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Cautiousness sends market down

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2011 at 4:27 am

Vietnam’s benchmark VN-Index failed to extend its winning momentum to the third day, tumbling on December 29 as investors switched to bearish sentiment.

The measure of 275 companies and five mutual funds listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange lost 0.12 percent, or 0.58 points, to finish at 478.75 points.

Among the index members, 84 surged, 141 dropped, while 55 remained unchanged.

Trading volume sharply fell over the previous trading session; however, it still stayed on high level. Around 62.37 million shares changed hands at a value of VND1.47 trillion.

Saigon Securities Inc. (SSI), the country largest brokerage, continued to be the most active share in volume with 3.56 million shares changing hands.

Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Bank or Sacombank (STB) was still behind with 3.23 million shares traded.

Vietnam Mechanization Electrification & Construction Joint Stock Company (MCG) came next with 2.4 million shares.

IDICO Infrastructure Development Investment Joint Stock Company (HTI) nosedived for seven consecutive sessions, eroding 9.62 percent to VND14,100.

Sieu Thanh Joint Stock Corporation (ST8) dumped 8.68 percent to VND22,100. The company will pay dividends for the second term of this year to its current shareholders in cash at a ratio of 10 percent.

Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank or Eximbank (EIB) adjusted 7.83 percent to VND15,300.

Imexpharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (IMP) sank 7.26 percent to VND57,500. The company will issue 2,331,964 additional shares to its current shareholders at a price of VND20,000 per share, and a ratio of 10:2.

Cosmetics producer S.P.M Corporation (SPM) enhanced 4.96 percent to VND63,500.

Long Giang Investment and Urban Development Joint Stock Company (LGL) closed up 4.9 percent to VND21,400.

Tan Binh Import – Export Joint Stock Company (TIX) grew for four straight days, earning 4.73 percent to VND42,100.

The smaller bourse in the north made sharp correction as the Hanoi’s HNX-Index slashed 1.64 percent, or 1.88 points, to close at 112.93 points. Trading volume improved over the previous session, climbing to 50.7 million shares worth VND1.15 trillion.

Meanwhile, the UPCom-Index strongly jumped, gaining nearly 3 points to 44.75 points this morning. A total of 163,100 shares changed hands at a value of VND1.78 billion.

Source: SGGP

Icham sends love towards Central provinces

In Uncategorized on December 16, 2010 at 9:30 am

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, shortly known as Icham, had a successful charitable trip on December 4 at Vinh City in the central province of Nghe An with full of heart-loving donation to the local flood victims

Icham members posing with Cua Nam 2 Primary School pupils on Dec 4 (Photo: Courtesy of Icham)

Early Saturday morning, the chamber’s delegation led by Chairman Tomaso Andreatta was accompanied with Vinh City Communist Youth Union to visit local families who suffered damages from two latest dangerous floods and also the pupils of the Cua Nam 2 Primary School.

Besides expressing deep sympathy to the people, the chairman donated VND82 million (US$4,200) with expectation to help them recover and get back to normal life.

The donation was mostly collected from two Italian companies of Intesa Sanpaolo and Rino Mastrotto Group. The others from the chamber; including Academia, Datalogic Scanning, Giovanni Ronchi, Interglobal, Studio DAG and Viet Y Trading; also joined hands in raising the donation.

Icham was established on November 5, 2008 with objectives to advance and develop the bilateral trade between Vietnam and Italy. The chamber already has offices in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh so far.

Source: SGGP

US sends ‘deep condolences’ to Cambodia stampede victims

In Uncategorized on November 24, 2010 at 4:50 am

WASHINGTON, Nov 22, 2010 (AFP) – The United States on Monday extended its “deep condolences” for the nearly 350 lives lost during deadly stampede in Cambodia’s capital.

“On behalf of President (Barack) Obama and the people of the United States, I offer our deep condolences for the tragic loss of life and the injuries in Phnom Penh during Cambodia’s annual Water Festival,” said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims and with all the people of the Kingdom of Cambodia,” she added in a statement.

