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Thai magazine praises President Ho Chi Minh

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Thai magazine praises President Ho Chi Minh

QĐND – Saturday, October 23, 2010, 23:12 (GMT+7)

The Thai magazine of Public Opinion in its latest issue ran an article praising the Vietnamese late President Ho Chi Minh’s contribution to his nation.

It said the stories of Ho Chi Minh, also called “Uncle Ho” by the Vietnamese people, are associated with the country’s heroic traditions in the past two generations. It provides readers with information about the president’s life and activities during his journeys around the world to find the path to national salvation.

The paper recalled the 1928-1929 period when Ho Chi Minh was in Thailand to foster cooperation between the two countries during the time of Prime Minister Pridi Phanomyyong.

In its earlier issue the paper had published a poem about Hanoi by Navarad, a famous Thai poet, after attending the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

City praises excellent tourist operators

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The Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism held a ceremony to honor individuals and organizations that got high positions in the “National Skill Contest 2010-Cooking and Restaurant Service”.

23 units and 90 persons received certificates of merit from the city’s Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

On the occasion, the HCM City People’s Committee gave certificates of merit to 26 best organizations and people that have outstanding contribution to tourism skill contests.

The City People’s Committee also granted certificate of merit to deputy director of the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism La Quoc Khanh who was awarded the “Best destination operator” by the Tourism Promotion Organization for Asian Pacific Cities (TPO).

Source: SGGP

Obama praises Wall Street reform, rejects Republican plan

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US President Barack Obama Saturday praised a Wall Street reform law enacted this week and rejected a Republican plan to jump-start the economy, saying it will take the country backward.

U.S. President Barack Obama makes a statement about the economy in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington July 23, 2010. (AFP Photo)

“Wall Street reform is a key pillar of an overall economic plan we have put in place to dig ourselves out of this recession and build an economy for the long run — an economy that makes America more competitive and our middle-class more secure,” Obama said in his weekly radio address.

On Wednesday, the president signed into law the most sweeping reform of the US finance industry since the 1930s, promising US taxpayers would no longer get the bill for Wall Street excess.

The legislation, which some Republicans have pledged to repeal, introduces new consumer protections, checks the power of big banks and cracks down on deceptive practices by credit card firms.

Seeking to restore public confidence in his economic leadership as unemployment flirts with double digits, Obama said the bill would repair the fractures and abuses that produced the financial meltdown.

“It’s a plan based on the Main Street values of hard work and responsibility — and one that demands new accountability from Wall Street to Washington,” the president said in his address.

Obama also rejected an economic plan offered by House Republican Minority Leader John Boehner, saying it would repeal health insurance reform and take away tax credits from millions of small business owners.

According to the president, the Republican plan would also permanently keep in place the tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans.

“These are not new ideas,” Obama said. “They are the same policies that led us into this recession. They will not create jobs, they will kill them. They will not reduce our deficit, they will add one trillion dollars to our deficit. They will take us backward at a time when we need to keep America moving forward.”


Source: SGGP

State leader praises Vietnam-Soviet aerospace flight

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State leader praises Vietnam-Soviet aerospace flight

QĐND – Friday, July 23, 2010, 20:40 (GMT+7)

The successful aerospace flight of the “Union-37” spaceship with cosmonauts Pham Tuan and Victor Gorbatko aboard from July 23-31, 1980, became a historical event and the pride of the two nations’ people, said State President Nguyen Minh Triet. 

President Triet delivered the remark while hosting a reception in Hanoi on July 22 for Vietnam’s hero cosmonaut Pham Tuan and Russian hero spaceman Victor Gorbatko on the 30th anniversary of the successful aerospace flight jointly performed by the two nations. 

President Triet said the flight also made a glorious symbol for the 60-year-long traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation and strategic partnership between Vietnam and the former Soviet Union and the current Russia Federation. 

The image of Pham Tuan and Gorbatko in space is a proud memory for the two cosmonauts themselves and has strengthened the Vietnamese people’s confidence in the everlasting solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries, he said. 

President Triet took this occasion to thank the people of the former Soviet Union and the current Russian Federation for their valuable support and assistance to the Vietnamese people during their past struggle for national independence and the cause of national construction and development at present. 
The Vietnamese people wish that the Russian Federation would further develop and play a more important role in the region and the world, the State leader said. 

Gorbatko recalled his memories about the joint training and flight on the “Union-37” spaceship with Pham Tuan 30 years ago as well as his earlier visits to Vietnam. 

The friendship sentiments between the families of the two cosmonauts in particular and between the two countries’ peoples remain unchanged from 30 years ago, he said. 

On behalf of the Russian cosmonauts’ federation, Gorbatko presented the President with a badge marking 50 years since astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person in the world to make a flight into space.

Source: VNA/VOV

Source: QDND

Deputy PM praises education plan

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Deputy PM praises education plan

QĐND – Saturday, June 19, 2010, 20:51 (GMT+7)

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan said the Government’s three-year tertiary education reform programme that had begun this year was expected to improve curricula and teaching quality, as well as meet employers’ demands for well-trained graduates.Nhan said that management staff of schools nationwide had held many workshops related to education reform.

