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Vietnam-key market for Singapore

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Vietnam-key market for Singapore

QĐND – Friday, December 17, 2010, 20:56 (GMT+7)

Vietnam is a very important market to Singapore, said Raymond Lui- the Second Secretary of the Singaporean Embassy in a conference on investment opportunities in Singapore, held in Hanoi.

By September, 2010, Singapore was the 5th largest country from a total of 80 countries and territories that invest in Vietnam, with 851 projects in fields such as education and training, finance, information and communications, trade and service, transportation, infrastructure and tourism, with a total of registered capital of US$17.9 billion.

Many of Singapore’s businesses have paid special attention to other fields, including the processing industry, real estate, and construction.

At the event, Mr. Raymond Lui said that apart from attracting foreign businesses to invest in Singapore, the Government also encourages Singaporean businesses to invest overseas.

He also affirmed that a majority of Singapore’s businesses are long-term, even during economic global crisis (2008-2009), Singapore’s businesses kept investing in foreign countries. For example, in infrastructure, Singaporean businesses have been operating in Vietnam for over 10 years and continue to develop more.

Mr. Raymond Lui emphasised that in real estate, many Singaporean investors have made achievements in Vietnam such as Capital Land, and Banyan Tree, Allgreen Properties.

In particular, the Keppel Land Group has been in the Vietnamese market for 12 years and it now has a total investment capital of US$3.2 billion, most of which is in Ho Chi Minh City including The Estella and Waterfront development.

Vietnam is calling more investment in other fields including electronics, information technology, hotel and tourism services and agricultural processing, which Singapore’s businesses have a strong advantage. However, Singapore’s businesses still lack information on Vietnam and businesses don’t have ties with each other, following Le Truong Son, an investment counsellor from the Vietnamese embassy in Singapore. Vietnam has 20 businesses that invest in Singapore, with capital of over US$100 million.

To push cooperation between both countries and attract more Singaporean investment in Vietnam, the Government has appointed representatives to Singapore to promote investment and assist cooperation between both countries.

Delegates at the conference also suggested that Vietnam and Singapore should establish better information channels to provide enough information on investment the environment, business, and other markets.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Australian regulator okays Singapore bourse merger

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Australia’s competition watchdog said it will not oppose an 8.3 billion US dollar merger between the Australian and Singapore stock exchanges to create the world’s fifth biggest bourse.

In a move which brings the deal one step closer, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said a Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) and Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) merger would not substantially lessen competition.

“In Australia, SGX does not compete with ASX for trading, clearing or settlement services,” it said in a statement on Wednesday.

“ASX and SGX do compete for listing services, but only to a limited extent.”

Granite facade of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in Sydney is seen in this file photo

The deal, which is hoped will create a regional trading hub to rival Hong Kong, is also being reviewed by Australia’s securities and foreign investment watchdogs, as well as the central bank, and must be approved by the Treasurer.

Australia’s parliament, where the centre-left government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard holds just a one-vote majority in the lower house — will then have to pass a bill that would allow the deal to go ahead.

The ASX welcomed the decision.

“Our focus continues to be on satisfying the regulatory process that is well under way,” an ASX spokesman told Dow Jones Newswires.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said it focused its investigation on whether the proposed merger would affect a joint venture agreement between SGX and another company, Chi-X Global.

But it said the Singapore exchange’s 50-50 venture with Chi-X Global would not alter Chi-X’s wholly owned subsidiary Chi-X Australia’s incentives for establishing a trading venue to compete with the ASX.

The ACCC also rejected market concerns about access by third parties to the ASX’s market data, clearing and settlement facilities for the purpose of providing competing platforms for trading Australian-listed shares.

The Singapore bid has sparked a strong political backlash in Canberra, where key independent lawmakers have questioned Singapore’s human rights and democracy record and argued that the deal would disadvantage Australia.

But Australia’s stock exchange chief has lauded the proposal, saying the nation would benefit from a stock exchange with a heftier market capitalisation of 12.3 billion US dollars.

The deal would increase the size and diversity of options for investors and reduce costs for listed companies — “an outcome unequivocally in the national interest”, ASX chief executive Robert Elstone said earlier this month.

“The need for additional scale and regional relevance makes ASX’s participation in exchange consolidation a mandatory, not an elective, matter for all of its stakeholders, and not just its shareholders,” he said.

Elstone said the merger was the “natural competitive and regulatory evolution of Australia’s capital markets” given the rise of Asia as their economies industrialise.

The competition watchdog had been expected to approve the deal which is scheduled to complete in mid-2011, but one analyst at Wilson HTM Securities, Andrew Hills, said the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and the government would prove greater obstacles.

“The big hurdle is FIRB and passing both houses of parliament,” Hills told Dow Jones Newswires.

Source: SGGP

Engine checks on three Singapore Airlines’ A380s

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A380 with blown engine in Singapore emergency landing

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British author denies intention to insult Singapore courts

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SINGAPORE, Aug 18, 2010 (AFP) – A British author facing charges for publishing a book on the death penalty in Singapore said it was never his intention to scandalise the judiciary, a court document showed Wednesday.

Freelance journalist Alan Shadrake, 75, who penned “Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock,” described himself in an affidavit filed with the High Court as a “strong believer in the need to abolish the death penalty”.

But he said “it was never and is not my intention to scandalise the judiciary in Singapore,” according to the affidavit obtained by AFP.

