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Vietnam contributes to good relations between ASEAN and partners

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Vietnam contributes to good relations between ASEAN and partners

QĐND – Saturday, October 30, 2010, 20:57 (GMT+7)

State President Nguyen Minh Triet received leaders attending the 17th ASEAN Summit and related summits, including the East Asia Summit (EAS) in Hanoi on October 30.

He confirmed Vietnam has continued to strengthen bilateral and multilateral relations with countries in the region and the world, contributing to the development of good relations between ASEAN and its partners.

Vietnam hopes ASEAN’s partners will continue cooperating and assisting the region in carrying out its goal of building a successful ASEAN community, and support the bloc’s key role in regional forums, he noted.

Earlier, President Triet welcomed the President of the Republic of Korea (RoK) Lee Myung-bak, who was attending the 17th ASEAN Summit and related summits.

He applauded the Korean President for joining the events and affirmed that the relationship between Vietnam and the RoK is developing well, and the two sides should push for high-ranking visits to reinforce trust and bilateral cooperative opportunities.

Vietnam wants Korean businesses to increase investment in infrastructure, high technology and diplomacy to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, he said.        

President Triet highly appreciated the fact that President Lee Myung-bak paid attention to and dealt with the sad situations of some Vietnamese brides in Korea, and Vietnam wants both sides to exchange ideas to build a legal framework to protect Vietnamese brides in the RoK. He emphasised that coordination to resolve the situation recently demonstrated mutual trust, sharing and understanding.

The Korean President confirmed his visit to Vietnam last year had resolved many issues and helped the two countries overcome difficulties. He said the Korean people are very sad about the unfortunate events involving Vietnamese brides. The Korean Government has added regulations concerning this issue and the Korean people also increased their awareness and now pay more attention to the situation of foreign brides.

He said at present, there are 14 countries providing labourers to the RoK and Vietnam has the largest number, Korean businesses always want to use Vietnamese labourers because they are industrious and highly-skilled. He also said he believed that, as an intelligent and hard-working country, Vietnam will soon become one of the strongest in the South East Asian region.        

President Lee Myung-buk invited President Triet to visit the RoK and said he hopes the two countries will cooperate in international forums.

On the occasion, the Korean President informed the Vietnamese President that the RoK had finished procedures to prepare for importing dragon fruit, one of Korea’s favourite fruits, from Vietnam.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

ASEAN holds talks with dialogue partners

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A series of post ministerial conferences between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and its 10 dialogue partners took place in Hanoi on July 22.

The dialogue partners include China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the EU, the US and Canada.

South Korea’s Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan (R) listen to his aides as he arrives at the National Convention Center for ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in Hanoi on July 22, 2010, which takes place from July 19 to 23. AFP photo

At these meetings, the ASEAN Foreign Ministers and their counterparts reviewed relationships in the past year and set forth ways and means to promote future cooperation.

The main agendas of the meetings included strengthening effective, substantive and comprehensive cooperation between ASEAN and its dialogue partners, from assistance to ASEAN in realizing its community-building goal and promoting connectivity to addressing the emerging challenges such as climate change, natural disasters, epidemics and maritime security.

The meetings also discussed preparations for the important related summits to be held at the end of this year and exchanged views on strengthening regional cooperation, including the possibility of wider participation and deeper engagement of dialogue partners in the process of shaping the regional architecture.

The dialogue partners reaffirmed their support for ASEAN’s central role in the region and shared the bloc’s common vision of a future regional architecture that will be multi-level, mutually-supportive, and being built upon existing mechanisms.

ASEAN welcomed Russia and the US’s expressed interest in engaging deeper with the evolving regional architecture, including the participation in the East Asia Summit (EAS) as members with appropriate arrangement and timing.

At the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference with China, the two sides agreed to hasten the drafting of a new Plan of Action to implement the Joint Declaration on ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity for the 2011-2015 period to be submitted to the 13th ASEAN-China Summit for adoption.

The two sides will realize the initiatives for bilateral cooperation, including infrastructure, energy and ICT as well as the use of China-assisted funds namely the China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund worth 10 billion USD and the Credit Fund for Commercial Exchange of 15 billion USD.

They will continue enhancing cooperation for peace, stability and prosperity in the region, including cooperation within the framework of ASEAN+3, EAS, ARF and in implementing the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC).