“Students, teachers, parents and administrators all must play a role in the reform effort,” he said in an article published by Government website on Thursday.

Students, for example, should offer feedback on teachers and their instructional methods, the curricula, libraries and other facilities.

Shortcomings could not be addressed if students failed to participate, he said.

Teachers had a responsibility to improve their skills and seek further training in master’s or doctoral programmes.

Nhan said teachers should also comment on their administrators who failed to follow operational, training and financial regulations.

For its part, the business community could offer internships to students and inform universities and colleges of their needs.

Under the reform programme, which ends in 2012, the ministry has issued criteria for tertiary institutions, including graduation rates, the number of graduates, the ratio of students per teacher, teachers’ qualifications, as well as curricula, enrollment, finances, international co-operation and research regulations.

These criteria will help school leaders better manage their institutions and aid provincial People’s Committees in monitoring schools’ operations in their localities.

He said the ministry would also issue licences and evaluate the operations of educational quality assessment organisations.

Source: VietNamNet/Viet Nam News

Source: QDND

State leader praises Treasury’s performance

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State leader praises Treasury’s performance

QĐND – Monday, March 29, 2010, 21:26 (GMT+7)

The State Treasury has made important contributions to helping the country overcome the economic downturn last year, said State President Nguyen Minh Triet.

Mr Triet delivered his remarks on March 28 during his working visit to the Treasury on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

He lauded the agency’s performance over the past years, saying that the State Treasury has not only managed the State budget well but also mobilised large amounts of capital for development through issuing the Government bonds.

However, the State leader urged the State Treasury to overcome its weaknesses and timely propose proper options and policies for the country’s sustainable economic development.

The Director General of the State Treasury, Nguyen Thi Nhon, said her agency is working with taxation and customs authorities on a tax reform scheme, under which tax payers will fulfill their obligations at banks instead of State Treasury branches.

The State Treasury has so far mobilised a total of VND350 trillion from the sale of Government bonds, helping balance the State budget.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

PM Dung praises security academy

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PM Dung praises security academy

QĐND – Tuesday, October 13, 2009, 21:4 (GMT+7)

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung praised the contributions made by the Academy of the People’s Security at a ceremony on October 12 to mark the academy’s 40th anniversary and the implementation of President Ho Chi Minh’s vision.  

Prime Minister Dung said the academy has made achievements in education and training, and had implemented President Ho Chi Minh’s Testament over the past 40 years. 

He asked the academy to commemorate the event and to celebrate their accomplishment of promoting the revolutionary tradition of public security. He also thanked them for their full service to the fatherland and its people.

The academy has trained tens of thousands of graduates, and hundreds of post-graduates and doctors in the fields of security and intelligence.

Source: VNS/VOVNews

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Deputy PM praises Ca Mau for its efforts to help poor pupils

In Vietnam Education on September 8, 2009 at 5:22 pm

The deputy Prime Minister and Education and Training Minister, Nguyen Thien Nhan, praised the southernmost province of Ca Mau for its initiatives to help poor children get to school.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan (2nd, L) and Ca Mau Province officials present a bicycle to a poor pupil at the province’s Education Fair (Photo: SGGP)

At present, Ca Mau has 495 schools, with 98 percent of children going to school at their proper ages.

Ferries are the main transportation in Ca Mau, as it has many rivers and streams. Many students have quit school because their families cannot afford to give them ferry fares.

One-third of students, who have stopped going to school, have quit school for this reason.

To help poor students continue to go to school, the province has called upon organizations and individuals to contribute to a fund, which provides transport fees to 13,000 pupils, at a cost of VND20 billion per school year.

So far, 13 organizations have contributed VND26 billion to the fund for the 2009-2010 school year, among which, Him Lam Company donated VND15 billion and the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group VND5 billion.

The program is planned to last three years. During this time, Ca Mau will build rural transport systems so that pupils can go to school by other means rather than ferry.

On the occasion of the province’s education fair, beginning from August 28, Deputy PM Nhan officially recognized that the province’s education meets national standards on universalizing education.

For their endeavors, President Nguyen Minh Triet conferred a second-class Labor Medal to the Ca Mau Department of Education and Training and Thai Van Long, director of the department.
On this visit, Deputy PM Nhan awarded a Certificate of Merit to the province’s Party Committee Secretary, Nguyen Tuan Khanh, for his hard work in instructing and assisting the province’s education.

At a meeting with Ca Mau’s Party Committee and People Committee, in relation to the province’s suggestion for building a vocational school, Deputy PM Nhan said existing vocational schools had not met the country’s personnel demands.

Therefore, he said, in the coming time, the establishment of vocational schools will be approved based on the occupational demands of each area.

The Government’s investment in vocational schools will concentrate on improving students’ skills so they can be qualified to work right after graduation, he added.

Source: SGGP