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Philippines makes arrests, seizes explosives amid alert

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Mexico seizes 105 tonnes of marijuana

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 Mexican authorities seized over 105 tonnes of marijuana in the border town of Tijuana after a clash with drug traffickers, in the largest such seizure in recent years, the military said.

Over 10,000 packages of marijuana were seized, weighing in at some 105 tonnes, and 11 people were arrested in the operation, General Alfonso Duarte told reporters.

The drugs had a value of around 335 million dollars on the Mexican street, but their worth could double or triple if sold in the United States, where the traffickers had been attempting to enter, Duarte said.

File photo shows a Mexican Federal Police agent patrolling the streets of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

It is the largest seizure in years amid an increasingly brutal war on drug cartels that has seen some 28,000 deaths since President Felipe Calderon launched a crackdown in 2006 with the deployment of 50,000 troops.

Mexico’s border regions, especially the major towns directly on the US frontier, have witnessed the brunt of the conflict with notable spikes in particularly gruesome violence in Tijuana — neighboring California — and Ciudad Juarez, which borders Texas further to the east.

In Mexico’s notorious border city of Ciudad Juarez, gunmen burst into a private party and shot dead nine people, including six members of one family, security officials said Monday.

Four people died on the spot, two others died in hospital, and the remaining two were hunted down by the gunmen and shot dead near the airport, police said of the late Sunday slaughter.

Nine others were killed in separate attacks in the past 24 hours in Mexico’s most violent city, across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, police said.

Some 6,500 people have died in Ciudad Juarez in the past three years in killings blamed on turf wars between the Juarez and Sinaloa drug gangs and their hitmen over lucrative smuggling routes into the United States.

More than 28,000 people have died nationwide in suspected drug violence since December 2006, when the government launched an offensive against the gangs with the deployment of some 50,000 troops.

Source: SGGP

Lang Son border forces seizes VND100 million face-value of fake money

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Lang Son border forces seizes VND100 million face-value of fake money

QĐND – Wednesday, August 04, 2010, 20:41 (GMT+7)

PANO – Border soldiers of the Tan Thanh Border Force Station have just apprehended fake money case, according to Deputy-Commander of the station, Senior-Lieutenant Duong Van Thang.

At 20.30 hours on August 1st, a working group of the Tan Thanh Border Force Station caught red-handed, a man carrying VND100 million of fake Vietnamese currency, which he was trying to bring into Vietnam via a path across the border between Vietnam and China in the northern province of Lang Son.

After initial inquiries, the man was found to be Be Van Trinh, born in 1978 in Chi Lang, Lang Son. He said he was hired to carry the fake money to a person in Bac Giang Province to get VND 5 million.

On August 2nd, the command of the Tan Thanh Station handed over the case to the Lang Son Provincial Command to expand the investigation further.

Translated by Thu Nguyen 

Source: QDND

Malaysia seizes endangered reptiles: reports

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KUALA LUMPUR, July 16, 2010 (AFP) – Malaysian officials seized hundreds of endangered radiated tortoises, tomato frogs and chameleons days after a major wildlife bust of thousands of rare birds, reports said Friday.

Customs officials at the Kuala Lumpur international airport found the wildlife in the hand luggage of two Madagascan women, the Star daily reported.

Wildlife and National Parks department head Abdul Rasid Samsuddin told the paper they found 369 radiated tortoises, five Madagascar tortoises, 47 tomato frogs and several chameleons.

“The tortoises were bound with masking tape to prevent them from moving, while the chameleons were stuffed into socks to prevent detection,” he told the Star, adding that the animals were worth 250,000 ringgit (78,000 dollars).

Malaysian police stumbled across a massive haul of endangered wildlife, including a pair of valuable birds of paradise, as they raided a warehouse of stolen cars on Wednesday.

More than 20 protected species were found in the “mini zoo” in the capital’s suburbs.

Source: SGGP

India seizes tiger bones on way to China

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Indian customs officers seized the third shipment of tiger bones and other animal parts, worth 230,000 dollars and destined for use in traditional medicine in China.

A customs official said the officers found tiger bones, skulls, and 125 kilogrammes of scales from pangolins, rare scaly mammals that are distant relatives of the anteater and a protected species in India.

“The animal products were estimated at about 10.66 million rupees if sold on the international black market,” customs superintendent S. Das told AFP.

Customs officials, acting on a tip-off, had also seized two other shipments at the international airport in the eastern city of Guwahati on Wednesday and Thursday.

In total, the raids netted contraband worth about 660,000 dollars.

A tiger rests in its enclosure at the Zoological Park in New Delhi on April 14, 2010

On average, poachers kill 30 tigers every year in Indian reserves, with demand driven by China where pelts, claws and bones are prized in traditional medicine.

In 2008, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh set up a national wildlife crime prevention bureau, drawing experts from the police, environmental agencies and customs in a bid to break up the poaching network.

Tiger hunting is illegal worldwide and the trade in tiger parts is banned under a treaty binding 167 countries, including India.

There are estimated 1,400 tigers living in the wild in India, according to conservation group WWF.

In August of 2009, an Indian delegation in Beijing asked China for full co-operation for controlling cross-border trafficking of tiger parts and to send a clearer message to smugglers, but no official agreement was reached

Source: SGGP