his work.

“I was very upset since the researcher had retired by then, so how can we get such a report?” Triet said.  

The irresponsible and bureaucratic work style of many officials in charge of the emulation and reward system has led to a situation in which many scientists are not honored while they deserve to be, he added.

It is also difficult to complete all the paperwork required by city authorities or the Government in petitioning for awards, as many officials themselves are not clear on how the process works, Triet said.

Nguyen Duc Dien, chairman of HCMC Young Businesspeople Association, said: “Many businesses have made great contributions to the city’s development, but they have not received a single award simply because they are not a member of a particular association.”

Ms. Ha agreed, blaming the situation on the fact that many officials do not fully understand the Law on Emulation and Reward, and said they have not been flexible enough in issuing rewards.

She said that extensive dossiers are not always necessary to confer awards, adding that many private enterprises have received the “Labor Hero” title in the past several years.

Leaders reap most rewards

Another hot issue discussed by delegates at the meeting was that heads of agencies are honored more often than their subordinates.

Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, chief of Office of the HCMC Department of External Relations, said: “There exists a reality that in many agencies, leaders are preferred for rewards.”

Workers at a shoe factory in HCMC. People’s Council leader Pham Phuong Thao said that agency leaders are more often recognized for their work than their subordinates are. (Photo: SGGP)

Ms. Thao agreed. “While we have launched the ‘Emulating Fighters’ movement, we have overlooked the ‘commanders’ in terms of awards,” she said.

Nguyen Thanh Trieu, deputy chairman of the District 7 People’s Committee, agreed, saying that due to the limited number of awards handed out, top leaders are most often selected.

For example, he said, the percentage of Party members allowed to be honored is set at just 15 percent.

Ms. Ha responded, saying: “The Ministry of Justice recently proposed that the restriction of reward percentage at all agencies be abolished. However, as many as 74 out of 97 ministries and other State agencies said such restrictions should be maintained.”        

Bizarre awards and dishonesty

At the conference, Mr. Dien presented a list of awards established in the past few years in HCMC.

He cited several “strange” awards including: “National Famous and Competitive Brand Award;” “Annual Report Award;” “Well-known Brand Name Super Cup;” and Cultural Celebrity Golden Cup.”

Ms. Thao of the People’s Council said there have been more than 100 similar awards established across the country.

In addition, many delegates expressed concerned over the “buying” of rewards.

Ms. Thao said there have indeed been several instances in which awards have been unscrupulously obtained. She said the city would take measures to prevent this occurrence in the future.

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Outstanding women entrepreneurs honoured with Golden Rose Cup

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Outstanding women entrepreneurs honoured with Golden Rose Cup

QĐND – Monday, March 08, 2010, 10:31 (GMT+7)

A ceremony to present the Golden Rose Cup Award to 100 outstanding Vietnamese women entrepreneurs in 2009 was held in Hanoi on March 7 in the presence of State President Nguyen Minh Triet.

In his speech, Mr Triet praised the positive contributions to national development by women entrepreneurs in 2009, which saw a lot of challenges on the back of the global economic downturn. In every field, Vietnamese women rise to the task, not just a work, but a home in their role as wives and mothers, said Mr Triet.

The Golden Rose Cup Award initiated by the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs’ Council under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is held annually on March 8 to encourage and honour women entrepreneurs who have made great business achievements as a contribution to the country’s socio-economic development.

The Golden Rose Cup is a prestigious award which is recognized and appreciated by Vietnamese and international organisations as well as the business community.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Outstanding women honoured

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Outstanding women honoured

QĐND – Sunday, October 18, 2009, 20:41 (GMT+7)

Three female collectives and ten individuals were awarded the Vietnam Women’s Prize at a ceremony held in HCM City on October 18 to mark the 79th anniversary of the Vietnam Women’s Union (October 20).

At the awards ceremony, certificates of merit were also presented to outstanding female students who scored the highest marks on this year’s university entrance exams.

During the event, the Vietnam Women’s Union Central Committee, the Diana Company and Chau Giang Communications Company also relaunched a campaign to build houses for poor women nationwide. This year’s campaign strives to help one or two poor women to receive a house every day.

The campaign was first launched in 2008 and received nearly VND54 billion in support from organisations and individuals. It has already helped build nearly 4,600 houses for poor women in 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

Source: VOV

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