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N. Korea officially proposes talks with South: KCNA

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North Korea Monday officially proposed dialogue with South Korea, less than two months after launching a deadly bombardment of a South Korean island.

Three official bodies separately sent notices to Seoul’s unification ministry calling for talks and announcing the reopening of a Red Cross border liaison office, the North’s official Korean Central News Agency said.

It said the messages proposed holding a working contact for talks in the North’s border city of Kaesong on January 27, and suggested talks between Red Cross organisations in the southern city of Munsan on February 1.

The Red Cross liaison channel at the border truce village of Panmunjom would be reopened from January 12, the agency announced.

A Seoul government source quoted by the South’s Yonhap news agency confirmed the North had sent an official letter. There was no immediate response.

South Korea, which had been seeking a request through official channels, reacted coolly earlier Monday to a weekend proposal made through state media for the “unconditional and early opening” of talks.

The North’s November 23 bombardment of Yeonpyeong island near the disputed Yellow Sea border killed four people including civilians and drove tensions to their highest level for years.


Source: SGGP

Minister proposes strict punishments on polluters of Dong Nai River

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Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Pham Khoi Nguyen has called for urgent action and severe penalties on plants that are polluting the waters of the Dong Nai River.

Many factories along the Dong Nai River pour liquid waste into the water, causing heavy pollution to the river

He made the statement at yesterday’s meeting with 12 riparian provinces to seek drastic measures to save the river, which is the main water resource for 12 riparian provinces within that area.
The minister said polluting plants should be penalized by law, suspended, closed or even asked to relocate.
Provincial and municipal administrators have to monitor tightly the use of fertilizers and insecticides, he said, adding that eco-friendly and hi-tech agricultural models need to be encouraged.
Mr. Nguyen emphasized that the river is a vital part of the region and that all effort should be made to preserve this important source of water supply to the provinces.
All socio-economic activities of the provinces depended on the river, he added.
Le Hoang Quan, chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, asked the city’s relevant agencies to coordinate closely with other 11 provinces to keep watch on the discharge of waste into the river to prevent pollution.
He said if the river is not protected, it will have bad impacts on production and living conditions.
Hoang Duong Tung, director of the Center for Environmental Monitoring, said an average of 4.7 million cubic meters of wastewater is being discharged daily into the river, and 1.9 million cubic meters of that happens to be industrial wastewater.
Most of the wastewater is not treated before it flows into the river, he added.
Mr. Tung said about one-third of industrial parks and export processing zones has wastewater treatment systems, and only 14 percent of 300 enterprises in Binh Duong Province have been cleared of following environmental protection norms.
The concentration of pollutants in the river has by now exceeded permitted levels within the last five years, he said.
In the Saigon river the pollution level is so high that the water can’t be treated for household consumption, he added.

Source: SGGP

Libya’s Gaddafi proposes 1 million-strong African army

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African nations should join forces to create a one-million-strong army to protect the continent and confront outsiders like NATO and China, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Tuesday.

Gaddafi, well known for his forthright rhetoric, has acquired growing influence in Africa but his ambition to build a united states of Africa is not shared by the continent’s biggest powers.

“National militaries alone cannot save countries. Africa should have one army with one million soldiers,” Gaddafi said in a speech in the Senegalese capital.

He said the joint force would “guard the borders and seas, protect Africa’s independence and confront NATO, China, France, Britain and other countries.”

Speaking at an event called the World Festival of Black Arts and Cultures, Gaddafi also attacked opponents of his long-standing proposal for a unified African government.

“They should leave home, abandon their countries and go and live in the capitals of the capitalist, imperialist countries which once occupied Africa,” he said in his speech.

Gaddafi has been pushing for an African unity government for years, saying it is the only way Africa can develop without Western interference.

His ideas have had a sympathetic response in some states, helped by his reputation in parts of the continent as champion of the developing world and also by the millions of dollars in aid his oil-exporting country gives to Africa.

