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Taiwanese IT products received high marks

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Communication received from missing boat

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Communication received from missing boat

QĐND – Sunday, October 17, 2010, 20:41 (GMT+7)

The mainland could contact the captain and the crew on fishing boat QNg 66487 TS at 12:45 on October 16, reported the People’s Committee of the central coastal province of Quang Ngai.

The fishing boat was drifting at sea for the last few days after its engine broke down and the fishermen had to use blankets to make up a sail. It was later spotted by a Chinese patrol ship and nine fishermen on board together with the boat were taken to the Tru Cau island of the Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago for shelter. 

On the afternoon of the same day, Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister Ho Xuan Son met Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam Sun Guoxiang, requesting that China soon verify and confirm the information for Vietnam to safely bring the boat and its crew home at the earliest. 

According to the Vietnamese Embassy in China, at 17:30 (Vietnamese time) on October 16, 2010, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that China took fishing boat QNg 66487 TS and its nine-member crew to an island of the Hoang Sa archipelago. 

The Chinese side has provided food and drinks, the embassy said. However, due to the bad weather, the fishing boat and its crew will have to stay on the island for the next few days, said the embassy. 

The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry said it would have exchanges with China to safely bring fishing boat QNg 66487 TS and its nine-member crew home as soon as possible.

Source: Vietnamplus

Source: QDND

Call to stamp out footpath vendors received with caution

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Call to stamp out footpath vendors received with caution

QĐND – Friday, March 26, 2010, 20:44 (GMT+7)

Whether Hanoi should stamp out footpath vendors and street markets and expand supermarkets topped the agenda at a Public Service conference in Hanoi this week.

Many conference delegates said supermarkets play an important role in urban life, but if small markets are stamped out, other temporary markets will spring up, making it difficult for authorities to keep control.

This was not to mention the number of people whose livelihood depend on selling produce at such markets.

Under a plan to upgrade and develop the city’s market system until 2020, Hanoi would have 489 markets, 162 commercial centres and 178 supermarkets.

Participants also argued that footpaths in Hanoi have gradually lost their function for pedestrians. They are now used foe business purposes such as extensions to shop showrooms and food stalls and for street vendors, parking motorbikes or repair services, they said.

Professor Ton Gia Huyen fron the Vietnam Land Science Association said the city’s development is outstripping its management.

Huyen said the city People’s Committee’s decision to allow traders to use footpaths wider than 3m to do their business from September 2007 had created open slather with more than 2 million metres of footpath under districts’ management.

However, head of the Ministry of Construction’s urban development management department’s planning office Tran Lan Anh said many countries permit multiple uses for footpaths, just that they needed to be kept under strict control to ensure order and security.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND