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Improving the quality of prosecution and supervision

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Improving the quality of prosecution and supervision

QĐND – Friday, January 07, 2011, 21:31 (GMT+7)

The Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam (SPPV) has greatly contributed to protecting the Party, State, and people’s legitimate rights and to developing a strategy for judicial reform.

State President Nguyen Minh Triet emphasized this at a conference in Hanoi on January 7 to review the work of the SPPV in 2010 and define tasks for 2011, with the participation of Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Uong Chu Luu.

In 2010, the SPPV effectively carried out its prosecution and supervision activities, as well as its investigations into criminal and civil cases.

However, there are still shortcomings the SPPV needs to overcome such as slowness in dealing with denunciations and complaints and handling a number of cases.

Deputy Prosecutor General Hoang Nghia Mai said in addition to improving the quality of prosecution and supervision work. In 2011, the SPPV will focus on improving the professional skills and ethics of the staff members.

President Triet insisted that the SPPV work out effective measures to comprehensively carry out judicial reform, strengthen the organizational structure, and improve the quality of prosecution and supervision work.

He expressed his belief that with its 50-year history, the SPPV will well fulfill its new mission in 2011.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Prosecution call for ex-Avenue Project manager

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Prosecution call for ex-Avenue Project manager

QĐND – Saturday, August 14, 2010, 20:50 (GMT+7)

The Ministry of Public Security’s Investigation Agency has requested the Supreme People’s Procuracy prosecute Huynh Ngoc Si, former director of the ODA-funded East-West Avenue project in Ho Chi Minh City, on charges of “taking bribes”.

The request was made after the Agency concluded investigations into evidence and documents relating to Si’s involvement in a case of giving and taking bribes when he headed the Management Board of the East-West Avenue and Ho Chi Minh City Water Environment Improvement project.

The case was brought to light following the Japanese Government’s suggestion that Vietnam investigate allegations of officials of Japan’s Pacific Consultants International (PCI) paying bribes in order to be awarded contracts.

The four ex-employees with Japan’s PCI claimed that they gave Si bribes totaling 800,000 USD in exchange for the provision of consultancy services for the East-West Avenue project.

The bribes were given between 2003 and 2006, at a time when the East-West Avenue project in Ho Chi Minh City was underway. On August 25, 2008, the four ex-PCI officials were prosecuted on charges of bribery and violations of Japan’s anti-competition laws.

In January this year, the Investigation Agency already initiated legal proceedings against Si on charges of taking bribes in line with Article 279 of the Penal Code.

Earlier, on September 25, 2009, Si was sentenced to three years in jail on charges of “abuse of power” when carrying out the East-West Avenue and HCM City Water Environment Improvement project.

Si, who is also former deputy director of HCM City’s Department of Transport, and his deputy, Le Qua, misappropriated funds earned from leasing a State-owned house on Nguyen Thi Dieu Street in District 3 to Japan’s Pacific Consultants International (PCI).

The money received from the contract between August 2001 and November 2002, estimated at around 1.2 billion VND (66,500 USD), was not submitted to the state budget but disbursed among 87 officials working in the project.

Si took 52 million VND and Qua took 54 million VND from the contract. The two officials also used 350 million VND for “treating guests”.

Source: VNA/Vietnam+

Source: QDND