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HR management still leaves room for improvement

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Cham Island attracts tourists but room for improvement exists

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Cu Lao Cham (Cham Island), in Hoi An town of the central province of Quang Nam, received recognition as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO one year ago, is regarded as a biological tourist heaven, attracting large numbers of visitors.

Cu Lao Cham is well-known for its wildness, seafood and hospitality  (Photo: Sggp)

The archipelago, with eight big and small islands covers an area of 15 square kilometers.

According to scientists, Cu Lao Cham is home to over 947 species, of which 170 are sea organisms, 50 are fish, and many other species classified as endangered by Vietnam’s Red Book.

The area is also home to 135 species of coral, including six that are new to Vietnamese seas.

“Travelers are very interested in visiting Cu Lao Cham because of its wilderness, seafood and hospitality. Visitors can also explore hidden beauty underwater with thousands of splendid coral with scuba diving tours,” said Nguyen Son Thuy, Director of Hoi An Travel.

However, so far, the Cham Island has no hotels. Visitors have to spend the night in residents’ houses or camp in tents on the beach.

“The local authorities are very careful about developing the island in such a way that does not affect the nature. The biggest problem in development strategy and calling investors to the island is energy resource. Electricity is provided from small diesel generators that pollutes the air and water,” said Mr. Le Van Giang, Chairman of Hoi An People’s Committee.

The local government is cooperating with scientists of the Vietnam Energy Institute to find solutions to create clear energy resources from the sun, bio-fuel and others with a cost of more than VND300 billion (US$15 million).

A lack of transportation is another problem.  New forms of transport are needed to link the island to the mainland. Currently, the only method of transportation are high-speed boats and wood fishing vessels, which can not be used during rainy season.

The government should provide a long-term plan with strong investment to develop the UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve in a way that is environmentally friendly.

Source: SGGP

Luxury hotel room prices see a sharp fall

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Luxury hotel room prices see a sharp fall

QĐND – Wednesday, June 09, 2010, 17:26 (GMT+7)

Average prices of high-class hotel rooms in Vietnam fell by 31.9 per cent in 2009, according to figures released on June 8th by Grant Thornton Vietnam.

The firm believes that the global economic crisis had a long term and considerable impact on tourism and hotel sectors in Vietnam and across the world.

Especially, five-star hotels were hit hard as tourists tended to cut down their spending during their tours and rich people seemed to travel less.

However, the survey shows that proceeds from other tourist services like restaurants, spa, banquets and conferences rose 8.2 per cent. As a result, hotels still maintained their incomes in 2009.

Figures also points out that, while the number of international visitors to Vietnam fell, the number of domestic tourists sharply increased.  

Source: Vietnam+

Source: QDND

Real estate sector has ample room for growth

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HCM CITY — Experts at the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) Asia Pacific conference in HCM City are optimistic about the development of the real estate market in Viet Nam.

Matthew Koziora, sales and marketing director for VinaCapital Real Estate, said yesterday the country had excellent growth prospects and an administration increasingly open to foreign and private sector investment.

“Many multinational companies apply the China-plus-one strategy and Viet Nam is increasingly the alternative as China becomes a more expensive place to operate,” said Koziora.

Though Viet Nam is not immune from the global credit crunch and foreign direct investment (FDI) disbursement could slow, its improving balance of payments, and solid foreign reserves are strong indicators that a currency “meltdown” is unlikely, according to the director.

Meanwhile, given the current credit slowdown in Viet Nam caused in large part by the Government’s monetary tightening policy, foreign investors have the opportunity to fill the gap.

According to Koziora, real estate will continue to be in high demand due to increasing industrialisation and urbanisation. Low to mid-range apartments are selling because of their affordability and reasonable payment terms as well as a real demand.

HCM City now has 150,000 sq.m. in 15 shopping centres and departments stores, but does not have enough “purpose built” retail facilities.

Around 50,000 expatriates currently live in HCM City but only 3,000 serviced apartments are available. More units should be available by 2010.

With international visitors on the rise, the city also faces a shortage of hotel rooms. There are currently fewer than 7,000 rooms in three to five star hotels. In the first six months of the year, 2.3 million foreign tourists came to HCM City. Some 4.5 million foreign arrivals are expected this year.

Do Thi Loan, HoREA secretary general, views the area’s rising population, with 85 per cent of people living in urban areas, as an opportunity for residential investment projects. She also cited Viet Nam’s peak position in the world’s 10 most attractive retail markets as another encouraging condition for real estate development.

Truong Trong Nghia, president of the Investment and Trade Promotion Center, pointed out the Government’s targets for 2020 of turning HCM City into a metropolis of 10 million residents, characterised by hi-tech industries, high end services, and science and technological facilities as room for growth. The Government also plans to increase the average housing area from the current 11.5 sq.m to 17 sq.m per person.

He also cited projects awaiting investment, such as creating new urban centres in Thu Thiem and Cu Chi and expanding Tan Son Nhat Airport to allow 10 million passengers in 2010 and 20 million in 2020, as signs for optimism.

At the ongoing two-day conference, hosted for the first time in Viet Nam by the HCM City Real Estate Association (HoREA), delegates will discuss: international property transaction trends in Asia, developing low-cost housing, financing for housing developers and buyers, lessons from Singapore and Indonesia, and prospects for condo hotels in the Asia Pacific region, among others —