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Schools near empty as freeze hits north

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Schools near empty as freeze hits north

QĐND – Tuesday, January 11, 2011, 21:36 (GMT+7)

Primary schools and kindergartens in the capital are struggling to maintain normal operations during the current cold spell.

Hanoi’s schools saw massive student absences on Jan. 10 despite the temperature staying above the 10 degree Celsius benchmark, below which children are not required to attend primary schools and nurseries.

Trang An Kindergarten in Thanh Xuan district, for instance, welcomed only a quarter of its students. And Vu Thi Hang, a teacher at Hoa Tra My Kindergarten in Cau Giay district, said only half of her students had turned up.

Le Minh Khanh, the mother of an 8-year-old girl, said she still took her daughter to school although 27 of 50 children in the class had not shown up.

“It was very cold; I just wanted to let her stay home but unfortunately the weather forecast at 6.30am today said it was 11.3 degree Celsius, which meant she had to go,” she said.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Hoang Ha said he preferred to keep his 4-year-old son at home as the boy was already suffering from a cough caused by the weather.

Dinh Thuy Duong, principal of Thanh Xuan Trung Primary School, said almost one sixth of her students had not come to class on Jan. 10, a much higher than normal absentee rate but still lower than other schools in the area.

She said the students staying home would make it hard for teachers to keep up with the curriculum given that a new academic term had started.

Teachers would have to work more to help those absent children catch up with the rest of the class, she explained.

She also said that school activities had been adapted to minimise the effect of the current cold weather on children.

Changes included cancelling outdoor activities, turning on heaters, providing warm drinking water, and warm blankets and mattresses for children when taking naps, Duong said.

Nguyen Thi Dong, principal of Hoa Sen Kindergarten in Ba Dinh district, said her school was now serving meals that would give children more energy in the cold.

Hanoi ‘s Education and Training Department has also allowed schools to stay open later than usual in cold weather.

“I hope parents don’t panic. Children are being kept warm in class,” said Duong.

“Please trust us. Bring your children to school so that they won’t fall behind with their schoolwork.”

The Department’s office head Nguyen Hiep Thong said the 6.30am forecast were used to decide if children had to go to school.

While children at primary school and kindergarten level were not required to attend if their local day temperature fell below 10 degree Celsius, the benchmark for lower secondary school students was 7 degree Celsius.

However schools had to take care of students who still turned up despite temperatures lower than these benchmarks, said Thong.

“It is a good, flexible decision as not all parents can afford to have their children at home. They still have to go to work no matter how cold it is,” said Khanh.

The temperature on the peak of Mau Son mountain in the northern province of Lang Son dipped to -1 degree Celsius on Jan. 10 morning, the lowest this winter, while temperatures in other northern provinces were between 1 and 11 degrees Celsius after the arrival of a new cold spell on Jan. 9.

Meteorologists said another cold spell was going to northern Vietnam on Jan. 11, keeping temperatures low.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Cold weather forces schools to close in northern region

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The prolonged cold weather has forced a lot of schools to close, forcing thousands of students to stay at home in northern Vietnam.

Since January 7, Lai Chau Province alone has notified over 15,000 students to stay at home, while Lang Son Province schools have told over 11,000 students not to come to school.

Local authorities have called on residents and parents to help students cope with the cold weather.

In Sa Pa town of Lao Cai Province, parents have donated money in order that schools can purchase heating equipment. Meanwhile, some residents have made wood fires in order to keep children warm in the poorer areas.

The Lai Chau Province Department of Education and Training, has presented 1,500 extra thick clothes to students in districts of Sin Ho, Phong Tho and Tam Duong.

In addition, money donated by the Red River Delta provinces of Thai Binh, Hung Yen and Hai Duong, is helping to make heating mantles for poor students that live in remote lying areas.

Hoang Kim Giao, head of the Livestock Production Department said because of the cold weather, the number of cattle died has increase dramatically, from 900 on Monday to over 2,500. The worst hit provinces include Son La, Ha Giang, Cao Bang and Lao Cai.


