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Clinton hopes ‘lame-duck’ Congress will pass nuclear treaty

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More students will pass 2010 finals

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More students will pass 2010 finals

QĐND – Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 20:51 (GMT+7)

Grading is nearly complete and teachers have predicted that the percentage of students passing the high school final exams this year will be higher than that of 2009.

Long An Education and Training Department revealed that the province’s exam grading council has nearly completed their analysis of essay-based exam papers for 15,000 HCM City students. It is expected that Long An province will hand over the results to HCM City on June 15.

According to the Long An exam council, the subject of history garnered the worst results: 52.8 percent received the average level of five scores and higher. The figures are 69.8 percent for geography, 86 percent for literature and 90 percent for mathematics.

As for the multiple-choice exams, examiners noted that, in some Mekong Delta provinces, the results were not good, with more than half of English exam papers earning less than five. The percentage of students with grades of five or higher is even lower in other provinces, at less than 40 percent. In Long An province, for example, only 42.4 percent of students earned five or more scores on the English exam. Meanwhile, 92 percent of students made five or better in chemistry.

Dong Thap exam grading council also has completed the essay-based exams for 13,000 An Giang students, who also scored lowest on the history exam. Only 49 percent had a grade of five or higher.  Meanwhile, the figures are 56 percent for literature, and 70 percent for geography and mathematics.

As for multiple choice exams, examiners reported that 92 percent of Dong Thao students earned five or more for chemistry. The figure is 38 percent for English, although the percentage is higher than that of 2009.

Other southern provinces have also nearly finished exam papers for other provinces and will hand over the scores by June 17 at the latest.

Many northern provinces are sure that the passing percentage this year will be higher than 2009. Son La province, which had the lowest passing percentage in 2009, is striving to attain 50 percent this year.

Thai Nguyen exam grading council is marking papers for Son La province. They also agreed that the percentage of students with scores of five and higher for essay-based exams are very high this year, at 70 percent. Though final results have not been announced, Son La expects the percentage of students passing final exams to rise by 30 percent this year.

Nguyen Khac Hao, Director of Ha Tinh Education and Training Department, has forecast that more than 80 percent will pass.

Ha Nam exam grading council, which marks Hanoi student exams, also confirmed that the passing percentage on four essay-based exams is very high at 90 percent.

On June 14, Thai Nguyen province officially declared that 92.11 percent of its high school students and 59.32 percent of continuation schools have passed final exams.

Source: VietnamNet/Tuoi tre


Source: QDND