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NA deputies passes resolution on completion of Dung Quat Oil Refinery

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NA deputies passes resolution on completion of Dung Quat Oil Refinery

QĐND – Friday, November 26, 2010, 20:40 (GMT+7)

The NA deputies passed a resolution on completion of Dung Quat oil refinery at the 8th session of the 12th National Assembly which closed in Hanoi on November 26. 

The resolution states that the Dung Quat Oil Refinery Factory Project No 1 has been basically completed and is producing initial results.

The resolution asks the government to continue with a package of measures aimed at ensuring raw materials for the factory to operate steadily in the long-run, and improving the project’s socio-economic efficiency as well as its impact on the key economic zone in the central region.

It also asks relevant agencies to ensure absolute security and safety for the factory under the legal regulations and pay due attention to training hi-tech human resources for the oil refinery industry as well as stabilizing the people’s production activities in the surrounding areas. More importantly, it is necessary to implement the audit of the whole project under the legal regulations.

The same day, NA deputies approved another resolution on the results of supervising the implementation of administrative reform in areas related to citizens and businesses under an overall programme on state administrative reform in the 2001-2010 period.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Dung Quat refinery plans 4.9 million tonnes in 2011

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Vietnam’s first refinery gets crude for test run

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Quang Ngai (VNA) – The Dung Quat oil refinery in central Quang Ngai province on Nov. 30 received the first 80,000 MT of crude oil that will service its test-runs.

Present at the event, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Huynh Ngoc Son expressed his belief that the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, the Dung Quat oil refinery project management board and relevant sectors will work to put the refinery into operation on schedule to ensure energy security for the country.

According to the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group’s plan, the Dung Quat oil refinery will get 4 million tonnes of crude oil from the Bach Ho (White Tiger) oil field for its one-year test-running period.

The supply of crude oil will be undertaken by the Oil Corporation (PV Oil), which will take the responsibility of distributing all 3.4 million tonnes of oil and gas products produced by the Dung Quat oil refinery.

When officially operating in 2010, the Dung Quat oil refinery is expected to churn out around 5.7 million tonnes of petrol and oil of international standard to primarily serve domestic consumption.

The country’s first refinery is designed to be capable of refining 6.5 million tonnes of crude oil into LPG, Propylene and petrol 90RON, 92RON, kerosene, Jet A1, diesel, FO which are expected to meet around 30 percent of local demands.

So far, the Dung Quat refinery has almost 98 percent of its construction workload completed. It is expected to start commercial operation by late February, 2009.

On Nov. 12, the refinery put its first generator, a 4002A turbine, of four generators that will provide electricity to power the refinery, into operation. The remaining three generators are expected to become operational by the end of December this year.-

Deputy PM urges acceleration of refinery project

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Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has urged the need to speed up the implementation of the Nghi Son petrochemical refinery project to contribute to controlling trade deficit.

Speaking at a conference reviewing the implementation of the project in Thanh Hoa province on Oct. 12, the Deputy PM said that accelerating the Nghi Son petrochemical refinery complex – one of the country’s major and most important projects, would help the country attract more investment and sell petrol in the context of the rising world demand for energy.

The Deputy PM asked Thanh Hoa province, the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) and relevant ministries to continue carrying out the remaining work on schedule in order to start the construction of the refinery in June 2010, which is expected to turn out products in 2013.

Deputy PM Hai agreed with proposals of Thanh Hoa province, PVN and relevant ministries for relocation of the export port of the Nghi Son complex, expansion of the Nghi Son port, relocation of a civil airport in the region and enlarging a section of Highway 1A running through the Nghi Son economic zone.-

Dung Quat refinery to use imported crude oil

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The Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) is negotiating with BP of Britain and Shell of the US to import crude oil for the Dung Quat refinery, which is scheduled to start operation in February next year.

PVN said it plans to import oil to meet 30 percent of Dung Quat’s crude demand estimated at 3.5 million tonnes at its initial phase and around 6.5 million tonnes in 2010.

It was intended the nation’s first oil refinery would use crude oil from the Bach Ho field but as oil from the field is fetching the highest price in the market, the import of crude to replace part of this supply will be more enconomically beneficial.

The Oil Corporation (PV Oil) will undertake the sales of all product of the Dung Quat refinery during the refinery’s test running period.

PVN said that it is considering several possibilities regarding the Dung Quat refinery, which either see it operating as an independent business or being sold to a foreign partner.-

Dung Quat oil refinery to sell propylene to Japan

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Quang Ngai (VNA) – Vietnam ’s Dung Quat oil refinery will sell between 75,000-150,000 tonnes of propylene per year to Japanese company Marubeni until 2010.

According to the contract, which was signed in Quang Ngai on September 18, the prices will be determined on the basis of Singapore ’s market. The delivery will be made at the refinery’s port.

The Dung Quat oil refinery, built at an estimated cost of 2.5 billion USD, is expected to be put into operation in February 2009.-