Buffaloes find shelter from the cold weather, which has killed thousands of cattle in the north (Photo: SGGP)

On Tuesday afternoon, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development sent another urgent dispatch to northern and central provinces asking them to prevent any more cattle related deaths due to the extreme cold weather.

The Ministry also instructed local authorities not to let cattle in the fields and the forest when the temperature drops below 12 degree Celsius. If possible, farmers should stockpile more grass to feed their herbs.

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Source: SGGP

Primary schools to shut as temperatures drop

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The Hanoi Department of Education and Training announced on Wednesday that primary schools would close in the event of temperatures dropping below 10 degrees Celsius whilst secondary schools would shut down if temperatures dropped below 7 degrees Celsius.

A primary class student (in pink) braves the cold to go to school in Hanoi (Photo: VNA)

The department also instructed school administrative departments to remain open to monitor students who continued to come to school despite the cold temperatures and chilly winds.

The weather bulletin will be broadcasting the daily weather report at 6:30 am on the city radio station and television so that the district education departments could notify all schools in case of extreme cold conditions.

In the northeastern province of Cao Bang, several schools remained closed due to extreme weather conditions in Thong Nong and Quang Uyen districts.

Ho Thi Kim Hoa, head of the Lao Cai Province General Hospital pediatric ward claimed the number of children hospitalized during the last few days had doubled because of extreme cold weather. The hospital is already receiving around 70-80 children a day suffering from respiratory problems, diarrhea and fever.

Most of these children come from the worst affected districts of the province such as Sa Pa, Bac Ha, Muong Khuong and Si Ma Cai.

Source: SGGP

All schools enjoy free Internet

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All schools enjoy free Internet

QĐND – Saturday, December 18, 2010, 22:18 (GMT+7)

The Ministry of Education and Training and the Viettel Telecom Group (Viettel) reviewed Internet provision programme for schools and launched the informatisation plan in schools in Hanoi on December 18.

Between September 2008 and July 2010, Viettel fully implemented the programme of providing free Internet for more than 29,500 schools across the country. 

This allows over 25 million teachers and students to access Internet for learning and research purposes. 

Pham Vu Luan, the Minister of Education and Training, said Vietnam is now one of the few countries in the world that has entirely free Internet connection in schools.  

According to the 2010 report of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO), Vietnam was ranked as high as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in terms of the use of information technology (IT) in education.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Viettel implements full Internet access to Schools

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The Military Telecom Group, Viettel announced on December 17 that it had now completed its target to fully provide free internet connections to schools and educational offices across the country at an estimated cost of  nearly VND500 billion (USD25 million).

Representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training and Viettel sign a cooperation agreement to maintain internet access to schools across the country in Hanoi on December 17. (Photo:VOV)

The Ministry of Education and Training and Viettel, yesterday reviewed Internet provision programmes for schools and launched an awareness plan for schools in Hanoi. The ministry and Viettel also signed a cooperation agreement to maintain internet access to schools across the country.

The Internet at school program has been carried out by the Ministry of Education and Training and Viettel since September, 2008. The program provides more than 25 million teachers and students access to internet for teaching, study, and research work. Under the agreement, both sides will invest in the equipment, manuals and other related documents to help train teachers in the use of the internet.

Dr. Quach Tuan Ngoc, director of the Information Technology Department under the Ministry of Education and Training, claimed that Vietnam will now be one of the few countries in the world that provides free Internet access to schools.

According to the 2010 report of Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO), Vietnam was ranked with Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in the use of information technology (IT) in education.

The program will also greatly promote information technology to local communities.
Representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training and Viettel sign a cooperation agreement to maintain internet access to schools across the country


Source: SGGP

Denmark to fund art education in primary schools in Vietnam

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The government of Denmark approved a fund of 3.900,000 DKK (USD692) for the promotion of art education in primary schools in Vietnam.

