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Young fashion designers to take part in Hong Kong Fashion Week

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Nguyen Thi Diem My and Ha Nhat Tien, the two winners of the Aquafina Pure Fashion 2010 contest, will be Vietnam’ representatives at the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2011.

        Young Fashion designer Nguyen Thi Diem My (L)

These two young fashion designers have improved their designs in accordance with international fashion trends. They hope to present a new look of Vietnamese fashion and young designers’ ability.

The annual Aquafina Pure Fashion design competition, launched by PepsiCo, aims to discover young talented fashion designers in Vietnam.

Hong Kong Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter will take place from January 10-17 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. It is hoped that this convention will present to the world the latest trends of the fashion industry, and promote a wealth of business opportunities.

Visitors will have a chance to enjoy the latest collections from famous brand names such as Vivienne Westwood, MANGO, Fontani, Lacompel Di Landi Andrea, Moda Immagine, Moiselle and Rabeanco.

This is second largest fashion fair in the world and it is expected to gather over 1,700 suppliers of garments, accessories and fashion-related products.

Source: SGGP

Nearly 20 guitarists take part in special guitar gala

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A guitar gala celebrating the 30th anniversary of HCM City-based Phu Nhuan Classic Guitar Club will be held at the Phu Nhuan District Cultural Center on November 30.

Guitarists practice before the concert (Photo: Tuoitre)

The special concert includes big names such as like Duong Kim Dung, Tran Hoai Phuong, Nguyen Tri Doan, Nguyen Thanh Huy, Pham Thanh Loc, Huynh Ba Tho, Tran Phuong Quang, etc.

Music lovers will have a chance to enjoy solo, duo, trio performances and classical and modern music. As special treat, all guitarists will be onstage to play the “Carmen” by G. Bizet together.

Proceeds from tickets will be donated to flood victims in the central region.

The show previously was oragnized on November 23.

Source: SGGP

Four Vietnamese films to take part in APFF 2010

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Four Vietnamese films including one feature, two documentaries and one cartoon will comptete in the 2010 Asia-Pacific Film Festival (APFF) to take place in Taiwan ( China ) from December 2 to 4.

A scene in the film Long Thanh Cam Gia Ca (The Fate of a Songstress in Thang Long).

The movies are Long Thanh Cam Gia Ca (The Fate of a Songstress in Thang Long) by Dao Ba Son, Nguoi Thap Lua (The Burner) by Nguyen Nhu Vu, Dao Ly Son (Ly Son Island) by Cong Thanh Duc and Chiec La (Leaf) by Hong Son.

This year’s 54th film fest attracts 18 countries and territories competing in 3 categories including featured film, documentary and short film.

Source: SGGP

Miss Earth candidates take part in environmental protection

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Thousands of people to take part in charity run

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Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City part of new film movement

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Supermodel Ngoc Thach takes part in Miss Model pageant

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HSBC takes part in reforestation in Cat Tien National Park

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HSBC takes part in reforestation in Cat Tien National Park

QĐND – Thursday, August 12, 2010, 20:34 (GMT+7)

HSBC Bank (Vietnam) in a joint effort  with Cat Tien National Park will launch a long-term reforestation project to cope with climate change.

Accordingly, within the next three years, HSBC Vietnam will invest nearly VND900 million to plant around 10,000 trees within the 22.5 hectares area. HSBC credit card holders can also take part in the program from August 15th.

The bank will coordinate with the Management Board of the Cat Tien National Park to plant trees for the credit card holders and hang tags with the donors’ names on the trees as recognition of their contribution to the preservation of ecosystem at the Cat Tien National Park.

The project is part of the Climate Camp project jointly held by HSBC and the Wolrd Wild for Nature (WWF) since early 2010.

Source: NLD/ Photo: agro

Translated by Vu Hung

Source: QDND

Students to receive swimming lessons as part of curriculum

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Students to receive swimming lessons as part of curriculum

QĐND – Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 20:51 (GMT+7)

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training will start the national pilot project to teach swimming at primary schools in the 2010-2011 school year.

“Swimming lessons for students especially at primary school level are urgently needed,” said Huynh Cong Minh, the department’s head.

“Teaching students swimming skills is a healthy activity that will reduce the incidence of drowning by half,” he said.

According to a report by the Health Ministry’s Department of Preventive Health, 7,000 children in Vietnam die from accidents each year. Half of those deaths are from drowning.

The department has cooperated with HCM City Confederation of Underwater Sport to implement the pilot project in the coming academic year that starts in September.

Chung Tan Phong, secretary general of the confederation, said another advantage of swimming lessons was the majority of primary students in the city enjoy them.

Under the project, swimming subjects will become compulsory at primary schools that have swimming pools.

For primary schools which don’t have pools, they will cooperate with swimming clubs in their districts.

Phong said the city Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism should ask swimming pool owners to assist as much as possible and offer discounts for swimming classes.

The city People’s Committee should ask districts to plan for more public pools and pools for schools that have land available, he said, adding there was not enough pools yet for all primary students to learn swimming.

People’s committees in districts also should set up teams to check health and safety standards at the pools, where lessons would be held.

Moreover, they will carry out activities to raise families’ awareness of the benefits of swimming lessons.

Minh said that the department would issue guidance documents to encourage primary, secondary and high schools to make swimming compulsory in future.

“Currently, swimming is optional at some schools in the city, but up until now there has been no teaching curricula for the subject,” Phong said.

He said a new swimming curricula had already been written in preparation for the new school year.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Phuoc Sang Entertainment’s movie to take part in Shanghai International Film Festival

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Huyen thoai bat tu (The Legend is Alive), a movie produced by Phuoc Sang Entertainment, will compete at the Asian New Talent Award of the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) taking place from June 12 to 20.

Kim Xuan (L) and Dustin Nguyen in the film Huyen thoai bat tu

Producer Phuoc Sang and actor Tran Bao Son will travel to China on June 13-18 to take part in the film festival.

Huyen thoai bat tu (The Legend is Alive) won 6 prizes at the 2008 Golden Kite film festival, including the “Silver Kite” for film, “Best actor” for Dustin Nguyen, “Best Supporting Actor” for Tran Bao Son, “Best Director” for Luu Huynh, “Best Cinematography” for  Nguyen K’Linh and “Best soundtrack composer”, Duc Tri.

The picture is one of ten films up for two prizes: Best film and Best director in the Asian New Talent category.  Other nominees include Cast me if you can and Time traveler of Japan, Crossing the mountain and Lan of China, Goodbye Mom and The Executioner of Korea, Red Dragonflies and The Blue Mansion of Singapore, and The Pawnshop from the Philippines.

The winners will earn cash prizes of US$44,000 of each.

Established in 1993, SIFF was ratified by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, and is a FIAPF-accredited competitive international film festival (FIAPF is the International Federation of Film Producers Associations).

Primary activities include the Jin Jue Awards competition, International Film Panorama for non-competition films, International Film & TV Market and an International Film Forum.

SIFF’s competition includes the Golden Goblet Award, the Asian New Talent Award, and the International Student Shorts Award, all of which have renowned filmmakers as jurors.

In addition, there is the Asian New Talent Award that was started in 2004 to support Asia’s bright young filmmakers.

Source: SGGP