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Tea producers honoured at Lam Dong Tea Festival

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A ceremony to honour tea producers was the highlight of the opening ceremony of the third Lam Dong Tea Festival 2010 in Lam Dong Province on December 25.

Visitors at the Lam Dong Tea Festival 2010.

45 tea producers and processers spanning five generations were honoured at the opening ceremony. The festival had the highland town of Bao Loc pulsating with activity. There was a procession of flower-decked cars, a tea picking contest, an exhibition and a science seminar.

The event will organize a program to announce B’lao tea brand.

The organizers expected the event would encourage the tea industry of Vietnam and Lam Dong in particular to produce higher quality tea for export and also improve the living conditions of tea-producers.

The festival is on till December 27.

Source: SGGP

Movies on free social websites made by high school film producers

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High school students who are interested in film making have recently produced short pictures by themselves and posted their works online. The Internet has the advantage of helping them easily reach viewers who are in the same demographic.

The “film staff” of the movie “TRY” are students of Nguyen Chi Thanh High School in HCM City.

Without the aide of modern, professional cameras, amateur “film producers” can shoot a film with just a handycam or a cell phone.  The “directors” and “actors” are not professionals either, but simply groups of friends.

A short film titled “TRY” has recently attracted a great number of viewers, primarily high school students.

The movie produced by a group of students of Nguyen Chi Thanh High School in Ho Chi Minh City.

The film tells a story of a young boy, Nam, who was raised in a poor family and studies hard in school. But he is a victim of bullies. Nam overcomes his fear of fighting back and resists the tormentors after they kidnap his girlfriend.

Although available on free social websites, young people have also purchased the film in DVD form, at a price of VND20, 000 (US$1).

The film soundtrack, composed by a member of the “film staff”, has been become popular among students.

“TRY” shows daily activities in a school which are very familiar to students. Although amateurs made the film without formal training, it receives high commendation from many viewers nonetheless.

Another film entitled “Tears of Foetuses,” made by team of students in Hue, won the second prize of the national student film festival.

To encourage young people to demonstrate their abilities by making films, the Vietnam Movies Association annually holds Canh Dieu (Kite) short film festival. However, the event has mostly attracted students of University of Theater and Cinema.

A student film festival for primary school students held last year created many movies clubs in primary schools.
Relevant departments such as film associations, organizations and schools focus on encouraging amateur young filmmakers to help them to make works that reflect their dreams and spontaneous creativity.


Source: SGGP

New wave of TV series sees producers competing for airtime

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Unlike previous years when Vietnamese television programming was sparse, this year viewers can look forward to a host of new series from local TV producers. The influx of new shows, however, has led to competition amongst producers for the most coveted time slots.

A poster of “Despite blowing wind” by Tri Viet company.

Vietnamese movie production company Latsa looks to continue dominating the “Golden Hour” slot (8:45 PM) with its popular offering of programs. Airing its shows on channel HTV 7, Latsa’s quality programming has attracted a strong following and thus a high number of advertisers hoping to air their commercials. 

Latsa’s coming attractions include a series targeted at young audiences titled “Cong Mat Troi” (Sun Gate), about the trials and tribulations of student life. While less hyped than the previous series in the time slot,  “Goi giac mo ve” (Calling back a dream), “Cong Mat Troi” still looks to be popular.

The production company is also planning to produce two more TV series  “Thuy Khuc” (A song for Thuy) and “Lam cha” (Fatherhood), set to air after “Cong Mat Troi.”

The three series are all set to be broadcast during the desirable Golden Hour slot this year.

Another big movie maker, MTP, continues to dominate the popular daytime slot from 1-2 PM on HTV 7. It has announced 14 diversified series and movies this year, almost half of which are based on foreign screenplays that have been translated into Vietnamese language and style.

Most MTP programs are known for being comedic, but they also cover topics like daily living and cooking shows aimed at women. There is not enough time to air all 14 series this year, so several have been scheduled for broadcast next year.  

Another local film producer, Tri Viet, is showing hundreds of episodes from the series “Du gio co thoi” (Despite the blowing wind). It has also announced big future projects in the works including films about youth and their ambitions.

HTV’s  filmmaker TFS, meanwhile, has said it is scheduling 10 series, which are already completed.

The arrival of so many new TV series and made-for-TV movies has left smaller-scale producers with the challenge of improving the quality of their programs to compete for viewers.

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Ministry to up inspections of animal fat producers

In Vietnam Economy on October 22, 2009 at 6:05 am

Ministry to up inspections of animal fat producers

QĐND – Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 20:7 (GMT+7)

The Ministry of Health has requested departments of health across the nation to launch health and safety inspections on the production and trading of animal fat.

Nguyen Cong Khan, head of the ministry’s Office of Administration for Food Safety and Hygiene, said the aim of the inspections was to prevent the production and sale of unsafe animal fat, especially fat derived from pigs that is used to make products for human consumption, such as cakes.

The move follows growing public concern at the threat posed by animal fat of unknown origins to consumers. The latest case involved three tonnes of spoiled fat that was set for use to make cakes. Ha Noi Police seized the dangerous fat late last month.

Khan said his office was co-operating with localities to ensure better supervision of businesses that make animal fat.

He said that supervising animal fat production across the country was difficult. Animal fat is usually sourced from abattoirs, and there are large numbers of small abattoirs across the country that do not meet food safety standards.

Khan said animal fat was widely used in baked goods in Viet Nam.

“It’s a habit that will be difficult to change,” he said.

Phan Thi Bich Nga, a doctor at the National Nutrition Institute, said hygienically-produced animal fat was a useful part of the average person’s daily diet, as it contained cholesterol which is vital in the formation of cell structures.

However, unsafe animal fat, if consumed, can lead to food poisoning, including symptoms such suffocation, diarrhoea and heart problems. In the long term, it can also lead to diseases of the digestive system.

Source: VietNamNet/Viet Nam News

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