Pham Vu Luan, Minister of Education and Training and John Nielsen, Ambassador of Denmark, sign an agreement which provides Danish support for arts education in primary schools in Vietnam  from 2011 – 2015 ( Photo: Courtesy of Denmark Embassy)

Pham Vu Luan, Minister of Education and Training and John Nielsen, Ambassador of Denmark December 14 signed an agreement which provides Danish support for arts education in primary schools in Vietnam  from 2011 – 2015.

An earlier pilot project implementing a new approach to arts education in six different provinces in Northern Vietnam has been tremendously successful.

Support to Arts Education in Primary Schools has brought a new learner centred approach to develop the creative skills of Vietnamese children. This method focuses on a child’s cognitive thinking and draws active participation.

The aim of the new program is to apply new methods and materials in primary schools in Vietnam and develop a focused approach towards art education in primary schools. The program would follow a national curriculum of art education in primary schools which would be more learner-focused.

The signing of the agreement comes after a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which was signed by the Vietnamese and Danish minister of education and training. The MoU signifies the broad scale of educational activities between Vietnam and Denmark.

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Pham Vu Luan expressed his pleasure with the results of the early phase of the project and hoped that this innovative approach towards teaching could be applied in other subjects in schools in future.

The Danish Ambassador John Nielsen stated that the first phase of the project had been highly successful and that he was pleased to see that the agreement added another milestone to the increasing cooperation between Vietnam and Denmark in the field of education.

Source: SGGP

‘Thuy’s Dream’ motivates students in schools

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The weekly flag raising ceremony every Monday in schools has enthused many students in Ho Chi Minh City.

A flag raising ceremony in Nguyen Du High School. (Photo: Sggp)

The ceremony held in high schools such as Marie Curie in District 3 and Nguyen Du in District 10 recently, has left a deep impression on students.

The ceremony is held under a program called ‘Thuy’s Dream’ initiated by Tuoi Tre Newspaper. This program was created to help and support pediatric cancer patients. It is dedicated to the memory and spirit of the late high school student Le Thanh Thuy, who died of bone cancer in 2007.  Thuy was awarded the HCMC Outstanding Young Citizens award in 2006.

Many students were moved to tears as they listened to a letter that Thuy had written to her parents thanking them for their love and care, as she struggled against cancer and her longing to come back to school.

The story of Thuy has aroused many students to live better and more meaningful lives. It is a sensitive and inspiring story of courage, human values and a profound understanding of life.

Many students have been encouraged to register as volunteers for the program. The City’s schools have also supported the organizing of such a weekly flag raising ceremony and bring school children to understand the ideals of Thuy.

Students in Nguyen Thai Binh High School in Tan Binh District and Bach Dang Secondary School in District 3 have also participated in general knowledge quizzes and brief stories by their headmasters.

Deputy headmaster of Nguyen Du High School, Pham Duc Hung, suggested that schools should vary their topics for discussion in order to make it interesting for students. According to him topics such as future careers, family values, relationships and loyalty to country could be both interesting and inspiring for students.

Source: SGGP

Pupils of 322 schools in Lam Dong Province now have Internet access

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Pupils of 322 schools in Lam Dong Province now have Internet access

QĐND – Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 20:20 (GMT+7)

PANO – 322 out of 326 schools in Lam Dong province have been connected with broadband internet access, achieving 99% of the goal of the program of “Internet for School-Investment for the Future”.

The figure was released in a ceremony to review this program held on December 13th in Dalat City by Viettel Group and the Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee.

At the ceremony, Pham Quang Da, Director of Viettel’s branch in Lam Dong, said it was very difficult to facilitate internet access in schools in a province where 90% of its territory was forest and mountains. Thus, Viettel needed to bring internet connections to schools into life and make them effective in education and training. Viettel also pledged to ensure free internet access to those schools.

On this occasion, the Director and the Head of Lam Dong Department of Education and Training also signed a minute on completing this three-year program.

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Malaysian schools to introduce sex education

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Schools not permitted to offer two class sessions a day except parents’ requirement

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