But many African leaders, especially in the bigger economies, are skeptical. They say they cannot be expected to cede sovereignty to an African bloc only a few decades after wresting it from their colonial rulers.

Source: SGGP

HCMC farmer association proposes advance of $116,000 to sue Vedan

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 at 4:33 am

Ho Chi Minh City Farmer Association said it will propose that the city People’s Committee seek funds from the city’s budget to advance VND2.2 billion (US$116,000) to famers in Can Gio District, to pay fees necessary to take legal action against Taiwanese MSG producer, Vedan.

The wastewater processing tank at Vedan. The company heavily contaminated Thi Vai River. (Photo:VNA)

The city People’s Committee had requested Vedan pay damages to farmers VND45.7 billion ($2.4 million). The claim was legitimate, based on results of investigations done by the Institute of Environment and Natural Resources acting upon the request of the Prime Minister and the environment ministry, said Phung, chairman of the association.

The association will also coordinate with the city Lawyers Association, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Institute of Environment and Resources of the HCM National University, to prepare documents necessary to sue Vedan if the company does not properly compensate victims of the pollution they caused in the Thi Vai River.

Earlier, representatives from the company said it would support farmers in the Can Gio District with VND7 billion ($368,000), accounting for one-tenth of the farmers’ actual losses, but it added that it was difficult to legally prove how much they were affected by the pollution.

The city People’s Committee asked relevant agencies to determine the best method for demanding Vendan comply and provide satisfactory compensation.

In September 2008, Vedan was caught discharging untreated wastewater to the Thi Vai River in Dong Nai province, causing serious pollution and heavy losses to thousands fishing households, including those in Dong Nai, Ba Ria-Vung Tau and HCM City’s Can Gio District. It turned out that the company had been doing it for 14 years.

Source: SGGP

Sadacorp proposes a VND 7.5 trillion water project

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Sadacorp proposes a VND 7.5 trillion water project

QĐND – Thursday, May 20, 2010, 21:1 (GMT+7)

Sai Gon Dau Tieng Water Supply Joint Stock Compay (Sadacorp) has just sent its proposal to the Government to launch a large water supply project in Ho Chi Minh City.

Under the proposal, the company will deploy a project costing VND 7,500 billion. The project includes a water plant with a capacity of 600,000 square meters per day in Hoc Mon district and a pumping station in Dau Tieng Lake.

If the proposal is passed by the Government, the project will be implemented between now and 2025.

The investors said that the project aims to supply clean water for local industrial zones and urban areas.

Source: DDDN

Translated by Thu Nguyen

Source: QDND

Education ministry proposes increase funding student loans

In Uncategorized on May 17, 2010 at 8:58 am

Students from across the country stand to receive loans totaling VND1.2 million per month, up from current levels of VND860,000.


If the Ministry of Education’s proposal is approved, each student loan would increase to VND1.2 million per month

The Ministry of Education made the proposal at a recent seminar on building assistant policy to disadvantaged students in accordance with a Government resolution on reducing poverty in 61 of the country’s impoverished districts.

Demand for student loans continues to rise.

Moreover, the current loan level of VND860,000 per month fails to cover the cost for many students to pay for accommodation and travel expenses, forcing many to take on part-time jobs in order to make up the difference.  In many cases, this extra burden has affected their studies.

According to the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, three years since implementation of the loan assistance policy to students, total loans to students have reached VND19.9 trillion (US$1 billion), as of March 2010.

Of these, the number of students who received loans is 1.8 million and the number of households getting loans for their children’s education is 1.6 million.

The assistance policy has helped hosts of disadvantaged students to continue their studies and has limited the number of students forced to drop out of school due to financial constraints.

Source: SGGP

Online games to be prohibited after 10pm, draft proposes

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Online games to be prohibited after 10pm, draft proposes

QĐND – Friday, May 14, 2010, 22:30 (GMT+7)

Vietnamese online gamers may not be allowed to play internet games after 10pm, according to contents of a new draft issued by The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) on May 13.