Clinton remarked on the “strength and resilience” of the Cambodian people she observed “first hand” during her recent visit earlier this month to the country.

“I am confident that they will pull together and persevere through this difficult time,” she added.

Cambodia began the grim task Tuesday of identifying 347 people — two thirds of them women — crushed to death in a bridge stampede when revellers panicked at a huge water festival in Phnom Penh.

A Cambodian rescue team carries an unconscious woman near a bridge in Phnom Penh where hundreds of people were crushed during a stampede on November 23, 2010. AFP

More than 400 people were also injured in the disaster, Cambodia’s deadliest in decades, which took place late Monday on an overcrowded narrow bridge as millions celebrated the end of the annual three-day event.

Source: SGGP

Bearish sentiment sends markets down

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2010 at 10:26 am

Movements of VN-Index on October 18. (Photo:’s benchmark VN-Index sank the second day on October 18 as the market lacked of strong-enough supportive information.

The index of 262 companies and five mutual funds listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange slipped 0.17 percent, or 0.8 points, to finish at 457.59 points.

Trading volume on the city bourse faintly fell over the previous trading session as around 26.64 million shares changed hands at a value of VND689 billion.

On the index, 63 stocks advanced, 132 declined, while 72 stalled.

Vietnam Mechanization Electrification & Construction Joint Stock Company (MCG) continued to win the position of most active share in volume for the third day with 1.57 million shares changing hands.

It was chased after by PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (DPM) with 1.25 million shares.

Long An Food Processing Export Joint Stock Company (LAF) came next with 613,360 shares traded.

Hanoi-based construction company, Tai Nguyen Corporation (TNT), contracted the daily maximum allowed limit of 5 percent to VND24,700.

Da Nang Construction Building Materials and Cement Joint Stock Company (DXV) shrank 4.98 percent to VND19,100.

Ha Tien Transport Joint Stock Company (HTV) dropped 4.9 percent to VND23,300.

From October 21 to December 21, Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation, inside shareholder of Ha Tien Transport Joint Stock Company (HTV), registered to sell 1,008,000 shares, reducing its holdings to 4,039,970 shares, to restructure its investment category.

OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (OPC) restored 4.86 percent to trade at VND38,800.

Vietnam Mechanization Electrification & Construction Joint Stock Company (MCG) leaped forward for four straight trading sessions, adding up 4.81 percent to VND19,600.

Information and Networking Technology Joint Stock Company (CMT) edged up 4.8 percent to VND28,400.

The smaller bourse in the north also opened week in low note as the Hanoi’s HNX-Index slid 0.8 points, or 0.67 percent, to 118.89 points. Trading volume slightly improved over the previous trading session to around 17.3 million shares, worth VND371.24 billion.

The UPCoM-Index dropped 0.2 points to 43.27 points. A total of 97,000 shares were traded at VND1.25 billion this morning.

Source: SGGP

Sarkozy sends police to open fuel depots blocked by strikes

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2010 at 10:26 am

PARIS, Oct 15, 2010 (AFP) – President Nicolas Sarkozy sent in police Friday to reopen fuel depots blocked by strikers, as France’s bitter battle over the right to retire at 60 escalated.

But even as police forced open the gates of some depots, strikers threw up new pickets at other distribution centres across the country to fight against moves to hike the retirement age to 62.

A tanker truck drives pas French gendarmes securing the oil terminal in Fos-sur-Mer on October 15, 2010 after police moved in to reopen three fuel storage depots blocked by striking workers. AFP

Sarkozy took the decision to send in the police in order to prevent fuel shortages amid reports of panic buying after eight of France’s 12 refineries shut down operations because of the strikes, his office said.

Workers at a depot in Fos-sur-Mer, near the Mediterranean city of Marseille, did not resist when police intervened to reopen a facility that had had been shut since Thursday, unions said.