The document was filed last week and forms part of Shadrake’s defence in a contempt of court case.

Shadrake, who divides his time between neighbouring Malaysia and Britain, is also facing a separate charge of criminal defamation.

Both offences are punishable by jail and fines.

His 219-page book contains a profile of Darshan Singh, the former chief executioner at Singapore’s Changi Prison who, according to the author, executed around 1,000 men and women from 1959 until he retired in 2006.

It also features interviews with local human rights activists, lawyers and former police officers on various cases involving capital punishment.

Shadrake is out on bail but his passport has been impounded to prevent him from leaving the country.

He appeared in court for the first time on July 30, and the case will be heard again on August 30.

Source: SGGP

Vietnam attends Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

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Vietnam attends Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

QĐND – Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 20:43 (GMT+7)

A Vietnamese sports delegation led by Hoang Manh Cuong, deputy head of the High Achievements Sports Department, arrived in Singapore on August 10 to attend the first Youth Olympic Games scheduled for August 14-26.

Thirteen out of twenty-five members secured berths to compete in swimming, track and field, taekwondo, weightlifting, badminton, wrestling and shooting events.  

The team’s accommodation and travel expenses will be borne by Singapore.

The Youth Olympic Games is expected to draw the participation of around 5,000 athletes and officials from 204 National Olympic Committees.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Education managers trained in Singapore

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Education managers trained in Singapore

QĐND – Monday, August 02, 2010, 23:24 (GMT+7)

As many as 120 educational managers from various provinces across Vietnam would finish a leadership training course in Singapore by the end of this month, said Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Vinh Hien.

The programme is part of a three-year cooperative programme between Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training and the Singapore Ministry of Education aimed at improving the quality of high-school principals.

The programme aims to develop management capacity among high-school principals by helping them renew their school management methodology in an ever-changing educational environment.

The educational managers come from departments of Education and Training or are principals of high schools.

They took part in a seven-day course in Singapore after previously joining a ten-day course at the National Institute of Education Management in Hanoi.

Returning from Singapore, the managers will take responsibility to retrain and improve education management skills of about 14,000 high-school principals in VietNam.

“Education management is expected to improve following the Singaporean model. Supervisory teams will be set up in each high school, helping both teachers and students improve teaching and learning,” said Nguyen Thi Tien, director of Human Resource Division from Hai Duong province’s Education and Training Department.

Students would be encouraged to develop their creativity by practising what they learnt rather than just absorbing theory and would have a chance to meet scientists and researchers to absorb and exchange experiences, said Tien who returned from Singapore in June after finishing the first course of this year.

“I expect to apply the lessons I learnt in Singapore to retrain other officials and local principals.”

Under the three-year programme worth 2 million SGD (1.4 million USD) supported by the Singapore-based Temasek Foundation, 480 lecturers received training in 2008 and about 13,500 high-school principals were trained in education management skills in 2009.

Source: VNA/ Photo: Tuoitre

Source: QDND

Army term to be launched in Singapore

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Army term to be launched in Singapore

QĐND – Monday, June 07, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Vietnamese pupils aged from 13 to 19, who take part in the army term, will join a week-long training course in Singapore with many interesting activities.

According to Nguyen Thanh Nhan, Director of the Southern Teenager Center, trainees are required to complete difficult lessons in Singapore such as crossing a 3 meter-high wall.

These trainees will study at the Changi Coast Adventure Center of Singapore for 4 days. The course helps trainees to be more self – confident.

Pham Thi Thuy Trang, mother of Tran Kim Khue, one of the trainees, said the course will help her child to improve his confidence and English.

This is the first time that the army team sent pupils to train in foreign countries. These participants of the program will be sent to Singapore at two periods from July 3rd to 9th and August 1st to 7th respectively.

The program is launched by the the Southern Teenager Center and the MOE Changi training center of Singapore’s Education and Training Ministry.

Source: TP

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

10 Vietnamese pupils to compete at APMOPS 2010 in Singapore

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10 Vietnamese pupils to compete at APMOPS 2010 in Singapore

QĐND – Friday, May 28, 2010, 21:5 (GMT+7)

10 outstanding Vietnamese pupils will compete at the upcoming Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS 2010) on May 29th at the Hwa Chong Institute of Singapore.

Awards were handed over to these top ten of the 485 primary school contestants nationwide on May 27th at the International Singapore School in Hanoi.

Among them, 8 are from schools in Hanoi, one from Ho Chi Minh City and the last is from the central province of Hue.

APMOPS, an annual event for all mathematics talents in the region has so far attracted more than 6,400 candidates from 15 countries in the Asia and the Pacific.

Source: DT

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Singapore to open General Consulate in Da Nang

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Singapore to open General Consulate in Da Nang

QĐND – Friday, May 21, 2010, 21:8 (GMT+7)

PANO – Singaporean Ambassador to Vietnam, Simon Wong has just made a visit to the Vietnamese central city of Da Nang.

The Singaporean senior diplomat said that the visit aimed to discuss, with local officials, the feasibility of several major Singapore-funded projects in the city.

The projects include a tourist wharf, Singapore International University and Singapore International Hospital.

During the visit, the Ambassador also unveiled Singapore’s plan to open its General Consulate to Vietnam’s center and CentralHighlands in Da Nang.

Local officials welcomed and agreed in principle with the Singaporean projects and ideas.

Translated by Thu Nguyen


Source: QDND