A meeting, comprised of game providers and representatives of relevant agencies, was convened yesterday in Hanoi to discuss drafting regulations for the management of online gaming. 

In addition to the proposed time restrictions, the draft also mandates that online game shops must be at least 200m away from educational facilities.

Deputy Minister Do Quy Doan told the participants it needs to control online gaming, pointing to recent articles, which warn that the effects of online gaming may be responsible for recent waves of violence within the nation’s schools.

Luu Vu Hai, head of the Broadcasting, Television and Electronic Information Management Bureau, said the draft should strengthen the scrutiny of new online games before their founding companies are issued business certificates, as well as the monitoring of these games once they are launched into local markets.

Vietnam has 58 games online, 90% of which have been re-designed to appeal specifically to the tastes of Vietnamese gamers.  The popularity of online games in the country has soared over the past five years.

According to the Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa), the Vietnamese market potential for online gaming is still quite vast. While the country already has 12 million online gamers, statistics compiled by the VietnamInternetCenter shows the country has 22.2 million Internet users (as of October, 2009). 

Additionally, the country has an exceedingly young population and marketing of online games tends to target younger demographics. More than half of Vietnamese Internet users are gamers and it is estimated that the online gaming industry earned $130 million last year, accounting for 70 percent of the country’s earnings within the digital industries.

Vietnam is the single biggest market for computer games in all of Southeast Asia, with nearly 20 game distributors. Online gaming has greatly contributed to increase internet users and has helped to alleviate unemployment, as opportunities to work in internet shops have increased sharply.  Other countries have managed the issues of online gaming skillfully, while still managing to earn substantial profits.

Understanding both sides of the matter, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Posts and Telematics issued a law intended to restrict online gaming back in 2006. However, the law contained loopholes, making it difficult to enforce. 

Consequently, the relevant agencies set out to discuss the creation of new, stricter laws. The draft resulting from yesterday’s meeting will be submitted to the government for approval next month.

At the meeting, some participants said online gaming should be regulated like tobacco, alcohol and relevant agencies should be determined ban games with illicit themes, such as prostitution and gambling.

Representatives of the Communist Union proposed the implementation of written statements which would appear on computer screens, warning consumers of the potential harmful effects of online games much like the warnings issued packages of tobacco.

VinaGame and VTC Intecom, the two largest online gaming providers in the country, said the proposal was unfair to Vietnamese providers, as the government only seeks to control games provided by domestic businesses such as theirs.  Meanwhile gamers would still be allowed to play the games of foreign providers.  Also, while the government would control online gamers who go to internet shops, their counterparts who play at home would merely be supervised by relatives.

Source: SGGP

Source: QDND

Putin proposes merging Gazprom, Ukraine gas firm

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Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Friday stunned observers by proposing a merger between Russia’s Gazprom, the world’s largest gas firm, and Ukrainian state gas company Naftogaz.

The surprise plan infuriated the pro-Western opposition in Ukraine in an already tense domestic political situation and risks alarming the European Union, which has warily eyed Russia’s gas expansion ambitions.

“I have made a proposal… I propose merging Gazprom and Naftogaz,” Putin said following talks in the southern city of Sochi with Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

Putin’s announcement, broadcast on state television, is the latest move to cement ties between the two countries after Ukraine’s new pro-Kremlin President Viktor Yanukovych came to power earlier this year.

Yanukovych’s defeated rival in presidential elections, Yulia Tymoshenko, swiftly denounced the plan as part of a wider Russian scheme to steal Ukraine’s post-Soviet independence.

“This proposal to merge Gazprom and Naftogaz… could be taken as a joke, if every day an extensive plan to liquidate Ukraine’s independence wasn’t taking shape before our eyes,” she said in a statement.

Gazprom’s chief executive Alexei Miller said that negotiations on this issue would start immediately after national holidays in Russia due to be marked in the first two weeks of May.