Police also reopened depots at Bassens and Lespinasse in the southwest and Cournon d’Auvergne in the centre of the country.

But strikers threw up fresh pickets in at least five fuel depots on Friday, at Caen and Ouistreham in the north, Le Mans and Vern-sur-Seiche in the northwest, and La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast.

France’s main unions have upped the ante in their fight against pension reform, calling for their members and supporters to hold the fifth in a series street rallies on Saturday and another one next Tuesday.

A nationwide day of strikes and demonstrations last Tuesday brought more than a million people on to the streets, and workers in some sectors have kept up their stoppages since then.

High school pupils have also demonstrated in several cities in what is traditionally interpreted in France as a sign of hardening resistance.

Pupils threw stones at police at two schools north of Paris on Thursday and officers clashed with youths and made arrests in the northern city of Lens.

On Friday more than 300 schools were affected by student protests, officials said, and in the Riviera city of Cannes a police officer was injured by a stone thrown during a student protest.

“There have never since 1995 been as many protestors … from both the public and private sectors, and now from all generations,” Bernard Thibault, the head of the powerful CGT union, told LCI television.

In 1995 then president Jacques Chirac backed down over pension reform after a three-week transport strike that paralysed France.

But despite the ongoing strikes and protests, the current government shows no sign of backing down on what is a cornerstone of the Sarkozy’s reform agenda as he prepares for his likely re-election battle in 2012.

Key parts of the reform, part of efforts to rein in France’s public deficit, have been definitively passed by the upper house Senate and the government hopes for it to be passed in its entirety by the end of the month.

Unions and the Socialist opposition say the right-wing president is making workers pay an unfair share of the bill for the financial crisis and have made alternative proposals for funding the deficit.

Source: SGGP

PM sends condolences to families of flood victims

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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on October 5 sent condolences to families of flood victims in central provinces and urged local authorities to provide relief to affected residents to ensure that none of them will suffer from thirst and starvation.

Streets in Huong Khe and Vu Quang districts in the central province of Ha Tinh are submerged in floods

He asked Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri and Thua Thien-Hue provinces to relieve residents who have yet to evacuate from flood-hit areas, and vessels that have been in accidents on the sea.
The affected provinces were also ordered to cure the injured, bury the dead, and provide foods and water to residents in flooded areas.
The PM asked rescue centers of all levels to mobilize all of their staff and means to rescue victims.
Heave rains brought floods and landslides to the central provinces on October 5, killing 28 people.
Authorities of Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Quang Tri organized evacuation of 5,154 households from deeply-submerged and dangerous areas.
The National Hydro-Meteorology Forecast Center said the center of a low pressure was 360 kilometers far from the coasts of Quang Binh and Thua Thien-Hue to the northeast at 1:00 pm on October 5.
The center forecast that heavy downpours are likely to continue in areas from Nghe An to Quang Tri due to the low pressure and strong winds from the northeast.
According to the center’s report, the water level on the La River in Linh Cam was 5.3 meters, 0.2 meter under the second warning level, while the water level on the Gianh River in Mai Hoa hit the third warning level of 6.5 meters, and that on the Kien Giang River in Le Thuy was 0.6 meter over the third warning level.

A report from Quang Binh Province said the water level at Ho Ho Hydroelectricity Dam in Tuyen Hoa District was 1 meter over its peak and at risk of breaching the dam.

Heavy downpours blocked roads in many areas and isolated Tuyen Hoa, Minh Hoa, Le Thuy and Quang Ninh districts.

In Ha Tinh Province, 18 landslides along Highway No.8A had occurred, blocking traffic and drainage systems in Huong Son District for hours.

Nearly 100 workers were mobilized to clear the roads and keep watch around the clock to ensure people’s safety.

In Quang Tri Province, heavy rainfall destroyed 36 houses, seriously damaged two drainage systems and blocked main roads including Highway No.9 and Ho Chi Minh Road.

