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Over 100 workers hospitalized after food poisoning

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More than 100 workers in a Can Tho- based company were hospitalized due to food poisoning on December 23.

The workers suffered stomachache, nausea and vomiting after eating the food. Most of them have already recovered, but 61 people are still being treated in hospital.

The company ordered food from a restaurant in Chau Thanh District, Mekong Delta province of Hau Giang in the neighborhood of Can Tho City.

Each portion of food included meat, braised pork, fried fish and soup, for price of VND9,000. 

Agencies in the province are taking food samples for testing, so that they can investigate the cause of the food poisoning outbreak.

Source: SGGP

Over 200 workers hospitalized after food poisoning

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More than 200 workers of the Sametex International Company Limited were hospitalized due to food poisoning in Long An Province on December 16.

Doctor Vo Cong Luan, director of the Long An General Hospital, said that the workers suffered stomach ache, nausea and vomiting after having lunch and dinner at the company.  Most of them have already regained health, but 65 are still being treated at the hospital.

Agencies in the province are taking food samples for testing, so that they can investigate the cause of the food poisoning outbreak.

Source: SGGP

Cholera and food poisoning in Mekong Delta

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Can Tho’s Preventive Medicine Center reported July 19 that two people from the Mekong Delta city have tested positive for cholera.

A 17-year-old from Thot Not District and a 22-year-old of Co Do District are being treated at Thot Not District’s General Hospital.

The patients were admitted to hospital with severe stomachaches, diarrhea and vomiting, said doctors.

Elswhere in the delta, 19 people have recently suffered from cholera in An Giang Province. Among them, Long Xuyen City has the most with nine people, while five residents have become sick with the illness in An Phu District.

Also on July 19, 200 workers from the Mekong Dream Company that manufactures stuffed toys in Tien Giang Province’s Cai Be District were hospitalized due to food poisoning symptoms.

Director of Cai Be General Hospital, Bui Van Nghieu, said that the workers were brought to hospital with vomiting, headaches and dizziness after a lunch of tuna, bamboo shoots and water spinach.

Most of them have already regained health.

Tien Giang Province’s Department of Health asked relevant authorities to take samples of food for testing.

Source: SGGP

Tourists hospitalized en masse for food poisoning

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A group of over 100 tourists was hospitalized with food poisoning in Binh Thuan Province on June 10.

Tourists are treated for food poisoning at An Phuoc General Hospital in the central coastal province of Binh Thuan (Photo: Thanh Nien)

The An Phuoc, Tam Phuc, and Binh Thuan Province general hospitals were inundated in the central coastal province early that morning as the patients checked in with severe stomach aches, diarrhea and vomiting.

The tourists were traveling on a tour organized by Vietmart Company.

On June 9, the tourists ate at a food fair organized by Suoi Cat Company in Suoi Cat Tourist Area. Afterwards, they dined at Dai Duong Restaurant.

At midnight, many of them got serve stomachaches and diarrhea and began vomiting. They then took taxis to the hospital.

Agencies in the province are investigating the causes of the food poisoning.

Nguyen Van Son, general director of Suoi Cat Company, told Thanh Nien newspaper on June 10 that the Food Fair had been inspected by the Department of Food Hygiene and Safety.

The deputy director of the Binh Thuan Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism also attended the fair that night, Mr. Son added.

Mr. Son said his company had assigned staff to take care of the tourists at the hospital as soon as it got word of their condition.

Before dining in Suoi Cat, the tourists visited Mui Ne and ate food there also. Mr. Son said it would thus be difficult to determine the exact cause of the food poisoning.

Source: SGGP

Ten die due to food poisoning in one month in Vietnam

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Food poisoning has affected 704 persons, including ten fatalities in the country in last month, released by Vietnam Ministry of Health on June 6.

Of 704 infected people, 517 have recently had to visit hospitals and 10 died. There have been 20 cases of food poisoning in the northern provinces of Ha Giang, Bac Giang, Yen Bai, the highlands province of Gia Lai and the Mekong delta provinces of Ben Tre, An Giang and within Ho Chi Minh City due to microorganisms, toxic mushrooms, carcinoscopius rotundicauda and plectognathi. The causes of seven cases remain unknown.

Doctors of the Viet Duc University Hospital in Hanoi are conducting an operation  using an organ from a brain-dead donor  (Photo: Nguoi Lao Dong – Laborer Newspaper)

Poor hygiene has resulted in a spate of food poisoning cases; the ministry has therefore strengthened scrutiny on food from street vendors and larger enterprises.

The Steering Board on Food Hygiene and Safety in Hanoi said there are over 6,000 food processing firms in the capital city, but just over 2,500 companies have been granted certificates for food hygiene.

In related news, the Ministry of Health has given the green light to the Central Hue Hospital to conduct heart transplant surgery using an organ from brain-dead donors.

The hospital’s operation room is well equipped with state-of-the-art devices to monitor patients around-the-clock.

Vietnam conducted its first-ever liver transplants using an organ from a brain-dead donor at Viet Duc University Hospital’s in Hanoi last May for forty-six male patients from the northern province of Dien Bien, who are now in a stable condition.

The hospital also performed two kidney transplants with organs also taken from brain-dead donors. Although laws allow organ donation from people who are brain dead, it is difficult finding willing donors because many Vietnamese believe that the dead must be buried with all their organs in tact.

Source: SGGP

Japan PM apologises over Minamata mercury poisoning

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Japan’s Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama on Saturday offered an apology to victims of mercury poisoning more than 50 years after the country’s worst industrial pollution disaster hit the fishing town of Minamata.

Hatoyama made the sincerest ever government apology at an annual memorial service in Minamata after his administration settled a suit by more than 2,000 victims of the poisoning in March.

“I admit responsibility for not being able to prevent the disease from spreading and apologise from the bottom of my heart,” said Hatoyama, who became the first prime minister to attend the annual service.

From the 1950s on a synthetic resin factory run by chemical company Chisso Corp dumped methyl mercury into the bay of the town on southwestern Kyushu island, poisoning the marine habitat and the local population.

Victims suffered spasms, seizures and loss of sensation and motor control that impaired their ability to walk and speak. Babies were born with nervous system damage and other mental and physical deformities.

The health problems in Minamata were first reported by a local hospital in 1956. Although Chisso was immediately suspected, its management denied responsibility and the plant continued dumping mercury until 1968, when the company was officially blamed for the health problems.

The Supreme Court in 1988 found Chisso’s then president and then director of Chisso Minamata Factory guilty.

Following the out-of-court settlement in March, the government also adopted redress measures for more than 30,000 unrecognised Minamata disease sufferers.


Source: SGGP