“We are ready to examine the possibility of exchanging assets (of Gazprom and Naftogaz). In essence, this is a question of merging the two companies,” said Miller.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov insisted that the proposal was “more than serious and well thought out.”

“The proposal emphasises how far the Russian side is prepared to go on the road to integration with its Ukrainian partners,” he told the RIA Novosti news agency.

The deal came days 10 days after Ukraine agreed a landmark accord to keep Russia’s Black Sea Fleet based in Crimea at least until 2042 in exchange for a 30 percent discount on Russian gas exports to its neighbour.

Putin also said that export duties would be scrapped on all gas exports to Ukraine.

Naftogaz and Gazprom were at the centre of a gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine in January 2009, which led to gas supplies being turned off to several EU states in the midst of a bitterly cold winter.

A quarter of the gas consumed in the European Union comes from Russia, 80 percent of which passes through Ukraine.

The deal to extend the stay of the Black Sea Fleet has already provoked howls of protest from pro-Western Ukrainian politicians, who accused Yanukovych of selling out Ukraine’s sovereignty to Russia.

Deputies also staged an unprecedented protest in the Ukrainian parliament, throwing eggs at the speaker and letting off smoke bombs as the agreement was ratified.

Analysts have said Russia is moving quickly to secure its influence over Ukraine after the departure from power of ex-president Viktor Yushchenko whose pro-Western orientation infuriated Moscow.

“Russia’s objective is to take control of the Ukrainian pipelines and they will try to do this in any way,” said Viktor Chumak of the International Centre for Policy Studies in Kiev.

“This merger will allow them to seal this control,” he added.

Gazprom grew out of the former Soviet Union’s Gas Industry Ministry and was part-privatised from 1993, though the Russian state retains a controlling stake of 50 percent. Naftogaz is 100 percent owned by the Ukrainian state.

Analysts have said that Ukraine needed the gas discount from Russia to cut its huge budget deficit and meet the International Monetary Fund’s conditions for releasing a new loan tranche.

Ukraine was hammered by the global financial crisis and Putin said Russian state bank VTB is ready to offer the country a 500 million dollar (376 million euro) loan to help its crisis-hit economy.


Source: SGGP

Indonesia proposes Asian monetary fund

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Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia has proposed the setting up of an Asian monetary fund at the ongoing third Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) meeting in Jakarta.

“The aim is helping the economy of the countries in Asia which had been hit by the impact of the global economic crisis,” chairman of Indonesia’s House of Representatives’ Commission I Theo L Sambuaga was quoted by Antara news agency as saying on November 27 on the sidelines of the APA meeting at the Jakarta Convention Centre.

The proposal, said Theo Sambuaga who was also a member of the Indonesian delegation, had been submitted directly by chairman of the House inter-parliamentary cooperation agency (BKSAP) Abdillah Toha in the presence of the legislators during the general debate at the Assembly Hall.

“Asia needs to be strong along with strengthening the commodity trading between the Asian countries, minimising the impact of the global economic crisis,” Abdillah Toha said at the general debate.

In addition, he said, Asia needed to form a transparent capital flow mechanism, because the flow of capital has recently become out of control and even become rather speculative.

He also said that such Asian Monetary Fund could foster the domestic markets between the Asian countries, and also develop and strengthen an economically weak Asian infrastructure.-

Singapore proposes joint ventures with Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – Malaysia and Singapore should consider undertaking joint iconic projects in Malaysia’s Iskandar economic development area, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak said, citing the Singaporean PM’s proposal.

Deputy PM Razak told Malaysian journalists that Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made the suggestion during their bilateral meeting on November 22 on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

“It would be some economic projects that are viable,” he said after the end of the summit.

“We leave it to officials from both sides to discuss and identify the particular projects that are appropriate,” the Malaysian Deputy PM added.

Later, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said iconic projects would be those that have a high impact on the economies of both countries, according to Malaysia’s Bernama news agency.-