At least five fishing vessels have sunk and three fishermen are missing due to heavy rainfall and strong winds in Nghe An Province.

According to the Transportation Ministry, many parts of Ho Chi Minh Road were fallen down, with over 100,000 cubic meters of stone and land, and some parts were submerged in water, about one to two meters, causing severe traffic jams.
The ministry said floods submerged and caused landslide on many parts on highways including 12A, 9, 15 and 49.
On the same day, Nguyen The Thao, chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, also sent condolences to the affected provinces for the loss of life and property in the flooding.
He said Hanoi’s people and organizations will donate over VND1 billion to each province to help them deal with floods and stabilize lives of residents.
Huynh Dang Linh, vice chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Fatherland Front Committee, said the city will contribute VND500 million to Thua Thien-Hue, and VND1 billion to each of the other provinces.
Sai Gon Giai Phong newspaper will give Ha Tinh and Quang Binh VND50 million each, and has launched a relief program to call on donations for the central region.

Source: SGGP

Venezuela sends troops to Colombian border: Chavez

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2010 at 11:19 am

President Hugo Chavez said Friday that Venezuela has deployed military units and troops to the Colombian border, because outgoing President Alvaro Uribe is “capable of anything,” as a row escalates between the two.

Chavez broke off diplomatic relations with Colombia on July 22, one week after Uribe accused Venezuela of harboring 1,500 leftist Colombian rebels in its territory, a charge Chavez has strongly denied.

“We’ve deployed military units, air force, infantry, but quietly because we don’t want to upset anybody, the population,” Chavez told state-run VTV television in a telephone interview.

The leftist leader did not say how many troops and exactly what military ordnance was involved in the move.

“Uribe is capable of anything in these last days” before he leaves office on August 7, said Chavez, who had also threatened to cut off oil supplies to the United States if it backed an attack by Colombia, its chief ally in the region.

Last Sunday the president cancelled a trip to Cuba, claiming the risk of a Colombian attack had never been greater.

The Colombian Air Force on Friday said it would set up an air base in Yopal, in eastern Casanares department, to keep an eye over the border area with Venezuela and take on Colombian rebel forces in the region.

The air base will also be tasked with protecting crude oil installations in the region and also with “fighting the different drug trafficking groups in that part of the Colombian territory,” the air force statement said.

Uribe and Chavez have often been at loggerheads in the past. In November, Chavez broke off diplomatic relations over a US-Colombian military base agreement he said was a threat to regional stability. Chavez also did some sabre-rattling at the time.

In their latest tussle, Colombia took its accusations to the Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS) on July 22, while Venezuela earlier this week went before a foreign ministers’ meeting of regional body Unasur, the Union of South American Nations, which called for a presidential summit to try to resolve the crisis.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday said there was a possibility things could be patched up between Caracas and Bogota when Colombian president-elect Juan Manuel Santos takes over from Uribe next week.

“If the new Colombian government fully rectifies (its position) and adopts a posture of absolute respect for Venezuela’s government and our country, we are sure we can build a new path,” Maduro said.

But just a day earlier another top Venezuelan official, Electricity Minister Ali Rodriguez had stoked the rising tensions with Colombia, warning that his government does “not fear war if it is imposed on us.”

Rodriquez said Bogota’s accusations that Venezuela is harboring Colombian guerrilla leaders were a “foul, vulgar and offensive pretext to attack Venezuela.”

Uribe on Friday defended his decision last week to have the OAS take up accusations that Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and National Liberation Army guerrillas were using bases in Venezuela to stage their anti-government attacks on Bogota.

File photo shows Venezuelan troops close to the border with Colombia

“You have to be daring to denounce terrorists on the international level. You must be daring and respectful of the international community, but honest in laying out our claims,” Uribe said.

“It has been a difficult step, one that crates problems, diplomatic frictions, but it’s necessary,” the outgoing president added.