They also agreed to recommend the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations throughout the year of 2011.

At the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference with Russia, the ministers welcomed good progress in implementing the ASEAN-Russia Comprehensive Programme of Action to promote cooperation for 2005-2015.

They discussed preparations for the 2nd ASEAN-Russia Summit that will be held later this year, including recommendation for a draft statement, convening of the Russia-ASEAN Business Forum and the ASEAN-Russia Cultural Cooperation Agreement.

They also discussed and agreed on specific activities in preparation for the commemoration of the 15th anniversary of ASEAN-Russia Dialogue Relations, including the holding of Days of Russian Culture in ASEAN member countries.

At the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference with the US, to further implement the decisions of the first ASEAN-US Leaders’ Meeting in 2009 and prepare for the second meeting in 2010, the two sides agreed to finalize a Plan of Action to implement the ASEAN-US Partnership for the new period of 2011-2015 and strengthen cooperation in areas of mutual interest, particularly economic, trade and investment cooperation, science and technology, education as well as in addressing emerging challenges like epidemics, energy security, disaster management and climate change

ASEAN welcomed the establishment of a US Mission to ASEAN in Jakarta .

ASEAN and the US agreed to work closely toward the convening of the 2nd ASEAN-US Leaders’ Meeting to be held later in the year.

At the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference with Japan, ASEAN welcomed Japan’s proposal to further promote the cooperation between ASEAN and Japan toward economic growth through enhancing ASEAN connectivity within the framework of “ASEAN-Japan Partnership for New Growth in Asia.”

Japan reaffirmed its continued support to ASEAN Community building efforts, including narrowing development gap through contribution to the ASEAN-Japan Integration Fund and offered to provide 800 million JPY assisting the implementation of the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity.

ASEAN and Japan committed for the early entry into force and effective implementation of the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP).

At the ASEAN Post Ministerial Meeting with the Republic of Korea (RoK), the ministers agreed to work closely for the effective implementation of ASEAN-RoK FTA agreement with a view to increasing two-way trade volume to 150 billion USD by 2015.

ASEAN and the RoK agreed to submit the proposal to elevate the ASEAN-RoK Dialogue Relations to Strategic Partnership, and a draft Joint Declaration on ASEAN-RoK Strategic Partnership to the Leaders at the forthcoming ASEAN-RoK Summit in Hanoi later this year.

ASEAN expressed its appreciation to the RoK for inviting Vietnam, as the Chair of ASEAN, to attend the G-20 Summit in Seoul this November. On this occasion, ASEAN extended deep sympathy and condolences to the Government and people of the RoK for the loss of lives resulting from the sinking of the Cheonan ship and called on all parties concerned to exercise utmost self-restraint and resolve all differences by peaceful means.

At the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference with India, the two sides adopted the Plan of Action to implement the ASEAN-India Partnership for Peace, Progress and Prosperity for 2010-2015 and agreed to strengthen cooperation in trade-economics, science and technology, ICT and environment as well as in response to challenges like terrorism, transnational crimes.

The ministers tasked their officials to initiate projects to be sponsored under the ASEAN-India Green Fund and the ASEAN-India Science and Technology Development Fund.

The two sides discussed preparations for the 20th Anniversary of the ASEAN-India Dialogue Relationship in 2012.

At ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference with Australia, t he two sides emphasized the significance and importance of effectively implementing the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA (AANZFTA) which entered into force early this year.

They agreed to accelerate the implementation of the Plan of Action to realize the ASEAN-Australia Enhanced Partnership with focus on areas of education, trade and investment, transport, sustainable use of resources, disaster management, culture and people-to-people exchange.

ASEAN and Australia agreed to convene an ASEAN-Australia Summit on the sideline of the 17th ASEAN Summit in the second half of 2010 to give strong impetus to the dialogue relations.

At the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference with New Zealand, the ministers adopted the ASEAN-New Zealand Joint Declaration on Enhanced Partnership for 2010-2015, focusing on cooperation in education, culture and people-to-people exchange.

ASEAN welcomed New Zealand’s new proposals for cooperation, including a 54 million USD support for ASEAN students to be trained in New Zealand in the next 3 years.

The two sides appreciated the significance and importance of effectively carrying out the AANZFTA.
They also agreed to convene the ASEAN-New Zealand Commemorative Summit back-to-back with the 17th ASEAN Summit in Hanoi.

