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China protected Kim’s oldest son over attack plot

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Aides to the youngest son and heir apparent of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il planned an attack last year on Kim’s oldest son but were warned off by China, a report said Wednesday.

South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper, citing a government source, said close aides of youngest son Jong-Un plotted an attack on Jong-Nam after the leader had picked Jong-Un as heir apparent in January 2009.

Jong-Nam has been living mainly in Beijing and the Chinese territory of Macau since falling out of favour with his father.

In an frank interview with Japan’s TV Asahi broadcast Tuesday, he expressed opposition to another hereditary power transfer in the communist state.

File photo of the man believed to be Kim Jong-Nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

Chosun quoted its source as saying Jong-Un’s aides last year tried “to do something to Kim Jong-Nam, who has a loose tongue abroad” but China apparently warned them not to lay a hand on him on Chinese soil.

The paper said Jong-Nam reportedly has close ties with China’s powerful “princelings”, an elite group of the children of senior officials.

“Kim Jong-Nam won’t go back to the North but stay in China,” the source added.

South Korea’s intelligence agency declined comment on the newspaper report.

Jong-Un’s status as leader-in-waiting was effectively made public after Pyongyang made him a four-star general and gave him key ruling party posts late last month.

He appeared Sunday with his father at a massive military parade seen as a coming-out party.

Jong-Nam fell out of favour when he was caught trying to enter Japan with a fake passport in 2001.

China is the impoverished North’s sole major ally and economic lifeline, its biggest trade partner and energy supplier.

“Personally I am opposed to the hereditary transfer to a third generation of the family,” Jong-Nam told TV Asahi in the interview conducted in Beijing on Saturday.

Leader Kim Jong-Il succeeded his own father Kim Il-Sung, who died in 1994.

However, the 39-year-old Jong-Nam also said he would accept his father’s choice and that “for my part, I am prepared to help my younger brother whenever necessary while I stay abroad”.

A North Korea expert at Seoul’s Dongguk University, Kim Yong-Hyun, said Jong-Nam’s comments appeared to be a signal from the regime.

“His interview is seen as a message to the outside world that there is no internal friction over the transfer of power,” the professor told AFP.

“Jong-Nam is also saying he will continue to stay abroad. The interview indicates there is no room for him to play in North Korea’s current power structure.”

Source: SGGP

Children in Quang Nam province to be seriously protected

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Children in Quang Nam province to be seriously protected

QĐND – Wednesday, August 04, 2010, 20:36 (GMT+7)

The People’s Committee of the Central province of Quang Nam on August 2nd launched a pilot project of children protection in Tam Ky city.  

Accordingly, the committee and the World Vision Organization will carried out  this three-year project in five mountainous districts of Bac Tra My, Phuoc Son, Tien Phuoc, Nong Son and Dong Giang.

Some US $11,000 will be funded for the first year of the project. The fund can be adjusted in the following years, based on the reality of demands and the agreement between the two organizers.

The goal of this project is to improve the effectiveness of taking care of and protecting children from being abused and tortured.

In 2009, the Department of Labour, War-Invalids and Social Affairs of Quang Nam province and other related agencies helped liberate a number of children from their violent gold mine owners.

Source: TT

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Trao Reef Marine Ecosystem Protected Area is operational

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A ceremony to launch the Trao Reef Marine Ecosystem Protected Area will be held on Nov. 27 in Van Ninh district of the central costal province of Khanh Hoa.

The Trao Reef is the first locally managed protected area in Vietnam to be officially recognised by the Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee.

The reef is located on Van Phong Bay. The 25ha area was an important marine resource exploited by the community prior to 2000. Overuse of the natural resources damaged nearby coral reefs, such as Can Reef and Sun Reef.

Protection of the area began in 2001 with the implementation of a pilot project which received permission from the Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee and technical and financial support from the Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD).

Of particular importance is the fact that Van Ninh district communities were directly involved in the formation and implementation of the Trao Reef Marine Reserve. The result is that it is considered to be the first local, small scale marine reserve in Vietnam .

The reserve model has successfully helped with the recovery of valuable coral reefs, improved habitat for valuable fisheries resources, and contributed to marine environmental protection. Tam Hai commune in Quang Ninh province and Phuoc Dinh commune in Ninh Thuan province are learning from this model, according to experts from the MCD.

Although the Trao Reef doesn’t meet current Vietnamese requirements for marine reserve status, the achievements of this model have made a positive contribution to coastal resource management, both locally and nationally.

The Van Ninh People’s Committee is cooperating with the provincial department of Natural Resources and Environment and Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as the MCD, to work towards finalizing the legal status of the Trao Reef.

“The Khanh Hoa People’s Committee has recognized the local community’s contribution and authority in marine ecosystem environment management and protection. Meanwhile, the Van Ninh People’s Committee has created a legal basis for encouraging local authorities and the community to continue managing and protecting biodiversity and the marine ecosystem environment in the Trao Reef coastal zone in particular, and in the surrounding coastal zone in general,” said Dao Van Luong, head of the Agriculture and Rural Development Office in Van Ninh district.

“The recognition of the Trao Reef as a marine protected area is not only a great sense of accomplishment and encouragement for community members who have contributed to the area’s protection, but is also an example of effective cooperation among three sectors – the local community, state management offices at all levels, and civil society – towards the common goal of protecting the environment and marine resources for future generations,” MCD director Nguyen Thu Hue said.

Many activities will be held during the launch ceremony on Nov. 27 to improve community knowledge of the Trao Reef Ecosystem Protected Area.-