Uribe leaves after eight years in office with an 80 percent approval rating chiefly for his crackdown on the FARC, which has roughly halved its fighting strength to some 7,000 combatants, according to official figures.

Source: SGGP

US Congress sends Obama Afghan war funding bill

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WASHINGTON, July 27, 2010 (AFP) – US lawmakers on Tuesday approved an urgent funding measure to pay for President Barack Obama’s troop “surge” to turn around the faltering Afghan campaign, sending it to him to sign into law.

The House of Representatives voted 308-114 to pass the legislation, which includes some 37 billion dollars to pay for the conflict in Iraq and for another 30,000 US troops to go to Afghanistan under Obama’s new strategy.

The funding brings the amount of money the US Congress has appropriated for the wars to over one trillion dollars since late 2001.

US Staff Sergeant Julio Jurado of 1st Platoon Bravo Troop of 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry checks the aim of his rifle in his tent at a forward operating base in Dand district of Kandahar Province in Afghanistan on July 27, 2010. AFP

The legislation carried a total price tag of nearly 59 billion dollars, including 37 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan, 5.1 billion for natural disaster response in the United States, and 2.9 billion to aid relief efforts in Haiti.

It also included 13.4 billion dollars for Vietnam war veterans exposed to the toxic defoliant Agent Orange.

After weeks of delay, the White House’s Democratic allies in the House accepted a Senate-passed version of the measure, stripped of social spending notably aimed at saving the jobs of teachers facing the axe amid state belt-tightening in the sour US economy.

Source: SGGP

China sends pandas into wild to bring up cubs

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 Four pregnant pandas bred in captivity have been released into an area of forest in southwest China to prepare their cubs for life in the wild, state media reported.

The pandas, aged four to five, have been taken to a tract of forest at a training base in Sichuan province that was built to help the endangered animals adapt to the wild, the official Xinhua news agency said.

They are expected to give birth to their cubs in the woodland, which covers two hectares (five acres), and live there until the young animals turn three or four, the report said late Saturday.

“All of the carefully-chosen pandas have experience of living in the wild and three of them… have given birth to cubs,” Tang Chunxiang, an expert at the Wolong panda reserve that is behind the initiative, was quoted as saying.

“We hope the mothers can teach their cubs life skills to help them survive in the wild.”

A giant panda is seen playing at a panda reserve in Chengdu, southwest China’s Sichuan province. Four pregnant pandas bred in captivity have been released into an area of forest in southwest China to prepare their cubs for life in the wild, state media reported.

There are only about 1,590 pandas left in the wild in China, and authorities would like to increase that figure to save the endangered species.

But so far, the only attempt at releasing a captive-bred panda into nature ended tragically.

Xiang Xiang, a male cub who was trained to adapt to the wild and released in 2006, was found dead 10 months later, apparently killed by wild pandas native to the area.

This new attempt aims to see the four pandas give birth and raise their cubs on their own, while workers keep watch through surveillance cameras.

“If they need help, the workers will show up dressed in costumes that make them look like giant pandas, in order to reduce the animals‘ reliance on humans,” Tang was quoted as saying.

The workers will also simulate the sounds and smells of the panda’s natural enemies, in a bid to improve their vigilance and raise their chances of survival, the report said.

Source: SGGP

RoK’s President sends condolences to family of killed Vietnamese bride

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Complying with the instruction of the Republic of Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak, Korean Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Park Suk Hwan visited and conveyed the president’s most sincere condolences to the family of a Vietnamese woman who was killed by her Korean husband, in Can Tho City on July 20.

Vietnamese bride Thach Thi Hoang Ngoc and her Korean husband

The ambassador reported that the RoK’s President regretted not being able to express his deepest sympathy to the family directly.

The President also asked relevant department investigate the situation in order to prevent such cases from happening again.

The ambassador donated an undisclosed sum of money from President Lee Myung-bak’s Fund for Social Support to Ngoc’s family.


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