At the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference with Canada, t he ministers adopted the Plan of Action to implement the Declaration on ASEAN-Canada Enhanced Partnership for 2011-2015 and agreed to work toward an ASEAN-Canada Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) to enhance trade and investment relations.

ASEAN welcomed Canada’s signing of the Instrument of Accession to the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC), which marks another significant progress in the dialogue relationship as well as Canada’s commitment to peace, stability and cooperation in the region.

At the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference with the EU, the two sides agreed to promote the implementation of programmes and activities to realize the ASEAN-EU Enhanced Partnership, especially boosting region-to-region economic cooperation.

ASEAN appreciated the EU’s determination to accede to the TAC in Southeast Asia and informed the EU of the signing of the 3 rd Protocol amending the TAC to be held on July 23 which would pave the way for the EU’s accession to the TAC at an early stage.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

South Korea’s Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan (R) listen to his aides as he arrives at the National Convention Center for ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in Hanoi on July 22, 2010, which takes place from July 19 to 23.

Source: SGGP

PetroVietnam seeks cooperation with Japanese partners

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PetroVietnam seeks cooperation with Japanese partners

QĐND – Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 22:4 (GMT+7)

PANO – PetroVietnam, in coordination with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Japanese Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, the Japan Federation of Economic Organisations (Keidanren) and Vietnamese Embassy in Tokyo, held a trade promotion programme in Japan.

PetroVietnam said that the campaign, which takes place from June 22nd to 25th, is aimed to step by step realise its strategy to boost its cooperation with foreign partners.

Under the programme, a seminar held on June 22nd attracted interest from many Japanese high ranking officials and businesses.

The Vietnamese group said that during the programme, it will introduce, and call for investment in, more than 30 projects, including seaports, power plants, property, finance, oil and gas.

News from Japan said that PetroVietnam has so far signed 6 memorandum of understanding with Japanese partners, mainly in financial and power areas.

Translated by Thu Nguyen 

Source: QDND

EADS finds partners for US bid

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EADS, the European aerospace giant, has found the US partners it needs for its bid for a major US Air Force tanker contract, chief executive Louis Gallois said Wednesday.

“We have the complete team of partners we needed for sensitive equipment but we don’t give the names because we don’t want to put them under pressure,” he told reporters in London.

EADS had previously held talks with US companies Raytheon and L-3 and the US arm of British firm BAE Systems.

Gallois remained confident that EADS had a bid that could beat US rivals Boeing to the 35-billion-dollar (29-billion-euro) deal to supply the US Air Force with 179 aerial refuelling tankers.

He insisted EADS’ design — a militarised version of the A330 aircraft made by Airbus — was the “best airplane”.

“We see the nervousness of Boeing attacking us every day in the press. If we have no chance, why would they attack us?” he asked.

The European aerospace giant EADS has found the US partners it needs for its bid for a major US Air Force tanker contract, according to the company’s chief executive Louis Gallois.

The two firms’ long-running contest for the contract has been plagued by scandal, intense lobbying in the US Congress and transatlantic tensions.

EADS and its former US partner, Northrop Grumman, originally won the contract in February 2008, but the deal was cancelled after Boeing successfully appealed the decision to Congress.

In 2003, the Pentagon awarded a contract to Boeing but later suspended the deal after an ethics scandal.

Gallois also expressed confidence that “we will find solutions” to the crisis in the eurozone, saying that in Europe, “it’s when we are near the cliff that we take decisions”.

He was more concerned about the austerity measures introduced by EU governments facing huge deficits following the financial crisis, and the possible effect they might have on military spending.

Source: SGGP

ASEAN and partners discuss SME development

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Vientiane (VNA) – Government officials and business leaders from ASEAN countries and their partners – China , Japan and the Republic of Korea – are gathering in Vientiane , Laos to discuss ways of boosting cooperation among small and medium enterprises and increasing their competitiveness.

During the three-day meeting, which began on November 4, measures to tighten coordination among ASEAN member countries, as well as between ASEAN members and the three partners to help SMEs weather the storm of the current global financial crisis were laid out.

The 23 rd ASEAN Small Medium Enterprise Working Group meeting has also touched on the implementation of an ASEAN SME development policy during the 2004-2014 period, the Vientiane Action Plan and a White Book on SMEs.

Also on the meeting’s agenda is the 4 th consultative meeting between ASEAN SMEs and those from China , Japan and RoK. SME working groups from ASEAN countries will hold a separate meeting with agencies from Japan .

Progress in intra-ASEAN cooperation to develop small and medium enterprises is reviewed at similar working group meetings held every two years. This offers a forum for the ten member countries to share their experience and collaborate in the drawing-up of action plans, strategies and policy frameworks for the development of SMEs across the region.-

BankInvest partners with local fashion company

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Denmark’s BankInvest Private Equity New Markets Group (BankInvest) will become a 20 percent shareholder of the Ho Chi Minh City-based Son Kim Fashion Corporation (SKF).

To this effect, a strategic partnership agreement was officially announced in Ho Chi Minh City on October 3.

Under the agreement, the capital provided by BankInvest will be used in developing its current brands, studying new brands in the fashion industry, building advanced and modern systems and attracting high-level human resources.

In addition to providing the afore-mentioned capital, BankInvest, with international experience of the fashion industry, will support SKF in their strategic planning and development of retail systems.

SKF is now the leading fashion company in Vietnam, with a range of well-known brands such as Jockey, Jox, JBUSS, WOW, WOWECO, and Elle.-

VTC joins foreign partners to build software park

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Hanoi (VNA) – The VTC Online Telecommunications Company (VTC) is cooperating with several foreign investors to build a 83.8 million USD software park of 5.1 ha in central Nghe An province.

VTC Director Phan Sao Nam said the partners include SK Telecom, Dreamline, UniOne and Redman from the Republic of Korea .

Each company will be responsible for one of the fields such as production, distribution, sale, training and marketing, he said, adding that the enterprises will both provide initial investment capital and participate in the park’s operation when it is running.

Besides software production and human resource training, the Vinh city-based software park will cover a complex serving the production and sale of digital content services such as software, graphics, telecommunications and communication.
With an area of nearly 150,000sq.m, the VTC complex will include a data centre, an office building, a training centre, an apartment building for staff and a multi-functional gymnasium.

The complex is expected to house a large number of digital content businesses and television programme, software and online game producers.

According to Nam , the hi-tech park is expected to generate 10,000 jobs and fetch around 13-20 million USD in sales revenue once it becomes operational in 2011-

Australia willing to develop cooperation with Vietnam

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The Government of Australia considers Vietnam as one of its important partners in the region and pledges to develop long-term cooperation with the Southeast Asian nation.

Visiting Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Stephen Smith made the statement during his talks with Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem in Hanoi on July 1.

Khiem welcomed Smith’s first visit to Vietnam and spoke highly of the Australian Government’s policy of continuing to promote cooperative ties with Vietnam .

“ Vietnam always attaches great importance to expanding the friendship and multifaceted cooperation with Australia ,” the deputy PM stressed.

In reply, Smith said he was glad to visit Vietnam for the first time since he was appointed as Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs in December 2007.

The two sides expressed their pleasure at the fine developments in the friendship and all-round cooperation when Vietnam and Australia are celebrating the 35th anniversary of diplomatic ties this year.

They noted that since the beginning of the year, the two nations exchanged many high-level visits, including those to Australia by National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong, and Deputy PMs Nguyen Thien Nhan and Truong Vinh Trong, and a trip to Vietnam by Queensland State ’s Minister of Transport, Trade, Employment and Industrial Relations John Mickel.

Australia is now Vietnam ’s 7th biggest trade partner and its 4th largest export market, with two-way trade value reaching 4.56 billion USD last year. By the end of May 2008, Australia had invested 1.01 billion USD in 174 projects in Vietnam .

Vietnam is Australia ’s 4th largest aid recipient with a total committed official development assistance (ODA) capital for 2008 totalling 93.1 million AUD, 1.3 million AUD higher than the previous year.

Regarding regional and international issues, Deputy PM Khiem affirmed that Vietnam treasures cooperation between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Australia , as well as within the framework of the East Asia Summit (EAS). Vietnam supports Australia ’s efforts to promote peace, stability and development in Asia and the Pacific, he added.

During the talks, the two sides also discussed measures to speed up negotiations on the ASEAN- Australia – New Zealand Free Trade Area (AANFTA).